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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Rosenthal is reporting it will be Abreu and Lidle for AA prospects, but not Hughes nor Tabata.

"The Abreu deal with the Yankees, if completed, likely would be perceived as a massive salary dump by the Phillies. Neither of the Yankees' top prospects, Class AA right-hander Philip Hughes nor Class A outfielder Jose Tabata, will be included in the trade."

Quite simply, this sucks! I can't wait to hear the addition by subtraction arguments. The team will be significantly worse after this deal, I can't see anyway around that.

I don't blame Gillick because I think the team has told him that Abreu's salary must be dumped. I really can't believe the Red SOx aren't offering more.

Ugghh, the last few years are going to look mighty good compared to what we're facing next year.

Very glad to have some distance on this over on this side of the atlantic. I'm sure a lot of Phans won't be making it in tomorrow because of stomach ulcers, angina, high blood pressure etc.

We know nothing yet. Keep breathing folks.

"The Phillies' motivations for trading Abreu and others would be to change their chemistry and gain significant financial flexibility."

Yeah, if by flexibility you mean the movement of the ownership gourp's elbow joint as they stuff wads of cash into their pocket!

And I can't wait for the chemistry crowd, they probably don't realize it, but they will be the best cover for this horrible ownership situation.

Boy Wolf sure looks ready (sarcasm mode off). The yanks have one of the most depleted farm systems inthe ML and we aren't even getting any top prospects?

kdon: I'm with you on this one but let's see who the players are. If it's Proctor & Duncan then we know it's a dump. The only players in the Yankees system worth having are Hughes & Tabata. There's a giant dropoff after those 2. If you look at Proctor's HR/IP ratio over the past 3 years you see that he is just another Ryan Franklin. Duncan has been shifted to 1B by the Yanks because he cannot play 3B very well. Maybe the plan is for him to play after Howard leaves as a free agent since he's at least 2-3 years away from bigs.

Quite simply, I'd like to give Pat Gillick a big ol' bear hug about now.

Covering for ownership? That's your interpretation. It'd be nice to know how excatly you know with such certainty that the money recovered here is going to go directly into the owners' pockets instead of towards player personnel.

I'd at least like to congratulate the people in charge for being able to see this situation clearly for once. They had to destroy the village in order to save it. I'm in shock this is actually happening.

Wow, RSB, hard to believe you would use a discredited US policy during the frickin' Vietnam War to defend the ownership group. I don't like Montgomerey, GIles, etc., but I wouldn't put them in the class of war criminals!!!

As for sources, Jayson Stark has reported this and Anthony Gargano (assuming he was for real on this site) said the same thing. And did you read the quote I posted above from the Fox article?

If the Phillies payroll is the same next year as this year, I will admit I'm wrong. I think I can state will more certainty that the Phillies are looking to cut salary than anyone can state with certainty about something as nebulous and undefinable as team chemistry!

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