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Thursday, June 29, 2006


rather than go out and get a proven pitcher way to go we deal for a midgit 22 yr old! Good job Stand Pat! Great move, don't worry we traded away Elizardo Ramirez a few years back because he was too frail now look at him - he's an above average pitcher. So now we have an even smaller verizon of him. It always make sense to trade away a young 22 yr old lefty for a midgit!

this move is stupid!!! haigwood is a prospect, and should be given a chance to grow within the phillies system. trading him for a relief pitcher, and an unproven one at that, is just stupid!!! i really hate the phillies brass sometimes!

I totally fail to see the upside of this deal. I saw Haigwood pitch at Reading and was impressed with him. I can't believe they basically 'gave' him away.

As I wrote over at my place, I think time will tell on this one.

5-7? He was 5-8 back in December 2005, according to an article quoted in the thread before this one. If he's shrinking at the rate of an inch every six months, or 2 inches a year, in a few years he'll make a great pinch hitter a la Eddie Gaedel.

If he's shrinking at the rate of 1 inch per blog post, he'll be ready for that pinch hit duty by the all-star break.

And speaking of all-stars, does every minor league player get named to the all-star teams, or is it just the ones the Phillies don't want?

I agree with theragtopguy. I have seen Haigwood pitch several times in Reading and he was good. His walk to strikeout ratio is good. You have to realize his record isn't the best but that is only because Reading has no run support. Until they cleaned house a few weeks ago almost everyone on the team was batting under .200.

I definitely don't think Haigwood was going to be on the Phillies by the end of the year but he would be at AAA and they would be able to pull him up next year. At this point you would think they would be looking at next year anyway. (Sad thing is the Phillies are always looking for next year.)

I'm amazed at this deal. At the very least, use Haigwood with Abreu or Burrell to get a real pitcher.

I totally agree. I don't think they should have traded him but if they had to trade him it should have been in a package deal to get a proven pitcher. Not one more guy to add to the roster that we dont know much about and a guy that we are all going to be praying does something. Why get a guy that is on the fence. If he does good everyones gonna say well maybe hes good. If he does bad they will say yah well I didn't expect much out of him anyway. I'm really tired of biting all of my nails off praying for the next scrub to be the savior.

I'm beginning to think the Phillies should adopt Rob Schneiders Quote in The WaterBoy.

I'm really close to the Haigwood situation and I CAN NOT find a reason for this trade. Philly need starters at every level and instead pick up a 5'7" tool. This is why ya'll are bad every year.

How do you get to the conclusion that Haigwood is a "junkballer"????

recently saw a kid from toms river n.j.
that throws real hard,clocked in the 90's
bats right and left,good speed.hit homers to lead the league.if you talk to other players and coaches they all no him..
his name is paul rosario//another david right.i just think clubs around the metro area should be looking alittle closer.i believe he will be playing for brookdale community college this year.

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