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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"Franklin? Floyd? Frying pan over the head?"

This is a very sad comment indeed, mainly because honestly, the third choice really seems least painful.

Given Floyd's numbers at AAA thus far thought, I guess I would give him the nod. Floyd is a kid with a lot of problems and a lot of potential. Franklin is a vet that is about as effective as putting a tee out there for the other team, and he ain't getting better.

So the question really is: how is the frying pan's slyder?

"(pictured right during a great moment in Phillies history)"

Jason, that's one for the archives.

The Phillies are just inept enough to recall Floyd for an emergency start during which he is likely to only give them 3 innings of work. So, how is that an improvement over what Franklin is currently offering?

I agree with Yt. Going in alphabetical order, Floyd gets the nod, followed closely by Franklin and Frying Pan (must be a new prospect from Japan). Years ago, we had Fry Man....Woody Fryman.

Has Paul Abbott cleared waivers?

Ugh. Choosing between Floyd or Franklin is like choosing a kick in the face or a kick in the groin. Either way it will probably be very painful.

I would choose Franklin just for the fact that Floyd needs more time to sort himself out. Additionally, we saw what Floyd had to offer and it wasn't alot. I wouldn't bring him up again until Sept at the earliest. Let him pitch in some non-pressure situations. Franklin is totally expendable and I would rather see him get shelled than someone like Floyd.

Consider that the Phillies are in this deplorable situation due to the injury of just *one* starting pitcher (not counting Wolf, who wasn't really being counted on in the off-season). It tells you all you need to know about the state of this organization. Why don't the Phillies win?
Take your choice: Gavin Floyd or Ryan Franklin. That's the club's honest idea of a pitching prospect and a helpful free-agent acquisition. My disgust is overflowing. What a JOKE.

How long can you guys tolerate Ryan Howard at first?

FYI -- Elizardo Ramirez, currently pitching a shut our for the Reds. ERA under 4 this year.

Choosing between the two is like choosing between tim or jlancel. The Phils may as well just forfeit the game and give the poor bullpen a rest instead.

How quickly does Russ Ortiz become available? What a crappy start to a Father's Day weekend. Good thing I didn't get my dad tickets.

I can tolerate Howard all day long. With that production, i can tolerate it. And, I really don't think he's this bad. But, I am not happy with it.
The absolute worst is David Bell. I am not certain I have ever hated a player as much as I hate him. He's barely passable as a professional athlete.
I will say that last night's game was perhaps the most painful I have seen from the Phillies since the Tito Francoma days .... ugh.

I'm with you on the Bell thing Steve, especially when you consider the way he was touted as some great replacement for Rolen when they brought him in.

His offence is basically non-existent, which is tolerable for a third baseman IF he is a major asset on D.

Bell has commited 10 errors, while Howard has commited 9. Of course one of them is hitting .293 with 22hrs, and the other? Well how does .264 & 4 hit you with those 10 errors?

What a nightmare! And we basically have Nunez or nothing to replace him with.

Guys, it's the DRays. yt, Weitzel or RickSchuBlues could pitch against them. Relax. Just watch out for Jorge Cantu!

Can't. I'm pitching for KC on Saturday.

Thanks cap, I do have some nasty action on my curve.

If anyone feels like educating me, please feel free to offer your opinion on why Bell and Nunez are with this club, while we have a guy in SWB hitting .331 in 40 games, with 5hrs and 2 errors (Bobby Scales). Is it all salary? Ed Wade is gone, Bell should have been traded for half empty can of pine tar.

It is hard up here in Brooklyn to keep up with farm teams, but what could possibly be so wrong with this guy that he can't improve our bench, he's a switch hitter, he could platoon.

I'd go with Franklin, let Floyd light up triple A and maybe then they can get something for him in July.

I don't think you can blame Gillick for this year's problems, a lot of it is tie-over from Wade's reign. Gillick's working with a payroll of around 90 million (88 this year, 95 last year) and 24 million is gonna get freed up after this year with Bell (7.5), Lieberthal (7.5) and Wolf (9) being let go or re-signed with lower contracts (hopefully only Wolf is re-signed). If they let Gillick go as high as they let Wade (95 million) he should have 30 million to play with at least. That should be enough to sign Utley, Howard, Wolf and at least one ace.

Just one more painfully average season, hopefully.

Okay, I'll take yt.

And MG for the record I'd rather get kicked in the face (if I had to choose).

But seriously, I noticed that Danny Almonte wasn't drafted last week (for those who forget Almonte threw a perfect game in the little league world series, but then turned out to be too old). Sadly, there would be more buzz around him suiting up on Saturday than any other Phillies pitcher not named Hamels.

Why can't that Mathieson kid start Saturday? He looks good and can't be any worse then Franklin/Floyd.

Looks like Tony is a great prognosticator.

I'd have to echo all above sentiments on David Bell. He's a career .256 hitter and we're supposed to be sold on him replacing Scott Rolen (one of the few Philly RoY's)? A can of pine tar may be asking a little much, but I'd surely trade him for a bucket of the mud they rub on the balls before the game. We got sold a bill of goods after a half-decent post-season by Bell.

Franklin says he can give them 3 to 5 IP. Except for Myers, how does that make him different than the rest of the Phillies starters?
P.S. The new kid getting the D Rays is good news. Getting Kazmir is bad news. Very bad news.

I wouldn't take Tampa Bay too lightly. Especially with Kazmir going Friday, that series is a prime candidate for a 2-out-of-3 loss.

I would expect the Phillies to finish the homestand at .500.

Why not Mathieson ? Beats the alternatives I guess. And if another starter gets injured, do we have to dig through the Clearwater or Lakewood rosters. RSB you summed up nicely how bad things have gotten to even consider Floyd or Franklin at this point with just 1 starter injured.

I've thought this for a while. Would it have been better perhaps to hold onto Thome and see what you could have gotten for Ryan Howard? You surely could have netted an ace, which you guys sorely need. Also, Victorino could have been playing center. This is how you build a winning baseball team. With an ace you can send out during a losing streak. An ace you can send out with the confidence you will win the game. The Phillies do not have that pitcher. Not even close.

I mean, I know you guys love Rowand for running into a fence and Howard because he hits long homeruns, but he's a horrible first baseman and he's only gonna get worse. He's a DH. Face it.

Of course, I'm Monday Morning Quarterbacking on Gillick, but it's true. I know it hurts, especially because I'm a Mets fan.

Only going to get worse? It is his first full year at the position, and it is not even the all-star break yet. I think that is a bit premature.

I do agree that it would have been nice to move one of the out fielders for a first-class starter, but no one is dealing their aces these days. I would be happy to get a solid two for Pat or Bobby and have vic in the field and leading-off.

But lets keep in mind, Thome is not a young man, and he got hurt playing 1st everyday last season, he is the one who is a DH at this point in his career. Who knows if could put up the kind of numbers he is in Chicago if he was still at 1st.


Yeah, I hear what you are saying, but winning teams are built up the middle. The Phils have a great SS/2B combination, but with Victorino and an ace on the mound they would look a lot better.

I'm not saying that you should deal Howard now (that would be crazy), but just thinking if you had dealt him instead of Thome over the off-season, I think you could've got something special for him. This is all hypothetical, of course. Plus, if Rowand gets dealt now, there will be a riot.

I don't know who this ace is that the Phillies could have gotten for Howard who, at the end of last season, was a rookie coming off of just over half of a good year. Would the Mets have given Pedro for him?

Besides, the Phillies actually got a couple of decent looking pitching prospects in the Thome deal. And I don't see how Victorino makes a positive difference over Rowand up the middle. The Phillies glaring deficiency in that regard is behind the plate.

If anybody should be wary of trading young talent for an "ace" it should be a Mets fan. By the way, ya'll are invited to stick around for the Scott Kazmir show this weekend.

Oh, you mean you guys don't like Sal Fasano??

I'm shocked...

Thats the beauty of Sal and Nunez, they are back-ups to our two worst positions, and Sal is so bad he makes you long for Lieby. I'm almost ready to ask for more Nunez if Bell boots a few more grounders.

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