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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


That call at 2nd in the top of the 8th has got to be the worst I've ever seen. People say that sort of thing a lot, but it's no exaggeration here.

For those that didn't see it, Carlos Quentin overslid the bag, and Rollins had Quentin's foot pinned by his glove, with the glove on the ground between the foot and the base. He held the glove in that position for a few seconds, seperating the foot and the base, while literally pointing out the foot/base gap to the ump. Quentin was called safe.

He would have been the 3rd out, but instead came around to score the tying run.

What does it say when I'm hoping for a pinch hitter for Rollins in the 9th?

Only 39 days til PSU football

Here we go, a pinch-hitter for the pitcher, will it be Nunez (.100) or Coste (.300)?

Thanks Chase. God forbid our leadoff hitter could get on in a big spot.

Holy Crap it's Coste

I'm actually surprised

Excerpted from today's New York Post: "RESERVE CAUSE - FORGET THE BIG BOYS
New York Post - New York, N.Y.
Author: Joel Sherman
Date: Jul 25, 2006

THERE have been days recently - a lot of days - when Joe Torre constructs a lineup with a bottom of the order that the Columbus Clippers laugh at . . . .
The most problematic of all is Stinnett, whose .586 OPS was the worst among any active catcher with at least 75 plate appearances. His failings, combined with the absence of other firepower, have compelled Torre to overplay Jorge Posada.
Brian Cashman needed to do a better job assembling a bench . . . Cashman gets another shot now to upgrade. A big prize such as Bobby Abreu or Alfonso Soriano might be beyond the Yanks' reach . . . Cashman could consider the recently designated Sal Fasano. The Yanks have been linked to Pittsburgh's Craig Wilson and Philadelphia's David Dellucci, the kind of players who can start now with some quality and provide excellent depth if the Yanks ever get healthy.
BACKUP PLAN: With the trade deadline looming, the Cubs' Todd Walker, the Pirates' Craig Wilson (inset, top) and the Phillies' David Dellucci (inset, bottom) would be welcome additions to solidify the Yankees' underachieving bench."

And, from yesterday's New York Post: "A brief discussion with Tampa Bay about catcher Toby Hall before he was dealt to the Dodgers was an indication the Yankees tried to upgrade their situation behind Jorge Posada, where Kelly Stinnett hasn't hit the way the club expected. Now, with veteran backup Sal Fasano designated for assignment by the Phillies, the Yankees could explore that avenue again. Signed because the Yankees felt he was a better hitter than John Flaherty, Stinnett is batting .228 in 33 games and has fanned 29 times in 79 at-bats. The Yankees are familiar with Fasano, who was with them in spring training and caught at Triple-A Columbus in 2004. He also played for bench coach Lee Mazzilli in Baltimore last year when Mazzilli managed the O's."

honestly, fasano was a fine *backup* catcher.

i will laugh my ass off if he gets designated, picked up by the yanks, and then wins a ring.

that, would be karma-riffic.

Well, wasn't that one for the ages. It's to the point where they're inventing ways to lose games. And if a player does something significant or dramatic, like drive in seven runs, strike out 12 in 5 innings, or homer to tie the game in the ninth, it's like a death knell; the team will inevitably find a way to overcome it and disappoint everyone in the end.

Ryan Franklin's name hasn't been mentioned in any trade rumors, presumably for total lack of interest. On the his baseball reference page, a Mariners fan has a sponsorship banner proclaiming how happy he is that Franklin is no longer a part of his team. I think we can relate.

After the last two games maybe somebody would want Franklin as a BP pitcher because that is what he serves!

I hope PG sticks to his guns and gets top talent for Abreu if he flips him.

Lidle would be a good fit in Boston.

Teams with Karma get calls, teams without Karma do not.

I really hope that 3 things happen, we trade some mid-level stuff (Delucci, Frenchie - Cormier, Rowand, even Gordon and Lidle) for some pieces.

Two: we release some players to show they are not a part of the future.

Three: Honor Abreu by saying nice things about wanting him to go into the Hall of fame as a Phillie and Flip him with Utley in the lineup, or to the lead-off spot.

If these things were done with Madson back where he belongs in the Pen with whomever we bring up Brito, Matheson, Ruiz, it cannot be any worse than running Franklin, Rhodes, and Lieby out there any longer.

Please Pat. Please.

With Wolf coming back, Madson is sure to return to the bullpen. I don't know if it's psychological or what, but I've never seen a pitcher be so radically different depending on if he's starting or coming out of the pen. I'd love to see them deal a couple of relievers for prospects and then use Madson & Mathieson out of the pen.

"Teams with Karma get calls, teams without Karma do not."

I had no idea Joe Morgan posted on Beerleaguer...

Clout: That move may already be official. Wolf made his final rehab start last night and will replace Madson in the rotation praise God.

Dont expect brilliance from Wolf until next year... TJ usually takes a full two years for a full recovery.

but we sure as hell better sign him, TJ'ers have a tendency to come back stronger than before.

Well, as long as he doesn't uncork a record number of wild pitches in one inning, anything Wolf contributes is fine by me.

It's official, Fasano has been traded to the Yankees.

We got a 21 year old second baseman named Hector Made, hitting .272 career coming into the season. But again, he's only 21. It seems like good value for Fasano to me.

good for sal! a genuinely good guy, who now has a chance to win a ring.

From, regarding a potential Abreu trade:

A little creativity will be required, not to mention a little public-relations handiwork. It won't be easy to persuade Phillies fans that the money saved by dumping Abreu's contract will be put to better use.

Always with their fingers on the pulse of the community.


"The Yankees signed shortstop, Hector Made out of the Dominican Republic on July 17th of 2001. Made has intriguing power potential and makes contact at the plate. Not to mention, he has a strong throwing arm. It's these reasons that he's our Yankee's prospect #24."

zach - i actually emailed foxsports about that article. in it they also said that burrell was our right fielder. you can't be that wrong twice in the same article.

i think getting anything for sal was good. i guess he has to shave the handlebar now right?

another report from '04 (

"He impressed scouts and coaches with his natural patience at the plate which is found to be very rare for a young hitter such as Made."

"Made was able to keep his strikeout totals down which compliment his good walk totals. His solid defense at shortstop was also noticed and viewed as a very good building block in his development process to be becoming a Major League player. The Yankee organization is hoping that he will be the next in a new line of great big league shortstops that can hit and play the field as well.

When New York Yankee scouts saw this young kid down in the Dominican Republic, they were seeing superstar written all over him. He showed them all the tools and even added some of his own that included patience and many other intangibles. The 6 foot 1 inch, wiry shortstop was fantastic in the field and just as impressive with the bat as well. Along with other top prospect Joaquin Arias, he is believed to be one of the top shortstops in the farm system. When he was assigned to the Gulf Coast Yankees on December 30th of 2002 the organization was expecting great things in the future of this young infielder prospect."

"Projection. It appears that Hector Made could very well be a solid big league shortstop that has all the skills to be a star. However, Made may have his greatest future at either another position or another organization. Derek Jeter doesn't appear that he is going to vacate the shortstop position any time soon so these are a couple of other options for Hector Made should he continue to develop into a fantastic player that he has the potential to be.

ETA. 2008. If he is not rushed and with the situation at shortstop in the Bronx right now, I am sure he won't be, this would be the proper date for his debut. He should spend next season with Staten Island and then the 2005 season with Battle Creek. In 2006, he will likely play with Tampa and/or Trenton and then he will probably play with the Clippers in 2007. Finally, Made will likely make his debut in 2008."

[ed. - given his current stats, 2008 seems pretty unlikely.]

agreed, anything for Sal is good.

This kid isn't ready, not to mention that he's a SS and we have one signed through forever. He could play third I guess, but one would hope that by the time he's ready we have a guy already there. So more than likely he'll be used to sweeten the pot for another trade in the coming months. Which is fine, having prospects is never a bad thing. Especially an infield prospect, whom the phillies have zero of.

He cant be any worse than Nunez, right?

Just thinking out loud, but could it be the Phils don't plan on keeping said shortstop who's signed through forever?

I cant see trading rollins... I can see not batting him leadoff, but trading him? no way.

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