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Friday, July 07, 2006


This game is off to a great start... An actual error on Utley, a mental error on Lieber, and a misplayed ball by Coste, all in the first inning!! Unbelievable!!

if abreu isn't a leadoff hitter, i don't know who is. 32 straight games he's reached base.

How could anyone be interested in a Pirates-Phils series? Talk about two awful teams.

Maybe if we get swept, Charlie will go! OK, enough excitement for the night...

Phils lose to the team with the worst record in the National League. Imagine that...

Typical loss. This season is really going to the dogs. Maybe I'll just watch Tennis, World Cup and the Cialis Western Open this weekend. How sick is that, having a golf tournament named after a sexual aid prescription? I can see the ads now: "Hit the ball longer and straighter with Cialis" Maybe the Phillies need this product. Maybe Foghorn and Stand Pat need it to get the blood flowing so they can do something about all these losses.

Uh, J-Roll? About that team meeting...can you have one before every game? Please?

It's been many years since I've had to watch a team without a pulse. It's not just that they lose, it's how they lose - with the most pathetic of whimpers. I have to at least trust that Gillick's been around long enough that he can see it's broken beyond repair. It couldn't be more sickeningly obvious.

Oh, if it were the late seventies or 1980 again... then I could care about this series. Remember some of the brawls these teams used to have?

Yea, I remember those times when both the Pirates and Phillies were good teams and the instate rivalry was intense. I had a friend who was a Pirates fan and we'd load up his car with Phillies fans, drive up the A.C. X-way to the Vet and cheer and rib each other. Those were the days.

Now the Phillies and Pirates are bottom feeders in the tank, looking up at other teams.

July of 1977. On the 3rd, Schmidt hits a fly ball off of Bruce Kison and it gets past the outfield. Phils are up 7-1 at this point, but Schmitty is going for an inside the park home run. (He's out at the plate.) Five days later, Mike faces Kison again and Kison drills him in the fingers. Schmidt gets tossed, Kison doesn't. Both benches clear. Chaos ensues. (Eric Gregg, God rest his soul, is the umpire in this game, BTW.) Later on in the game, Tugger throws at Willie Stargell and both he and Danny Ozark get tossed. Furhter chaos ensues. Those WERE the days, man...

By the way, what's with that picture of Lieber? I get the feeling he's gained a few pounds since that was taken.

We make the Pirates look good.

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