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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Although people like myself and Tom Goyne might like to know about the "Golf Coast rookie academy," we all know you mean Gulf Coast...

If I remember correctly, this is a couple of years in a row that the Red Barons are in the playoff hunt.

Developing a winning mentality is a big part of the process in the minors. That's why I wish we'd get some bats to help some of these young arms out.

Outman - Great name for a pitcher

How bout this lame ass quote from Charlie Manuel on Ruiz.

"We've talked a little bit about Ruiz because he's supposed to be their best hitter," Manuel said. "We could use a bench player, but at the same time we need somebody who's going to help us."

This is why I do not want Charlie to manage this club past this season. What a bonehead...

Manuel a "bonehead" dare you speak the truth?!

Yeah, he may not be the one to bring up these young players. He miss uses his pitchers and sits the young players in favor of mediocre veterans

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