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Monday, June 05, 2006


I have been putting off saying it for quite sometime, fearing that I could jinx his roll, but since you started it.

I have been really impressed with Frenchy this year, and I have to concede that Manuel does seem to using him in the right spots.

His sub 1 ERA might be a bit of an illusion, but he certainly is doing his job when he is called on.

Tough one last night, but by and large a nice suprise.

I will now knock on wood.

the 'other things to do besides watch lidle pitch' is becoming an enjoyable recurring theme. for example, tonight, for me, its game 2 of a softball doubleheader. its 10:30 expected finish allows time for post-game beer with the guys before tuning in for the 7th on xm radio for the drive home.

The Phillies tend to do some strange things. Like they will face a guy that gets pounded and get shut out.

So I'm looking for them to actually get a bunch of hits and win this game as strange as that seems.

Hey, I remember when R. Johnson was on a tear when he was with AZ, then Philly came to town and roped his butt!

Am I imagining things? Did Rollins actually lead off with a single and then aggressively run the bases? Hmmm. Maybe Gameday is broken. But wait, Pat the Bat grounded out to end the inning... nah, working fine.

Well, it doesn't look good for the Phils. Lidle's already given up two runs in the second.

Now it's three to zip after three. It'll make going to bed easier. No pleasant dreams tonight.

Well, Lidle's out of the game after 6 innings and 3 runs. Pretty funny Weitzel.
I can't wait until Saturday so I can organize the pantry and clean out the fridge.

Chase comes through again - score tied! Now what will Burrell do?

Incredible base-running by Rollins and Utley!! And an equally incredibly bad call on Burrell as he gets rung up and thrown out of the game!!

Even though LA on the radio was saying that Burrell's bitching was justified, he complains so much that the umps have got to be tiring of it.

For all he's been worth tonight, Burrell would have done the Phils a favor by getting himself tossed in the first inning.

Yeah, its no coincidence that PB is usually the victim of a large strike zone.

Now if only Victorino can get a game-winning hit in the 9th in Burrell's slot.

Mike freakin' Lieberthal with the go ahead clutch hit before his hamstring acted up! Pretty damn good all-round game from the Phils. Its games like this that keep hope alive! RSB picked a helluva game to attend!

Arthur Rhodes - it's like Joe Table never left!

Whew! Got out of another one! Thank you Tony Clark.

One of the best wins of the year for the Phils! Hopefully they can build off of it! Hopefully Hamels can nail it down tomorrow!

Ah finally!!! An uplifting win!!!
Depression is gone, depression is gone.

Think I'll drink a few more beers and call out sick in the morning.

I agree...Hard to believe that we won today since Webb started...PHILS WIN!

Nice work by the Phillies in this one. Are they really one up on this road trip? Yup.

I am on vaca in Madeira Bch, Fl. On Thursday I will be in Clearwater for Randy Wolf's rehab start. I'll let ya's know how he looked.

I am tired of people ripping Lidle on this site. He is not the most dynamic pitcher and he certainly is not going to win the Cy Young; however, he gives the Phils a chance to win almost every time out there.

If Floyd, Madson, or Lieber had pitched as well as Lidle, there is a good chance the Phils would be tied or in front of the Mets.

-Lidle has given the Phils' quality starts in 7 or his 11 starts. His 7 QS are tied with some pretty good pitchers in the NL (Peavy, Carpenter, Smoltz, Penny).
-Lidle's DIPS ERA is 3.98 vs. his actual ERA is 4.86. Lidle has definitely been a victim of the Phils' subpar defense.
-Lidle is only making $3.3 million this year. A real bargain for a decent starting pitcher consider that "Mr. Homerun" Franklin is making $2.6 million, "Fatty" Lieber is making $7.6 million, and Wolf is making $9.1 million.

Release Santana? . . . Gillick could at least get at least a dozen new baseballs, a 6-pack of domestic beer, and Von Hayes. Sorry just had to take a chance to rip a player who always seem to disappoint me as a youngster.

It turns out you're right, Jon - I did pick a hell of a game to attend. It didn't start off looking so golden when the Phillies were down 3-0 to Webb and looking lifeless, but the play where Utley beat out a ball he had no business beating out and Rollins scored from second was as electrifying as it gets. I jumped right out of my seat. And then Lieberthal's rocket, out of nowhere...I looked up and saw his average was .244...recalling that it had been stuck at .297 while he was on the DL. In other words, that had to have been his first hit since coming back. And then what joy it was sweating out the eighth inning and the Antique Rhoads Show (I want a patent on that)...when Easley was announced as a pinch-hitter I swear Manuel was visible on the top step, but for some reason he didn't call Gordon in. But Arthur showed some mettle and got Tony Clark and it felt strangely like I was at a Phillies home game, so familar was the spectacle of the bases being loaded and everyone screaming encouragement, only to see the hitter strike out and the team lose. You mean that happens to other teams, too?...and Flash in the ninth, a lightning-quick 1-2-3, and somehow the Phillies improved my record in Phoenix (Hell on Earth) to 3-0!

Other notes: Fultz looked very sharp and probably should have come out for the eighth...Burrell had a right to be pissed on that strikeout/ejection in the 7th...that's right, for once I'll defend him getting caught looking. The first two pitches were exceedingly and obviously low. I kind of enjoyed his histrionics, reminded me a little of Bell's helmet-chucking hissy fit in Milwaukee last year...actually, Burrell's bat-on-shoulder bit didn't bother me nearly as much as Bobby Abreu's walk in the first with a man on third and one out. In that situation, with a scuffling Burrell on deck, you have to be looking to drive in the run...but I've been through that argument, yes...It was good to see Rollins hit the ball with authority a few times, and make things happen on the bases. He and Utley at the top of the lineup are impact players in a way the subsequent two hitters will never be...finally, I'd say the announced crowd of 21,000-plus was comprsed of at least a quarter Phillies fans. It's kind of like going to a minor-league game in an aircraft hangar, there; all kinds of folksy, condescending distractions and 'contests' between innings and the fans there seem to be just fine with get the sense they're there to be entertained, and if the team wins, it's a bonus. But ah, to be at an enemy park when your guys win! The ones in red seek each other out and gloat over the satisfying, temporary success of the ever-unifying hometown team, so many miles from home. It almost was enough to make up for attending that brutal disappointment of an Opening Day two months ago.

Oh, Cory Lidle, how did I fail to mention him in all that...well, he was right on target, 3 runs in 6 innings. I was even snickering to myself and thinking of Jason washing the dishes after the predictable outing was completed. He *is* Mr. Mediocrity, but he did give the team a chance to come back and win so I can't rip him too much tonight. I'll wait until it's four runs in five innings, or five in four, and surely he's about due for one of those fairly soon.

the umps strike zone was every where last night, high and low, and outside and inside...horrible!

at least the phillies came through and won, despite missed opportunities early in the game. burrell is in a huge slump.

RSB- Antique Rhodes Show is a great nickname!

Tom Gordon All Star?

It's no fun going to bed down 3-0, but it's nice to wake up and hear on the radio that the Phils won 4-3. Another come from behind win, the kind that raise the blood pressure and cause strokes and heart attacks for the fans. For the health of the fans, Foghorn has to get his team to score big and early, so our cardio systems run at normal levels.

Again, each relief pitcher was limited to one inning. I guess Uncle Charlie believes in the "Use 'em or lose 'em" philosophy.

I'm glad RSB got to see a good game. I'm envious. The best I can do here in New Orleans is watch the AAA farm club of the Washington Nationals in the PCL play teams I could care less about.

I agree with Tony, the suprising, amazing, old man, Flash Gordon is definitely an All Star. I guess Ryan Howard's 20 dingers and 50 RBIs will get him on the team. If the world was fair, Utley and Rowands would be on the team, too.

Utley will be voted in as a started, and deservedly so!

Chutley is carrying this team right now.

Utley's leading Biggio 438,376 to 411,211 as of yesterday. keep putting in those 25 ballots per day...

I think it's time to flip Ultey and Abreu in the lineup. The torch has been passed.

That is an interesting idea. For all the talk of moving Abreu to leadoff, I've never heard a mention of him batting second. Assuming he can get his baserunning in order (are we the only team that falls for that fake to third, throw to first pick off move?)

If Rollins can get on base at a decent clip and be consistent there I like Abreu at #2. I think he'd be perfect there. He wouldn't have to changed his approach at the plate or anything like he would if he was leading off, he could just do what he does, walk, get on base, steal, and hit for occasional power. Utley is 4th in the league in hits and is hitting for more power then Abreu so I think we're not fully taking advantage of it. Right now Utley would be most dangerous hitting 3rd.


I like Howard as much as the next guy but don't you think God would be a switch hitter? Just sayin'.

No, God is a lefty. We are special :-)

Does anyone know if King Cole is on a pitch count tonight? I'd think he'd be around 85-90 tops. I haven't heard anything though.

i have been saying bat abreu second for two years. its the most natural spot in the lineup for him and it puts basestealing speed in the top two slots. also, i was saying boo-urns.

I think God would be a little better at defense too. But you gotta love Howard.

Assuming he can get his baserunning in order (are we the only team that falls for that fake to third, throw to first pick off move?)

That was pretty pathetic, but one play does not a player make (sorry Freddie Mitchell). I still think of Abreu as our smartest baserunner.

He was running on that pitch. He got caught. Nuff said. RSB, I know you wanted to see Abreu drive the run in in the 1st inning but I have no problem with him not getting himself out. Only 1 of the balls was anywhere near the plate.

"Another come from behind win, the kind that raise the blood pressure and cause strokes and heart attacks for the fans. For the health of the fans, Foghorn has to get his team to score big and early, so our cardio systems run at normal levels.
" - Unfortunately, with our starting pitching being as mediocre as it is, I think this responsibility falls into Gillick's hands. I must say that I'm EXTREMELY impressed with how the bullpen has come on, though.

I also should mention that I think Howard's defense is still slightly below average, but has shown some good improvement as this season has gone on. If he keeps hitting those long balls, I'm sure we'll all forget about his defensive shortcomings in no time.

Howard is surpassing my expectations of him with the bat, and I hope he continues to hit like he has been. His glove leaves much to be desired however...just seems lackadasical.

Did I miss something? Floyd got sent back down? From the Comcast Sportsnet site:

That summer when Beard was swimming her way into the record books, young Gavin Floyd, the pitcher who was just demoted from the Phillies’ rotation to the minors so that he could go get “tough,”...
“The competition isn't a threat,” team pitching coach Rich Dubee told “It should be a challenge... Hopefully, he can get straightened out and get back up here.”

Given that the bullpen is the strongest part of the Phillies this season, I propose a moratorium on criticising Charlie on his handling of it until further notice.

From the Phillies site:

Philadelphia began the season with Jon Lieber, Brett Myers, Cory Lidle, Gavin Floyd and Ryan Madson in the rotation, making Franklin comfortable with his decision. But Lieber is hurt, Floyd in the Minors and Madson and Eude Brito have struggled. Cole Hamels returns on Tuesday to face the Diamondbacks in Arizona, which will help.

Everyone's talking about it like it's common knowledge. I guess if you don't have a computer on the weekends you're just out of the loop...

I don't think you can give Foghorn a pass on his handling of pitching just because the relief corps has performed admirably.

Floyd signed his walking papers to oblivion with his last in a string of poor outings. Hopefully, he'll mature. I know that maturity is not an instant commodity that magically appears when one reaches 21 or 23. It takes time. A less pressurized atmosphere at the AAA level might rejuvenate Gavin. With our luck, he'll be in somebody else's organization when he comes of age, pitching against us and winning, but I doubt it.

There was some comments earlier if God is right or left handed. I don't know, but for this site, his name is Jason and he has spoken "Thou shalt refrain from speaking ill of the horn of fog's bullpen handling until further notice."

For the agnostics among us: While it is difficult to back up criticism of Foghorn's bullpen management based on the results to date, overuse is a cause for concern.

As weak as the rotation is, having a pitcher go through ten minutes of warm-ups to get one out is not the most efficient or effective utilization of the bullpen.
Another gripe is Cholly's penchant for lifting a reliever after one inning; if a pitcher has good stuff and location, why not leave him in for another inning even if the matchups are less than favorable?

Forgive me, O Lord, if I have mispoken; I only pray that overuse in May and June does not lead to a bullpen implosion in August and September.

phils take kyle drabek with their first pick...

How about a draft blog Jason? Drabek looks like a decent pick but baseball america says that his stock has been falling and scouts continue to debate his talent.

Chris, what I can tell they don't doubt his talent, but his attitude.

This Drabeck kid looks like a party animal.

Kyle Drabek, RHP, The Woodlands H.S. (The Woodlands, Texas)

On talent alone, Drabek would rank as the draft's top high school pitching prospect ... and probably its top high school hitting prospect as well, although every insider I spoke with ranked him as a pitcher. Drabek works with a five-pitch repertoire, but his selling points are the mid-90s fastball and an outstanding curve. Oddly enough for the son of a pretty good big-leaguer, Drabek is not a polished pitcher, but is more of a talented arm who'd need some development. But the knocks on Drabek are substantial, from reports calling him "spoiled" to a history of off-field incidents, including a public intoxication charge that was dismissed and a one-car accident in which he rammed his SUV into a tree. Were it not for makeup concerns that have the names Jeff Allison and Josh Hamilton on some people's lips, Drabek would probably go in the top five picks, perhaps as the top pick overall, but one scouting director with whom I spoke called Drabek "the wild card" -- no one knows where he'll go.

Done. Post draft stuff above.

He drove an SUV into a tree? Well, I guess he won't be making the all-environmentalist team.

Tony, could you post that quote above and cite where you got it from. Thx.

- God

While on Katrina evacuation temporary assignment in Houston, TX for 8 months, I lived about 10 miles south of the Woodlands, the home of Kyle Drabek. The Woodlands is a nice planned suburb, where the cutting of trees is severely restricted, hence the name. Drinking in the South is considered noble. If he hit a tree in the Woodlands it was probably unavoidable as they are all over the place. Probably a "wild" streak would be good for the docile Phillies pitching staff. Send Brito down, bring on Drabek!! Haha!

Another project, then. Fantastic. Someone wake me up in 10 years.

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