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Friday, June 09, 2006


Hard to get much excited about a guy even the KC Royals couldn't use, but he was good enough to start for the Tigers in 03, where he put his name on 12 of that team's 119 losses.

Ya Nat, quite a comentary on our current pitching situation.

Brito's numbers actually make Floyd look like a better option.

A 6.51 ERA in 36 games? That's almost hard to do. I'll try to find a way to contain my excitement over Gillick's latest addition to the "stockpile" of arms that's already produced the glorious fruits of Ryan Franklin, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Julio Santana.

...and a 5.91 ERA in 134 career games is almost harder to do. Lordy.

I am totally underwhelmed by this signing.

Can't pitch for the Royals?

C'mon Pat, gotta be more than this!?!?

He does not excite me at all. I agree, how can you have a 6.31 ERA over 36 games?! That is hard to do! I can't believe the Braves gave him that much of a chance to show that he wasn't very good...

Well, look on the positive side. The Royals make a lot of stupid decisions. Maybe this is one of them.

And back in 03 when he was starting for the Tigers, he was responsible for one of that team's 43 wins.

And at the Baseball Reference website, at the top of his Similar Pitchers list is Julio Santana. So now the Phillies have two of 'em.

And those are the positives.

Washington's just playing some great baseball right now. If it wasn't for so many injuries, they'd probably be running neck and neck with the Phillies by now. Kind of a surprise, I picked them to finish below Florida.

Funny how fast it all changes. Momentum from one game to the next just doesn't exist.

Yeah, its another ugly night in DC. The game definitely turned when Abreu misplayed yet another ball. Yawn...


Wow, Chase and Pat both with 2-run shots to give the Phils the lead! Nice to see them fight back in a game when they appeared pretty much dead for the last few innings.

Actually, Chase had a 3-run shot.

Wow, what a sudden comeback. When you have a team that can hit homeruns, I guess that can happen. Amazing how Stanton plowed right through the middle of the order in that getaway game at CBP, then couldn't get an out against the same guys tonight.

Still, it'll be a task and a half for the bullpen to hold the Nationals down. Should be a very interesting last couple of innings.

As I wrote that, Cormier gave up the game-tying hit to Zimmerman. That's where no decent RH set-up man will get you, Pat Gillick. You have to leave in Cormier because Franklin sucks. And now he's facing Soriano, no less. What a mismatch. I can't look...

Well, he managed to get Soriano out, but in no way should he have been in there facing him in that situation. That's a joke, and that's no knock on Manuel. Tell me all you want about the bullpen ERA. There is no viable late-inning right-handed relief pitching, and that is a serious, crucial flaw on this team, perhaps the very biggest right now.

Thank God for the Internet. I'm watching ESPN Sportscenter, trying to read the Phillies score in the bottom of the screen scrawl and all they want to talk about is Shaq's poor free throwing ability or World Cup scores.

What happened to Myers? Six runs in three innings? Arrgghh!

Okay, it's time for the Antique Rhodes Show. Everybody ready? (What do you mean, you have better things to do on a Friday night?)

Okay, Rhodes survived the eighth. Now, who do you suppose will pitch the ninth if the Phillies don't score?

franklin is my hero

throws some junk but still looks nasty for a little lefty. Delivery reminds me of Dennis Cook

why isn't this guy even ever mentioned as a guy to call up...way to swing at the 1st pitch Jimmy...way to cover up for Jimmy, Wheels...its ok we all understand he wants to hit a HR

Its only the 10th inning? WTF are they talking about? Don't these guys make serious $ but cant play (A GAME) for an extra inning?

Franklin for a 2nd inning? GAME OVER !!!

Unfortunately, I agree. Be thankful you got one useful inning out of him.

Why in god's name is Soriano bunting with a man in scoring position...?!

Maybe i'm stupid but aren't closer supposed to come into games like this ???

In back to back games his ERA is 10.75...i feel encouraged that he'll make it through the 10th! How about u?

If you're the visiting team, the closer doesn't come in unless the team gets the lead in extras. Which I don't think is the way to go, but hey.

The end is nigh. Just get it over with, Ryan.

No this team needs this win . The closer had to come in when Franklin is in trouble...this is riduculous...Challey plays everything by the book too much

Man, bases loaded, 1 out. Can we atleast warm up another pitcher so we could have the option of bringing someone in??

Franklin will probably take Brito's spot...can u imagine watching this for 5 innings when he starts next week....and our announcers complain about Trachsel taking too much time on the mound

Can you believe it? He got out of it! Now cut his sorry ass!

The Phillies appear to be unusually charmed this evening. Good job by Franklin to somehow get weak grounders out of Vidro and Johnson wth the bases loaded. On to the eleventh life, I mean inning.

I sure do hope Chally brings Franklin out for a 3rd inning. Maybe even allow him to hit for himself in the half inning when he's due up!!! GO CHALLY Ur the Man!

BTW - I heard his fiancee is actually like 30 years younger and pretty hott actually.

Anyone see Utley's GF - Unbelievable and Burrell's ex is Natlie Gulbis a Golfer who is spectacular

Can't you just see Charlie running Franklin back out there, ala Madson against the Muts?

Well...who else has he got? I guess we're about to see.

2 at bats = 2 pitchs ...what a leadoff hitter should do! Jesus f'ing christ...with the way utley is hitting all you have to do is get on base ahole and your in scoring position and can then bring in Gordon to close out the game. Now we have to bring in Condrey & prey he can get out of an inning so we can try we have any other SS prospects that can actually play the game the right way?

Condrey is in. I would have lost that bet.

Oh, Condrey. I'll take it. It already feels like they lost this game awhile ago, so what the hell.

Hey, lay off Jimmy. That ball probably would have been out in Philly. He gave it a good ride. And had it gone out, would you have cared if he swung at the first pitch?

No not Greg but it me or doesn't he look just like M. Maddox

It's you.

yes I would have gotten on Jimmy because I have for the last 4 years about this issue and I think more people should. He gets a free ride while Burrell is a whipping boy

Hey...Burrell is still in the game! 2-3-4 hitters due in the 12th, could be now or never.

Rollins gets a free ride?...say, you're new to this site, aren't ya.

Utley just swung at the first pitch. So let's hear you ream him out, now.

Utley is still up and its 3-2 count...he can swing at the first pitch if he feels as long as he hits .300 with 30 hrs and compared to JRoll .250 6hr and 45rbi

Funny that utley leading the team in runs scored don't u think and not JROLL

Too bad the Phils didn't call up Sanches instead of Roberson...

Well, it's gonna be Condrey on out. At least it's not Franklin. Afternoon game tomorrow, by the way. Good times!

Vintage dunk shot by Byrd. Here we go again.

Condrey could really use a K here...

Hoo boy. I'd leave that helmet on in the dugout, Damien Jackson.

Look out...Frank Robinson's pissed. Let's hope he stays that way.

damn right teach these spoiled rich brats a lesson and make em bunt when the game is on the line. I'm sure Jackson will say the manager dissed him or something after the game


Oh well. At least we didn't have to wait 16 innings for them to lose tonight.

But was there ever a doubt RSB? I don't know what if worse, Manuel allowing his relievers (Geary, Cormier, & Rhodes) to go 1 inning in a game when the Nats were handing it to the Phils (and then when the Phils fight back, they have to rely on Franklin and Condrey for more than one inning), or the fact that the Nats bullpen retired 17 in a row after Burrell's homer...

No, there was never really a doubt since every single batter from the 9th inning on went up there swinging for the fences and would have just continued to do so. Even though they'd hit three homers earlier in the game, RFK is not a homerun park; it was a matter of time before the game resulted in a loss.

I stayed up and watched the entire game...ugh! Phillies are teasers, they play well, then play like crap. Tonight was actually a good game with the come back and all, but to have yet another 1 run late inning loss hurts that much more.

I agree with whoever said about Manuel's bullpen management early in the game that lead to team to rely on Franklin and Condrey. The bullpen's ERA may be low, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

By the way, why the hell is Cops & Roberson back with the team?

Brito was sent down and Roberson was called up. Sanchez will be called up if Lieberthal goes back on the DL (which is looking likely).

As he has hit dramatic homeruns to give the Phillies a late lead in two consecutive games, I, RickSchuBlues, vow not to utter a negative word about Pat Burrell for thirty (30) days.

RSB- 30 day repreive for your whipping boy...nice, respectable vow.

Maybe if the Phillies ever get into 1st I'll stop tagging Manuel with some much blame...nah, doubt it!

Good win today, Phils really needed to bounce back and not go in another tailspin. Hopefully Hamels can dominate tomorrow.

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