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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Not a bad move. He had sime success with the Dodgers. I wonder why he wasn't called up before instead of Sandoval. Maybe it was a 40 man roster thing. Regardless, he should help this team some, probably more so than Roberson or Sandoval.


Who will replace Gordon? That will be interesting. The bullpen has gotten some rest recently so another bat wouldn't be a stretch. IF/OF Scales???

Gillick may even pursue someone from outside the organization

According to Shane Victorino on Comcast Sports Net, both Thurston and Bourn have been recalled.

ESPN also reported that Bourn has been recalled.

oops. you get the idea.

Thurston was once considered a top prospect by the Dodgers, but after several trials, it became obvious he could not hit major league pitching. He's been at AAA for 4 years and is having his best season in awhile at Wilkes-Barre so maybe he's just a late bloomer.

Clout! You're such an optimist!!

Nice to see that Bourn has finally lost that #76 in favor of #9.

holy crap, Clout was actually optimistic about a minor league almost know Thurston is gonna go bonkers now because you endorsed him!

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