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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I just hope Gordon's shoulder is ok. Not only do we need him for this season, but he's signed for 2 more after this and we need him to be healthy if we plan to contend.

It's funny how people of Phillies blogs all around the blogsphere seemed to "know" that something was wrong with Gordon. His stuff was not a fast or crisp and location was off...well now we have an inkling as to why.

Saw this article listing the most influential websites and was shocked that Beerleaguer was not there. Here’s the link:,,1843263,00.html

I agree with DQ. We all knew something was wrong with Flash. You'd think the Cholly-Dubee brain trust would get a sense of this, especially since Flash says he’s felt discomfort for "a couple of months."

I think Arthur Rhodes will rise to the occasion. With his response comments to Lidle's trashing of the Phillies, Rhodes emerged as a leader and has shown the fire in his belly. I think he'll do a good job.

Strangely enough, I think Rhodes has it in him too. I've bashed him in the past, like most on here, but he's come on strong since the ice-cream eater said those desparing comments.

It would be a nice surprise if Rhodes can hold it down, but this isn't a positive situation for the rest of the bullpen. Paint me pessimistic ... I'm expecting the worst out of this injury to Gordon. After all, he's 38 years old.

I he goes down, Madson is now your big-game setup man, and also the team's best bet to go more than one inning in extra-inning games like last series. He becomes your most important pitcher in that bullpen, and he's at 111 innings. Geoff Geary is at 65 innings, which is a healthy load for an entire season. To me, Geary looks spent. Rick White is starting to find a grove, but he's an older guy suddenly getting pushed into more action.

It will be a challenge. Since they're carrying the extra pitcher in Castro, they need to find ways to use him, situations like when you're up or down 8-3 in the sixth inning, for example. Sanches has had a rough transition, but I like what I've seen. He looks a little scared though.

From what I've seen from Castro I like. I know he hasn't been in pressure situations, but he's pitched nicely when given the chance. Put the kid in the fire and see what happens! Because pitching Madson and Geary until their arms fall off will only produce poor results.

I like Castro, too, and I now understand the reason they dealt for him. He has a chance to become a fixure in their bullpen. I'm sure Gillick sees a young Ricardo Rincon.

Happy with Rhodes as the closer? Are you kidding me? While Rhodes has been a bit more effective in August, he has had a mediocre year. Plus, his career numbers as a closer are horrible. Rhodes was a failure as a closer with the O's and Mariners. He just doesn't have the makeup for a a closer.

This announcement is a kick in the groin of Phils' fans. Unhinges their bullpen and really kills their chances of being competitive this year down the stretch. Plus, the Phils are on the tab for $7.5 million in '07 and $4.5 million in '08. That's $12 million dollars wasted.

Now, the only good move that Gillick made last offseason was acquiring Dellucci. That guaranteed third year the Gillick made to sign Gordon looks incredibly foolish in retrospect. Not good.

I can't believe that Gordon didn't know he was hurt since at least mid-June. Go back and look at his numbers since then. He has an ERA over 6.00 since June 16. Gordon has always been a competitor but maybe he figured he could try to pitch hurt. If he did and withheld his injury from the staff, then Gordon is a dope. Still, he is getting a paycheck for another 2 years.

When you feel discomfort, you gotta speak up. Especially when you're a veteran like Gordon. Yes, you want to stay in the game, but it's more important to get healthy quickly and not hurt your team. I'm disappointed he'd allow himself to blow so many games and risk further injury before finally fessing up.


Glass is half-empty this morning, eh?

People get hurt, they go on the DL, and all is not lost. I think that Madson and (i guess) Rhodes can split the closer role, and do an adequate job.

Either that, or we can just have Hamels pitch every game from here on out...

How long before Hamels Day becomes "win day", like with Carlton?

Will Carroll reports that tests were negative and that this is "nothing more than workload-induced fatigue." He will just need rest before coming back.

Still, it doesn't bode well that our 38 year old reliever got fatigued after the first half-season of a three year contract.

The Rhodes thing doesn't really suprise me. If you look at his past season numbers, none have been as bad as this year. He's even had some very good seasons mixed in. If the baseball stats saying that "everything returns to the mean eventually" holds true, we could see some very very good pitching from Rhodes to get his ERA down closer to his career average.

I don't think you can fault PG for this. No one really foresaw Flash doing this this early. Plus he isn't even on the DL yet and everyone's assumed that he's done for the rest of his contract. If this had happened next year or the year after, then you fault him for succumbing to signing the 3-year deal.

Gordon had alot of miles on him the past two years in NY. Remains to be seen about his shoulder but alot of innings & appearances on a relief pitcher over 35 is a great way for him to blow out his arm.

Have people watched Rhodes all year? I have seen enough to suggest that Rhodes is nearing the end and certainly not a frontline option in any pen. Wait until Rhodes blows a few saves and the masses turn on him.

MG, Let's find out the extent of the injury before we start evaluating the Gordon signing. He's been effective most of the season. Way too early to write him off for the next two years. And I am willing to give Rhodes a chance. Even so-so relievers can pitch effectively for a short period.

MG - I've watched him all year. He either has gotten too old for that position, or something was wrong. He seems to believe that something was wrong. He may be wrong, but at this point who's better?

Could the Little Dictator be our K-Rod this year? Stranger things have happened. I'd love to see him, or Madson, try the closer role.

MG- it's ok to be negative and cynical sometimes, as I am by nature. However, to completely be disgusted with everything that transpires from this season is just depressing. I know it's hard to be positive about the Phils most times, but try it out, it feels good to had a little hope. I've had my heart broken many times before by the team, and probably will again this season, but I'm going to enjoy the competitive baseball while it lasts.

MAW- wow, talk about jumping the gun on Castro as closer...but what the hell...give it try! The Legend and Lore of Fabio "Model Dictator" Castro grows!

I'm with MG and Jason on this one, Rhodes as closer with Madson primary set-up man is a recipe for total disaster. The Phillies will be fortunate to get a split with the Mets unless they manage to keep swinging the bats the way they did last night.

I see an ongoing problem with how Manuel uses his relievers. They are all getting overused in games and even in the bullpen warming up when they don't come into the game. The starters also need to go deeper into games like Hammels did last night.

Rhodes, White, Madson, and Fultz have all been pleasantly better of the last few weeks. This is an encouraging sign for the Phils despite loosing Gordon for a few games.

With starters putting in more innings and Manuel rotating his relievers better then they will be fresher.

The problem is the "dead weight" in the bullpen that charlie wont use unless its a blowout. I'm looking at you Castro and Sanchez.

You cant have that many bodies out there and not use them.

Let's not jump the gun and compare Castro to K-Rod. That is a bit extreme...

I agree it's ridiculous that they're carrying 8 bullpen pitchers and refuse to pitch 2 of them if it ever gets remotely close. that's 25% of the bullpen load that's shouldered (literally) by the rest. Now that Gordon down (but not out), it's up to 37.5% of the load. And that load's heavier with Mathieson and Wolf in the rotation.

Sanchez hasn't looked good enough to pitch in a game the phils are winning. But Castro has and eventually the kid's got to get tested in a real situation.

i cant beleive u all thought we were truly in contention for the WC. Just root for the players that we want to succeed and hope for the most part we do enough ( or dont do enough) or Manuel to get fired.

i cant beleive u all thought we were truly in contention for the WC. Just root for the players that we want to succeed and hope for the most part we do enough ( or dont do enough) or Manuel to get fired.


MG, if you're gonna trash Rhodes, at least have your facts straight. The only time Rhodes was used exclusively as a closer was his half year in Oakland. As a setup man, he's had a fine career and he started early in his career with Baltimore. OK, Mr Negative? IF you're so down on this team, go find another and spare us your drivel of depression.

Where is our Rally Cry leader BloodStripes when we need an infusion of optimism?!

Here's some optomism for you - You don't need a closer when you're winning games 13-0. If the bats stay hot, we're in contention until the end. Sure, pitching has been the achilles heel all year, but the STARTING pitching is coming around a little bit. We've had a great 'pen much of this season and they'll just have to suck it up when called upon. We live and die by this team's bats.

The slight pessimism is that you don't need a closer when you're losing 13-0, either.

You Gotta BELIEVE!!!!!!

Sam - Give it a rest. Rhodes was used a spot closer in Baltimore and Seattle but didn't fare well.

Rhodes does have decent career numbers but he has really struggled this year. His fastball is tops out at about 91-92 but more importantly he has been really erratic with it. Rhodes has struggled to throw strikes all year and his BB/9 is really high. That generally spells diaster for a closer.

Oh, sure, I'm jumping the gun. But, is it not worth trying, at least? The kid's got more than 11 innings of shutout ball. That's gotta count for something.

Then again, I always felt that the Phils should have tried Padilla as a closer the past few years, especially during the Joe Table era.

Nah, Padilla was too wild. Mathieson's my choice.

MG...lighten up buddy!

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