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Friday, June 23, 2006


Boy, Gillick sure goes after the hot names. Anyone with an ERA under 5.00 is apparently off-limits for consideration.

That said, this *is* his first move since the Dellucci trade. Hallelujah.

Exciting news indeed... Probably will be on the team for the next 3 years...

John Sickels has done an update of the Phillies top prospects here:

Most of them are disappointments. (It's a great site, by the way.)

You know your pitching is horrible when you pick up Rick White. If your a pitcher and you get waived by the Reds, you know you suck. This is the kind of move that GM Thomas you to make during the mid-to-late 90s. Hope we don't return to those glory days.

Over 35......check

Career ERA over 4.50......check

At least 8 MLB teams.......check

My bad, his career ERA is 4.31...

Like wow man, I'm underwhelmed.

Typical Phils pickup.

Why the need to give Dubee a new deal ? Is he is such demand ? By the way, I would hope that Gillick has enough connections to start getting rid of the some of the old guard and getting competent baseball people in the organization. I haven't seen much (or any) of this so far.

Help me understand this minor, minor move. How is White an improvement over Condrey, Sanches, Yoel Hernandez, ... ? I just don't see the point.

its the 4th inning. Are you ready for Wheels and Graham and the "Excuses Innings" as i call them. By the time the 4th hits in most games the phils are down just like this and the only thing they can do is make excuses for everyone's mistakes. Its terrible..oh by the way White is a Stooge!

why the F do we have Bell on this team and don't have Youkilis? I know the Red Sox were trying to give him to the phillies last year at one point.

Funny someone mentioned the Wheels & Graham excuse innings because that's exactly what they did. On that play that David "Fairy Feet" Bell cutoff J-Roll and let the ball bounce off the side of the glove Wheels came up with 3 different excuses for him. It disgusts me! What disgusts me even more is that crap is ruled a hit. I'm pretty confident J-Roll would have thrown the runner out at first because he was set up perfectly to do so. Then a play later Bell lets one go through his legs...I hate him!

I think the ESPN report was referring to the Phillies signing Michael Dubee (Rich's son), their 18th round pick in this year's draft. It's a great sign for the Phillies as the younger Dubee is a highly thought of prospect heading into the draft who slid much further than expected due to doubts that he would sign.

Any guy who beats his wife in public is not a man. Trade the bum. He ought to be worth two decent pitchers and, more importantly, decent men.

When you're bad, you look to get younger. You only get older if you're sniffing the postseason. Even a bloodhound couldn't sniff the playoffs for this bunch.

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