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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Wow they kept Thurston and hernandez and sent Bourn back. A little bit of surprise. This should be a game the Phils to win. True Myers needs to rebound. If he does that will make this rotation look even better.

I would imagine that Thurston has played a lot of outfield, I don't see him playing a lot of 2b with Utley there.

Bourn is getting his share of frequent flyer miles, that's for sure.

I have a feeling that Myers will come around tonight and that along with the Moyer acquisition will stiffen up this rotation.

I love patient J-Roll.

Lets hope Myers' walk of the leadoff hitter in the 1st isn't a sign of things to come tonight.

great throw by Lieberthal!

Myers dosen't look that sharp. Falling behind to most batters.

Phils are going to need some runs in this one..

Four straight strikeouts by Guzman. Arggh!

Is Guzman's tonight winner of the "Look like Cy Young against the Phils" contest?

Err... "Is Guzman tonight's winner..."

Three straight strikeouts by Myers! Arggghh!

Myers seems to be getting stronger as this game goes on...I retract my prior statement.

4 SO 1BB 0 hits not bad

To continue an argument -- you know how I love arguments -- from the last thread, Willard Preacher wrote,

There's also zero evidence that Abreu ever did anything to facilitate or maintain any sort of streak of this magnitude.

I was all set to refute this by looking up the stats from the 13-1 streak that started April 30. Lo and behold, here's what Abreu did while the Phils were compiling that streak:

4 hits in 32 AB with 3 RBI in 12 games, 11 of them starts (he sat out two games in Cincy at the end of the streak). Sounds dreadful, and it was for Abreu's batting average. But he also drew 16 walks in those 14 games and scored 9 runs. There you have it, the Bobby Abreu resume in a nutshell: a .125 BA to go along with a .413 OBP, meaning the guy contributed something even while going through one of his worst batting funks of the year. On the other hand, he certainly wasn't the big gun in that winning streak, so you can put whatever interpretation you like on it.

Phils need to win, they can't lose one more game this season, that way they're nearly assured of the Wild Card...ha!

Just got in. Looks like Myers is finally stepping up some. Anything worth mentioning on offense?

Drama: If the HowardUtley's win out thats a 100 win season..we still wouldnt catch the Mets though...

great job by victorino to get utley up in a clutch situation

Victorino just beat out a routine ground ball for a hit! No misplay by the Chicago shortstop at all. What takeoff out of the batter's box, and speed down the line! Really impressive physical skills.

Utley's really been struggling with RISP the last two weeks...

DavThom: Agreed. Only other player I've seen do that is Ichiro.

Unfortunately, I think Myers is going to lose it soon. One or bad fluky hits or a bad call and Myers will unwind. Keep my fingers crossed he can go 2 more innings.

The Howitzer suprised the Cubs announcer. They thought his high fly ball would stay in the park.

Davthom: Are you watching the same game I am? Even the announcers were shocked that Cedeno messed up what was a routine ground ball by playing too far back and not charging with a fast runner up. Cedeno is playing SS only because Izturis is hurt.

Clout, not only am I watching the same game, but my post was essentially a direct quotation from the *Cubs'* TV play-by-play guys' description of the play on WGN!! Plus, I myself watched the play live, and two replays of the play from the center field camera angle.

Davthom & Clout - do you have a battle going on or something? LOL...gotta love the Pfightins! Harry's really got to hang up the mic he's lost it as an announcer!

Anyone know why the old lefty the phils got in the Abreu trade is not on the team and still in AAA. He pitched 12 scoreless innings with the Yanks earlier this season and has an era just above 2.00 with Scranton and Columbus...i'm baffled why someone like Sanches is still here and Smith isn't...I guess maybe having 3 lefties in the bullpen is not what they want?

Harry Kalas did a nice job singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." This inning, the Cubs announcers are talking with Harry.

Does Davthom and Clout have a battle going on? Ever here of the Hatfields and the McCoys? The Eagles and Dallas? Me and my wife? (Just kidding on that one...) Actually, stick two baby kittens in a paper bag and see which one lives. That's these two...

That's a great story Harry told about Willie Mays...

I cannot remember a series were I have seen so many poor base running mistakes. It truly is amazing at how the Cubs have run themselves out of innings!

Yeh, and Kalas said nice things about Mike Schmidt and Richie Ashburn, too!

Mike H, LOL geat analagy Davthom vs Clout

PS. Most husbands vs Wives would qualify

davthom: I saw the play as well and Cedeno let the ball play him. The Phils announcers remarked about it and said the Phils caught a break on the misplay. It should have been an out.
Myers really deserves a win tonight. He's pitched like a savvy veteran and hasn't let anything rattle him. Doesn't matter that the Cubs are the 2nd worst team in the NL. Maybe those who have been yapping to dump him will be quiet tonight.

It's amazing in these differences of opinion on this blog, usually one of the opinion stirrers is our buddy Clout!

Ouch! Ryan strikes out!

Myers gives up the tying run on a solo homer.

No way....the frisbee was always gonna come. Drag him Charlie!

Damn it. I can understand why Cholly left Myers in but he might need to make a move real soon. Don't want to see this become 3-1 or 4-1

Freddie: Isn't that what makes the blog fun? How boring would it be if an expert in journalism like yourself was never challenged in your opinion?

Clout, Victorinio still had the throw beaten by a full step, to a step-and-a-half. Even if Cedeno had charged the ball better, it would still have been a bang-bang play, and there can be little dispute that Victorino showed great takeoff out of the batter's box -- I think you would at least agree with the latter statement.

Anyway, new ballgame. Let's get some runs in the top of the ninth.

I can't blame Cholly. Myers made Murton look bad in his last at bat. Phils can't possibly get only 1 run against a team this bad, so let's get runs now and a W for Brett.

Myers deserved to stay in, he's pitching great. We need runs bad!!

Yeah Rhodes is up. This bullpen is not manufactured to handle tight games. At least the Cubs' offense is pretty woeful. They have maybe 3 legimiate MLB hitters in their lineup tonight.

davthom: Victorino's takeoff and speed helped make the play. No argument there. The only objection I had was to your statement "No misplay by the Chicago shortstop at all."

Clout, I've learned my lesson. I try real hard not to disagree with you. In this discussion, I saw the play, I'm glad that Victorino was safe and the Cubs announcer acknowledged his speed, but at the same time the fielder was a bit slow, so in this instance, you're both right and I don't need to take sides.

Who really cares about the Victorino play? It was nice hustle. Good for Victorino. Like two old ladies.

Thurston gets on. Here comes J-Roll first and second!

Of all the changes in this team the 6 weeks, the biggest change has to be hitting with RISP. Phils' just couldn't buy those hits at the beginning of the season.

J-Roll with the clutch RBI hit! Why did they send Thurston? I know he has wheels, but he was out by 10 feet! He was so dead that Michael Barrett had time to readjust for proper positioning.

Nice piece of hitting in that key pinch hit single by Thurston, who just had his first major league at bat since the 2004 season with the Dodgers. Thurston's limited service with LA over the 2002, 2003 and 2004 seasons at least produced a .275 BA. Maybe he can help.

Throw a strike Rhodes.

This ump is inconsistent as can be...

I don't like pulling Rhodes now for Geary.

Wow, here comes Geary! Charlie is full of surprises tonight.

Now we'll have a three way with Davthom & Clout going after MG for calling them ladies!

Close game. Need to get out of the bottom of the ninth with a win.

This is an interesting move by CM.

Why not, Geary's been pitching well.

I hate Dancy coaching 3b.

How bout Geary slamming the door like he did while at Scranton! We are now only 1.5 games out of the top Wild Card spot! It is definitely within reach! Let's take four from Chicago with Hamels on the hill tomorrow!



Good win. A squeaker.

Great move to pull Rhodes. He looked like he had "nostrikeitis" tonight. Glad they pulled him for the hot hand in Geary.

That's outstanding, Charlie. Simply outstanding.

Great first career save for Geary, but I don't think even Geary would take ownership of that erroneous 97 m.p.h. radar gun reading on the one fastball in the last sequence.

The ability of this team to have the killer instinct to come back into the lead in the ninth, and to then close the game out, means to me a team with a collective psyche now capable of winning the Wild Card.

Jason: Absolutely. Nevin is a total lefty killer who hasn't hit righties in 3 years. CM's bullpen management deserves praise. Great game, way better than those 11-9s.

Absolutely Davthom.

Great win! This team is showing a great phightin' spirit.

Right. And Myers showed them something tonight. Kind of a sluggish night of offense on both sides. Myers has pitched in a lot of these types of games before, and frankly, he usually does well in them. I remember a couple of these against Atlanta last year.

Is Dancy the worst third base coach in history? A decent throw and Thurston is out by 15 feet. There's really no excuse for keeping this guy out there. He probably cost us the WC last season; do we have to wait for him to do the same thing this year too? What are we saving by using a career minor league manager there instead of a real 3B coach? $50,000? $100,000 tops?

I didn't see the game-why did they send Thurston?

Nice job by Myers, Manuel, and Rollins.

You want to know why they're winning now-forget Abreu-look at J-Roll, Utley, Howard, and the pen. Rollins is scary when he's on-he has no limits as a player.

This team can win the WC-but the Central div. race bothers me a little. What happens if the Cards slip to second?

My hat is off to CM's bullpen managing tonight.

Pushed all of the right buttons-gotta give him credit.

John. If the cards slip to 2nd in the central. The Phils will take 'em for the WC.

Go Phillies!

I thought Dancy sent Thurston because of Juan Pierre's rag arm. He's no Victorino out there either in arm strength or in accuracy. If Nunez's run tied it, I'm sure he would have held him up, especially with Vic up there afterwards.

Dancy's one of those "Chris Wheeler" guys in the organization, managing all the way back to Spartanburg in 1981 or some crap like that. Loyalty rules in a conservative organization like the Phils. Never mind that lack of winning...

I'm going to enjoy King Cole tomorrow making fools out of this glorified AAA team and Aramis Ramirez. Looks like San Diego will keep pace tonight, so let's go for the sweep.

Anybody else think the home plate umpire was just horrible tonight? I blame the lethargic offense tonight on batters in both dugouts being absolutely baffled by the moving strike zone. A FIFA ref could have done a better job calling this game. God-awful ...

Bad umpiring and the wind blowing in. Howard hit one ball that looked like it had a chance off the bat, and didn't even make it to the warning track.

Mike, I know Dancy goes way back in the organization, and he's far from the first minor league lifer they've carried as a major league coach so he can qualify for the major league pension. Heck, look at the current coaching staff -- outside of Milt Thompson, they're all minor-league lifers. While I admire the loyalty, there's a way the organization could take care of these guys without hurting the team -- start your own pension plan. It would cost peanuts in comparison to what a team spends on salaries. But they're too cheap for that, so the team (and fans) suffer while a guy who has no business in the third base coaching box keeps sending runners to their certain doom.

That umpire was awful. The one last night had a strike zone the size of a truck. This crew may need a second look.

I think the attitude of Dusty Baker in this series is proof enough why PG supported Manuel. I'm not entirely sure that his job is as rock-solid as they made it out to be.

Given the Dodgers win the West (which might not happen but I will for the sake of argument) if someone held a gun to your head which rotation would you take from here on out?



T. Stauffer
M. Thompson
(Don't know SD's other starter) ???

I like our chances.

The mystery #5 starter used to be Chan Ho Park, but his intestines are falling apart on him.

San Diego's other starter is Clay Hensley.

Our rotation looks like the best going into the home stretch.

Yeh, can someone explain to me how the stars aligned right and the Phils ended up with a strong 5 man rotation?

Someone sold their soul to the devil/steinbrenner....

I liked Dancy sending that new kid Thurston hometoo, in the ninth - In his first big league game. I mean, are we trying to win the $#@& thing, or not? Way to be aggressive.

i love the fact that cole keeps going against the other teams studs. first pedro now zambrano. awesome! i just wish i didn't have class and could watch it on something other than gamecast.

Dancy is a tool, just like Wheeler.

Dancy is fine, but youre right about Wheeler. Somewhat of Homer, but knows the game.

WHEELER DOES NOT KNOW THE GAME. Sorry for the caps, but it drives me nuts that people seem to think this.

We got the lead with Nunez scoring. We did not need the third run thrown out at the plate when you had Victorino and Utley coming up with a chance of driving Thurston in (even more so when he was out by a good 10-15 feet). Just my opinion though.

I see my comments are now deleted...message received.

I'll stick to stuff pertinent about this blog.

yes he does. he just needs to be more critical when criticism of a player is deserved. hes sharper than harry, sad to say, and at times, albeit not most of the time, questions some of Uncle Charlie's more questionable decisions.

I don't know about everybody else, but I'm psyched about the possibility of making it 6 in a row this afternoon with Hot Hamels on the mound!

I found this blog site when i ordered a t-shirt today, so im new to the discussions. i enjoy the intelligent chat and dont wanna argue with anyone. sorry for the caps.

The rotation is fine, my problem is you have to think about who you are facing as well. The phils have the 2nd easiest schedule the rest of the way. Who has the 1st easiest? Cinncinatti. I would rather have Cinnci take first in the central and go up against the Cards for the Wild Card. Besides Carpenter the Cards have noone at all.

Also, Cinnci has guys who are not old, but not rookies either. We have 2 young pitchers in Myers and Hamels, 2 old pitchers in Lieber and Moyer, and Wolf, coming off of injury. Who's the best rotation? Phillies. Unfortunately they're also the most likly to see more inconsistent pitching.

One thing I've learned to never do as a Phillies fan...don't take a team lightly, no matter the record. So YES, on paper their remaining schedule appears easy based on the records to the teams, but then take into account that the Phils haven't played well against the Astros in years, and the Braves are always difficult. I'm not saying they can't do it, but we'll see...I can only hope!

Not to mention that the teams out West are going to continue to beat up on each other and all stay within WC contention. They will not just "go away," so there is little room for a swoon.

If the NL West keeps beating up on each other, they'll all stay in contention for the NL West title, but probably not the WC. If the Phillies keep winning, or the Cards &/or Reds keep winning, then those teams will easily pass the Padres, Giants, Rockies, whoever if they're "beating up on each other" out there.

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