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Monday, August 07, 2006


Now that Franklin is gone how much longer will we have to deal with this Rick White character? Im sure there is a better option in the minors than that guy.

It's really genius. If the Phils find themselves in a big deficit in one of the games this weekend, we just may see the Reds trot out Franklin, and then they'll automatically be back in it.

Are the stone idles guarding the god of the island, Jon Lieber?

Rick White, looks awful yes, but I think that he's only given up 1 run as a phillie....

Kids; this is why you're arm motion is supposed to be exactly the same on your curve and fastball. otherwise you end up as a mediocre balding reliever with plus facial hair.

its comical to watch. rick's curveball is really nasty, but no one swings because his arm motion telegraphs it loud and clear.

Those fantasizing about the Phillies WC chances should compare, man for man, the rosters of the Reds, Astros etc. and the Phillies. It will bring you back to reality.

Is "idles" a typo (for "idols") or is it a clever way of describing what the Phils are doing in the race to the playoffs?


bring us back to reality? bah, all i see is that the other teams are just as flawed as the phils. thats the reality that is the NL.

Clout - Agreed, the Reds and Astros may be slightly better, likewise Milwaukee, Colorado and LA. but all of the above are still merely mediocre teams with similar records to the Phils.

As usual, it will come down to whoever gets hot.

In clout's world, it's not reality unless you're deeply depressed by it.

zach: Sometimes reality is depressing, sometimes not. But, in the end, reality trumps fantasy. And usually the teams that get hot are the teams with the better players.

dammit clout - take your meds before you post here!

It's not reality until you start wearing your "No Cup, No Title" t-shirt for some. You look at the rest of the NL pitching, even for a four man rotation, and two-thirds of the teams still in it need to make a trade for starting pitching. No wonder the Reds accepted Franklin. They're thinking a warm body and a change of scenery might be that guy. Fat chance.

You're correct again Clout, pardon my ignorance but I just noticed the scintillating 57-54 record posted by the Reds juggernaut.

Must be the Kool-Aid clouding my senses again........ it's good though!

Reality is that any one of the teams currently in the WC race could easily make it with 52 games left in the season. Also, obviously, reality is that only one of those teams actually will make it. So to say that your team won't is a safe bet regardless of what that team is. Everyone realizes this, and I'm sorry that you have such a low opinion of our intelligence that you feel you need to draw us "back to reality" by constantly repeating this obvious fact in one form or another.

we will know better where the phillies stand in the wc race after their 3 game set with the braves and 3 game set with the reds. so long ryan franklin

zach: Everyone realizes it? Until that post it sure looked like you don't realize it.

Exactly, thank you for proving my point. It didn't look like I understood that to you - regardless of the fact that I never said anything to the contrary - because I didn't focus on the negative, and thus in your mind I obviously didn't have a grip on reality. Simple.

Wow, check out the boxscore in Cincy tonight. 7-0, St. Louis in the second, and look who the Red Stockings put in the game on mop-up duty! Good ol' Ryan Franklin! Don't be surprised if Pujols retakes the home run league lead tonight...

Adios Franklin, hardly had a chance to know you. It really looks like the Phils are trying to save every nickel and dime they can from this season. I would be shocked if they don't try to move Lieberthal just to not have to pay the remainder of his contract.

The Phils didn't save every nickel and dime. They sent cash with Franklin.

Finding a taker for Lieberthal is about as difficult a task as testing a mine field.

It feels good knowing that the Phillies aren’t the only team making frequent voyages to the island of misfit pitchers. The Reds have been frequently using their map to this dreadful place, where stone idols of Todd Jones, Rick White and Ed Wade guard the inner sanctuary. Inside, there are tears.

Amazing. Well done yet again, J.

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