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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Will the rain hold off long enough for the game to be played?

I guess Varsho will be running the squad.

Well, so much for that--according to Yahoo Sports the game is already postponed.

That's only one loss in their last three scheduled games!

Mother Nature is merciful. I'll take another week or so of rain, thanks.

Off topic, but pitcher Mark Hendrickson, catcher Toby Hall and cash have been traded by the Devil Rays to the Dodgers for right-hander Jae Seo, catcher Dioner Navarro and a player to be named later. Navarro was someone I was hoping the Phils would target. Likely never an All-star catcher, but at 22 someone who could be a solid regular for some time.

Toronto has a dome, so rain can't save up this weekend.

Oh, but I thought big trades didn't happen in June.

Mark Hendrickson in the trade above also played for the Sixers.

RSB, Rick White wasn't a major acquisition?

Well heavens, I sure didn't mean to make it sound like Pat Gillick wasn't working his very hardest to improve the team.

Maybe the Phillies can trade Sal Fasano to Tampa for Joe Giradi. This way Giradi can platoon with Coste and manage the days he is not playing.


That would need to be a three-way deal since Girardi is in Florida.

They could be rained-in in Toronto, it's happened before.

Look on the bright side, it's a double-dip tomorrow. There is no way Charlie can run the same line-up out there when there are two games on the same day (even if he is suspended for one).

Breaking news:

Randy Wolf out 10 days to two weeks with a broken hand and Lieber gets rocked in Single A. The hits keep on coming.

The good news is they can't lose tonight. Maybe the rest will do them good. They'll all be another day older and another day wiser. Nah, that probably won't help.

I agree with Jon about being forced to have different lineups for each game of the double dipper. That's got to help.

Why did the Phils not go after Navarro? Goddamnit Gillick, wake up! The Devils Rays only gave up Hendrickson (who sucks) and Hall (who really sucks).

Funniest quote is from Ned Coletti, the Dodgers new GM. I will provide an English translation from GM speak. Here is Coletti's quote - "Mark will add some depth to our starting rotation as we head into the second half of the season," (English translation - Mark has pedestrian stuff and is a marginal 4th or 5th starter who is finally putting up some ok numbers) and "Toby is an experienced catcher who will serve us well both behind the plate and off the bench." (Toby is such a stiff that he won't he won't be able to displace 40-year old Sandy Alomar as the backup catcher).

My most distinct memory of Hendrickson is when Manny hit a bomb off him at Tropiciana Field two years ago. Manny had no respect for Hendrickson and just should there a bit for starting to trot around the bases. Always seemed that either Papi or Manny would hit a bomb off Hendrickson.

Dodgers really need bullpen help too. I can't believe that if Gillick had put together a package of Fasano, Rhodes (or another bullpen) arm, and maybe Lidle that he couldn't have gotten Navarro along with Sao. Nice missed opportunity.

I had an ideal dream last night . . . that the Phils trade Abreu (and his entire contract) to the Tigers for one of their stud young pitchers (Verlander, Bonderman, or Zumaya), an outfield prospect, and another position prospect.

I can't believe it either, MG. Are you beginning to see my point about Gillick?

I wish I could meet Mr. Gillick face to face. I would have five words for him.

"What is going on here?"

Still reluctant to pass judgement yet on Gillick but he has missed the boat on the Myers incident and an opportunity to get a young, decent catcher.

Gillick is the train engineer on Phils express. Unfortunately, the Phils express is barreling to a sharp curve on the tracks and unless Gillick is able to somehow get the brakes to work, this train is going to jump the tracks.

Why would anyone take what you suggested for Navarro? Just silly.

Toby Hall is just as mediocre as Fasano and how is Hendrickson much better than Lidle? Look at Hendrickson's career numbers. ERA over 5.00 and a pedestrian K/9 rate. Hendrickson gets owned by good lineups.

I can't help but laugh at our rotation right now:

Cole Hamels
Cory Lidle
Ryan Madson
Scott Matheison
Ryan Franklin


1. Phils starters ERA is 5.53. Worst in the NL.

2. Phils team batting average is .253. Worst in the NL.

How this team is only 5 games below .500 is a miracle.

The "miracle" was that 13-1 streak back in May. As the rest of the season begins to overwhelm that one good stretch, expect them to be many more games under .500.

Nat, the truth hurts. Please stop. I want to continue to live in Lala Land believing this bad stretch is the abberation and the Wild Card is a realistic option.

When are they going to finally sign Drabek?

MG, When I saw the Navarro deal, I thought the Phils could have been creative and got something done with Lidle, and perhaps Lieby. Apparently the Dodgers are really high on Hendrickson. At 32, I don't see much upside either.

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