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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yet another masterful job by the Marlins front office, the kings of the firesale/rebuild. Uggla and Willingham are two young studs that Jason didn't mention that could haunt the Phillies for years (at least until they re-up and the Marlins sell them off, anyway). I agree that Florida is scary and there are some HUGE games coming our way soon.

Uggla, Willingham, Ramirez, Jacobs, Cabrera, Hermida, Olsen, Johnson, Sanchez, Willis .....

Is Reggie Abercrombie still on their big league roster? I rememer seeing him in person and thinking that he looked like a heck of a young prospect. Any thoughts on where he's projected to be with this team? He appeared to have some power.

Good Post, Jason. The Marlins are one of those teams with a "losing" record that we have to play a bunch of games with during the WC chase. I hate the Fish!

Thanks, Jason, for the reminder that Cabrera, like Wright and Reyes, is several years younger than Howard or Utley. Even with Atlanta falling back to Earth and the Nats thrashing about without much direction, this is going to be a tough division for years to come.

Willard: There are few prospects who look better than Abercrombie. Unfortunately, as good as he looks in a uniform, he's short on baseball skills. His BB/K ratio has always been laughable and he paid for it this year, hitting .214 in 252 ABs. He's got a good glove and speed (although not a great bse stealer) but I'll be shocked if he ever hits enough to play every day.

Franklin is just being Franklin, but maybe Frenchy is secretly trying to help out his old mates.

As for the Marlins, you are on the money as usual, Jason. They are tough and they are the Phils' opponents for ten of their last 30 games as you mentioned elsewhere. With the exception of last year, the Marlins have been the Phillies' chief nemesis several times as the season wore down.

i've been eyeballing the marlins for the past week, and most fo that time, i've felt like the big secret was that no one was paying attention to the fact that they've basically been the best team in the NL the past 3 months. one thing that might be reassuring: their remaining schedule is much tougher than the phils' -- they have the phils (10), mets (7), brewers (3), arizona (3), and the reds (3). if they had the phils' schedule, i'd think they were going to slip into the playoffs. once again, they have the pitching.

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