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Monday, June 12, 2006


"Angel Chavez: 24-year-old infielder. Claimed off waivers from the San Francisco Giants in April. Saw action in 10 games with the Giants last season. Ranked fifth among all Giants farmhands with career-high 83 RBI in combined 119 games. Batted .282 with 19 2Bs, 4 3Bs and career-high 16 HRs."

Pretty sorry lot, but this Chavez guy seems to have nice numbers. Why did SF dump him? Can he play 3rd?

That's a question for Drago. I don't know a lot about him. He's from Panama, actually from the same city as Carlos Ruiz.

Here's his bio off the R-Phils web site:

Is it me or have our draft picks other then the #1's completely sucked?

Keep drafting Vuckavich and Dubee's sons, that shoulld help the big team.

That's a most informative and thoroughly depressing report. For shame, Mike Arbuckle (who's now had his job for *how* many years?)

Off-topic, but I saw that Ron Jones died. For those too young to remember Ron Jones, he was a top left-handed hitting outfield prospect in the late '80s who came up the same summer as Ricky Jordan; the two of them set the league on fire as second-half rookies while the Phillies stumbled to their worst record since 1972. To me and a lot of others at the time, Jones' ceiling as a hitter was astronomical. He just pounded line drives to all fields, equal parts Tony Gwynn and Ryan Howard. But his career was destroyed by serious injuries to each of knees in successive seasons, which to me was one of the biggest tragedies in recent team history. And as if that wasn't enough bad luck for one lifetime, he dies decades prematurely. A very sad story.

They said Jones died of natural 42? I smell a rat...

Arbuckle is one of those guys who does well in rounds 1-3, but after that it's scary.

So they "overhauled" the AA club; in other words, they fired the players, yet Arbuckle still has a job.

Typical Phillies.

Yeah, RSB, I rememeber Ron Jones. Sad to hear the news.
If I remember correctly, after surgery to repair his knee, he recovered and appeared to be on his way back before he blew out the other knee.

Phils seemed to be snakebitten during that period - whatever prospects they did have always seemed to have career ending injuries, especially the pitchers.

The Phils of the late 80s/early 90s were a pathetic organization from top to bottom. Worst was GM Dave Thomas. He was like a guy who goes through dumpsters to find real "values."

Occasionally Dumpster Dave would find a decent player buried or disregarded by another team but generally he filled the Phils major and minor league rosters with a bunch of garbage.

Weitzel's article highlight the generally weak Phils' farm system. Except for a few pitching prospects at Clearwater and Reading, this farm system has very few prospects that will help the major league club in the next 1-2 yrs.

Part of this due to the spectre of Ed Wade still haunting the Phils. Wade raided the cupboard in an attempt to make the playoffs and he didn't restock it. Phils traded away a bunch of minor league pitchers to get Milton, Wagner, Lidle, Rodriquez, and Jones. Plus the Phils have lost a bunch of picks due to FA signings.

I have mixed feeling about scouting director Mike Arbuckle. Arbuckle's drafts have produced a solid core of young position players including Utley, Howard, Rollins, and Burrell. The verdict is still out on the pitching prospects (Hamels, Floyd, etc).
There is a good chance that Arbuckle will stick around since his draft philosophy (high-ceiling athletes and power pitchers) is similiar to Gillick's.

The next two-three weeks are going to determine alot of things for the Phils present and future. If they tank against a tough schedule, I think Gillick will become a seller at the trading deadline and fire Manuel later this year or in the offseason.

I hate to root against the Phils but I hope they go in the tank. This team doesn't have the starting pitching to make it to the playoffs and I don't want Gillick to trade a few prospects for some temporary band-aids.

I hope that Gillick trades a number of vets on this team (Cormier, Rhodes, Dellucci, Wolf, Bell) and is able to get about half a dozen prospects. Hopefully one or two really helps the Phils in the near future (1-2 yrs max.). If Gillick can make a savvy deal for Burrell or Abreu, I would make that deal too but just don't trade them for the sake of trading them. I would love the Phils to trade Lieber also but no one is taking an out-of-shape veteran pitcher owed big money next year.

MG, you mean Lee Thomas...but the confusion is understandable since Dave Thomas - who was the founder of Wendy's - looked exactly like Bill Giles.

And hey, I know of at least one prospect from those bleak years who was still around 'til last week. The way Arizona has played since he departed, by the way, kind of makes you wonder if there's anyone on the team who's *not* a panicked steroid user.

I don't want the Phils to fall out of contention, which they are steadily falling out of, but if they do Gillick has a real chance to restocking the farm system. Players like Dellucci, Bell, Cormier, Wolf, Lidle, Fultz, Rhodes, and possibly even Lieby are sought out during the trade deadline. I know none of those players are going to command blue chip prospects, but hey there are always the Jeff Bagwells and Dontrelle Willises of the world out there that just happen to be included in a deal and turn out to be awesome.

MG's use of the name Dave Thomas was subliminal. The actor comedian Dave Thomas played Doug McKenzie, one of the McKenzie brothers, Canada's most famous hosers. He worked with Rick Moranis, who played Bob McKenzie in those famous SCTV skits called "The Great White North." They were dim witted but lovable; drinking beer, eating donuts, and saying "Ay?" I could see where he'd get Dave Thomas confused with the former Phillies GM.

One of the most underrated comedy shows ever. SCTV!!

I was reading where Foghorn and Cole Hamels were in disagreement about the 3-2 pitch Hamels threw that gave up a homer in the loss to the gNats. Cole wanted to throw his changeup. Uncle Charlie ruled fastball. Charlie's fastball went yard. Read the whole article here:

I believe Lake Fred, that it is spelled "eh?" As in "take off eh, you hoser."

Strangebrew is one of my all time favorite movies.

According to yesterdays Inky article, he threw the change.

"In his fourth major league start, Cole Hamels walked light-hitting Royce Clayton with a 3-2, two-out changeup, his signature pitch, instead of his fastball, which yesterday he zipped in at 93, 94 mph."

Yt, thanks for the corrected spelling. So it's "eh?" eh? I never saw the word on print, just heard it. I remember when I was still living in Philly Land and would watch the player interviews after the Flyers hockey games with players saying "eh?" all the time. I still get a laugh just thinking about it, eh?

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