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Friday, June 23, 2006


Well, they really look inspired so far. 5- zip not even thru 2 yet.

Where's that truck anyway?

The Madson situation is getting way out of hand just like Floyd. He can't possibly start again after this - this is very embarrassing.

Oh, the show's going on, all right. Only, one of the teams forgot to show up.

It will be interesting to see if Gillick is bold enough to have a real firesale..unload Burrell, Abreau, Myers, as well as any relivers people have interest in.

I would love to add Rollins to that list, but I can't imagine who would be interested in him.

This franchise is going no where fast.

Madson officially out of the game after 1.2 innings. Wow. I've never seen the bottom drop out on a pitcher the way it does with Madson, and I would believe it has a lot to do with not transitioning from his bullpen role. Even when he's pitching well, he will eventually run into a wall he can't climb.

Just another crumbling piece to this fast erroding season.

There is zero chance they will move Rollins or Myers.

Madson was embarrassingly bad tonight, but he did pitch decent last Sunday. What other options do the Phils have right now ? When does Lieber return ? Otherise what do you have: Floyd, Brito, Segovia, Gio ?
Need to give Madson another start.

I agree zero chance of moving Rollins, but historically players don't survive in their current cities after serious domestic violence charges...

Jason Kidd, Wil Cordero.

I may be wrong here..are there examples of people who have had serious domestic violence charges and survived with their teams?

No need for this "innocent until proven guilty" non-sense..that is for a court of law. When a GROUP of people see someone dragging someone around by their hair and striking them with their hand, that is enough to get fired from ANY job...

Are managers permitted to wear sweatshirts, like the one Francona wears? They shouldn't be. It looks like trash.

Way to change the subject Jason! LOL

Write him up!

Madson changed the subject for me. He didn't give them a chance.

Mac: Madson pitched decent against Tampa Bay. So what? They've seen enough to know he's finished as a starter. Hand the ball to Mathieson. Time to think future now. If he doesn't cut it, send him down.

Madson has that Floyd "I'm so sad" look on the mound..He looks like he is trying to survive games, not win them.

No matter what the state of the starting pitching, they need to get Madson back into the pen to build up his confidence and get him back to where he can positively contribute.

We'll be much better served having a solid setup man, even if we have to throw, *gasp*, HR Franklin in the rotation.

At least we know Franklin has no future. Might as well throw him to the wolves.

I wonder if any of this stuff with Myers is affecting Madson. They are best friends and roomates you know.

Nah, I guess not, he sucked before.

Manny could have hit that changeup with his eyes closed. It had nothing to do with Myers' assault charge.

Madson and Myers roomates?

Poor Guy. Hope Myers dosen't get too upset with his pitching performance tonight....

Even with the off-day on Monday, Phils will need another starter by next weekend unless they are going to go with a 4 man rotation including Mathieson. Lieber hasn't even made a rehab start yet, so he is not back till at least early July. I can't see the Phils starting Franklin.

I am torn between my desire to have Howard pad his stats and Utley bust out of his funk, and to watch Beckett throw a perfect game...


Lieber had a rehab start last night, but you are correct on early July return. So they'll need someone else ... other than Ryan Madson ...

he's going to do it !

Of all the people to give up a hit to..typical Bell to maintain his faux-decent BA.

I'm going to write something here and some of you may disagree with it. I'm just a little tired of seeing Jimmy Rollins' mini-celebrations after meaningless hits. I'm also tired of seeing him chat it up in the dugout with managers. They're losing 6-2. Their season is in shambles. He is supposed to be one of the leaders. This demonstrates he is not humbled that the season is going down the toilet, and I'm afraid that kind of attitude will rub off on teammates. He is a fine defender, and placed in the right spot in the lineup, can be appreciated for being a good hitter. I enjoy his energy when times are good, but it's the same attitude when times are bad. After watching J-Roll, a player who's been coddled by the Phillies his entire career, I get the impression it's all about J-Roll.

I agree with you Jason. They have nothing to be happy about at this point.

That's not being a very TEAM guy when you're doing a little celebration of YOUR accomplishments.

Mathieson is doing a decent job here. Oops, there goes a BOMB by Manny! Wow, over the Monstah!

Do you think the Phils hitters wish they could hit against their own pitchers?

Where do you think the right spot in the lineup is?

I think he can be a servicable 7 or 8 hitter.

On a side note, my son's wife actually graduated with Myers' wife here in Oley and knows her well.

My son was telling me that she is a very petite woman, maybe 100 lbs. He knows her also, not as well as his wife because he's 2 years older.

Six or seven. He has good pop for a shortstop. I'd run with that part of his game and ditch speed. Let him turn on pitches. He's 27 and will only get slower.

Rollins would break up the black hole if he batted down there and I think that would be a good thing.

Yo Pat, just release him, that's all. Simple. I mean, even a great baseball mind like you would know that, right? Here's the math:

Gabe Kapler, of .169 batting average in Japan last year, + 3-run homer = former major league pitcher now applying for job at Denny's.

Rock bottom.

File this lineup under drastic changes

Random Catcher-C

Terry Francona is a genius, right? LOL

Franklin should be at least in the first 3 to get on the truck.

Is there anyone on this thread who CAN'T say "I told you so" about Franklin now? I mean even the most optimistic posters were dubious about that signing. He's gotta go.

Burrell 3rd?!?!?

Rock bottom, eh? Seems like we've already stooped to that level quite a few times already this year. And don't speak too soon, it might just get worse.

Jason, pertaining to your comments on Rollins...I didn't see the game tonight (lucky me), but I assume it was the usual look-up-and-point-to-God thing he does after he gets a hit...or was it more? I can understand Rollins feeling a need to make that gesture if his belief is that strong, but if in that situation it went beyond this, I suppose I can't blame anyone for getting irked.

I think that primarily people are put off by Rollins' flashy personality, which doesn't bother me so much. I mean, he's a good guy, he's not some prima donna bad-ass like Deion Sanders. But I know that what people see when they look at him is a guy who by all rights could and should be better if only he didn't have this idea that he was the next Rickey Henderson, out to break the record for leadoff homeruns. And if he were more in tune with being a 'team player', he would realize that his inability to develop or utililze a good hitting eye does more than just affect his own numbers - it makes the Phillies' offense less potent as a whole.

Much as I personally enjoy watching him play, I don't believe these are unfair criticisms. I suppose, however, that I am willing to accept him even with his flaws because I appreciate the positive aspects of his game so much. I like that he seems alive, even a little cocky, and never afraid. I think he's an exciting player, and just a magnificent shortstop. These qualities are in contrast to guys I'm on record as not liking but who technically contribute more to the offense.

Rollins reminds me so much of Juan Samuel - another guy who everyone thought should have been better, who had all kinds of ability but who couldn't lay off bad pitches. Even with that, I loved watching him as a kid. He had fun and he made watching the games more fun. I find it easier to root for this type of player and feel glad they're on our team's side. I feel I'm objective when I defend Jimmy, but perhaps a lot of it does all come down to preference.

Weitzel, your comments about J-Roll's constant sunny disposition did not fall on deaf ears. I am often frustrated with his constant smile no matter the situation. I usually hate bringing up other sports on this blog, but he reminds me a lot of another Philly favorite Donovan McNabb, because he seems to be goofing off no matter the turnout...he'll throw and interception then laugh. Just like the Phillies can be losing 6-2 in the midst of a horrible season and be jovial...disgusting!

hey this is Jimmy from Bean Town. I just got a beer and two foxy white ladies at the bar and currently waiting for them to get out of the bathroom because they wanted to get more "comfortable". As I'm typing this I'm purposely doing that stupid thing I and Bobby do where we tap our shoulders then point to the Sky! I do it everytime I get a hit in a game or hit in hard at home! Well you been on me for my celebrations and inability to listen to the fans about a typical leadoff hitter. Well folks I hate to tell you but all throughout my minor league career all i heard was he needs to take pitches to be a good leadoff hitter in the majors...well they called me up at what 21? Morons...then my first few years I was coddled by Francona and told to be aggressive but still put in the leadoff spot then Bowa and others in the front office did the same but continued to be told to be more patient. Nobody ever sat my butt down and told me what the hell they want from me except you fans. Well you don't pay my salary the team does and they seem to be fine with my play cause I'm getting over $10 million per year and damn right you ain't fools! BTW - I'm going deep tonite against Shill because I'm J-Roll and I got me game going on with the ladies!

Does anybody have a towel to throw?

my girls got two towels and they threw them off! Hells yeah I'm too good to be in this city i should be in NY with J-L and P-Diddy and all us ego manatics. BTW i really hate when that old fart Kalas calls me J-Roll it just sounds stupid and makes him sound like a Playa Hata. I love Wheels cause he's a playa like me I and him get our mack on wid da ladies

Too bad for the Phils, they are really showing the depthness of their pitching, they really needed an Orlando Hernandez like the Mets signed, what is Gillick doing? He's putting a team together with Elmers Glue, and the pitchers are what holds a team together. If anyone would like to listen to a cool podcast, you can find it at

More bad news...Floyd gets bombed at SWB, 9 earned runs in 3.1 inns, and also managed to hit 4 batters....I don't know what to think about this season

Hey RSB, I wish Rollins would emulate Ricky Henderson's lifetime OB.
P.S. Will be interesting to hear what the national announcers have to say about Myers today. And did anyone else catch that tone of utter disgust in Kalas' voice last night?

This team is dead.

that wasn't disgust it was just all the smoke and alcohol. But Harry really shouldn't be preaching about spouse issues remember all the stories about him picking up women in every city when on the road. And the only reason that came out was because Wheels was upset he stopped doing it so Wheels stopped getting sloppy seconds and made some noise about the situation.

is anyone else just plain old sick and tired of listening about King Clemens. The guy was great but the games he plays about retiring (3x's) is just crazy its kinda reminicient of Jordan. Clemens is just way overrated there is no way he can make that much of a difference with only 15 starts.

May Day! May Day! Phillies losing altitude rapidly! Expect crash and burn somewhere near Atlanta! No parachutes sighted! Dispatch search and rescue teams and prepare to receive survivors!

I attempt to honestly assess Jimmy Rollins, and all the response it gets is racist buffoonery. Is that the best discussion we can muster on Beerleaguer?

The team is unquestionably in a freefall. This is precisely the time when, if you are able to prove you're an effective manager, you do it. You can't just throw up your arms and say, maybe tomorrow. An effective manager is an effective leader. The situation needs to be addressed directly before it gets any worse. This team is no longer even playing hard, or with the simple dignity of pride. Someone has to step in, or step up, and restore order.

The culture of losing continues to rule the day in the meantime, which is the strongest evidence that what is needed is nothing less than an organizational overhaul...but that's hardly an original idea. We've all been saying it for at least three years.

Not sure what racism your talking about Schu, unless you meen the pin-head who is posting as Jimmy.

I usually just ignore those posts, they add nothing, and only amuse the author.

Also I agree with you on Jimmy, so have little to add but "hear, hear!"

Nice idea to bunt to start though, Schill is not fast to the bag.

Guys like Chase Utley keep me watching this team.

Actually, Chase Utley keeps me watching this team.

If you want a true sense of despair, check out Jim Salisbury's column...oh, how the truth hurts. The Myers incident is just the lastest in embarrassing black eyes we fans have had to swallow in this millenium alone. The guy on the mound for Boston today represents just the first of them. The Rolen debacle was even worse. And now here we have the pedigreed pitcher of the supposed future permanently icing his reputation as an utter idiot. Considering the nature of the number one draft pick they just signed, we can likely anticipate more Phollies in the next version of a brighter future.

Is there no hope?

I know this game's supposed to be on Fox, but it's not on where I am, leaving me to the radio broadcast...

You can say what you want about Kalas, but he's still got it. He isn't as good on TV, but on radio he's still just awesome to listen to. It's nice to be reassured that there still is something good about the Phillies.

hey anyone notice Harry calls alot of fly ball outs as homeruns? Its funny to see that. Visit cheeks pemberton, nj we've the game on here Rick Schu Blues. Plus we got some very lovely ladies working today.

did anyone say AIR MAIL?

A matter of time before Myers is knocked out of the box. To the surprise of absolutely no one.

For all the hype Rowand has got about that catch i have to agree with the one poster on here who constantly talks about Rowand's arm and terrible decisions to overthrow and try to get ever runner out. He's really got to go victorino could do just as good a job out there. Hell throw Bourne out there if we're going young (hamels, Mathieson).

Oh yeah do we have any minor league 3rd basemen? If so they need to be up here Constanzo can't be anyworse than David (Juan Ding-Dong) Bell

Air Mail.

I wonder what it's like to actually have a catcher that's able to throw out base stealers.

You just have to balance out Fasano's defense with the offense he'll provide off Curt Schilling.

So seriously, Manuel thought Bell had a better chance to make contact off Schilling than Nunez?

is anyone watching this game listening to Tim McCarver give an opinion on everything possible. I'm waiting to see what his stance is on abortion and the war in Iraq. I'm sure that'll be in the 8 and 9th innings, respectively.

actually yes i'm waiting for his opinion on whether the legalization of lap dancing should be approved for the city of Boston soon.

ok we got Fasano, Nunez and J-Roll up with bases loaded 0 outs. I bet we struggle to score 1 and tie it up

I really cannot believe the team is 9-3 when Madson starts. How is that even humanly possible when he has an era over 6. Sometime stats in Baseball can be misleading and this along with his 7-5 record are examples. Whats funny is that he leads the team in wins and will most likely sent to Scranton this week.

1 Down! 2 more outs ...oh yes more J-Roll soundbites from the Microphone. Where's his biaatches at? We'll lose another 1 run game today in miserable fashion

RSB, I'm about to join you in listening to the radio broadcast. The constant moralizings of The Rev. Joe Buck make the telecast sound more like The 700 Club than a ball game. Sheeeesh, the guy is a twit. He annoys me so that even the insufferable Tim McCarver's interjections into the commentary come as a welcome respite.

It is remarkable how much was lost in the transmission of genes from father to son.

I just tune him out when he's on baseball and football games. He's so egocentric

Hi there fellow Phillies Nation fans. We thank you very much for caring about our tema it is much appreciated. We will be trading for Jason Michaels and Marlon Byrd while signing FA Terry Adams this way Myers will have three other guys to fight in the clubhouse so he doesn't have to go beat up 100 lb women. Yo caveman - You're pansy! And yes I'm one of the female owners so you know what my stance is on Spousal Abuse.

Abreu is another pansy - he's been terrible ever since last offseason when his fiancee went on that Reality Show down in South America and cheating on him on national tv. Now he's just a candyass rooty-pooh

lol thats funny Mystery owner i love your commentary. Hey by the way how can we contact u about getting a date. Maybe we can get married that way i'm a mystery owner too and approve free agent signings and trades for the Reliever Scrubs the likes of Tim Worrell, Rick White, Terry Adams, Todd Jones, Felix Rodriguez, PAUL ABBOTT, Jim Crowell, Mike Williams, Turk Wendell, Hector Mercado, Josh Handcock, Joe Roa, Jose Santiago, Cliff Politte, Eric Junge, ? Oropesa, Chris Brock, Nelson Figeroua, Omal Daal, Ken Botenfield, Jeff Brantley, Steve Schrenk, Mark Brownson !
Do i need to go back any further this list only goes back to 2000!!!!

Oh we need a starter and I heard Amaury Telemaco was signed to a minor league deal this week.

I could be wrong, but I think that guy is having a conversation with himself.

Franklin? Again?

I've been counting and he's said, "He's set-up with 2 stikes" 52 times today through Rowands AB in the 10th...Too funny...he thinks he creating some new term for ESPN

ahhh well like do i u know like send that guy Franklin back out der. Bench coach whats like ur name again? Well what u think i should like do?

damn bench coach u told me to like put that Gordon in now the dang game is like over i think but don't we get like the last AB in the American league ballparks??? I'm like confused, you know what i mean? Where's Dubee? Dubee who's left? Ok like nobody but that Scrub Condrey ok then get Franklin up again. We'll throw him out in the 11th

Dear Stand Pat,

We didn't come up with this name for you. So don't be mad at us for calling you a fool. You're moves this year have been great. Let me just go through them all.

1. Hell you traded the current AL MVP away for a guy that runs into walls and throws balls to the backstop.

2. And you traded for a power bat in Delucci. Oh well he'll hit 5 hr's this year in backup role.

3. Oh yes wait you did get a box of donuts for Padilla and those donuts went stale before the season started so you dumped them in the trash.

4. Sal Fasano was brought in and he's unbelievable if you're looking for a late '70's pornstar but not an athlete.

5 & 6. Nunez and Gonzalez yes thats our all everything infield backups hitting .150 and .100 and only one of them has retired yet!

7. Coste a 33 yr old rookie - Good story if this was KC but not a contender as this team was billed. Oh by the way he's hitting .125 an actual improvement from his predessor Gonzalez.

8. Arthur Rhodes the guy can't throw strikes but he fits in well with the likes of Madson and Floyd.

9 & 10. Ryan Franklin and Santana their great if you have outfield tickets and looking to get a souvenor ball well for Santana folks you'll just have to wait until next year since he's done for the year.

11. Ok wait, you signed Rick White he'll be great i mean barely serviceable.

12. Tom Gordon, I guess even a MORON like you can get one out of 12 correct. He only feel into your lap because the Yankees know that his arm will blow up come August.

Your predessor had his own page now yours is coming soon - its currently under construction

Your friend (Short Leash)

By the way, Phillies Suck (your name on the above post on this blog) -- Chris Coste now has three hits in his last five at bats, and his current BA is .176, no longer .125. As Coste proved in the last two Phillies Spring Trainings, and in AAA for several seasons, he can hit, and as Manuel noted in this year's Spring Training, Coste is a guy who can sit for seven innings, and come in and hit off the bench. Certainly Coste should be given more than one at bat in past eight days' time, given the current state of affairs, but until today's "one-for-one" against a guy who was throwing 96 mph fastballs, Coste's last at bats were when he went "two-for-four" a week ago Friday night. Coste should get two starts a week, perhaps one at catcher, and another one at third base, with some pinch hitting opportunities, for the next three weeks or so. If Coste is given even the at bats and opportunity that Ruiz was given, I think Coste will demonstrate that he can hit in the big leagues, and be a valuable member of the Phillies, particularly because of his positional versatility. Unfortunately, the guy has been unfairly "type cast", including by a number of people on this blog. These people obviously don't know that Coste was the Boston Red Sox final cut out of Spring Training (as a catcher) in 2003, before suffering a serious achilles injury in a home plate collision in early April of that year at Red Sox AAA Pawtucket. Coste ended up playing in only 29 games in 2003 because of that injury, and it was a lost season for him. Yeah, Coste was 33 years old before he played in his first major league game this year, but that was not because Coste couldn't play baseball, as a catcher, third baseman, second baseman, first baseman, and outfielder. Rather, Coste's "late blooming", such as it is, derives, first of all, from the fact that he played four years of college baseball at a small Division III school in rural Minnesota, and he was never seen by scouts, let alone drafted. With this late start to begin with, after graduating from college, he played five (5) seasons in two largely invisible independent professional leagues in the upper Midwest, before Coste finally got a break by getting into the Cleveland system wehn he was in his latter 20's. Unfortunately, even while playing in the Cleveland, Milwaukee, Boston and Philadelphia systems, Coste repeatedly has been "snake bitten" with bad luck, including last year when his AAA All Star season clearly warranted a Phillies callup in September that never came, because the Phillies thought they had "numbers game" problems with their 40-man roster in the context of last season's pennant race, of sorts. Chris Coste should have been in the big leagues at least three years ago, and hopefully, the "there must be a performance-related-reason-why-Coste-hasn't-been-in-the-big-leagues-before-now" type-casting will be put into the background for a few more weeks, in favor of giving Chris Coste a chance -- just a fair chance -- to shine now. The Phillies certainly have little to lose in doing so, at this point.

Davthom, your passionate defense of Chris Coste is, if nothing else, amusing. No mention of the fact that his bush-league baserunning cost the team a victory today.

At least the Phils lost with their best guy out on the mound today. And Myers in fact was not knocked out of the box; he was shaky, but kept the Phils in the game. He gets credit for that much. Nevertheless, the tailspin drones on, out of control.

You tell 'em, Davethom.

RichSchuBlues, your last post revealed that you really know very little about baseball strategy. As was correctly explained on live radio play-by-play, Coste ran immediately upon the crack of the bat, because the play was pre-determined, called, in advance, as a "contact play." As the radio broadcast correctly explained: "The Phillies put on a contact play . . the Phillies gambled and they lost." Ever heard of a "contact play", RichSchuBlues? Apparently not. From your post above, its clear you never heard of a "contact play." Wow! I'll wager you never played the game above little league, if you even participated at that level. Regardless, you showed you know *SQUAT* about baseball strategy. And that, if nothing else, is *really* amusing, given your omnipresence on this blog.

Not to mention the fact that I sincerely doubt he would have scored anyway. The real goat of this game was for Utley, who is in a terrible slump and came up empty in two crucial situations.

Also, Phillies Suck: at least give credit where credit is due. The Thome trade was a great deal. If you want to challenge me on that, I'll gladly defend it, but I think it's pretty much self-evident.

Note: when I say "he wouldn't have been able to score anyway," I'm assuming that the bush league running that Rick is referring to was the Rollins double, where Coco Crisp fooled Coste for a second, and not the subsequent play where the decision for him to go on contact was clearly made by the coaching staff.

You're giving RichSchuBlues too much credit, Adam. Being "fooled for a second", using your own words, Adam, hardly rises to the level of being a "bush league running play", by any reasonable understanding of the phrase you yourself used. But, at least you recorgnized a "contact play" when you saw it.

Who said I was giving Rick "credit"? I agree with you, I don't think Coste has been given enough of a shot. As I said, he was only fooled for a second on the double, and I don't think it made a difference either way.

Unlike you, though, I'm not trying to show Rick up or give him credit or do anything like that. I'm just giving my opinion, which is that Coste did not make a significant error on that play. For one thing, I know that the radio announcers had a different take on it--my brother was listening to the radio broadcast (I was watching on TV) and said that the announcers made out as if Coste would've been easily safe at home if he hadn't begun to slow down.

I was referring precisely to the play in the ninth inning. Wasn't talking about the contact play. Gee, all that wasted energy for nothing.

RickShuBlues, sure you were referring to the play on the Rollins double off the wall, and not to the play at the plate, sure you were. By the way, Rick, *both plays* were in the ninth inning.

We do have a minor league 3rd baseman/corner outfielder ripping up Triple AAA, and his name is Bobby Scales. He's hitting near .350, so why the hell isn't he being given a shot?!

I can't believe I'm coming to the defense of RSB (because we've had our differences), but Davthom73 who the hell really cares what Chris Coste does anyway? Seriously, he's worth nothing to this team. Not to say he couldn't be a decent bench player on a playoff contender, but the Phillies are that, so having a 33 year old rookie around does no good!

previous post should've said "but the Phillies are NOT that" in regards to being a playoff contender. But now since I've started this I'm willing to bet that Davthom73 comes back attacking me. Whatever dude, if you wanna get your kicks on harassing posters on a blog then by all means do it...pathetic!

Uh Bobby Scales is 29 yrs old.

uh david bell is 33. and abe nunez is 30. bobby scales is younger than both of those no-hitting tools, so age shouldn't matter. also, those two guys are career .255 and ,244 hitters, respectively, not exactly great hitters.

does anyone think abe nunez is going to be able to hit, ever? no way. might as well give scales a shot as a back-up infielder. play the hot hand, see if it translates into a pinch-hit or two. or just mix it up a little, bring in a new face to watch as the team slides further down the standings.

the only reason nunez and bell play is because they make too much money not too. fight against the status quo!

I would have clarified in the first place that I meant the decoy that Coste went for, but I assumed it would have been evident that the contact play was obviously put on by the coaches and was not Coste's decision, and so it would therefore make no sense to have my comment interpreted to refer to that.

This is absurd. I don't come on Beerleaguer to argue with unreasonable people. That's the end of it.

Yeah, I'm sorry I got involved. I was bored, it killed some time.

Chris Coste flat out sucks. Nice story, but wake me up when we have a catcher that can hit his weight.

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