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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


jumping ahead again. Wolf just has to not fall apart

We've got to sign Dellucci at the end of the year. He's thriving now.

Just like last night, let's step on their necks and then jump up and down a lot...


Nothing is sweet as crunching those Mutts!

I hope that we sign Looch to at least a 3-year deal.

Sounds like El Duque is eminently poundable tonight.

I'm sure they'll try to sign him. Rumor has it he wants to play left field every day. A promise the phils can't make unless they unload Burrell, which I'm sure they'll try, but I don't hold out a lot of hope for. So the whole thing doesn't look good. Too bad too.

The other point about Dellucci is he would prefer to sign somewhere in the southern part of the country.

Victorino having a career night.

Randy Wolf is in great shape. Better than I've ever seen him in his career. I'm sure contract year has much to do with it, but that's the kind of shape all our pitchers should be in. A welcome change from that pud Lidle, and those pears Myers and Lieber.

Wow, just had a chance to turn the game on! Nothing like sticking it to the Muts! Hopefully they can keep this up. I am heading down tomorrow night.

Where did you hear Delucci wants to sign int he South? He is from Lousianna and played at Ole Miss so the only place for him to play close to home would be St Louis, Cincy or Houston.

Do u think J roll has stepped up his game since people have been saying Reyes has passed him by?

this speaks volumes...intentional walk to nunez!

J-Roll has stepped up his game tremendously. He's in one of his typical hot streaks, and the Phils should ride it out as long as possible!

Way to go Wolf! I love a pitcher that likes to swing the bat.

From Mailbag: The Phillies would love to have Dellucci start for them next season, or at least be the left-handed part of a right-field platoon with Shane Victorino. Regular playing time is what Dellucci seeks, but given a choice, he prefers left field in the southern part of the United States, two things that can't happen in Philadelphia.

Did I mention how much I like seeing a pitcher who's in shape? A left-hander like that can pitch 10 more years if he keeps himself fit. Just look at Glavine.

Clout- by the way, since Abreu has left the offense, they have now moved up from 4th in the league to #1...where ya at now?!

Good to see Wolf looking strong. He has look better and better his last few outings. Still has a ways to go to build up endurance but looking good so far.

It will be interesting to see what the Phils approach with Wolf is in the offseason. Definitely would be nice to sign to a 1-yr deal with alot of incentive to round out the rotation. Big question is if he will get more than a 1-yr deal.

With the state of MLB pitching and Wolf's track record and on top of that being a lefty, I wouldn't be suprised to see an organization offer him a multi year contract...although I want him to stay a Phillie.

Nothing is better than seeing the Muts go down in flames! Hopefully we can continue to pile it on the next two games.

Going two years, $3-4 million per would be a solid move for them in regards to Wolf. He's had Tommy John, and he's a left-hander who doesn't throw especially hard.

Offseason demands- Pitchers must report to camp at certain weight. This mainly applies to Lieber and Myers getting into shape. I like Myers as a pitcher and think he has very good stuff, but he would be able to pitch stronger in later innings if her were in better shape. Lieber just needs to get un-chubby.

I know some of us were just excited to see a change (ahem...Abreu going bye-bye), but I never expected the offense to bust out like this. Is it merely a coincidence, or that Abreu was lulling his team to sleep?

When's the last time you saw the Phillies smiling and having fun like this? I can't be sure I'm watching the right team here.

The positives are overflowing right now. I love the way they're jumping on the Mets and then relentlessly tacking on. I love Utley tagging from second and third on subsequent shallow fly balls. That's a winning mentality. That's the killer instinct that has been absent from this team. I know it's only two games, but they're making some kind of statement right now. They have looked intimidated by the Mets other times this year. Suddenly, they look downright (gasp) confident. Mets fans have to be totally shocked by what they are seeing. I know I am.

Once again, love a pitcher that knows how to handle the bat!

RSB- wonderful point on Utley's "killer insinct"...oh so true. I'm not one for laying back and not being aggressive after putting up a bunch of runs. You should play the game the same way from 1st up to last out no matter the score. I know I would piss other managers off if I were leading the team, but hey...this only further develops a winning identity of this club.

Another met pounding. This is heaven

They're playing the Mets, far and above the class of the NL this year. You don't sit back and let them get in a groove. You make sure they understand that. That's what Utley's play did for them.

we should see Sanchez/Castro again hopefully. If you're not gonna pitch them in close games, you'd better pitch them every blowout, back-to-back or not.

This game means nothing if they dont win tomorrow though..this team needs to get to .500, and fast.

I like this line-up at the moment with Looch and Victorino. Leave the tanking Burrell on the bench. Looch with that average is good protection for Howard.

Can't believe they walked Nuni. Then Wolf got a hit. Too good Phillies!

I'd be happy with a split the next two and then hit .500 this weekend

Hi BloodStripes...check out my blog today, I think you'll appreciate it! I was full of praise this morning.

I know they might have 11 runs already, but I'd like to see them continue to tack on more!

hey I like it Rev. Very funny. Is'nt life relaxing with a huge lead?

I know they won't, cause it's dumb, but leaving Wolf in to hit for himself would be really really funny.

I'm trying to stay positive, and it's easy when the offense is doing this.

they might leave him in to bat for himself...manuel has been know to do things like that

anybody seen Giambi's recent facial hair? Looks like Sal's got a new pal!

The Mets are even managing to make Nunez look good...yikes!

They pinch hit Wolf and his .375 average for Sandoval hitting .176. That makes sense.


I come in from doing yard work as the sun goes down. (Beautiful Louisiana sunset tonight, chere.) I flick on ESPN for the score and boom, I see highlight after highlight, boom! Boom! 11 to 2! That's great.

By the way, has anyone heard from Clout? I know he was depressed. I hope he hasn't hurt hisself.

Clout is somewhere eating his words about the Phillies missing Sir Walks Alot, and how the offense would suffer.

Jose Reyes has absolutely bashed the Phils this season. How many homeruns has he hit against the Phils this least 5 now?!

I'm still happy...but Sanches should be sent down and bring Condrey up!

agreed drama

A few days ago a certain regular found the "double-standards and hypocrisy" to be "amusing" when it was not duly noted that Chris Coste was called for catcher's interference - i.e. that he was only mentioned for his positive performances and not his negative ones.

I'd like to present an inversion of that example (though I think his was exceedingly poor). His name is Jimmy Rollins. When he goes cold, he gets the rip, big-time. People malign everything about him, from his demeanor to his plate selection to his nickname. Now that he's been going extremely well - establishing a career high in homers, on pace to set a career high in RBI, on pace for over 40 doubles and 125-130 runs scored, while maintaining his standard excellent defense - I don't hear a damn peep about him. Well, tell us some more about hypocrisy and double standards. Tell us more about "irrational bias". Tell us why you don't see fit to give Jimmy his due now, and yet don't hesitate to bash him when he's slumping.

oh and that was #7 on the season for Reyes against the phils, out of 14 total

RSB- J-Roll is J-Roll, I've always maintained that. His #'s will always be similar at season end.

as bad as Sanches looks right here. I can't help but wonder, how much of it is people telling him to just go throw strikes

smooth charlie, put in the over worked guy. Use them up as quickly as possible.

7-run lead in the 9th, your closer is out, and Geary is already overworked... brilliant...just brilliant.

Sure wish we could see Castro in this spot. I'm dying to know what is wrong with him that CM knows about but the rest of us haven't had a chance to find out.

Elmer strikes again......

What's the matter with mop-up guy Castro?

RSB. My Phillies jersey has Rollins and the number 11 on it. To me he is a great player. He fights and plays hard and is helping to lead the way with Utley. How good were those 2 plays in the 8th. Sounded damn good on the radio broadcast. Its all the way with J-Roll for me.

JRoll is the wind to the Phils' offense sails. When JRoll clicks, this offense has a tendency to look really good over the past 2-3 years. When he falters and doesn't walk/hit, there are alot of games Phils struggle to scrape 4 runs.

Seriously has no one in the phillies media bothered to ask what they're doing with Castro? I mean if they could at least admit that they're never going to use him, that would be better.

Get this Beerleaguers. I have arrived home to listen to the end of the last 2 Phillies games and have not witnessed a single run out of the 24 scored. I'm still smiling but maybe I should stay at work.

I shouldn't make it sound like no one gives Rollins respect on this site. Certainly, the host has pointed out how well he's been doing, and most others have no problem acknowledging his positive exploits. But in general, he does get far more flak when he's doing poorly than praise when he's raking. And specifically, I'm addressing the one who rolled out those accusations of having double standards in the first place. Funny how he doesn't show up when the results fly in the face of his irreproachable wisdom.

All Phillies fans should appreciate the fine work of our SS and we should all demand that the Lil' Dictator get more work.

Delluci... Given his stats over the four prior years in which he bat under .250 on average, and also given his age, what make people think he will continue to produce?

With all the people chiming about burrell's offense, then why do we want someone who should be expected to perform at a lower level?

Good point sean. As of now, today. Looch is going well and unfortunately Pat is watching to many 3rd strikes. I am a fan of Burrell and hope he stays but I think his foot is a real problem for him right now. Looch is the better option for the moment because he is hitting well. I hope Pat can find his form real soon.

Why do people get so up in arms about what players have done previously in their careers? What is more relevant, Pat Burrell's or Arthur Rhodes' or David Dellucci's performances in 2002 or their performances in 2006? Can we expect Dellucci to continue hitting well above .300? No. Can we expect that his overall game will continue to surpass that of Pat Burrell's? Well, why the hell not? He's a better player than Burrell. He's a solid, consistent hitter who drives the ball, hustles, and has shown he isn't impotent against lefties. It doesn't compute that we should Dellucci to suddenly tail off and go 0 for 40 so that his average can even back out to his career norm.

Dellucci is probably the most interesting player the Phils' most interesting FA this offseason.

Dellucci is definitely playing over his head this year but still posted pretty good years the past two years in Texas. Developed a decent power swing and gets on base enough to be an effective offensive player.

Only downside to Dellucci is that he is generally really ineffective against LHP. From 03-05, he only hit .162 with 2 HRs in 99 ABs. Not much better this year although he only has 16 ABs against LHP pitching either (.188 AVG, 2 HRs).

Ideally, Dellucci would make a great combo with Victorino in RF next year and spelling Burrell in LF. Dellucci really kills RHP pitching and should sit against LHP. Phils could probably come through on their promise to player him just about every day but I have no idea what kind of money and years Dellucci is seeking. If he is looking for a starting gig paying $5 million/year, it may be too rich for Phils' blood.

According to Todd Zolecki the brass is worried about overexposing Castro since other than a few inningsa earlier this yr he hasn't really pitched above A ball.

So Dellucci hits .188 against lefties. What's Nunez's lefty vs. righty averages? Maybe we should platoon Nunez. Of course Nunez may be our good luck charm.

Part of Foghorn's deal with El Diablo to save his job and get the Phillies to the playoffs was to play Nunez every day. Nunez also made a deal. His desire was to play regularly as a starter in the big leagues.

One thing the Phillies don't have to worry about is "overexposing' Castro. He is so underexposed you can barely see him. I'm not saying he's the next great thing or anything like that. I have no idea, really. But it's just damn intriguing that they have this pitcher who has done nothing but get batters out whenever given the chance yet he is rarely used, even as the rest of the bullpen gets worked to death.

I suppose with Gordon on the shelf but apparently not going to the DL, that will change.

Sorry I could not join in sooner. Lots of great points being made by the Beerleaguer squad tonight.

We have established once and for all that when J-Roll is hot, he's a .400 hitter. When he's cold, he is a .200 hitter. He recognizes his coldness and makes adjustments to his hitting stroke (but not his plate discipline.) I did a little math and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but a leadoff guy not only gets on base, he is supposed to go all the way home. This is how Rickey Henderson is the all-time leader in runs. When you take the top 20 leadoff guys in the league and divide runs by plate appearances, J-Roll is third, behind that idiot Reyes and Grady Sizemore, even beating Ichiro and Johnny Damon. Yeah, we'd all like him to walk more, but I'm willing to sacrifice 25 points in OBP for a few more runs. Ichiro went .414 in on base in 2004 with over 250 hits, but he only scored 101 times. I couldn't beleive it.

Gillick has got to be pretty pleased with Dellucci. It would be a deserved black mark against PG to let him get away. The nice part is that Houston, St. Louis, and Atlanta all have a productive outfield.

The pitching is still suspect. Rhodes as the temporary closer is all right, but I'd like to think that Manuel would put in Madson against someone with insane numbers against Arthur, even just to get one out. This is the home stretch.

And finally... they still have to get to .500 to be taken seriously as a wild card. Maybe I buy the ESPN-driven hype of Houston, but the Phils are still a little ways away.

J, you're dreaming if you think Wolf would settle for $3-$4 million per and just two years. The track record shows TJ surgery survivors typically pitch better the second year back and also throw with better velocity than pre-op. Given the going rate for proven veteran starters -- 3 years at $7 million per has been the going rate the past couple of offseasons -- and his left-handedness, Wolf is probably looking at a nice payday. A strong finish, an exciting young team, maybe he'll give a hometown discount, but if I were PG I'd be budgeting $20 million over three years for him, knowing I might have to bump it up to compete.

Mike H - your point about rollins is pretty good. My only observation is that the number of runs he scores is also directly affected by the production of the guys behind him. And the production of Utley and Howard (along with Abreu, Delucci, even Victorino) probably has a good deal to do with his high scoring percentage.

in today's DN One Chair referred to Pat Burrell as the Midnight Mayor of Center City. HIgh-larious.

As far as Wolf goes, the phils have a lot of holes to fill. I think PG ranks pitching high, so I'm sure he'll sign Wolf. Thing is, in order to do everything they should this off season, the phils can't drop payroll, it's not possible. Here's the list of things they need to do that I came up with, feel free to add:

1. Sign Utley to long term deal
2. Sign Wolf
3. Sign Myers
4. Get bullpen help
5. Sign a 3B
6. Sign a C
7. Sign Delucci/other FA OF
8. Sign a solid #5 starter

I should clarify that I'm not saying the phils won't drop payroll. I'm saying that since they will be, don't expect everything above to get done.

Queen: Some revisionist history here? I wrote a week and a half ago that if the Phillies continue to average 7 runs per game they will win the Wild Card. I also wrote that if they continue to average 7 runs per game then I will admit that you and RSB are correct, that trading Abreu for nothing was a good idea.
Lake Fred, the noted journalism and baseball expert: Why would I be depressed. The Phillies are winning! Unlike you, I think you can root for the team without having to pretend every trade is a good one and every minor leaguer a star. I think Pat Gillick should be held accountable for his moves. Pretending they were all great doesn't make it so.
RSB: Your Rollins comment was apparently directed at me, which is puzzling since I've never advocated Rollins be traded or said he was a bad player. I simply said he's not a good leadoff hitter. And he isn't. Check out his OB at season's end. As I posted last week, this power surge could be a good thing because it might convince Charlie to bat him 6th or 7th, where he belongs. I hope PG spends some money on a leadoff hitter this offseason.
Will: Both DN and Inquirer beat writers have said they expect the Phils payroll to drop next season. Lake Fred says they just make that stuff up, so take it for what it's worth.
With regard to catcher, since they won't contend next year, what's wrong with going into the season with Ruiz/Coste?

Dude: It was very funny, indeed. But Tim will attack you because Conlin didn't vote for Nolan Ryan. Tim of course doesn't realize how silly he looks when he writes that, that Conlin once wrote a pretty funny column about how that happened.

RSB: Your comment about career averages is pretty uninformed. The vast majority of major leaguers wind up close to their career averages at the end of the year even as those averages fluctuate during one season. The "vast majroity" does not mean everybody. And, of course, people do have career years. Look at Nunez's stats for 2005. But to say that career stats should be ignored when looking at in-season performance is just silly.

Utley gets arbitration this year, so i'm sure that he'll sign there...

Wolf and Dellucci need to be resigned, and Rowand's option picked up.

The catcher... what the hell, lets give it to Coste, and then we can concentrate on a 3b.

and, note to wille randolph: have you seen Randy Wolf bat? it is never a good idea to walk abe effing nunez to get to him. ever.

OK, clout, so if Nunez winds up close to his career average (.243) this year. that means if he plays every day the rest of the season he'll hit (lessee, scratch scratch scratch, click click click)... about .300 from here on out.

Third base problem solved!

Nat: Only if you think a .243 hitter with no power and poor OB is a solution!

I agree with Clout on Nunez. He is easily one of the weakest links on this team (he may be better than Sandoval and Roberson, but I would rather see those two play since Abraham has been around awhile and has sucked for awhile). That being said, has he played well lately? Yes. Do I expect that to continue? Not really. Should he be delegated to the bench next year? Most definitely. Ask yourself Nat, do you really want a career .243 hitter (a number that will probably go down this year) with no power and no speed manning third base next season? I sure don't.

I should clarify that I would rather see a Sandoval or Roberson pinch hit over Nunez, if he were on the bench like he should be. Obviously those two cannot play third. The Phillies are limiting themselves at third and on the bench without having one of their AAA third basemen up here.

God. Play Dellucci every day. You just don't sit a dude with a 1.046 OPS. Under any circumstances.

Was at the game last night, and Wolf looked great - all short fly balls, with Victorino making some nice plays on a number of them. A case study in how you live as a fly-ball pitcher in CBP.

Clout is back! Why don't you tell us how you really feel? You also have a good memory. Welcome back. I'm glad you didn't commit suicide.

Your impression of my feelings towards Phillies trades is too stereotyped. I do not "pretend every trade is a good one and every minor leaguer a star." I do agree it was good to get rid of Abreu and Bell. I don't agree with throwing Lidle in the deal for nothing. I think the Padilla deal was one sided. I don't know what we got for Bell of value. Even though Fabio is doing good, I don't know why we traded away Haigwood to get him. I was not happy with getting an old Arthur Rhodes for Jason Michaels. I like getting rid of older players for younger players. I don't think every minor leaguer is a star. I tend to write with sarcasm. When I said it was good to trade for a prospect named Jesus, I was making a mild joke.

Gillick's FA deals are nothing to write home about. Here's some FA bad deals: Sal Fasano, Abe Nunez, Alex Gonzalez, Julio Santana and Flash Gordon. Let me qualify why I think the Gordon deal was bad: Gordon is old. Why sign an old guy to a 3 year deal?

I'll go along with your "Lake Fred says they just make that stuff up" line. The Philly writers are only making predictions of future Phillies salary levels. They don't know. I don't think Gillick knows at this point what they will spend in salaries next year. I'm sure every team has a range. Human nature says that teams want to spend less money. Reality and competition forces them to spend more money. No one knows what they will spend.

I also agree with you partly on something else. I agree with "With regard to catcher, since they won't contend next year, what's wrong with going into the season with Ruiz/Coste?" I disagree that they won't contend.

It's good to have you back.

Clout- nice response to all who questioned you (me being one).

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you that Coste/Ruiz should be the catching tandem next season. No free agent catcher out there is worth the $$ they'll get and produce that much better than those two will most likely.

One thing that I've noticed...we ALL agree that Nunez SUCKS!!!

Statistics are kept for a reason. They are a measure of a player's performance. Based on that I'd rather have burrell than delucci in the long term.

Once I learn how to read a player's inner workings from the TV screen like you, maybe I'll reject the quantifiable in favor of your mystical intangibles. Oh look is that abreu hitting .375 in NY?

The tongue-in-cheek part never comes through very good. Of course I don't think a .243 hitter with no power is a solution at third base. But a guy who can hit .300 now through the end of the season is a better solution at this time than Joe "Reject" Randa or Aaron "Famous Long Ago" Boone, who have been touted for that role by some around here. And Nunez is that guy if he, as clout says the vast majority of players do, winds up close to his career average at the end of the year.

If things go by the numbers according to clout, Nunez will hit .300 from now through the end of the year, the pace he would need to finish at .243. That's all I was saying. And that wouldn't be bad.

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