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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Was at the game in SF last night. I was amazed at how much the Giants fans are behind Barry, every little thing he does gets a standing ovation.

I can't believe he has two stolen bases in the last two games. He is incredibly slow, but our catchers are pretty bad

i guess cory lidle is deciding to give up his usual 4-56 runs early today...

seriously, if there is ANY trade talk involving mike lieberthal, it has to get done. if they could save any money at all it would be worth it.

is that 4 to 56 runs a typo?

Probably not

Lieberthal is already having a poor year but you hope that as the longest member of the Phils he would provide some general leadership.

Instead, he provided no leadership during the Phils freefall in June. Now, he has the audacity to make such stupid comments about the Myers incident and spousal abouse. I hope that Lieberthal doesn't feel this way if his daughter is ever the victim of spousal abuse.

Here is a link to Lieberthal's website.

Patty B!
Finally coming through

Olah: If you watched last night's game on television, you saw that Lieber did not even *look* at Bonds on first base, while Lieber went through his stretch. Bonds was long gone before Lieber had even finished his delivery. Reduced to the essentials, Lieber made no attempt *at all*, not just a poor attempt, to hold Bonds close to the bag. Well, at least its 6-3 Phillies so far this afternoon.

I noticed Lieber didn't hold Bonds on, that's why it was funny when he recieved a standing 'O' from the Giants fans!

Well I hold him on because all I could think about was what would be on the postgame food cart. MMM those san fran filets are so good and gosh I love those rice-a-roni's, remember its a san franciso treat!


just saw this completely stupid ad for the phillies this morning. It shows random plays and then one word on the screen.

First one is faster and Jimmy rollins stealing a base. Ok my take on that is this team acts like its running in quick sand on the basepaths...its dreadful at running the bases and taking extra bases.

Another one is higher and Bell jumping up to catch a routine play...just stupid considering all the dumb misplays bell has had during his miserable career in philly..

Then finally it says smarter...ok do we really need to go there with this team. From the ownership and its riduculous blunders over the years (Hiring Wade, announcing we're a small market, trading Rolen and Schilling- HOF's -for a box of donuts, even trading Rob Ducey for a player to be named later who turned out to be Rob Ducey LOL, and then capped off with the crap thats been said over the past 3 weeks on Myers it utterly stupid NOT SMART as this Ad portrays.

I still believe the day i woke up and read the paper and found out the phillies had traded for Rob Ducey like it was yesterday...mmmm those were the days!

Great move to bring in Victorino for Burrell at 3B in Sunday's Game in the 8th. Just in case there as a Wild Pitch, which there was, and he scored.

BUT WHY WHY WHY was there not a Double Switch with Myers so that Victorino could bat?

Instead we get Nunez weakly striking out.
Who is the bench coach why is he letting Cholly do this kind of thing?

Who are these guys, and what have they done with the Phillies?

>Instead we get Nunez weakly striking out.

Yeh... well, why wouldnt you bat a 0.150 guy when you have dellucci and coste available?

at least he didnt throw roberson out there to hit.

and... can someone please make myers take BP?

Beerleaguer's been awfully quiet this week. It will be a little quieter until Friday, as well - I'm off to San Diego, Phillies shirt and paper bag in tow. I'll be at either Tuesday or Wednesday's game, or perhaps both.

Myers, for whatever else he is or has done, was really impressive yesterday. Conlin had an excellent column on him and the Dickie Noles factor today. I'm ready to wait and see what develops and gauge the situation at season's end...just like everyone else.

I'd still have no problem if Giles and Montgomery continue to get dragged through the mud, however. I've yet to hear any humble apologies from Uncle Bill.

Beerleaguer's been busy. Beerleaguer's been tired. Beerleaguer thinks the Phillies are kind of a bummer.

Just wait it out till the phils first trade, then it'll get interesting.

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