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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I assume you've already seen it, but the new website is now available. I mention it here because I know I have received several e-mails on Coste and his books and more. There is much information on his site including a link to this site.

Having a link on Chris Coste's Web site might be the best compliment ever.

114 for the Big Man now! Nice to see us get a run early off of Zambrano. Interesting to see they have Thurston out in left today.

Weitzel, that is awesome your site is listed! Congrats!

I wonder if that means that Mr. Coste reads this site. Pretty cool to think about (although with the time he's spent in the minors/Reading, it may have been inevitable). Wonder if any of the other Phils check out our infinite wisdom?

mr. hamels is off to a shaky start here...

3 batters, 3 on base, 2 runs...come on Hamels!

Ummmmmm, this wasn't supposed to happen.

Very nice play by Nunez!

Ouch! 4-1 in the 1st and now we have to battle back against Zambrano. The upward fight continues.

thats unfortunate. itll be interesting to see how Hamels deals the next few innings after some early mistakes. nifty Nunez play though...

Someone forgot to send Hamels the memo that Phillies starters don't pitch like crap anymore! Getting 4 off of Zambrano is going to be tough, hope the hole isn't too big...we need wins!

"Keep him in. Let's see how he reacts." - Lou Brown, Major League.

Tough to get excited about the new guy when he's trying to bunt his way on.

Hopefully the throw by the new guy in left can get you a little excited :)

How you like the new guy after that tracer bullet? Doff the cap for Coste -- Lieberthal drops that throw two times out of three.

Yeah, that definitely helps!!! Go get 'em, New Guy!!

well, i guess that answers if utley is healthy enough to be effective :)

go get 'em howard!

I am hearing that the Dodger may not resign Nomar, how do we feel about him at 3b for us next year? Doubt he would leave the west coast, bt he may not have many other options. I personally would love to see it.

The Cubs are all over Hamels first pitch. Maybe he needs to back them off some.

Remember, we cannot win every game.

Looks like it's going to be one of those games.

Yup. Pagan just went yard. Not A-Ram, but Pagan! Well, there are a number of innings left so we can come back, but with Zambrano out there, it isn't likely.

You would be fooling yourself to believe Hamels would not have an outing like this the rest of the season. With the offense hitting the way they are, hopefully it's not over yet. But with Zambrano dealing, there's always tomorrow.

These things will happen. It's almost impossible to sweep a 4-game series no matter who it is. Winning this game would've taken pressure off of the series against the Muts. In this case, it may actually be better to get blown out then to lose a close one today. Depending on when Manuel gives up, Chase could get some rest, and maybe roberson will come in for Delucci. Now winning 2/3 against the Mets is even more key.

Anyone remember April 17, 1976?

"With a strong prevailing southerly breeze, the Cubs take a 13-2 lead over the Phillies through 4 innings, only to finally lose 18-16 in 10 innings, as the Phils tie the NL record for the largest lead overcome. Tied at 15-15, the Phils score three in the 10th, partly on the strength of Mike Schmidt's 4th home run of the game, and the Cubs are only able to come back with one in their half of the 10th".

I do, Adam. In fact, I thought about it last night as I watched Harry get interviewed by the Cubs broadcasters in the 7th inning. I cannot hear "Michael Jack Schmidt" enough.

Well, tomorrow it's Wolf vs. El Duckie. I will take my chances with a Wolf over a Duck anyday.

Saturday it is Lieber versus Bannister. I will take the veteran in this one, although young rookie pitchers have given the Phils some trouble this year.

Sunday, it is Moyer versus Maine. Another case where the veteran should get the nod, but the Phils haven't really figured Maine out at all this year. The match-up probably favors the Muts, although Moyer could surprise since this is only is second start while back in the NL.

2 out of 3 is realistic, but not necessarily a given. It should be a good series. It usually is against the Muts.

Stev Carlton was bombed for 7 runs in the 2nd. Phillies score 11 runs over the 7th, 8th and 9th.

With Carlos doing well maybe we can get at their pen today.

Since I can't see the broadcast right now, can someone tell me if Hamels is still sitting in the dugout? or is he doing the pacing up and down thing? Don't want the kid looking nervous.

ouch! back-to-back by ramirez & nevin

That's not nervousness, Oisin. He's a competitor, and probably anxious for his next start so he can make up for this.

That pitch to Ramirez ... the catcher and coaches should know better than that. Wheels hit it on the head.

At the start of this inning he was staring aimlessly out onto the field. Who can blame the guy? He is still learning and doing a pretty damn good job up here in the process. I am sure he will turn it around next week against Washington. It just wasn't his day today.

Didn't make myself clear, Jason. I'd rather he was doing the eager pacing thing then sitting down looking aprhensive after a shelling. Sounds like the former. All good.

April 17, 1976 - nope I missed that game, I think I was busy not existing that day.

As far as sunday's match up, I have a sinking feeling that the Mets may figure out Moyer a little quicker than the Cubs did.

Is Fabio warming up?

1-2-3 by Fabio. The streak continues. Amazing haha!

The Legend & Lore of Fabio "Model Dictator" Castro continues to grow. The dude is proving he should pitch more! I'm not saying he'll maintain his 0.00 ERA if he pitches every 3rd day, but he DESERVES the chance!

3 more scoreless innings...tell me what Castro is doing that he shouldn't be used more?!

Fabio continues to impress. I think he has mastered the mop up role. The thing is, he will probably stay in that role with the Phils still being very much in the hunt for the wild card.

yeah, except I notice that most of the outs are flyballs or line drives. I always fret when I see that in a young pitcher.

I know he (Castro) may pitch differently in a pressure situation, but how the hell do they know until he's given the opportunity.

true, DQ. It's no harm him staying here for now. He's doing a fine job and is disgustingly young, which is good.

Thurston is swinging a nice stick in his first two games back (3 for 5 now). He also made a nice throw earlier in the game.

Well at least we won't have to watch Rowand's feeble swings tomorrow against El Duque. I think he struck out 5 out of his last 6 ABs against him. Since we pounded El Duque last time at CBP, I expect a bounce back from him tomorrow night. And in general, I think the Mets were embarrassed by the lopsided losses last week and are looking for payback. This will be a very tough series as the Mets are playing well right now.

Just woke up. Oh well, move on till tommorow. Impressive Thurston and Hernandez 2 hits each (Thurston throws out runner at home) and Fabio "Model Dictator" Castro 3 innings (of course no runs again) and one at bat. Let me guess the left fielder leaped over the fence to rob him of a homer.

From the NY Daily News
El Duque Scratched, Bannister To Return
Orlando Hernandez has been scratched from tomorrow night's start with general soreness. Brian Bannister replaces El Duque in the series opener against the Phillies, followed Saturday probably by Oliver Perez.

Boy, those Mutts pitchers have their problems, don't they?

That's too bad...............

Took day off to take middle daughter back to college at LSU. Game was on TV, but I was running between dorms and Walmart. They got the dorm cable hooked up, turned on the game...11 to 1 Cubbies in the 6th. What a waste. What happened to Cole?

I do remember that 1976 game when Schmidt hit the four homers. I had the game on the radio that day. It was quite exciting.

Anyone got XM radio? Is it worth getting to hear the Phillies? Who are the announcers? Is there any other way to get Phillies broadcasts? Maybe via the internet?

Work was, for a welcome change, very busy, so I could only follow on my phone/PDA. Looks like I did not miss much. Bounce back tomorrow against their rag-tag staff.

The other great Phils/Cubs game is the 23-22 slugfest from 1979. That one sometimes gets played on ESPN Classic, or you can actually download the Phils radio broadcast for a few bucks on Harry and his Whiteness sound so young, you get to hear a really entertaining game, and the commercials are classic, too.

Congrats on the link, Jason. That's an honor from a class act.

Lake Fred: I have XM Radio, and its excellent. You can receive play-by-play radio broadcasts of all MLB games on any one day. The only problem is that, unlike the MLB audio site, XM Radio picks up only the home team's radio play-by-play for each game, meaning, for instance, that this week's Phillies games in Chicago picked up the Cubs' WGN radio feed only. Nevertheless, XM Radio is certainly a great thing to pick up Phillies games, when you're away from your computer at home, in parts of the country which are out-of-range of Phillies' radio network stations' standard signals. My wife has the competition satellite radio service, Sirius, and we switch the systems in our cars after the baseball season is over, because Sirius, unlike XM Radio, has NFL Football, NBA basketball and NHL hockey.

Lake Fred: You can receive all major league baseball radio broadcasts, for all teams, home and away, at the following MLB site for an anmual charge of about $15.00:

Also, you can receive all minor league games every day for free on the MLB-afiliated Minor League Baseball site:

I would have liked to have Myers pitching this weekend, since he's the only phils pitcher the Mets didn't see just last week. Now with Bannister and Perez, the phils have a chance at a sweep, but an even better chance to take the series.

Note that even if they only win one game this weekend, they will have gone 5-5 against the Mets this month. This should've been the goal all along.

Sorry, they didn't see Moyer last week either.

Davthom, thanks for the XM radio and scoop.

Jason, congrats for the link on I see he'll be on ESPN2 this morning at 10:00 AM to noon Cold Pizza show, a show I have never seen. I set the VCR to record this. Hope it works.

i sent him an email. maybe he'll respond. that would be pretty neat.

From While Conine would be a nice platoon partner for Dellucci, I don't think this would be a smart move unless the O's eat some contract. Hernandez is a lefty killer too. A lefty stick would be more valuable, it seems to me.

"Could 40-year-old Jeff Conine be headed to a new home?
The Phillies are talking to the Orioles about a deal for Jeff Conine, who can play both infield and outfield corners.
The stumbling block is that Conine, 40, needs just 38 plate appearances to guarantee his $2 million option for next season. The Orioles, however, are willing to include cash to facilitate a deal.
The Phillies, who on Monday acquired infielder/outfielder Jose Hernandez from the Pirates in exchange for cash, still need bench help.

Chris Coste is the forerunner of the self promoting athlete of the future. In reality some fans come to see the Phillies. Some come to see individual players. I think the stadium fills up with people wanting to see Utley and Howard. They should have their own websites. School kids have web pages on MySpace. College kids have their pages on Facebook. Jason has his Beer Leaguer site. Even Beer Leaguer addicts like Drama Queen, That Dude, Oisin, Dane, Dick Richards, Seth, Ryan and even Lake Fred have their own web pages. Coste is just on the cutting edge of technology.

He might be the Jim Bouton of our age. I wonder what his take on Foghorn will be. I can't wait until his books come out.

The Mets have designated Ricky LeDee. He's someone I think the Phils should pursue.

We could have Dubee and LeDee!

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