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Thursday, June 08, 2006


How great would it be for Brito to pitch a solid game tonight while the bats back him up for the's a wonderful world...bring it on!

Once again, thank God for the Internet...sitting here in grad school "watching" the game.

Is anybody else on tonight?

Don't get too comfortable, Clay Condrey.

I'm listening here at my job. Come on Brito!

dangit, I actually had to pay attention for a minute and missed how the (G)nats scored...someone summarize?

I'm watching over the's gameday and I couldn't understand what happened on that play - it was a double play sac fly?

nevermind, looks like Vidro actually got an extra base hit.

nevermind again, I have no clue what happened...I'll just shut up and read the box score tomorrow. Damn education interrupting my Phillies time.

Soriano scored on Johnson's sac fly. Vidro got caught in a rundown between first and second to end the inning.

Vin Scully type note here: Fasano is the heaviest catcher in the MLB.

thanks Weitz, I hate not knowing what happened.

He was caught in a run down.

I don't know why, but I really feel the Phillies need to win this game tonight...I just have this gut feeling that it will mean something down the road. I know that is vague and obtuse, but seriously wouldn't a win tonight seem to make a point?

I contend that J-Roll is the most important member of the offense. When he is hitting and getting on base, he scores, and the Phillies win.

Hoo-boy! That centerfielder Lazy-Boy'd Rollins' single into a double (nice base running JRo to take advantage), then Utley drove him in and then we see poor old Frank Robinson ruminating on what would have happened to a ballplayer who did that back in the day.

I always feel sorry for Frank when I see him managing. None of these guys could have carried his jock.

fricken brito!

Is Wolf pitching for Clearwater tonight?

wow, burrell actually got to 3rd from 1st on a single. he's hurting, but he's bustin' his tail!

dang, i'm missing all the action...stupid learning!

Wolf threw 3 innings, two hits, one run, which the box score says unearned but the broadcast on CSN said was earned, 2 Ks, but 3 BB. He also had a wild pitch and a pickoff. He got three ground outs, three fly ball outs.

PtB has a new stance! He's more upright and closed. hit a ball hard in the first, maybe it will help.

Oh, never mind...

When Russ Ortiz faced Fasano on Tuesday, I'd bet there were 500 lbs. between them. Those two have guts like they're in an old-timers game, they ought to be ashamed.

I'm seeing a lot of bad at-bats, free swinging and over-anxious approaches in this game. O'Connor isn't that good.

Well, it wouldn't be a day at Beerleaguer without criticizing the Old Man. Victorino over Dellucci to PH in the seventh? Reasons why it was bad:

1 - Delluci is hitting well right now
2 - Dellucci has more power and represents the tying run
3 - Vic is better as a late inning PR or defensive replacement
4 - Vic is a switch hitter and can be used late in the game against LH, whereas D can pretty much be shut down by a lefty specialist

This is probably not a make or break move, but it is an indication of Manuel's inability to put players into situations where they can best perform.

THe only excuse I could see is if the Nats had a lefty ready in the pen.

So seriously, if Soriano faced Franklin forty times, he would hit, what, 25 homers?

Ah, I've sure missed watching Ryan Franklin. We can only hope Jason Grimsley implicated him.

Franklin is a LONG reliever. I.E when we are down by 5+. He should NEVER be in a close game.

In the Old Man's book, good relievers are ONLY allowed in games the Phillies are winning or are tied (except of course Gordon, who isn;t allowed to pitch in any situation other than ninth inning, 1-4 run lead).

When the team is trainling, Manuel likes to demonstrate to his team that he doesn't think they can come back.

Washington's playing as well as they have in a year. Phils would be lucky to split with them this weekend. Anyone notice the Braves, meanwhile, just had a 2-8 homestand? Not that I'd ever count them out, but that does raise an eyebrow.

Watching Marlon Byrd still gets me riled up. He still has the same awful habits and hits the same dribblers I recognize all too well. I can't believe this guy is just never going to get better. What a waste of talent.

Tell you what, that was a lucky catch by Jackson. Too bad, they'd have been in business thanks to that excellent AB by Howard. A great sign that Howard recognizes he has to get on base there. May seem elementary, but I don't think it would have surprised anyone if he went up there and flied out on the second pitch. That kind of intelligent approach is going to pay off for the Phillies in the long run.

The Nationals' TV crew, which was decent last year, has come up with two new flunkies and quickly become one of the worst to endure. Some of these guys make Scott Graham seem tolerable in comparison (which is an opinion I'll hold until the next time I hear Scott Graham).

Ok, I just got back from the Clearwater v Sarasota game in which Randy Wolf started.

First let me tell you, Bright House Networks field is an UNBELIEVABLY great Single A stadium. 2nite was 2 fer 1 night, so me and Mrs Dude had some daq's in the Tiki Bar and my kids played in the bleacher grass section. Prices are great even for the minors, $2.00 topart ,$3.00 for the OF seats. I live in Charleston, home of the Yanks 1A team and their stadium is the pits comparatively speaking and the prices are much higher....

ok, I've made you wait long enough..I got to watch Wolf in the pen warm up from about 5 feet away. He looked very frustrated with his location. When he was finished the Threshers' catcher went to shake his hand (class move) and WOlf out of frustration just slapped it with his glove and started to walk away, but then realized the kid was just happy to catch a ML'er and he went over and slapped him on the back and gave him an encouraging word.

Wolf in the first still had location problems, walking two, although no one got decent wood on him. It appeared he was trying to be too perfect and his location was just off. I think he K'd 2 overall and BB's 3 guys giving up a couple of weak hits. I also think he looked, well a little heavier than I remember him. He wore his socks high, which didn't look normal on him.

On to other stuff there, not sure who Clearwater's catcher is, but he threw out 3 runners. Also, Mile Costanza played a nifty 3rd defensively and ripped a nice double.

I have a cam pic of WOlf in the pen that I'll send to JW in case he wants to post it.

On the road travelling home tomorrow, so I am outta here.

JW, what's your email addy? I figured it would be on here, but I can't find it.

Cool - there's a link at the very bottom of the right sidebar, dude.

Even though the Phillies lost, this site is still cool. You got guys from all over. Tonight we learned that "that dude" is from Charleston. Last night we discovered that Oisin is from Scotland. RSB is in Arizona and me and Panda are in New Orleans. Whart we all share is a passion for the Phillies. That's cool. Thanks to Jason for such a cool place to exchange thoughts and stats.

I agree with you 100% Lake Fred. It's great to have a cool spot like this for us Phillies junkies.

Very entertaining way to spend my nights at work when things are slow.

This blog has ventured a long ways from Berks County, that's for sure!!

Keep up the good work Jason and my fellow bloggers.

Absolutely. Cheers to Jason for keeping up a great site. Hopefully Fred and I can keep up the Fightin' from the Deep South, and a rebuilt N'awlins.

It seems Eude is just not up for the job of a MLB starter. Last year he looked halfway decent; what changed? So, do we push Franklin and his outrageous ERA into a starting role, or wait for a potentially shaky Wolf? Or trade a corner OF for a decent starter?

The Phils have to start being consistent with pitching and that's a long way off with this roster unless thing start happening.

Freaking Soriano.

Good night, and good luck!

Lake Fred, to clarify, I am from NE Philly, I live in Charleston lol. I'm Philly thru and thru.

Before I get started on Brito, I'll join in the toast. This is a great site that keeps me informed as much as anything and it is kind of like a hub for out-of-towners.

Brito was not halfway decent last year. He had one good start, which everyone seems to remember instead of his two poor ones. He is not a major league pitcher. Say what you want about Lieber - and even say that he was eminently capable of posting the same results as Brito did tonight - but the Phillies need him back. I would give Franklin a start or two until Lieber and/or Wolf are ready. And that pretty much tells you what I think of Brito.

I don't think much of Brito, either. I'd start Franklin, the "innings eater."

For that dude, I grew up in Pleasantville, NJ. My dad was born in Philly and moved to Absecon , NJ when he was a boy. I was raised to follow all the Philly teams, but baseball and the Phillies are indelibly stamped on my heart. I remember an offseason Phillies basketball game against the faculty of my high school, Holy Spirit. I can't remember all the players from that night, but I do remember the short guys, Larry Bowa and Tug McGraw trying to drive past the big guys. They sure didn't look like professional athletes in their basketball outfits.

The way that Franklin gives up the big flies would mean that the pressure will be strong to jump out in front early and put crooked numbers on the board.

I think that he could handle the load of innings for a while.

Brito is an average pitcher, if that. A future tradeable commodity perhaps?

Lieber is an old pro and knows how to pitch. But how much does he have left? And he's out for a while yet.

At least Wolf isn't much farther off, that eyewitness report was cool, thanks.

Let's get those gNats tonight!

Brito has really left me down. I wasn't expected great things from him, but I was expecting at least respectable starts...which he has given at all. As people have stated, we really need to sure up this rotation. I for one, would hate to see Ryan "Whiplash" Franklin as a starter. He's given up 7hr in 26 innnings...OUCH!

Last night's game was just another example of how an unknown pitcher and lefty at that can basically shut down the Phillies big guns. Hopefully they can bounce back tonight with Myers on the mound and shake off one bad night. I love the Phillies, and I know I'm usually "realistically" negative on this site, but I want them to succeed just as much as anybody else.

By the way, did anybody predict Soriano would have this type of season? He's been absolutely amazing.

The simple, temporary answer is to skip Brito's next turn in the rotation and go with a four-man rotation until Lieber gets back.

Brito pitched a little better last night, but he doesn't get you close enough to win. The best they could have hoped for was to catch lightning in a bottle. Brito isn't a prospect.

Franklin hasn't started a game this season and has struggled. I wouldn't trust him to start, and would be leaning more toward releasing him or trading him than giving him more innings to hurt you.

It's on Gillick to admit his mistake with Franklin. This was "his guy." There was even a press conference in his honor.

Until that happens, for Manuel, it must feel like having the boss's son around, trying to insert him into spots where he hurts the team least.

Still, they were due. If they were going to drop one, it would have been the Brito start. This was also the eighth game of a cross-country road trip, first in a new city. That's tough, and it showed.

Four runs, one official at bat by Soriano.

Good news: Golson is finally batting above the Mendoza line (.206)!

Bobby Scales, who can play 2B, 1B, and OF (maybe even some 3B) is hitting very well at Scranton...gotta think he could be as "good" as Nunez.

I completely agree with Weitzel's 4 man rotation notion...just send Brito down and bring up the extra reliever (Sanches).

*In other minor league news, saw the Phillies picked up former prospect Adam Bernero from the Royals...he pitched well last night for Scranton and has done well in Triple AAA thus far this season.

not too sure on the whole 4-man rotation thing. i don't think short-resting your 22 year old injury-prone pitching phenom is a good idea. also, for a 4-man rotations to be successful, you need either a really good starting staff or a really deep bullpen. at this point, you are better off rolling the dice with a random 5th starter.

Tough game last night. The paper said that their flight back was delayed 2 hours, and they didn't get in until 3:30am, and didn't get to bed until 4:30am. Plus they had the jet lag to deal with. Not too many teams are going to look sharp under those circumstances. Just one of those flukes in the schedule. Expect a much better showing tonight.

I think that the question is how many games does Mr. Floyd have to pitch well in scranton to be invited back.

Thats a good question Joe, it seems to me that we may need to accept that we are going to have four winable starts followed by a flop for the next couple of weeks.

I know it is only Brito's second start, but I would advocate giving just about any hot AAA pitcher the next chance.

But to be honest, I would also give just about any hot AAA pitcher Franklin's spot in the pen too, I DO NOT want to see him start a game for this team, I have taken to walking the dog when he comes in for relief, and we rarely return with the score the same as when we left. If the guy can't get you 3 outs in the sixth, how will he get 15 - 18 in a start?

Something I never saw before last night. Ump called ball on Soriano and then Soriano pointed to his foot and was awarded first base on HBP. So, ump admitted he didn't see it and took Soriano's word for it. Is there any other manager in the league that wouldn't have argued this other than Manuel ?

No truer words have been spoken. I'm an advocate for a Gillick-hosted reality show, much like the Apprentice, where Pat searches for some guy off the street or out of the minors to be the 5th starter. It would accomplish the same thing (i.e. we'd need to score a lot of runs every 5th day to stay competitive), but at least we'd get some entertainment out of the ordeal.

Seriously, though, how much does this have to put pressure on Wolf to get back quickly? When he and Lieber are both back, does Madson go back to the pen and could it mean designating Roundtrip Franklin?

With the built-in off days, the Phils can manage a 4-man rotation until mid-July.
If each starter pitches every 5th day, they'd only need a spot starter for 3 games.
(If Lieber is ready by July, they would only need 1 spot start).

Now let's see...
Myers steadily pitches like a No.1,
Hamels continues to pitch brilliantly,
Madson overcomes the reliever mentality and gives you quality starts,
Lidle sails along at a 6-inning/3-run pace,
Lieber goes on the South Beach Diet, loses 30 pounds, comes off the DL and pitches like the 17-game winner of 2005,
Randy Wolf recovers from surgery to pitch effectively,
Gavin Floyd has an ERA/WHIP of 0.92/0.84 since being sent down to Scranton,
Scott Mathieson is practically unhittable after being promoted to SWB,
Kyle Drabek signs quickly, starts a Bible-study group at Lakewood, finds homes for abandoned pets, and saves children from burning buildings,...

Ah, never mind...

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