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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have this sinking feeling in my gut that this will be the only trade made by the Phils before the deadline.

Forgive me for my profound skepticism, but am I to understand the Yankees gave up a genuine major league prospect for Sal Fasano, whom they could have signed six or so days from now without yielding a soul?

maybe its part of a larger move?

and, fasano was going to be scooped by SOMEONE off waivers. Its not everyday that a competent, .250 hitting catcher making league minimum becomes available.

we've been way too hard on sal here. he is what he is; a decent backup catcher, and didnt sell himself as more.

this has my trade juices flowing. i'm not going to get any work done on monday. - i can tell already. we're going to trade somebody to the redsox or yankees (or hopefully both). it's not like other years where they were both locks to make the playoffs and sat mostly still. with the twins and chisox in the wc picture they will make moves and our pieces fit their needs. lieber, lidle for the sox, corner outfield for the yankees, bullpen help for all.

my source says that lidle is as good as gone, as is dellucci.

so, dont get used to madson in the bullpen....

Fasano is a slight upgrade over Stinnett for the Yanks but I emphasize slight. I am surprised the Phils actually got someone who may help their bench in a few years. Thought for sure the Phils would get just "future considerations" or "player to be named later" for sure.

Let's give Gillick the speck of credit he deserves on this one. That makes it his second decent deal, the Thome swap being the first.
Watching Madson uncork those pitches last night made me wonder how Rick Ankiel would look as a corner outfielder in red pinstripes...

I think getting a prospect for Fasano is a good move, but I'm not sure about the quality here. Some scout services say everybody has major league potential. John Sickels does a good job and he's far more discerning. He does not list Hector Made among the Yankees top 20 prospects. It should also be noted that the Yankees minor league system is considered inferior to most other teams right now.

One American League scout said yesterday one rumor floating around involves the [Red] Sox acquiring both Jon Lieber and Pat Burrell from the Philadelphia Phillies. While Lieber would bolster the starting rotation, left fielder Burrell doesn’t appear a good fit. His experience in right field (providing Trot Nixon is part of the return package) is limited and his range and speed are hampered by foot injuries over the past two seasons.

Please, please let this be true. I don't even realy care who we get in return. But it sounds more like a Phillies fan's fantasy than a realistic possibility.

Clout, the point is, look what it cost us. Nada.

Lieber's isnt exactly impressing scouts...

Now Lidle... He's a gonna move.

yeah, actually, the two phillies I wish we'd keep (delucci and lidle) are the most likely to go... I'm betting we stay saddled with burrell and abreu. Actually, abreu I don't mind, but burrell needs to go badly. I hope the st. louis rumors are true.

The offers for Abreu arent worth his value. I mean, how do you get equal value for the guy leading the league in OBP?

Burrel, ugh. Yeh, I think that we're going to be stuck with Mr the Bat...

and... anyone who said this team has good chemistry hasnt heard about how much lieberthal is *despised* by everyone.

zach: And nada for nada equals....
P.S. On Burrell to Sox, isn't Trot Nixon a free agent at the end of the season? The Sox actually have some youngsters who can make a difference. Look at the package the Marlins got from them for Lowell & Beckett. If the Phils are gonna deal Leiber & Burrell they need to look for that kind of return, not Trot Nixon.

zach: And nada for nada equals....

A fair trade. ;) In other words, this kid may be good some day, maybe not. But unless he somehow tears apart our farm system from within, there's no possibility of loss on this one. We were going to just release Fasano anyway. So as Alby said, Gillick deserves exactly one speck of credit.

Regarding Abreu, it really looks like the most we can hope for at this point is a marginal talent and a few extra bucks in the team's pocket, unless they send some cash along with him. As much as this team needs a shake up, Bobby is a good player and I would rather they hold on to him a trade someone else unless the right deal presents itself. If we do end up keeping him, though, there had better be something else up Pat's sleeve, or he'll be dealing with a lot of angry Philadelphians.

i believe the lieberthal comment by joe - although i don't have any sources. i can't wait until all our young arms have a real cater to throw to. i wanted benji molina and still want him for next year. he's obviously a defensive upgrade and he doesn't stuck out.

Joe, what's your scoop on Lieberthal? His skills have worn down to nothingness, but he's always seemed like a real good guy. Who despises him and why?

For what it's worth, Baseball America does not rank Hector Made in its 2006 list of Top 10 Yankees prospects. Still, it's amazing they traded a body that can fog up a mirror for Sal Fasano. ranked Made #24th in the Yankee organization. posted some excerpts on the "pieces start moving" thread, but you can find them easily googling.

the trade for Dellucci was also a good one Gillick made. he will either be a good outfielder if we trade someone else, a great 4th outfielder, or excellent trade bait.
good, great, excellent.

holy crap, its an alternative lineup!

re lieberthal: dont think that its a bit funny that the two most senior starters demanded a "personal catcher", and that catcher was sal fasano?

word gets out on certain people. so lieberthal doesnt get along with the only people who matter, his pitchers.

joe - its been going on for a few years now with the phillies so called #1 starters going back to millwood he only wanted Tank to catch him and likewise last year with Lieber and Fasano this year. I've talked with a former phils pitching coach who doesn't pull any punches who says that Lieby really isn't that bad behind the plate at catching but his handle on how to approach a batter is lacking...almost like he's going through the motions behind the plate...heard some rumors that the young kid jamarillo in reading is also having some problems with his hitting which he might be taking behind the plate...not a good sign for our future catcher of '08 as everyone expected. As ludicrious as it seems Coste/Ruiz and another warm body might actually tag team next year as the catchers...can you believe one of the most chatted about players on this current team is an over the hill scrub like gets more online time than Jelly Roll-ins. I'm sure that really irks our primadona.

Hey Anthony Gargano: "(A)n over the hill scrub like Coste" ? Well, well.. In case you hadn't noticed, Anthony, Coste's performance has been far superior, in virtually every respect, to that of your favorite, Sal Fasano. Only the shortest review of the record is necessary. Lets take a peek at Fasano's last 10 games, before he went on the DL. [And Anthony, please don't come back with your previously-stated excuse that Fasano was bravely playing hurt during those 10 games, because Fasano himself said, after being "designated", that he wasn't really hurt after all, and that he shouldn't have been placed on the DL in the first place]. Check out this link on
In Sal's last 10 games, this was Fasano's sad record: Only 4 hits in 30 at bats, 0 RBI's, a .133 BA. Coste's record in his last 10 games: .357 BA (10 hits in 28 at bats), 10 RBI's, & 2 HR. For the year, much has been written about Sal's ghastly 47 K's in 140 at bats, but less has been said about the fact that Sal had only 10 RBI's all year (in 50 games), compared with Coste's 12 RBI's in only 21 games and 55 at bats. I could go on . . and on . . and on, but you must get the idea, Anthony. And, by the way, I don't think much of your other previously-stated idea that the Phillies should trade for Mike Piazza, who never could throw a runner out at second base, but who now can't even catch for 7 innings at time, being relieved by Rob Bowen in the late innings almost every game these days.

nice catch, coste!

can we please retire the antique rhodes show, PLEASE?!?!?

Joe, the fact that some pitchers prefer throwing to catchers other than Lieberthal is hardly the same thing as him being despised in the clubhouse.

That was the ultimate rarity in this sorry season, a good, clean game with effective pitching by both Rhodes in the 8th and Gordon in the 9th...and all-around great play, again, from Utley. The biggest shock is that it actually came in front of a big crowd, in front of which the Phillies usually give their flattest efforts.

Dellucci is a guy I wish the Phillies would keep for next year. He's absolutely a better player than Pat Burrell, for one thing. I know he's more palatable than Burrell to other teams, but shouldn't that tell the Phillies something? I doubt that if even their salaries and condition of their feet were comparable, that Burrell would be desired over Dellucci.

Hey! I think they are back in it now!

When he licks the powdered sugar off of his fingers, Mr. Donut Boy, Lieber, can actually not walk people. That's the control I thought we would see all year long, but I understand a pulled groin can really mess with that.

We should be talking about Utley and his 27 game streak. Like most long streaks, it came out of nowhere. Congrats to the cornerstone of the 2007 Phils.

I agree, RickSchuBlues. If Dellucci is unloaded, that will be unfortunate, as it is now clear that Dellucci's 29 HR's last year were no fluke. I have read several items about Dellucci being unhappy in his present role with the Phillies, but he has been getting a lot more playing time of late, and I think Dellucci has shown that he could hit in the vicinity of 30 HR's, if given the number of at bats that he had last year with Texas. Also, it seems to me that the teams which are looking at acquiring Dellucci for a pennant run now (such as the Yankees) are looking at Dellucci as left-handed power off the bench, anyway, so how much better off would Dellucci be, careerwise, anyway than he would be with the Phillies, at this point.

Delucchi can and will be offered Arbitraton, if we keep him, if only to get a nice Draft Pick in return if he turns it down.

While this season is over, there are a few stories about the starting pitching worth tuning in for.

1. Myers. Couple of interesting angles here. I am fascinated to see if he learned anything from his whole incident and he truly does change. So far, he has pitched very well and been quiet/humble. If Myers is smart, he will build on his last few starts and stay below the radar the rest of the season. I am hoping that he develops some of the character that people criticized him for not having.

2. Hamels. Hamels is still a work in progress and honestly I expect him to struggle well into next season. He basically got thrown into the fire this year since the Phils had no alternatives. People have to remember that this is basically the first year in professional baseball that Hamels is playing for an entire year due to his good health. Two things that I want Hamels to continue working on are his ability to pitch out of the stretch and cut down his HRs. Hamels will still walk batter s and have maddening control at times but if he does the two aforementioned things he will develop quickly.

3. Wolf. Seems like it has been a long time since the Wolf pack had anything to cheer about. It will be interesting to see how his return starts go but I don't expect anything spectular. He will probably struggle, especially during the first few starts. However, Wolf is an interesting offseason dilemna. Unless a major injury occurs, I think Wolf is worth a gamble on a contract with high upside incentive potential. Frontline starters are going to cost a boatload this offseason and I am not sure if Phils will spend the money on one for two reasons: 1. Gillick doesn't pay big money for starters 2. Phils got burnt on Lieber and don't know if they will throw big money at another FA starter anytime soon. Makes Wolf that much more interesting.

Here is hoping that Fatty's start tonight was able to fool some scouts and get them to take Fatty's contract for next year. Fatty is an ok starter but not at $8 million/year. Basically I would be fine with him if we was making Lidle money (~$4 million/year).

does anybody have a chase utley booble head they'd like to trade for the ryan howard booble head from last nights game? if so shoot me an email.

Anyone else find this statement somewhat disrespectful? It's from the AP story on the Phils' big win last night.

"If he passes me, I hope he passes Joey D., too," Rollins said, referring to Joe DiMaggio 's all-time record of 56 consecutive games.

Joey D? Good thing we still have C-Ut and Ry-How to root for. Hey J-Roll, less with the pontificating and more with the drawing walks and concentrating on actually, you know, getting on base.


I don't find it in any way disrespectful. Obviously, some people have a problem with Rollins, period.

I caught some of the Yankees game last night and Sal was brought in to pinch-hit. He laid down a nice bunt to move the runner to third with no outs, and I think they ended up scoring the guy. Nice job Sal.


sal started teh game last night, and got one hit, and as you mentioned the sac bunt.

he's an upgrade for the yanks.

..phillies blow...get rid of that rug headed wheeler & scott graham...first..then the goober manager....unload the corner outfielders..bench pop-up liberthal 7 bring me back for a start!

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