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Monday, August 14, 2006


The real beauty is that players with job security - Howard, Rollins, and of course, Utley - are bleeding right there with them.

:cough: left fielder :cough:

great post though, and the kruk commentary is right on point in my opinion. i think that this will prove to be the best thing to come of the abreu deal.

Burrell must have slipped my mind.

Like a fastball right down the middle slips past Pat's bat with a full count.

Ok, RyHo is The Reaper and Utley can be Cap, Cappy or The Captain!

Or wait, that analogy doesn't work because it would mean Pat would actually have to *swing* the bat.

Chase is Chase, the way Elvis is Elvis.

I don't know who is responsible for it, whether it is Rollins or the coaches or a combination of the two, but its amazing how often Rollins is positioned perfectly to field a grounder.

Why does the sense of urgency not appear until August, again? In the spring I pronounced a certain confidence in this team because surely it would have learned its lesson to turn on the jets from Game One. But this year, they've repeated the patten from last year and suddenly gotten hungry after it's (probably) too late. Despite the endorsement I posted yesterday of the heart they showed against the Reds and of late in general, I'd be far more impressed if I were seeing this in April or June.

On a side note, I'm glad the Inquirer published the transcripts from the 911 calls from Myers' assault in Boston. People need to be reminded of just how dispicable of an act was committed by the overgrown, balding, wannabe-ace pitcher they see on the mound. It is still my hope that the Phillies will see fit to dump him out the door sooner than later.

I agree RSB. In a perfect world Myers would have never pitched for the Phillies again, but I can see why they want to hold on to him. I just hope it doesn't cost them in the long run. He would not be on my team.

Anyway, back to the positives. I'm am really curious to see the Hamels-Martinez matchup tonight. I have a feeling the Phils just might pull this one out.

Jason, thanks for link to Myers article and 911 transcripts. Those calls just reinforce what a jerk he is.

Pat has shown some agressiveness lately. last night he could have shown some more instead of a check swing SO. He would probably be more valuable with more agressiveness at the plate.

In reference to Myers: I'll wait til the trial and/or to hear what his wife says. We never know about some of these people that call 911 (I know I'm a 911 operator myself). Its not always what the person states that is true (although there is likely atleast some merit to what happened that night). Lets also not forget that he was a visitor and both callers knew each other (boyfriend/girlfriend). It could be over stated and its not helping Myers that he won't comment on the incident either. I do recognize that the police reports state the marks his wife had and that does say that there was atleast something that happened.
So Sept 5 and we may know more on this from all sides here.

"Poignant commentary from Krukker".

Indeed. Excellent story. Utley really is leading from the front. Considering the Phils are looking to build on a young line-up, who better to have leading them than Chase. Busting their butts on every play is what us Phils fans want to see. Going hard is the only way to go.

Go hard or go home!

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