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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


You could do worse than Hernandez off the bench (Sandoval, for instance). He strikes out a ton, but does have power. I remember a game I attended at Wrigley Field ten years ago in which he beat the Phillies with a ninth-inning homerun. Not that that's the least bit relevant, but it just struck me. Anyway, I think Gillick has responded as well as could be hoped today. There may be better options forthcoming, but I'll take what's been done for now.

This season doesn't seem any stranger than last year's apart from trading five players at the deadline (it should be called the trading *lifeline* in Philadelphia, as the Phillies are dead prior to it and alive after). This is just a strange, confounding team, period.

Let's hope Utley is okay.

Hey Jason, awesome work getting this post up so fast!

New rule on Beerleaguer: Whenever someone corrects my spelling in a post, the site's host and financer is permitted to edit the comment and insert a compliment to myself using the person's name. Plus, I make the spelling correction, which goes undetected and without credit. This change is effective immediately.

Is Sandoval the odd man out here? Even with his two hits tonight, I would think he is still the guy to go.

Hmm... does this new rule apply to comments as well? If so, you might want to alert the "financer."

The best part about this site is the humor. The "financer" is the guty they send you to in the furniture store to finance your new couch.

I can't type either. I meant the "guy they send you to." Sorry.

The posts are coming fast and furious. Since the admirable, touching and true Lieberthal post the quality and output of your posts has increased. Thank you so much, I read this daily and it is by far the best way to keep in touch with news of the Phillies. I know the Phils are only now 1 game over .500 but have you noticed the increase in intensity with witch these new Phillies are playing? I was and still am a big Abreu fan, but I cannot deny the change in spirit since his departure. Funny, I never thought of him as a dominant team personality ala Schmidt or Dalton or the great Dick Allen. Could be a fluke, since his production with the Yanks has been good and appreciated by the Bronx faithful. Pennant fever at 1 game over mediocre? As a fan since the season of '64 sitting at my extended family's table watching the excitement of Callison, Allen et al, I'll take what I can get. This team, at least for now, has heart.

Bah! You get the drift. The guy who pays the utilities is what I meant!

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