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Sunday, July 02, 2006



This sentance dosen't make sense...

"Like Fultz, Franklin is a reliever anymore"

In the Inky today they showed the Jays starting lineup's lifetime BA against Franklin...I dont thinka guy was under 320. That said, why not pull up another 3A guy, screw it. Dismantle time is on and we have Stand Pat. This is a friggin' debacle.

G: Thanks. I'll fix it.

Dude: You wonder why Triple-A disaster insurance pitchers exist sometimes ...

Fultz starting? I think a quote from Bill Paxton's character in Aliens sum up Fultz's start and the season thus far:

"Well that's great, that's just f@ckin' great man. Now what the f@ck are we supposed to do? We're in some real pretty sh!t now man... That's it man, game over man, game over! What the f@ck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?"

I easily say see Fasano saying this after a game in South Philly while devouring a giant meatball parm.

And I don't see Ripley on the horizon. More like Paul Reiser instead...

Friday: Adam Bernero. Saturday: Cory Lidle. Sunday: Aaron Fultz & the Retreads.

Is this any way to win 93 games?

Say what you want about Ed Wade. The Phillies were never this much of a total embarrassment in his tenure. What a disgrace. The only equivalent in recent history is the late summer of '99, when the team went on a freefall from respectability to absolute oblivion, yet Francona kept his job.

You keep thinking it's really bad, but it just keeps getting worse.

Looks like good old Pat Burrell is in the line up. And he strikes out again with the bases loaded.

We could sure use Vicente Padilla right about now. Who was that hot prospect we traded him for?

It would be hilarious if Manuel would totally lose it at one of his postgame conferences and repeat Pitino's famous rant when he was the Celts' coach. Manuel would yell, "Mike Schmidt isn’t walking through that door, Steve Carlton isn’t walking through that door, etc"

The Phillies sure don't lose much in center field with Victorino out there.

Are you suggesting the Phils aren't going to lose this game?

If this doesn't work, will we be seeing prospects called up from Lakewood 'A' Ball?

They have descent to good relief pitching but the starters are killing us.

The next time the Phillies toy with the idea of using the Adam Berneros of the world, they should remember this outing by Geary.

When the Phillies return to NL play, with no DH, it will be interesting to see what CM does with Burrell vs Delucci. It will be very hard to justify letting Burrell continue to start. Of course, CM never justifies anything anyway.

Rowand should be careful as well. Victorino looks awfully good in CF. If the Phillies move Abreu (I should say 'when', not 'if'), I would put Rowand in RF and let Victorino stay in CF.

It's an easy choice for me, George, as Burrell strikes out looking against the left-hander. At least Dellucci got the bat off his shoulders for his K.

They aren't going to keep Burrell on the bench. Does Bell still play every day? It's all about the $#^)* contracts. It has nothing to do with what makes the most sense.

There's a lotta love on this site for the Flyin' Hawaiian, but the fact is, Victorino's past stats, both majors and minors, do not suggest a quality everyday offensive player. He's got speed and is a decent fielder (I would argue no better than Rowand and that both are quite good) and has been a pleasant surprise with the bat. But look at his BB/K ratios throughout his career. At his age, that's not going to change. Playing a full season, does anyone here honestly think Victorino would create more runs than Rowand or Burrell?

Furthermore. Does anyone honestly think Nunez, Coste, Scales or Thurston would put up better numbers than Bell, offensively and defensively? Yes, Bell sucks. But replacing him with a player who sucks worse is not a step in the right direction. Guys are fringe players or career minor leaguers for a reason.

Right now, Victorino is a solid fourth outfielder. There's no disputing that.

K/BB ratios for Hawaiian and Rowand:

Victorino K/BB minors: 407/230
Rowand K/BB minors: 306/124

Victorino K/BB majors: 39/13
Rowand K/BB majors: 358/105

They both made it to the majors at about age 25. Rowand's probably got more power, Victorino has better speed. Comparable defenders. When Rowand went on the DL, Victorino filled in very well ...

Phils win 11-6. Fasano left in the fourth with inflammation in his left knee. He's day-to-day. LF David Dellucci left in the seventh with a strained left shoulder. He's day-to-day. Utley is starting to hit again. Three-hit games by Utley, Abreu and Bell. Two-hit games from Rollins, Burrell and Coste. After a slow start, Coste is hitting .294. Howard hit his 28th homer, it was his only hit of the game.

Geary wins it to improve to 5-0 on the season. He lasted 3 1-3 innings. Fultz was rocked in his 1 1-2 innings work.

anyone else noticed that geary has picked up 3 mph on his fastball this year? he hits 93-94 these days. i hope a fasano stint on the DL finally showcases how worthless he really is. on scales he struck out 96 times in 376 ABs last year at AAA. no thanks.

Jason: We agree, as of this moment Victorino is a solid 4th OFer. My point is: He's not an everyday player. One more stat: Rowand lifetime OPS: .785; Victorino: .688

I agree on Scales, Thurston and that whole argument, Clout.

Wait a minute ... the OPS argument isn't fair, either. Rowand has about eight or nine times as many career at bats as Victorino. 73 of his at bats were with San Diego in 2003, where he had an OPS below .500.

You may be right Victorino may never pan out as an everyday player, but you're connecting some dots here that shouldn't be connected.

We can certainly compare their first 100 ABs in the major leagues if you like. But you can't discard Victorino's first 73 ABs just because he sucked.

Clout, I think I'm with you on this one. Victorino is defintely a good fourth outfielder. But there's a big difference between a third and a fourth. That said, I'd love nothing more than to see him play a lot more in the second half, so we know. There's nothing to lose by finding out for sure.

Are we down on Rowand now? He hasn't done much since coming back from the DL, but suddenly some people are ready for him to walk the plank as well. He's been dragging along with the team for the past month, and he's really only slightly above average offensively. But I'm not so sure about him either way, yet. I may be after a full season of watching him, weighing the positives and the flaws. I tend to still believe he represents a step in the right direction, despite being on team that's very much in the wrong direction until further notice.

"He hasn't done much since coming back from the DL."

Of course, if he hadn't foolishly put himself on the DL, he might be having a good year. Victy makes a small fraction of Aaron's money and is at least as good a player. Can there be any question, at this point, that Rowand's defensive reputation is far better than the reality?

Dump Rowand. Then again, they should dump everybody not under 30 and under $1 million per. Time to get younger and cheaper and build from the ground up.

Few comments on Rowland v. Victorino:

-Rowand has really struggled offensively since he has come back. No power and he absolutely looks confused at the plate.
-Oddly enough, Rowands' defense has improved with the exception of hitting the cutoff man.
-If the Phils do indeed give up on Rowand and trade him for prospects, they basically have little to show for trading Thome.
-Rowland is making about $3.5 million this year and his salary is the least of the Phils' financial problems.
-Victorino has been one of the few pleasant developments on the Phils but his BB/K ratio and OBP are not that great. He would really struggle as a leadoff hitter on this team. Best suited to hit 7th or 8th on a decent lineup.

To add to the indignities, Uts, Ryho and Flash made the all star team, but right now on ESPn they have the Black Bull listed as a memeber of the houston astros.

Dude, didn't you hear? Gillick traded Howard to Houston for a pair of set-up men. Said he wished he could have gotten another deal done with Texas, but he supposed another team in the state would have to do for now.

I don't understand what the big to-do is about the lineup. Yes, the lineup has its glaring problems, specifically at catcher and 3rd base, and they still don't hit with RISP. But the fact is, all we should be concerned about is the pitching. Arguing Rowand vs. Victorino or continuing the neverending debate about Abreu is pointless. Right now, our rotation is Lidle, Hamels, Mathieson, Madson, Bernero. That is why we are losing. We can cross the whole Rowand/Victorino bridge when it becomes an issue. Until the rotation is fixed, it doesn't matter one bit, and I don't think substituting one for the other would have too great an impact regardless.

If they trade Burrel and/or Abreu they can platoon Victorino/Delluca. They are both good enough to play (and cheaper). Plus in any trade they may come up with, an outfielder maybe thrown into the mix. Its time to prepare for next year. I know - they have an outside shot at the wild card but at this point they would need a dramatic turn around.

So Pat go ahead and trade some veteran starting pitchers, relievers, Bell, an outfielder, and the manager for some good players for next year.

Leiber will be back next week.

Some made comments above about keeping Bell at 3rd because he's the best option, although that may be true, I don't want to see him out there. I would like to see Scales, Thurston, or Coste given a chance. Bell disgusts me! This is only my opinion, and my strong desire to see someone else man 3rd.

For years I've been watching the All Star game and waiting for the lone sympathy pick Phillies to bat or field. This year the Phils have THREE legitimate All Stars and none are named Rollins, yet the the team stinks! (I cleaned that up). I don't know what to think about what needs to be done to fix this team. I think I'll take this All Star break off and think about hamburgers and lawn chores (no Phillies!).

About Lieber coming back...NO! He's getting lit up in Single A Clearwater...he's just bad!

At least with Fasano out, we can see if Coste's 0.294 is an illusion or not.

The old-man rookie really may be able to hit. Maybe he needs a chance to prove it.

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