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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Conine's debut: almost a double play. Good to see that he hustles, as that should have been a Lieberthal-esque GIDP.

I'd like to see someone get nailed on the Nationals. Ortiz hit 2 or 3 in his last start against the Phillies and nailed Burrell here in the 2nd. It's time for a payback. Blame it on the rain, I don't care.

By the way, what a dumbass Ortiz is... He cannot even catch a ball thrown back by the catcher... He should have been given the error...

I agree. One of those pitches to Victorino was also high and tight. Somebody has to defend at some point.

Thanks to the Nats for pitching to Howard there! And now you walk Burrell intentionally? When did Manuel become coach of the Nats?

Very impressive of Hamels to make Ortiz throw pitches: 7 in the 1st AB, 8 now! Impressive.


watching DC broadcast. good to hear them blast Ortiz as well.

Wow. An intentional walk of Abraham Nunez.

8 innings of left-handed dominance by the young King. Nice little ending to the game! A winning road trip guaranteed tonight and it's nice to see them beat up weaker teams. Was there any doubt when they were up 3-0?

Mike H: I ws really surprised to see how bad the Nats are. Vidro couldn't get to 2 grounders that 90% of the 2Bers in the league would've gotten to, then there was the Church/Soriano mess up and the guy trying to score on the hit to left with his team down 4-0. I'm shocked they don't have a worse record than the Pirates. But Hamels would've been tough for anyone to beat tonight.

There was no doubt, Mike. That's exactly what I came away with tonight. Once they went up by three, there was no chance they'd lose this game. The Phillies are better, they know it, and the Nats know it. You could see it in their faces. Hopefully, that carries into their upcoming games with the Marlins and Braves.

Hamels was great, and I don't even think this was close to his best outing. He basically had two pitches.

Victorino is really slapping the ball around for hits, some luck, some not. Either way I'll take it, because he's giving the lineup exactly what they needed. Victorino is batting .287 now, up almost .30 points since getting regular ABs.

Frank Robinson was rated, in a recent Sports Illustrated poll, as the worst NL manager. Not a surprise after tonight's intentional walk of Nunez? Frank must not know that Nunez hasn't hit his weight all year.

By the way, when oh when we will see somebody else get a shot at 3B? I think the point's been proven-Nunez ain't hacking it.

Another great game. The Padres won, so the Phils kept pace. I believe that Cole Hamels is the real deal. He may be the difference maker in this WC race. More RBIs for the Howitzer tonight will help his MVP bid. It was good to get Conine involved tonight. I'm not looking forward to winter as this summer is too much fun.

Boomer Wells to the Padres....this doesn't help.

No other warm body is going to get a shot at third. The brain trust is committed to giving Nunez a two-month trial. Given the cut in payroll that everyone expects, don't be surprised if said brain trust says "Well, Abe hit .248 after the break in the role he always wanted, and we think he can do better than that in an everyday, non-platoon role, like he did in 2005 when Rolen was hurt." And everyone will scream, and rightfully so, but hey, it's still the same management all along.

My expectations of Gillick getting Aramis Ramirez are slim and none, and slim just left.

Orioles acquire Angel Chavez as the player to be named in the Conine deal.

Looking at Chavez' AA/AAA stats, it doesn't appear as if the Phils gave up much more than Ye Olde Bucket Of Balls.

I was away for a few days and I come back and find the Phils really putting a hurt on their opponents. VOR, No giving up Chavez is nothing big to lose. I was in Reading the other day to watch a double header and they have a young IF Peeter Ramos who actually looks like a good player with good potential. Jaramillo was hitting very well also, he seems to have turned the corner from earlier in the season when he was not doing much. Much of the rest of the roster (position players) seems to be career minor leaguers. The Phils need to get more postion players that have real potential. They are very thin at AA and AAA. The Twin AA team New Britian has 1 guy born in the 70's compared to Reading with 16 players including the entire OF. However, a few of the pitchers have big time potential.

Good job Howard!

i like the "howitzer" nickname, but the man's proper nicknames are "black jimbo" or "tizhome"


Someone in my office is saying that Broadway Charlie Wagner died during the 2nd game of the double header last night in reading. Tell me I can tell him he's full of it.

Your officemate is correct, Will. Broadway Charlie passed away at yesterday's Reading Phillies game. The story is being reported this morning on WEEU radio.

For those who don't know him, Wagner, a Reading native, has been a fixture at the Reading Phillies for many years. He's a former pitcher, coach and scout who played his entire career for the Boston Red Sox (1938-1942, 1946), and was teammates with Ted Williams. He was the oldest living Red Sox player.

Marlins loss, Reds loss coupled with the Phils keeping pace with San Diego. Clemens looked downright nasty last night with his typical 1 run of support.

All I hear about is how mediocre the NL is (Mets, then everyone else) and how even these tight races are tough to get excited about. Well, those spewing that garbage obviously don't have a dog in the hunt. This is exciting stuff. Sure, the stats prove that the NL is inferior to the AL this year, but I like this Philly team's chances in a 7-game series with just about anyone. Their record is not an indication of their heart.

"Ye Olde Bucket of Balls" Funniest thread ever.

Marlins took a hard loss last night vs. STL. Hopefully it'll kill their spirits a little after all the extensive ESPN coverage of their recent hot streak. There is no question that we need to beat that team.

the most imporessive thing about hamels' outing last night was that he did not have that great of control. at times, he was really struggling to find the plate. the second time ortiz came to the plate, hamels threw three straight balls high and outside or in the dirt. with a 3-0 count to the pitcher leading off the inning, hamels slowly walked back to the mound, took a deep breath and then threw 3 straight strikes as if nothing happened. ortiz took two and missed the third one with a big cut. hopefully, brett myers was watching.

if the phillies make the playoffs, i can't imagine hamels would start game one. most likely it would be lieber or myers, probably the later. but hamels sure should. at 22, he is the best all-around pitcher on the staff and its so obvious, its funny. the nationals, a free-falling team in dispair to be sure, hit exactly 2 line drives off hamels in 8 innings last night. his change up is so good, you can just sit back and watch guys fall over trying to wait on it. its a thing of beauty which really needs to be seen in person.

on an unrelated note, not to be a quick judge and jury, but jeff conine sucks. him and burrell in the outfield at the same time should never ever happen again.

Yeah, we should judge Conine on 1 game. Brilliant point! NOTTTT!

To all you Phillies fans: Your team is looking real good right now. Unfortunately Atlanta is coming in town this weekend to cool your team off. Say good-bye to any playoff hopes. Braves will make their 16th straight appearance in the post season.

I don't normally like to make generalizations based on stereotypes based on reason, but Atl res, seriously, your parents were brother and sister, right? The Braves chances at a playoff appearance is just as likely as you having a full mouth of your own actual teeth.

sam dracula, what part of "not to be a quick judge and jury" don't you understand? one can make a point based on first impressions, everyone does it everyday of their lives. conine's bat may prove helpful 9and it may not) but his statue status in RF was on full display last night at RFK. i am happy to eat my words later if need be. he could also be one of ed wade's "professional hiters" who can't move much in the field.

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