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Friday, June 30, 2006


Good post, I would only differ on one point. Maybe it is time to see what Coste can do at third, he has the hot bat, and you can always sub in Nunez for D in later innings.

You know what, I'm a lifelong diehard Phillies fan, but at this moment, I hate the phillies. Not only do they truly, desperately stink right now (one good start is a way to "build momentum?!?"), and not only is a wife beater on the payroll, and not only did they trot him out there for a start 2 days after being arrested, and not only did they try to defend themselves by actually saying that "well, he's our best pitcher", and not only is Ruben Amaro Jr the heir apparent for the GM job, and not only are we stuck with no 3B (arguably a crucial offensive and defensive position) and no C (perhaps the most important defensive position), but now, they've gone out and traded Daniel Haigwood (a lefty pitching prospect in AA, who just got named for the AA allstar team) for a 5'6" reliever named Fabio. No trades for a catcher, no trades for a 3B, no trades for a starter... just another trade for a weird (physically short) player that only teams like the Phillies trade lefty pitching prospects for.

Prediction on Benero tonight's line tonight:

4.1 ING 5 R 4 ER 7 H 3 BB 3 K

I just wonder how much company BS Amaro will be able to spew if he becomes the GM. One can only imagine how he spins things.

I hate Foghorn.

J. Rollins ss
D. Dellucci dh
C. Utley 2b
B. Abreu rf
R. Howard 1b
A. Rowand cf
S. Victorino lf
D. Bell 3b
S. Fasano c

Holy smokes, that's our starter tonight? I remember him from the Lucky Charms commercials. Tell me he wouldn't look perfect with a little green shamrock hat on.

Living out here in the michigan, I was so excited planning this trip to see the Phils in Toronto tomorrow and Sunday.

Now after the 4 runs after 1/3 inning so far (and more to come it seems)..not so much.

Oh yeah and the Toronto announcers just said Bell was a "very good fielder."

Scouting report on Adam Bernero: He's a 29-year-old righty journeyman with a lifetime ERA of 5.91 in 361 IP. He was signed as non-drafted FA out of a community college so there's not a lot of raw stuff. His career K/BB ratio is brutal. Which is why he's someone you'd turn to only in desperation.

Indeed. This guy is quite charmed. Game over in the first inning.

Wow. This guy is so bad you would almost think the Royals cut him!

Most teams will get dirt lucky with pitchers like this from time-to-time. They get brought in out of necessity, pitch one or two surprising starts, then go away when they inevitably run out of luck.

Not the Phillies. NEVER the Phillies.

Might as well leave this guy in to take a beating as long as his arm will last..16-3 sound about right?

I write too soon. 22-3

Look who's warming up... it's FABIO to the rescue!!!

I think I'm going to go throw up now.

I'm not angry anymore. It's beyond pathetic what this team is doing. And why is Shane so far down in the line-up?

Come on, everyone, this is now down right hysterical now. Keep on losin', Fightin's, please keep on losing. RED MEANS WE SUCK!

Meanwhile, Moose has a no-no through four in New York.

This episode of Phollies Baseball is brought to you by Pat Gillick. You know, the man with the plan!

(Keep the faith, suckers!)

Well, everybody including the KC Royals knew that Bernero stinks. Everybody, that is, except the Phillies who had to see for themselves. Please note that he had been rejected by both the reigning worst team in MLB and the previous holder of that title. This is one type of player the brass should be "keeping an eye on" -- to make sure he doesn't end up on your team.

I would like to get a freeze frame of him standing on the mound, eyes raised skyward as he watches one of those home runs head up and out. If one picture is worth a thousand words, that picture would depict Phillies pitching in 2006.

I vaguely remember the quote when Bernero was claimed off waivers. It was the first cousin of "our scouts had their eye on him for some time." I believe it was "several teams had interest and we were fortunate to get him."

I was out with my daughters seeing Superman Returns only to see the Phils losing 8-0 after five innings. I had a much better time at the movies. I put Bernero inthe Brito category...guys that I don't ever want to see start for the Phillies again.

Fans go after the manager and GM. The newspapers, specifically Conlin and Hagen, have attacked the team president and ownership. Out-of-town publications have questioned our player development. I'm on a mission to shake down our scouts.

no question, jason. whoever these people are that keep feasting their eyes on other people's garbage and continuously rounding up the rats living in that garbage need to be thrown out on their own. most of the time, when i throw criticiam at the front office, its because of the player development & scouting. the phillies are so bad at it. its like one modern art masterpiece after another.

I think the front office of sports teams are almost like good old buy clubs, where its more important that they like you than if you are really any good. An example from down in New Orleans was when the Saints hired Randy Mueller to be the GM. He was great, he hired Jim Haslett as coach. He was a wheeler dealer, had his own radio show and was accessable to the public. They made the playoffs almost immediately and won their only ever playoff game. About a year later, the owner fired Mueller for reasons that were never articulated very well. It is suspected that Mueller would do deals and tell the owner after the fact. Ego got in the way and the Saints lost their great GM and have beeing losing ever since.

I get the impression that the Phillies are like this. They have guys that the owners like, regardless of effectiveness.

Same results...the team loses a lot.

Talent appraisal has been the Phillies' Achilles' heel for some time now. It results in longterm contracts for the wrong people, undervaluing good prospects and trading them away, overvaluing others and paying too much to get them, failing to identify the proper role for your developing players (starter, closer, leadoff, etc), and failing to identify the true weaknesses on your team.

The Phillies have some players with value that they can trade at the deadline, including Myers if they decide to go that route. My fear is that they will not get equal value in return, or that they will get players and prospects that do not fill the holes in the roster. At this stage, the Phillies should not be trading relievers for relievers. What's the point? And they should certainly not be trading away any minor league pitching prospects, period.

If they cannot get starting pitching, a catcher or a 3B, they shouldn't be making any trades except to move crippling contracts.

Of course, how can you evaluate your players if they don't play?
Let's take David Bell. He's adding absolutely no value to this team. None. I defy CM to give one reason why this guy should be a regular.
He's got a $4.7 mil contract that runs out this season. If I'm Gillick, I make one complete round of phone calls and see if anyone at all is interested. If so, I get what I can for him.
If no one is interested, I release him. Close the book and move on. The money is gone anyway. All Bell is doing right now is taking up a roster spot for someone who might contribute something if given a chance to play. That might be Coste, Nunez, Roberson, Ruiz, or someone else, but it's better than keeping Bell in the lineup for no reason other than organizational inertia. If the Phillies were playing well, you might argue to not mess with a winning combination, but this team is broken already.

I do not know enough about baseball organizations to say whether the problem is with the scouts or with the managers and coaches that the Phillies employ throughout their minor league system. The Phillies do seem to find and sign some promising young prospects. But they never seem to break through with the big club. Were the scouts wrong? Or was their development mishandled after the Phillies got their hands on them?

Certainly for players in other organizations you must rely on your scouts. Maybe Gillick should check out some other teams' bloggers before making any deals. You can probably get more detailed and accurate profiles on the players than from the Phillies scouts sitting in the stands with a notepad.

On the positive side Gillick's new bullpen acqusitions (Castro & White) really put out the fire tonight. Too bad the building had already burnt down.

Recently relocated to SF and really want to go the Phils-Giants game in July. Just have a hard time justifying going to see the Phils right now.

From the Inky: Bernero was replaced in the third inning by 5-foot-7 lefthander Fabio Castro, who was acquired from Texas on Thursday. On the area of the center-field scoreboard that keeps pitch counts, Castro was listed as unknown until Blue Jays officials were told who he was.

Did I mention how this is all *hysterical* now?

2006: The Year of Fabio Unknown.

MG, I hear ya. I've been contemplating making the drive over to San Diego to see them play in a couple weeks, which up until recently was an exciting idea. Now, I'm wondering if I should go with a bag over my head, if at all.

It's kind of hard to blame opposition announcers for assuming David Bell is a good-fielding third baseman. They must look at his feeble offensive numbers and think, well, there must be *some* reason why they keep running him out there.

Good ol' boy network? Who, the Phillies? Bill Dancy has only been a member of the organization since time began. John Vukovich, Dallas Green, Ruben Amaro? They sure wouldn't know what you're talking about, Fred.

Some who get huffy about my intolerance for Gillick's ineffectiveness would do well to take a good, hard look at tonight's starting pitcher and then consider whether after Ricardo Rodriguez, after Ryan Franklin, after Sal Fasano, after the twin-killing of Alex Gonzalez and Abraham Nunez, and now after the crowning acquisition of Adam Bernero, they still have any illusions about the prize GM's judgment to see them into a new era - or if they still want to focus on the contracts he inherited and say we can't begin to judge him until after the next president is elected.

I don't know why I feel like defending the Phillies at this moment, but I will say this. As much as Bernero sucked tonight, it wasn't the worst idea ever to give him a start. As Jason said, other (yes, i know, other) teams get lucky with guys like this sometimes. And his numbers in the minors (yes, i know, in the minors) were pretty good for the Phillies teams. So it made sense to give him a chance what with other starters failing, injuries, etc. And claiming guys off waivers, while unlikely to land anyone special, can sometimes work out. David Ortiz, for example. I know that is a silly comparison. But apparently this Bernero made a handful of quality starts for the Braves before imploding, and that's all we'd have needed from him before Leiber or Wolf or someone comes to take his place. But it didn't work out. If the season wasn't a lost cause already, it wouldn't have been a big deal. We'd move on. I know we're sucking, but his particular loss I somehow forgive.

Seth - I agree that the Phils had to start Benero tonight. Sometimes you just have to throw a guy to the lions. Rather him than another young kid like Mathieson who looks like a deer in the headlights.

Ortiz analogy is ridiculous though. Ortiz signing was probably Epstein's best move to date. Funny thing was that Ortiz didn't play much the first couple of months in Boston due to Jeremy Giambi at DH and Kevin Millar at 1B. Talk about throwing away ABs

Sad thing is that bringing in White and Castro may be necessary since this team is going to destroy their bullpen arms if they keep up this pace.

Look at projected numbers for the guys in middle relief:
-Geary 76 G, 82 ING
-Fultz 64 G, 82 ING
-Franklin 71 G, 81 ING

Even Rhodes and Gordon are projected to 65-70 ING. Just too many innings. At best they will be ineffective by August and at the worst someone will get hurt.

I definitely say they dangle Rhodes, Cormier, and Gordon. Rhodes and Cormier won't get anything spectular but they could bring in some help for next season at 3B or C. Might even get a decent prospect or two.

If Gillick is savvy at all, he will dangle Gordon and see what he gets back. Several teams in playoff contention (Dodgers, Giants, DBacks, Astros, Tigers, Mariners, Rangers) might be willing to offer something pretty good for a closer has a great year with alot of playoff experience. In fact, Gordon is probably the Phils best asset to trade considering his contract and his experience.

I love what Flash has done as closer for the Phillies this season, but a team that sucks so bad and just doesn't win enough, doesn't really need a lights-out closer like Gordon. He could really bring in some blue chip prospects in another month via trade, or even some young Major League ready talent. The Dodgers system is stacked with positional players, I'd love to see a Kemp, Ethier, etc. come here via trade.
I want to see a lot of players moved, because losing is losing, and if we're going to lose anyway, I'd rather see young kids out there fighting their asses off! So good bye Burrell, Abreu, Rhodes, Cormier, Lidle, Dellucci, Bell, and possibly even Gordon and Rowand. I'm telling you, if Gillick just balls-up and finally comes to the sensible conclusion that this team just doesn't have what it takes to contend and starts trading, the Phillies could stand to get a lot of talent in return and possibly contend in '07 or '08.
Hamels and Mathieson are getting their lumps, but they'll probably be fine. There is also some good young pitchers in Double AA and Single A right now...let's get the youth movement moving!!!

Not exactly a youth movement, but I'd rather see these two dudes play than other scrubs...Joe Thurston and Bobby Scales. I'm starting the Bobby Scales for starting 3B job campaign right now! Banish Bell!!!

tsn Canada assessed Bernero like this...
"Career potential: Can stick around on a bad team in the back of the rotation or long relief."

Ouch. How about 8th starter on a bad team.

drama queen: I feel your pain, but don't let your emotions trump logic. The Phillies have a very weak minor league system.
George S had an excellent post above about how bad the Phillies talent evaluators are. Trading for the sake of trading is always a mistake and in the case of Bell, there are no takers. Replacing solid vets like Burrell and Abreu with "prospects" who will never be as good makes no sense. If the Phillies can get proven young talent in a trade for a vet, fine. But do not look to this farm system for salvation. It ain't there.

well, at least we answered the age-old question: what would be worse than a ryan frankling start? Adam Bernero.

"The Phillies have a very weak minor league system" - that is why they should trade as many of the guys on this team (except howard, utley, hamels) as they can. i don't think "drama queen" is calling for burrell or abreu to be replaced by micheal bourn or greg goldon, but rather trade the older players with bigger contracts for younger, cheaper players and pitchers. we can't just hold on to these players who have proven that together they won't win and wait for young help, because it probably isn't there. phils need organizational depth.

also, i want bobby scales!!! get that fairy-tossing gus bell wannabe out of here.

should say "greg golson"...

Now did you hear the rumors delucci is on his way back to the Rangers? Now I am TOTALLY convinced they have pictures of Gillick doing something with a horse.

A whole ballgame and no comments on this blog. The faithful have better things to do when the team loses. Happy Independence Day.

zero runs versus ty taubenheim?!

from a few out of first to a few out of last in the matter of a month. this is one of the worst stretches in recent phillies history. i feel like i did during the tito francona days. it's time for heads to roll.

also note the jays started 5 guys hitting over .300, with their best hitter vernon wells on the bench, and their 7-8-9 all are over .278, the worst average belonged to the burrel-like troy glaus (.252 22HR.) the phils only .300 hitter is reserve OF dellucci...

Clout- if you actually read my post I said the pitching was good in our minor and to trade our verteran losers for positional prospects. So, don't go telling me about "emotions trumping logic", because I should say to you, don't let being illerate trump reading...check yourself before you wreck yourself!

*Stub, you're my boy!

Drama Queen: OK let's look at exactly what you said and I'll let the thread decide if it was emotions or logic:
"good bye Burrell, Abreu, Rhodes, Cormier, Lidle, Dellucci, Bell, and possibly even Gordon and Rowand."

You're my best witness!

Sigh. Another day, another loss. I have to admit that I am quickly losing interest in this season. There are just no real interesting developments with this team. Besides Hamels, there isn't one rookie worth following in August or Sept.

The only thing to look forward to might be the trading deadline and see if anything positive really develops.

Clout- what's wrong with saying good bye to Burrell, Abreu, Rhodes, Cormier, Lidle, Dellucci, Bell, and possibly even Gordon and Rowand? Burrell, Abreu, Gordon, Rowand could land some prime prospects or MLB-ready talent. This season is shot! The current squad just can't get it done. Look at the Marlins, they decided to start over and their young team is already starting to turn the corner 1/2 way through the 1st year of a rebuilding phase. The Phillies have all these veterans on the team and we aren't even ahead of the Rookie Marlins in the standings...time to trade these guys away. I like Burrell, I like Abreu, I like Gordon...but what good is a 10+ million dollar player doing this team if we're constantly losing?! So, Clout, it seems to me you just want to hang on thinking that talent will get this team to the promise land...well it hasn't and it won't! Abreu is extremely talented, but it's time he go! So if that's my emotions speaking for me...I'm going to have to argue that my emotions are logical!

Drama Queen: Honestly I share your pain. I just think it's unrealistic to expect a windfall of quality prospects in exchange for virtually every useful player on the team. Even if the Phillies talent evaluators were topnotch -- which they aren't -- prospects are risky.
You may recall that Scott Rolen & Curt Schilling were each traded for a package of prospects & young major leaguers. There was some excitement at the time of those trades about Bud Smith, Placido Polanco, Travis Lee, Omar Daal, Vicente Padilla, the package of young players we got. I have no doubt we could get equivalent packages for Burrell and Abreu. With the same result.

Clout- I respect your rebuttal. I can only hope if the Phils do start trading off players, that the don't do a bone-headed Rolen or Schilling style deal where we basically get nothing. Who knows?!

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