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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Rough start, lets see if they can knock some hits around and score some runs.

Are the Phils trying to make Oliver Perez look like Cy Young? 4 innings 0 hits 6 SO 3BB

M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!

And that takes care of Oliver Perez.

I agree, MVP!! Go Little Papi!

Now can Lieber hold this lead.

is he having the best offensive season for a philly ever??

Well, he's 2 HRs away from Schmidt's team record and it's not even September yet.

Dykstra '93 has to be in the discussion even though it was a different type of production.

On the west coast, the Yankee/Angel game is the game of the week. Because it ran long, they showed the Beltran home run clip. Jeanine Zelasko nearly came undone in describing it and Beltran. I just thought to myself "Yeah, and that'll hold against Oliver Perez." Just more poetic justice that the real MVP did it in grand style...

Big double plays for the Phils this game. The infield has been a real strength since the break.

Looking at's projections for Howard:

HR's - 57 (record: Schmidt '80 - 48)
RBI's - 148 (record: Klein '30 - 170 [NL record])
Slugging - .618 (record: Klein '30 - .687)

This is historic stuff here...and he's only 26

BTW, Beerleaguers, the domain name is available...

Someone was saying something about big double plays....

That could have been much worse.

5-4 now with bases loaded. Sheesh!

A little time lag due to dial up connection.

Klein's '30 year may be the biggest, however Howard is giving it a run for the money. Looks like the HR mark will fall

who gets the call tonight, if the gave goes to a save situation?


Victorino continues to hit when he starts. Utley seems to be struggling some.

Uh oh.


Klein had 445 total bases in '30, second best of all time. Howard is on pace for 372, which would be in the mid-40s. That's no slouch, though... any single season above 300 is excellent.

Time to see what the team we love is really made of.

intentional BB the worst play in the game

someone shoot me. or Burrell

The Mets seem to like to load the bases.

The IBB helped them load em up. Lets see if they throw more fuel on the fire and give out another IBB

Yes they do. Keep giving them free baserunners

This is not good. Our solid bullpen is cracking.

Howard will need to hit 2 more slams now

Ouch! Two more runs. Now down by four!

Putting my rooting interest aside, speaking with total objectivity, 80% of the starting leftfielders in baseball catch that ball hit by Green.

The IBB was smart move by CM. Wright eats lefties alive and Green is weak against them. Fultz just hung a breaking ball and Green hit it just out of reach of a very below average fielder.

What a strategy load bases
Sac Fly
Intentional BB
Intentional BB

thankfully thats over. wonder how many of the IBBS will factor into the final score. and i agree with Clout....thats a catch that gets made.

Now down by six! Still not out of the inning yet. Train wreck this inning.

I feel the IBB just adds more potential runs. It should be use very seldom. Today you see it use 3 or 4 times a game, when it should be used maybe once every other day

Bob D: Would you prefer a David Wright Grand Slam?

They were lucky to even be in it. That really wasn't a good start by Lieber. Lots of free gifts. You aren't going to win many games against the Mets when you spot them 10 hits and 2 walks.

Please say no to Conine and his two-year contract, but I'm far from sold on Thurston/Hernandez. That Thurston AB was brutal.

im not a fan of Conine because of the $$$ implications, but that may have already been discussed here. im new.
and you gotta figure if hernandez wasnt good enough to last the Pirates roster, then what could he bring to the Phillies table?

Two things going bad tonight. As I follow the Phillies losing on the net, I'm watching the hometown Saints losing to the Colts 24-7. The only good thing is the latest National Hurricane Center advisory is out and New Orleans is no longer the bullseye...look out Pensacola!

Thurston resembles Milt Thompson in the outfield. African-American, and he's kind of shaped like Milt.

I see Smith is now pitching. How does he look?

He looked okay. He's big (6-5, 225)

Jason: Totally agree. Thurston had several chances with the Dodgers and couldn't hit. OPS was .654 and his minor league numbers, when adjusted for league and park factors, are nothing special. Conine would be a waste of money and is no better in RF than Dellucci/Hernandez, neither of whom belongs there. Hernandez is a nice bat off the bench vs. LHP but a liability in the OF or against RHP.

what a shame. that game couldve been fantastic momentum going into the WC chase, as well as a benchmark game for a Howard MVP season.....

Lake Fred: How's Reggie Bush look?

Okay. Phils can still take the series tomorrow. Good moment from Howard hitting his 46th in grand fashion. The only other positive is that an 11-5 ballgame took 2 hours and 26 minutes. Plenty of time to hit the bars.


Just a couple things about David Wright. He's like 0 for his last 23 against LHP's. He's also in his worst slump of his career, without a HR in some 82 at-bats. That was the time to pitch to him, but as a Mets fan, I'm glad he walked him.

stick: David Wright's OPS vs. LHP is .900 this season. Green's is .800 and lifetime the disparity is quite a bit more than that. I'd prefer a Fultz vs. Green matchup anytime, anywhere, regardless of who's slumping.

Reds lost too! Yay for mediocrity. Serioulsy though, I agree with you Jason, a series win against the Mets would be a success. Also, I'm looking forward to the Jamie Moyer/Julio Franco matchup of old versus older.

Clout, Reggie Bush looks good, good hands, good moves, and he looks tough. He doesn't get many touches, though. I think the Saints will be bad again this year.

I hope the Phils can win tomorrow and take this series from the Mets.

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