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Monday, June 05, 2006


Well written Weitzel. I believed most of that to be true already, especially the infamous Black Hole. David Bell really isn't good, our catchers have been bad (the worst actually), and our pitchers can't pitch or hit...damn! This is a serious problem!

Great work Jason. Two thoughts:

1) Given how much the team struggles already against lefties, that anyone would seriously consider trading Burrell, who hits them consistently well, is just nuts.

2) As yesterday's win showed again, this team desperately needs Jimmy Rollins to hit. Putting aside the whole question or whether or not he should be hitting leadoff, the offense just looks so much better when he's reaching base.

Lieby was actually hitting pretty well until his injury. Hopefully his return will help things a little bit, as the other two weren't ready for prime time. Also, the departure of Alex Gonzolez should help. But it's absolutely true that Jimmy has been the one most under performing his abilities this year. If he has a second half like last year's, the Phils will be able to produce runs in buckets.

JRoll, not the most valuable member of the offense, but the most volatile, and therefore the biggest difference maker. It seems he always is either great or awful.

Agreed with dajafi. Rollins is the most important piece of the puzzle. With the way Utley especially is hitting, and with Rollins speed, every time Rollins gets on base the Phillies have a great scoring opportunity. When the people doing the getting on base part of the equation are lower in the lineup, the Black Hole is left to do its best to drive runs in and create something.

I wonder how long Rollins will keep pulling the wool over our eyes--every year, he finished amazingly and makes us believe, and then april and may come round and he hits .250 and doesn't get on base. I don't think we can live with that cycle for however long we have him locked up for, and I think we'll need to sign a real leadoff hitter and move him down in the lineup eventually.

(Also, sorry if I repeat things people have said recently. I've been away for the last 3 weeks.)

Adam, its good to have you back - I was about to start posting under your name.

This was an interesting post. I was sort of surprised to see the 7 & 8 holes still hitting so poorly. If felt like Bell and Liberthal were doing much better this year as compared to last year.

Assuming Abreu doesn't move to leadoff I think we're stuck with Jimmy. I can't believe he had that hitting streak, talk about lighting in a bottle. Even considering all this, I think the biggest issue remains the pitching, although uneven the offense is doing its part.

Tonight should be interesting. I doubt Lidle can duel like Martinez did during Webb's last outing, but you have to figure Webb is going to lay a stinker one of these days, don't you?

Well, I think Lieberthal HAS been doing better, but while he was out, Fasano and Ruiz really stunk it up.

I'm actually surprised that the Phils are a groundball hitting team... just anecdotally, I always get frustrated at their penchant at hitting lazy fly balls at inopportune times, even on pitches that seem hittable. I feel like if we had more line drive hitters like Utley and Abreu, we'd be more productive with men in scoring position.

But perhaps the numbers don't back me up on that.

This is one of those games where we have to rely on the Law of Averages, rather than momentum. Surely, after a sweep of the Braves and with Webb's scoreless inning streak, the D'backs have to be due for a letdown, right? Just trying to rationalize how we can have a chance when all the momentum is against us. At least we have Lidle pitching (joking).

I'm with everyone else, hoping J'Roll will come around. Even Vin Scully said that his current statistics are far below his potential. Again, Law of Averages says he's due to blow up soon. Although, I'm starting to wish we'd capitalized on that hitting streak in the off-season and shipped him out of town. Seeing Lofton over the weekend actually reminded me that it wasn't always this bad at the top of the lineup.

When is everyone going to accept that Rollins is what he is. An average offensive player with above average defense skills. The Phillies will be much better when they stop hoping for this guy to turn it around.

The Phillies need to learn from the Mets to learn how to become a contender. King Dave didn't become a sales king over night and Lil Timmy didn't become a Timism overnight either, a championship team takes time to build.

J-Roll is so inconsistent that he becomes consistent in his inconsistency (hope you followed that). The man gets homerun happy sometimes, but lacks homerun power. He likes to hit the weak popups every now and then. Basically, the dude is streaky. People have being saying this, "he is what he is" for quite some time now, and it's the truth. He's never going to "figure it out" for an entire season, it's just not him. With that said, I like Rollins, just not as a leadoff hitter.

Look jheisler2 a timism is as a timism does. The Mets can't be a contender until they actually contend. I'll be King Dave would agree with that.

what is today's date? does anyone know why msn isn't working. i will be back later, time to cold call mullica hill.

-epiphany fly

Man, I love that old-style 'P'. I have a hat with that insignia on it, which I'll be wearing tonight to the game. I wish I hadn't picked the one in which Webb was due to pitch; against Cory Lidle, it seems like a mismatch and my two-year winning streak at B.O.B./Chase Field seems destined to end tonight. Webb pitched eight innings of shutout ball against them there last year, at a time when they were pretty hot overall, and needless to say he's been the best pitcher in the league to date this year. Hopefully the lefty-heavy lineup will produce just enough to keep them in the game. A full report from Phoenix (108 degrees, oy vey) is forthcoming.

Anyone uup for Woody's tonight? I'm buying.

If you're buying, I'm in.

What's Woody's?

Well Zach, imagine a strip club with no strippers. Then imagine all the guys are meticulously groomed and well dressed, and the sound track includes "YMCA" and "Raining Men."

Have fun.

Nice breakdown.

I do think, though, that their problem with left-handed pitching is a bit of a fluke. Utley and Howard have made great strides against them this year, and I'd be surprised to see the problem persist. Maybe the numbers are arefelction of the quality of the lefties in the NL, rather than the Phils' ability to hit them.

J-Roll, still, needs to be moved out of leadoff. If they decide there's no other place in the order to put him, they should trade him. There are internal options for leadoff, such as Victy (or anyone with a respectable OBP), so all they need is a decent-fielding SS in return. The only way for this team to do anything this year is to plug the leadoff hole.

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