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Saturday, August 19, 2006


hey pat did not come into the club last night and I was pretty upset that i didnt get to give him a private show :)....but anyway I was listening to xm baseball talk this afternoon on my way home from the overnight shift at the ER and heard that Soriano wants to play 3rd base next year and is looking at staying in the NL and preferrably the east coast. Now tell me would there be any better fit than Soriano in this Lineup??? Imagine a lineup of Victorino/Bourne, Rollins, Utley, Soriano, Howard, Burrell, Delluci and the catcher!!!

Soriano with the Phils? Bring it on. Would make for an awesome linep.

Take care of Pat next time you see him Jessica. Help him regain that swing.

"Jessica": Wasn't funny the first time. Or the second. Or the third.

WOW! Howard looked like he was back in HR derby with that blast. What an explosion by the Phils!

Shoot...I hope Hamels doesn't hit someone. Really. That was just Ortiz being frustrated after a shellacking. Let it go.

Jessica knows the Midnight Mayor of Center City very well. That Soriano rumor has about as much truth as the rumor that Jessica doesn't pole dance for $20's in Kensington.

Funny how the offense works. When they smell blood and a pitcher makes mistakes, they go after him. Other times, they treat pitchers like Cy Young.

I hope that these hit batsmen give the Fightin's something to think about against the Nats. Can't afford any more games like last night.

The Phillies are scoring a bunch of runs again, which means two things:

1. They continue to be exceedingly fortunate that they haven't had a situation in which they'd normally use Gordon since he's been unavailable, and

2. Clout won't be showing up tonight.


Before you soil yourself with excitement at the prospect of Soriano playing 3B for Philly next year, keep a few things in mind:

*He's never played the position
*His 51 walks so far this year are a career high, leading to his career OBP of under .330 -- dreadful for a middle-of-the-lineup hitter.
*His slugging avg. is 100 points higher this year than ever before. Could be the NL, or could be a career year. Paying someone on a long-term contract after a great season is exactly how the mistakes on Burrell and Abreu happened
*He'll probably be asking for $15 M per season, for 5 years of so I'd guess, and some team that doesn't understand the value of on-base percentage will give it to him. Do we really want to be that team?

Look at his stats yourself. His career OPS -- on-base percentage plus slugging percentage -- is .840. Your buddy Pat's is .839. There's more to baseball than home runs, honey, and there's more to humor than pretending to be a girl.

Oops. Should have realized J would pull that one for offensive content. Anyway, "Jessica" wanted to know what I was smoking and didn't I realize Soriana was a consistent 40-HR guy.

RSB: The barrage tonight gets their average back up to 7 runs per game since the Abreu deal, which you declared the greatest trade ever. As I said before, if this continues the rest of the season, I will admit you were right and I was wrong.
P.S. The bum Abreu, who walks too damn much (and we all agree with you that a walk is worse than an out) has an OPS of 1.021 with the Yankees, but that's a fluke I'm sure.

Phils just got Jamie Moyer for two minor leaguers..

Sam: Interesting trade but hard to evaluate without knowing the ID of the minor leaguers. Moyer is 43 and a free agent at season's end and would be a nice upgrade over Mathieson. One worry: His ERA away from Safeco (one of MLB's best pitcher's parks) is 5.29. Still, if the minor leaguers are some of the Phillies position player dreck or any of the garbage from the Yankees, this trade can't hurt.


It is two right handed pitchers, sadly, i didn't catch their names when i heard it and haven't been able to find any info yet online

just found the names of the minor leaguers traded:

Andrew Barb & Andrew Baldwin

The dude is old as dirt, but hopefully he can pull a Greg Maddux for us. He is definitely a better option than Mathieson at this point. Anyone find out who we gave up yet?

Either way good move and one ting...Moyers has BALLS. He can teach our kids a thing or two. Good move, low risk.

Nice job Clout and Sam. I am thinking those two aren't that great of prospects. Does anyone have their numbers? Did we actually get someone for nothing? I only thought we gave players away for that haha.

Does this mean Mathieson to AAA?
Barb and Baldwin, whew, I was afraid that it may have been some of the top guns in the minors. The Phils are really loaded with pitchers at every level now. Barb and Baldwin are decent but not at that level.

Yes another scoreless inning for Fabio. Finally Cholly is using him more.

Here are the numbers on the 2 minor leaguers from Todd Zolecki's article:

Baldwin, a fifth-round pick in 2004, was 8-8 with a 4.04 ERA for single-A Clearwater. Barb, signed as a non-drafted free agent in 2004, was 6-2 with a 2.23 ERA as a reliever in single-A Lakewood.

Few points about this game:

1. When Howard crushed that pitch after Utley got drilled, I was psyched. That is how you respond to another team's BS and back up your teammates. If there has been one play since Abreu got traded that demonstrated a new attitude on this team, it was that play (besides the Utley 2nd to home play two weeks ago).

2. Ortiz is a punk and really deserved to get thrown out of this game. Drilling Rowand in the back was pure BS.

3. Another strong outing from Hamels. Looked strong and in control throughout the game.

I just read about the Moyer trade. Give the Phils' a "B" for effort and a "D" for execution. Phils' clearly needed another starter since Mathieson looked shell-shocked his his two starts. No sense destroying his confidence by throwing him to the wolves.

Since the Phils' didn't have an internal answer, Gillick went out and gotten one of his old favorites in Moyer. Moyer is a lefty who is crafty (i.e., his stuff is really medicore and relies on guile/deception at this point).

Moyer's might be a slight upgrade over Mathieson but be vary. Moyer is primarily a FB pitcher now and that does not bode fell in Citizens' Bank. Plus, his numbers since the All-Star break are horrendous, 1-4 7.15 ERA and 10 HRs in just 39 innings. Best case scenario is that he keeps the Phils' in games and gives their potent offense a chance to win. Mathieson just wasn't doing that.

I think the whole FB/GB thing isn't what it's cracked up to be. I mean, Lieber had problems with HRs and he's totally a GB pitcher all the way. Now that we have both Victorino and Rowand in the OF, having a FB pitcher is a good thing.

This is not "throwing Mathieson to the wolves." If Mathieson's feelings are hurt, he's as cracked as Floyd. He only got a chance because this team was in dire need; he should've stayed in the minors all year. He'll be fine.

I personally love this deal. We give up nothing, part of his salary is paid, he leaves at the end of the year, and for the final 6 weeks we have a great (if old) pitcher in our 5 slot. Even when you're pitching in Safeco, a switch to the NL is good for .3 runs off his ERA at least I bet. This makes me like our wild card chances so much better.

Geez, there's just no way you can't like this move. If you want the Phillies to try to win now, it can only help. Moyer may be fading and old, but I'll take him over Mathieson, who's green and too young and needs a year in AAA. I like it, and I'm sure the team likes it. There's really no risk involved. If he does even half-decently, you have a starter for next year's rotation. And Hamels will learn from him what he doesn't already know.

So if the question is why I liked trading Abreu for single-A players and now I like trading single-A players for Moyer, the answer is, forget the single-A players on both ends. I like the subtraction and the I like the addition. Even if Moyer pitches like crap, it sends a good message; for one thing, it speaks a hell of a lot louder than Gillick's assertion that '06 and '07 were write-offs. Not that I was buying that line, but this deal confirms that it was hooey. I like Gillick's demonstration of flexibility here. I like how he does the unexpected.

Can anyone explain the mutual option for Moyer in 2007 and how it works ?

I am surprised the Phils made a move in an attempt to improve the club for this year. I am not surprised that it is someone who Gillick had on a former team. They didn't give up much for Moyer, so it is a good thing. I could care less if part of his salary is paid as this is money is not about flexibility but owner's profit. Personally, I would rather have seen the Phils call up someone from AAA like Brito or Floyd. I haven't bought into this Wild Card illusion yet. I don't think you try to middle it. You are either buyers or sellers and to me this team has already indicated they are sellers. If this organization was serious about a playoff birth, they would look to acquire some veteran players to improve their bench.

Would you rather have Cory Lidle or Jamie Moyer ?

Cory Lidle or Jamie Moyer? Wow, that's a false choice and a half. But since you threw it out there, I'd take a tenth of the balls that the Dude mentioned and it still beats a selfish #5 pitcher in Lidle.

Or I'd take the stats: Moyer winning pct. is .562, 4.17 lifetime ERA, and a WHIP of 1.32. Lidle winning pct. is .526. 4.54 lifetime ERA, and a WHIP of 1.32. If the stats are a tie, I go to character. As for me, I'll always take a guy from Souderton over someone from Southern California...

The only thing that concerns me is that we have 3 lefties in the roatation now. The plus is Jamie can give u 6 innings and we have a more effective BP, plus his knowledge, grit and professionalism will be good for Hamels and Myers (and maybe Floyd next yr).

I'd rather have the fresh, new Moyer than Lidle, Moyer will be able to confuse a lot of these guys since it will be their first time facing him. He's also an AL pitcher and the AL is better, so he's better.
All in all I like it.

I broke it down a bit on my site, even though most of what I said has been said so far.

Based on the stats, Lidle--Moyer has given up lots of HRs, pitched poorly outside of Safeco, and has been particularly bad recently. But through 114 IP, his ERA was at 3.39, he shut down all the NL teams he faced in interleague play, few NL hitters have had much exposure to his style of deception, he's pitching for a hometown team in a playoff race, and he has thrown at least 6 innings in 20 of 25 starts this year. And we essentially got him for free--when I first heard "two prospects," I almost had a heart attack thinking of how Wade threw around starting pitching prospects for washed up middle relievers. Even with numbers like Barb's, it's very hard to project single A players, and he wasn't a highly regarded prospect. Even if Moyers is terrible, it's very very hard to dislike this trade or at least the message this trade sends.

BillyMac: I'm not well-versed, but I imagine that it's just what it sounds like, an option that both sides have to agree on. I imagine details have not been worked out yet or announced, as Moyers is off on personal business in Seattle and not with the team.

Inasmuch that parting with Lidle was necessary to orchestrate the Abreu trade, I'm content to have Moyer instead.

But I'm not so sure I wouldn't rather have Moyer, regardless.

Moyer is an upgrade over Mathieson and does help this team in the WC hunt. Still, I think Lidle vs. Moyer is a wash at this point. All the Phils are really asking of Moyer is Lidle-type numbers (6+ innings, 3 or 4 ER). Does not sound great but a clear improvement over what Mathieson had given his last 3 starts.

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