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Friday, July 21, 2006


You've got to be good with a name like Huberto.

I stand corrected. Yesterday, I said I would be against negotiating with the Mets because of the rivalry. Instead, it helps talk up his name and establish some level of value for the other 26 teams out there (like the Tigers). This is why you are the blogger and I am just the mere, long-suffering fan. :-)

A few weeks ago, I thought Milledge would go to the Marlins for Dontrelle Willis. The Mets creaky, veteran staff looks like they will make it after all.

at this point all we can do is have some faith and trust pat gillick.

I'm not a big fan of Milledge, but having him involved in Abreu trade talks, even if it's non-credible rumors, is a huge plus. makes me wonder if someone in the front office is actually awake on the tactical front, because it's a great move.

has Detroit shown any interest in Gordon? he would seem like an excellent fit there. I don't really see how Chicago needs him, although they have the familiarity factor in play.

ha, if we get McCarthy for Gordon... well, I'm not holding my breath.

Tho I will say Gordon has been a *great* closer, and that would be a tough loss to the bullpen.

Apparently there's another rumor sending Abreu to the Yanks for Alex Rodriguez. Ridiculous, yes, but that didn't stop A. Rod from laughing it off and proclaiming, "I would veto it."

Not that I can blame him, but there really is no shortage of reasons to hate that guy.

McCarthy would be an incredible addition! However, I will believe it when I see it. It sounds like the White Sox would rather move Vasquez or Garcia and slide McCarthy into the rotation.

I also really like Hughes from the Yankees. I am not sure they would part with him, but with Reggie Sanders nagging injury and now Jose Guillen going down, the options are wearing a little thin for the Yankees. It's going to be either Abreu or Soriano heading to the Bronx. While the Phils would likely do the deal for Hughes, the Nationals would probably want Hughes and a wider assortment of prospects for Soriano. Maybe the Yankees will bite and take the Phils offer at the deadline.

Can you imagine a rotation that would include McCarthy and Hughes, not to mention Cole Hamels? That would be a damn good young stud rotation!

A week from Monday and we will know where the Phillies stand and where they are headed. I look forward to seeing a few of our relievers and bench players shipped out as well. Maybe we can actually be proud come the 31st for a change. Anyway, I am off on a week vacation. Hopefully there will be a lot of good news to blog about when I return. Hopefully the Phillies will get it right this time!

The yanks won't give up hughes at all, and if they do, it won't be till the 11th hour and it'll only be if they continue to slip back of the Sox.

Getting a mid-level prospect for Lidle and say, Rick White, would be a steal in my perspective.

Getting Milledge for Abreu would be a steal depending on how the money plays out. Remember that the Mets need to win, or get real close, this year to keep that new TV Station afloat. And with the Braves looking like they're not going to give up, the Mets may start thinking they need to make at least minor move. Oh, and those veteran arms will fall apart around mid-august.

Personally I think Gio Gonzalez right now is a better pitcher than Lieber, so I'd trade him for peanuts if it means another 7.5mill for next year. Ok that may be a stretch, but not by much. But if they're gonna give you a prospect for him, I guess you take it.

Despite what some of your opinions of Coste are, can we agree that if Fasano gets the ball over Coste, right now, can we all agree it's ludicrous?

Something else to consider: Not only do the Phils need P, 3B, C, they also need a leadoff hitter. We can all agree the future of leadoff is not Jimmy Rollins. Milledge has the makings of a leadoff hitter. He gets on base, has good speed, and will occasionally turn on one. Plus if they deal Abreu, or eventually deal Burrell, they'll need some outfield depth.

i imagine - or hope - victorino is the leadoff hitter if bobby or bat get traded. he hasn't done anything to show that he can't handle the role. the only third baseman around that could lead off would be chone figgins and i don't think he's coming here.

New York Daily News response to the Abreu rumor:

Abreu trade unlikely

CINCINNATI - While industry buzz was that the Mets and Phillies were engaged in talks that would include a Bobby Abreu-for-Lastings Milledge swap, Mets insiders said yesterday that deal seemed unlikely.

The no-trade clause is the most stupid contractual stipulation imaginable. The owners had no choice but to accept free agency, but the no-trade clause wasn't mandated by anyone. To have players like Abreu and Rodriguez laugh off rumors tells you that teams today have less power than ever over their own fortunes (double meaning intended) when it comes to orchestrating personnel moves. Trades are a part of baseball. It seems like a reasonable thing to ask of someone making millions and millions of dollars to play for another team if the situation dictates. If they don't like it, there's always free agency.

I don't have a problem with no-trade clauses when you're talking about a player with a long-standing connection to a team, a life in the area, etc. etc. but they should be handed out judiciously to players as a reward for sticking with a team for an many years, not just thrown around like they seem to be today.

Just don't see the Phils getting a stud prospect for Abreu. Market is limited for OFs making a ton of money. Plus, Abreu has a no-trade clause and wants his '08 option picked up at a minimum.

Any reliever besides Gordon gets a warm body. That's it. Additionally, I don't see the Phils getting much for either Lidle or Lieber. If I am the Phils and I can move Lieber's contract, I am happy. Don't see much upside to Lieber being around next year. He is just another year older and not like he is suddenly going to become a workout warrior this offseason.

Have to just wait and see how it plays out. Nothing else really exciting will happen for the Phils this year.

It's hard to say what they can get in return for Abreu. On one hand, he is expensive and asking alot to have his optioned picked up as well. On the other hand, there has to have been at least six teams mentioned as having at least some interest. All you really need is one team that really wants him and one team with some moderate interest to drive up his value to the other team. I think the biggest mistake would be to trade him for below market value. Honestly, the best thing that could happen for the Phillies would be for a season-ending injury to someone like Johnny Damon or Beltran in the next few days. I generally don't root for guys to get hurt but practically speaking that would be the one thing that would significantly drive up Bobby's value in the next 10 days.

MG, you took the words right out of my mouth. Anyone taking Abreu and his salary will feel that that's enough. His demands for an additional year will prohbit any top flight prospect to go along with any deal, if were to happen.

Jason: Pretty much agree with all your points in this thread today including your analysis of the tradeable pitchers. Good job.
One area of disagreement: Lastings Milledge. He is NOT a leadoff hitter. His minor BB/K ratios are terrible. The player he reminds me most of is Mike Cameron, only with a better batting average. And, yes, I know that Cameron has been used at leadoff. But Cameron's lifetime OB is .340 and that's just not enough for a leadoff hitter. He also strikes out well over 100 times a season when he plays everyday. But he's great on defense, steals bases and can hit 25 HRs a year. Would I trade Abreu for a young Mike Cameron? In a heartbeat!

Interesting piece on Baseball Prospectus on Gillick's dilemma, pointing out that getting a fair return on Abreu will be virtually impossible. Author Jeff Hildebrand suggests that instead Gillick should look to deal Rowand and plug Victorino into CF. To quote:

"To anticipate some of the outraged complaints that statement is likely to generate, I'm well aware that he made that spectacular catch when smashing into the fence earlier this year. I know he's a gritty player and a hustler and all that. But he's also not that good a player. Offensively, his 2004 performance is looking like his career year, and outside of that year his offense has been below average, with an on-base percentage in the low 300s and a slugging percentage in the low 400s. Additionally, Rowand's strength has been touted as his defense, but that is also shaky this year with Rowand frequently getting poor jumps on the ball off the bat. According to his Davenport Translations [a defensive metric BP uses], Rowand is actually a below-average center fielder this year."

Hillebrand also notes that Cormier is probably the most dangle-worthy RP for contending teams, and that they should get what they can for Fultz and Rhodes, though IMHO Arthur might be tough to move given his recent struggles. Then again, teams at the edge of contention often seem willing to overpay for Proven Veterans at the trade deadline. We also shouldn't overlook the possibility that a guy like Rhodes, who carries a hefty salary, could be dealt during the waiver deadline period ending Aug. 31.

You can find the whole piece at

I would have no problem with the Phils dealing Rowand. Rowand has not been much of an upgrade over Jason Michaels -- certainly not offensively. I've also been disappointed in his defense. I thought we were getting a gold glove caliber centerfielder; he's far from it. Phils won't lose much with Victorino in there.

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