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Saturday, June 03, 2006


It'd be way too depressing (there's that word again) if it all came full circle and the Phillies traded for Bruce Chen again.

Two gems from Charlie Manuel appeared in the papers today:

"I think by the end of the year we're not going to be in last place. How about that? That's a strong prediction. I won't let that happen. How about that? I'll do something."

That's the kind of determination we all want to hear. And:

"We've got to change those question marks. We've got to turn them into exclamation points or something."

How about ellipses?

I read that "Last place" comment also. I believe he was referring to an item earlier in the article that stated that the Phils were last in the NL in RISP. I really can't even interpret it as being related to the Standings.

I think what we all need to take from Manuel's comments is that the man is a bumbling idiot. I know people will tell me to shut up and say it's not Manuel's fault, but it is partially his fault, along with players and the organization. Anyway, Manuel didn't really do anything that great yet as a Phillies manager, he only added 2 wins last season and this year they're stumbling yet again. He's not a difference maker as a coach...wait I take that back, he makes a difference...a negative one!

I didn't interpret it that way, but even so it's still a head-scratching comment. Who cares if you finish last or you finish 11th in the league? How does he propose to do something about the numbers with RISP? Make violent threats to the players while they stand in the on-deck circle? "Rollins, if you don't get a hit here I'm gonna come out there and, uh, rock your world. How about that?"

"Starting pitching is at its lowest point in years". Exactly. The way I figured it (at least 20 starts, park/league Adj. ERA at least 95), the Phils had four league starters last year-Lidle, Lieber, Myers, and Padilla. This year no one other than Myers is league-average so far, I'd assume. So, considering how much they need hitting, it's imperative that they resolve the leadoff situation (play Victorino more, Rowand the human time-bomb less) and get some bench help. They need hitting more than they need Rowand's glove, especially since Victy is an adequate CF. The Phillies will never do it, because Rowand is such a fan favorite. But the only way this team is going anywhere this year is to try to be the best offense in the league. It won't happen with Rowand playing every day and Rollins hitting lead-off.

I really want Brito to pitch well today for numberous reasons, but the biggest reason is the Phillies starting rotation needs it. 2nd reason, I've gone out on a limb and called for this guy over the past week or so instead of Floyd. We all know Floyd is horrible, and it will be hard for Brito to be worse, but if he throws a stinker today I will be forced to eat my words. By the way 6ip and 4r is not a stinker, that's Lidle.

John, why do you insist on clinging to the notion that Rowand is some kind of offensive liability? He's hitting .303 with 7 HR and 21 RBI in 40 games. Over a full season that projects to 28 HR/84 RBI. Think you can live with that?

Jason, You have been right on concerning Madsen this year. Nice work.

Ya, that Rowand comment is mystifying, Vic is a nice player, but Rowand is the best everyday player we added this year.

I say Vic leads off when he spells Abreu or Burrell, but playing him everyday in place of Rowand is not an answer.

There's the Brito we all know... Ugh...

That sound you hear, other than the blistering crack of the Dodgers' bats, is the telephones ringing off the hook in the other 29 GM's offices.

Phils in big trouble ...

Did everyone hear that Aaron Rowand back to Chicago for Jon Garland rumor?

What a disaster. They should send Coste back down for even more RP help.

I'd assume that's a rumor which originated in Chicago.

With Penny going for the Dodgers ... well, enjoy the rest of your Saturday gentlemen.

Kevin Kennedy talked about it on FOX. It sounded like a Chicago rumor.

Or they could send Coste down and give Mathieson or Gonzalez a shot at the rotation, but of course when do the Phils ever really call someone up from AA...

I don't even think the Phils are foolish enough to trade Rowand.

hey our starting staff in a few weeks will probably include the likes of Brito, Condrey, and the much heralded Seung Hak Lee! I can't wait to see our really awesome Triple A talent!!!! I really can't see Madson staying in the rotation much longer he and these other guys who only go 5 innings kill the entire staff and brings the team down as a whole

Mike Drago, who covers the Reading Phillies, says they are absolutely not ready.

Did he say in what way they are not ready?

RSB was right, Brito is obviously not the answer. I so desperately wanted him to be, but he is not. I know it was only 1 inning, but I doubt he'll be anything better than Floyd, probalby about the same. Oh well, have to wait and see.

By the way, since when is a missed pop-up a base hit. I'm sorry but that should have been an error on Utley, and the play before that Utley saved Howard from yet another error.

Not only do I not want to see Rowand go right now, I would hate to see Garland arrive. He started last season on fire, but then cooled off, and is not pitching well this season. His career totatls aren't anything great.

Garland has been involved in a lot of trade rumors (to Dodgers, Padres, Rangers, Angels). GM Ken William apparently wants to move one of his starters.

Ok listening to these 2 morons calling the game. And the one makes a comment about how great the phillies have been at making deals which help both teams and brings up the Polanco trade....what the frig is he talking about? All we got was a OJ wanna be in the trade who IS in Jail! Who cares that it freed up Utley to play. The correct move would have been to keep Polanco and put him at 3rd. That way we could get rid of our stiff at 3rd base.

I hate to rest my hopes on Wolf (since he is coming off an injury), but when is he due back?

There's a link to his blog on the right, Jon. You'll find the article somewhere on there.

Thanks Weitzel.

don't diss David Bell (stiff), some people on here want him back yet again next season...crazy huh?

Drago thinks Gonzalez is not ready, but maybe Mathieson could work.

"Now, if you're going to take someone from the Double-A staff . . . . it would be Scott Mathieson, a physically imposing right-hander just coming into his own at 22. I'm not suggesting the Phillies move him up right now, but if you're going to throw something to the wall and hope it sticks, throw out Mathieson's name."

I have been force feed the lines that this is the year its going to happen for this group of scrubs for like 4 years now. But every year its the same problem.

Defense especially this year is pathetic. We have no catcher who can play including Fasano. Stop telling me he calls a good game. I've seen nothing that this guy does any different than our other $8 million / yr guy behind the plate. And everyone critizes Lieby for his defense. Then we got Howard at 1st who is absolutely killing us with his horrendous play out there. 2nd base - utley - remember his downfall when called up? It was his defense which has been swept under the carpet because he can hit but no one recognizes that he is terrible at getting balls when going to his right and takes forever to get rid of the ball on DP's. SS -Rollins - he's ok but nothing special. 3rd base - Bell - terrible nothing else needs to be said. LF - Burrell - He can't move out there plain and simple. He's always praised for his assists out there when getting guys out when trying to turn singles into doubles but most of them are only singles because Pat can't get to the ball in the 1st place. CF - Rowand - he's a gamer but remember he's on a 1 yr contract - so he's gone next year. RF - Abreu - Do i even have to mention Ms. Pinkston.

Hitting - when will the organization realize this lineup has been disfunctional for 4 years mainly because of our leadoff hitter who does not get on base then we have 3 automatic outs at the bottom of the order which kills at least 3 innings per game for potential rallies.

Pitching - I'm 30 years old and i can't remember the last time they had a staff of more than 1 "good" pitcher. And when i say "good" i don't necessarily even mean mediocre. Lets go back to the Mimbs, Grace, Sebra, Loewer, Juden, Beech days!! WHOAH! Even '93 had only 1 really good pitcher in Schilling and he wasn't even considered a Starter coming into that season . The who organization is a joke and i'm longing for August and the
E A G L E S !!!!

they wont call up Gonzalez or Matheieson because it will give them major league experience and make them closer to arbitration years according to Eskin. He's always bringing that reason up about how cheap these owners are and baby the prospects including Utley and Howard who didn't get to play everyday until both were 26

So Brito comes up, fouls off 4 pitches, and draws a walk on the 9th pitch thrown to him, then our "lead-off man" comes in and hits into a DP on the second pitch.

Does anyone coach these guys? Maybe we should call up the manager from AAA!

Screw the Go root for the Eagles on another board, this is Phillies baseball. I love to complain how bad the Phillies suck just as much as any other fan, but never do I want to hear the Eagles mentioned on here.

No way Rollins should be leadoff. I want him in the lineup, but 6/7/8, not 1st. Yet another reason why this club falters. Big fricken list!

We all try to come up with the answers on here, but seriously, what the hell are the Phillies going to do about this crappy rotation? Myers is a keeper and is becoming a legit ace. Lidle would be great as a #4 or 5 starter, and Hamels may be good, but let's face it, the guys is ALWAYS injured. Madson, Floyd, and now Brito don't look like an answer. Rushing guys from Reading isn't smart in most occasions. I don't want crap like Bruce Chen or Jon Garland. Lieber is bad this year, and isn't back for at least 3 weeks. Wolf can't be counted on, it's simply just not fair to. What are they going to do?!

why you so pissed off about some guy posting about the Eagles on here? Jesus we're all Philadelphia Sports Fans. Can't we all just get along?

I just get fed up with the Eagles chant. Save it for Eagles games and Eagles' blogs. I love baseball and that's what I'm here to talk about.

Yeah, Rollins should not be leading off at this point. I would dump Manuel. He can't think outside of the box to save his managerial life. Can anyone tell me why he should stay? Cause the players like him? What kind of real reasoning is that...

Is Preston Wilson really Mookie Wilson's son?

Manuel should go, not just because he makes poor moves and doesn't "think outside the box", but because players respond to change, and it's obvious a change needs to be made. The Phillies' woes aren't all Manuel's fault, but he's part of it!

ok this is how i would solve the rotation option our great OLD GM and Manager will come up with will be putting Franlin whom both these Old Farts love into the rotation and we'll be told how great he was in spring training because he only had a 3.5 era in spring (facing other teams minor leaguers!LOL).

Then one of the other guys will get hurt... most likely Lidle because the guy's explanation for tiring last time out was being gased because he had to run the bases! Well Cory start running before the games or perhaps u may want to start doing the same workout routine with our Fat Lard Ass #1 starter who won't pitch again this year because he'll come up with some other issues as he eats bon-bons on his couch with his hurt groin. Maybe he hurt his groin conceiving one of his 7 children which i heard the announcers talking about a few weeks back.

Then our moron management will look towards other AL teams which he is familar with and trade for their junk pitchers. Anyone notice that Gillicks trades have all been with AL teams which he had a prior relationship with? Coincidence i think not. Its like the Eagles and their facination with that stupid West Coast Offense and how they can only sign guys from Green Bay.

I can't wait to see Condrey and Sanches today! Yeah they make me hot and bothered when i watch them. Also make me want to go out and buy tickets for the next homestand.

Oh by the way take out that fluky 12 wins in 13 game stretch and the team is 16 - 25 which is .400 ball which is actually worse than Washington, Tampa Bay, Colorado and Seattle who are all considered terrible teams...well i'm looking forward to having a top 5 pick in next years draft. Because we definetly forfeit the pick by signing a Grade 1 Free Agent since we have cheap owners. So look forward to another HS pitcher like Gavin whom we can all hear about for years while he is in the minors and then falls apart when brought up to the big show...btw is anyone actually watching this crap today?

Anytime Brito, Lidle, Madson, or Lieber pitch our Scranto Scrubs better be ready for mop up duty. I would be surprised to see this team win 70 games with the team as presently put together.

I know an improved bench won't make this team a contender, but it will help towards that goal. With Nunez sucking up at bats the bench will continue to struggle. The dude doesn't get balls out of the infield, and hits less than half the pitchers in the NL. Vic and Dell are nice for the bench, other than that...nothing!

But wait, I was told this team has 109 games left the other day and that I was being a drama queen for pointing out their overwhelming deficits. But now it's cool for other's to do so?

when we traded for Delluci most of you morons ripped me a whole new @$$hole when i mentioned his career statistics if you take off last year's anomoly of 29hrs.

I guessed he'd be lucky to hit 5 hrs all year because i only saw the guy as a 1hr every 35 AB guy and would struggle mightely and be upset as a bench / role player. Well I would like an apology from some members of this board. According to some comments he's made lately he's not happy with only pinch hitting and starting one game every other week.

Nunez hasn't been ripped today. So here it goes once again the guy can't hit the ball past the infield! LOL He's a funny little no-talent stealing $2 million for nothing. Hey Abraham, I'll take 3 Taco Supreme Combo Meals and A Pepsi and a side order of Nachos with Cheese as well. Oh wait thats right you can't speak English but been playing baseball here for 6 years...moron

Oh My God, this to this *bumbling idiot!

*denotes Manuel. Why would Fox put him on the air?

I beat you to the punch on the Nunez bash, although you took it to another level with the racial stuff. We don't need to be polically corrent, but no need get that way bro.

where is everyone? i'm talking to myself and this other idiot.

I'm not gonna call you a drama queen CB, but I am not ready to throw in the towel yet.

But something has to give. I think we really need to move one of our corner OFs, throw in a prospect and get a SP and a decent bench bat. That would leave you with a platoon in the OF of Delluci & Vic, and another SP in the rotation.

Could we win a few games in July, Aug and Sept with a rotation like Myers, Wolf, Hamels, Lidle and new guy?

I think so. Now if we could slip some GM a roofie and get him to take Nunez too, that would be a bonus.

"although you took it to another level with the racial stuff. We don't need to be polically corrent, but no need get that way bro."

I second that.

It's not that I'm throwing in the towel, I just want drastic changes to be made. This team has proven it just doesn't get the job done. I like Abreu and Burrell, but if trading them to shake things up and free money and make some sort of improvement, then I'm for it. This team just continues to disappoint. I wish it wasn't so, but it is.

I'm all for being funny and joking around about players, but to make it racial ain't right.

alright, I'll try to take a positive away from this game thus far: condrey once again looks decent. He needs to stay in the bullpen for the foreseeable future.

by the way, we were talking about mark mulder for the rotation next season...dude isn't exactly lights out for the cards.

it's refreshing to see the phils getting 1-hit today...go offense!

Is it just me or were Kenny Albert and Ruben Amaro Jr separated at birth ?

Better sign Bell up today to that 1 year extension...I'm sure other teams can't wait for him to hit the free agent market.

And it's from Rowand who someone on this thread suggested replacing, whos that for irony.

Hey, I'm an idiot, too. Can I get in on the conversation? I promise not to say anything intelligent.

Go JD "Battery" Drew...kill our Phillies!

*my sarcasm meter is in overdrive!

All idiots welcome!

who the hell are all these Dodger rookies? where are the phillies' players like this? oh yeah, they're getting 1-hit today.

Well, that'll do. I'm done.

I hate to say this, but the Dodgers are fun to watch. A good mixture of vets and young guys that play well together.

Well at least we have Myers tomorrow.

alright, I'm sucked! couldn't even get a conversation going on here.

Yeah, the Dodgers are a fun team to watch. They actually have first year players who actually get a chance to play. It took the Phillies half the year to give Utley and Howard their just due...

If you were forming a team with the Phillies talent, who would you want? I think there are about 6 definites, and a handful of servicable players who I would take. Utley, Howard, Rowand, Myers, Gordon, and Hamels are the only definites I would want. I like Burrell and Abreu too, but I really think that one, or both, of them needs to be moved for some kind of starting pitching.

As for players who have no business being on this team, I would quickly rid myself of Nunez, Franklin, and Fasano (after I fired Manuel). I still have no clue why all of them were signed, especially Nunez (there had to be some kind of better option to help motivate Bell). Nunez sucked his entire career with the Pirates before he did "ok" for the Cards last year. If someone sucks for 8 years out of 9, chances are he is going to suck once again. Leave it to the Phils to give him a 2-year deal.

Now to Ryan Franklin... What the hell is he doing on this team? I know we have noted (many times) that he couldn't keep the ball in the park in Seattle, so why the hell would he have half a prayer here in Philly? Mariner fans are still laughing at his signing here. He sucked while on roids, let alone without.

I'd even part with Fasano. I am tired of his circus act. The novelty of Sal's Pals is so tiresome. I would really like to know what his pitcher's ERA is when he catches, cause lately it seems like they have been getting rocked on a consistant basis. Sal is a career minor leaguer. There is a reason he was in the minors 3 straight years before getting a second chance with Baltimore. Throw him anything off speed on the outside of the plate and you can send him back to the dugout.

This team is not very good right now. What is it going to take before Pat fires Charlie or makes some kind of an attempt at a trade...

I am not a big Manuel fan by any stretch but firing him right now will not improve anything. It's not his fault that the Phils just dont have the starting pitching right now.

Gillick will know where this team stands by the end of June. Unfortunately, besides making a minor move to pick up a marginal starting pitcher, as Weitzel suggested, I just don't see any major pitching moves for the Phils to make.

One thing I don't want to see under any circumstance is the Phils bringing up Mathieson, Gonzalez, and Haigwood. They have all shown promise at Reading but all need at least another year in the minors. If they are brought up now, you risk wasting a vital asset that could either develop or be used a chip for a major move.

Carson, Preston Wilson is Mookie's nephew. And good job calling that anonymous, ignorant SOB on his racist comments.

Well, like always we have hope that the Phillies will win today because Myers goes. It's a shame I only have hope for 1 out of every 5 games. Lidle gives me slight hope, but he's not exactly stellar.

I think we can all agree changes need to be made. Most of you know my distain for Manuel, but it's not merely because I can't stand him that I want him fired, it's for the better of the organization. He's part of the change that needs to be made. I'm not saying give up on this season, but start making moves for the now and the future. If that means trading Abreu and/or Burrell then I guess that is what needs to be done. Evaluate what is going to be done with Rowand too, if he's not back next year, let's try to get some OF's beyond Victorino, because Dellucci won't be back next year either, and there is absolutely nothing waiting in Scranton. Franklin and Nunez should just be released, Ruiz needs to serve as back up the rest of the basically Gillick has his hands full. I'd be more than willing to assist him, and I don't even care if they pay me...ha!

RSB-Rowand's career (hitting) numbers are mediocre. Since it's unlikely that all the Phils pitching woes can be fixed without making 4 or 5 deals, I'd rather focus on going from having a good offense to having a great one. The Phils, with perhaps the best heart of the order in baseball, are a leadoff hitter and a 3B away from that great offense. Rollins, over the course of several seasons now, has proven he can't hit leadoff. Rowand should be traded to save payroll (to, one hopes, help get some of that pitching), since Victy is cheap, Rowand relatively expensive. Rowand has a misplaced mystique now bulit around him, for making a stupid play that put him on the DL. It's likely that this will be a pattern with him-he's not someone you can count on. Add offense, win more games, gain payroll flexibilty.

Sorry to barge in but Preston Wilson is Mookie's son. Just wanted to set the record straight. And Carson, you're much too articulate not to know the word is disdain, not distain. a typo?

Manuel has gotten a lot of heat (and rightfully so) and Gillick has gotten some. But what about Rich Dubee and Milt Thompson ? Shouldn't Dubee get some heat about the poor staff ERA and inability to help some of the young pitchers? And shouldn't Thompson be given some heat for the poor situational hitting , and overall lack of production from such a talented group of hitters ? It seems these guys are getting a free pass, whereas in the past Hebner, Gross, and Kerrigan shared some of the blame.

its all over the Sirius baseball shows...Zach Grenke to the Phillies for Floyd! Yes I can't wait take a look at Grenke's stats and they're even worse than Floyd's !!! Plus he hasn't reported to camp yet because of personal issues

Yeah, those assistnat coaches should get some blame too. First Manuel has to go. I don't care if they replace him for the time being with Varsho. Come the end of the season, I would like Varsho replaced, as well as the whole coaching staff. This franchise needs some people from outside of organization to help take the next step. The Phillies are entirely too loyal to their own kind...

Can't hurt taking a look a Greinke. He really can't be THAT much worse than Floyd. Maybe a change of scenery would do him some good. I would gamble on that at this point. I am sick of Floyd and don't care if I see him again for a while.

Greinke was on 60 day DL because of anxiety related psychological issues. Greinke is a real gamble if there is any validity to this rumor.

just heard the latest on the proposed trade. Its not a straight up trade as the other guy said. Its involving 3 teams phillies, royals and marlins and talk about the yankees getting in as well for a 4th team is possible.

Looks like royals have been scouting at Reading and Lakewood and Clearwater the past few weeks. Royals are looking for serious young help while trying to get rid of Zach. He is having serious issues dealing with the stress of the game and being forced into their rotation at 20 and going through the 18 losses and riduculous year he had last.

Phils send Floyd and two young A ball prospects think one of them is a 3rd baseman they drafted last year in the early rounds to Royals. Royals then send Greinke and Gordon along with a low grade A Ball prospect to the phillies who then in turn keep Gordon and trade Greinke and the other prospect along with Mathieson, Haigwood and Ruiz to Florida for Dontrelle. In the end the Phillies end up with Willis and Gordon for Floyd, Haigwood, Mathieson and A Ball prospect. Florida also gives up 2 minor leaguers rated in their top 10 by Basbeball America to KC.

Yankees are being bantered about as well but i'm not sure how they even fit into this picture because they only want major league ready and tested players while their farm system only has 3 players rated in BA's listing of top 150 players. I think they could be involved only if they are looking to go for either Burrell or Abreu and the phils are willing to cut their losses with one of them and accept a trade for fringe prospects and maybe some bullpen help from the Yanks. I really cant see Burrell going though considering our lineup without him would be too Lefty Heavy throughout.

I'm not sure how valid it is but Florida would be crazy not to trade Willis for 3 young pitchers but i'm sure it wont happen until closer to the deadline and Floyd can establish himself in the minors again as a legitimate pro pitcher. Itlooks like it could be the kind of trade which could potentially devistate an Organization for years if turns out to be bad considering the number of highly rated prospects involved.

Didn't know the whole story in Greinke. Sounds like he is off the deep end, kind of like Floyd, but at least Greinke did have a solid season on a bad team. In 2004 he was 8-11 with a 3.97 ERA. I would gladly ship him to Florida with a combo of other players if it meant we got Willis, but the idea of a 4 way trade makes me skeptical of the whole thing, especially when the strategy isn't clearly laid out with regard to the Yankees.

Dodgers have Aybar majors and LaRoche at 3rd base in AA. Both have good numbers in the minors. Gillick should think outside the box and go get one of them forget the pitchers. Pitching help can come from within the organization with our minor leaguers. No Aces will be available so build from within and call the young guys up and lets start over. Rather go through a tough year or two rather than stay at .500 like we've done for the last 4 years. Only ace out there will be Zito. Willis is not an Ace don't care what people say about him

Get Kerry Wood and Prior for a bag of balls. Cubs suck

yeah i was listing to the same sirius show between Stern replays this morning. The Baseball America guru isn't being specific regarding players involved just saying the high named players in Alex Gordon, Greinke, Floyd, Mathieson, Haigwood, Willis, Hughes , and Martinez are all being talked about from insiders. Along with another 5 minor leaguers whom no details have been provided thus far.
THis trade is way too speculative at this point. I would say it has some validity although it would be interesting nontheless. Do you remember the last time Wade had a blockbuster and I'm not talking about getting rid of Rolen and Schilling for donuts.

Can someone tell me why the Phillies were never mentioned in the running for Clemens. I understand he wanted to stay close to home but I do know one thing about sports - $ talks. The $ Pit (citizens park) is a cash cow for the Phillies and they can afford to open their wallets and spend over $100 million easily.

Just do the math their drawing 30,000 per game at $25-30 per ticket for 81 games comes to about $75 million alone without concession/parking/memorbillia/revenue sharing and radio/tv revenues. I have to guess the phillies will bring in at least $120 million this year while only putting a team out there with a $90 million Payroll. Its just a shame to see cheap owners.

just heard Amaro on 950 say that their looking at signing mike williams and Mullholland to minor league contacts to help down the stretch run as a back of the pen guy. He said their good room guys and would bring leadership to a young team. WHAT!!!! I'm sorry Reuben but i look at this team and see a group thats getting very old and been together for too long now. You are what you are and this team is never going to win 90 - 95 games to get into the playoffs. Blow it up and start over. Holy cow we've got to clean house and get rid of the current front office guys.

Amaro is part of the problem, not part of the solution...

He should have been shown the door when they kick Wade out...


Mookie Wilson is the uncle and stepfather of Preston Wilson (however that works). You could look it up.

Zack Greinke was born to be a Phillie. They specialize in head cases. I'm sure playing in Philadelphia wouldn't get to him or anything, though, as people don't care too much about sports there.

Lemme see if I got this straight... the Marlins give up two top-10 rated prospects PLUS Willis in exchange for what? Two AA pitching prospects and a AAA catcher who is not really a prospect, plus Greinke, who is still listed on the 60-day DL for "personal reasons."

Two possible reasons why the Marlins would consider this deal:

1. They want to get rid of what few fans they have left in South Florida.

2. They want to wave a flag saying "this is what we might take for Dontrelle," then sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing as about a half-dozen other clubs call with better offers.

Would be nice for the Phillies, tho... and I suspect the Royals would be happy to be relieved of Greinke, although in Floyd they might just be getting Greinke II. The other part of the deal for KC just swaps freshly drafted 3rd base prospects plus adds a little pitching to their system.

And the reason the Phillies did not put themselves in the Clemens running is because they are not THAT stupid. However, signing people like Williams and Mulholland would not be beyond the limit of their foolishness. It's pretty much what you might expect, actually. Ed Wade lives!

Thanks to whomever corrected me on the "distain"-"disdain" typo...guess I should use schpealchichek?

Next to spammers, people who correct others' typos and misspellings are the lowest life from found on the internet. The only time it's called for is when the corrector makes an error in the process of correcting someone else. Then it's funny.

I am not sure why I am even responding to this spammer, but Mike Williams has been out of baseball for 3 years and Terry Mulholland is still with the D-Backs.

On the bright side of things, anyone else happy with the way the J.D. Drew saga turned out? I can't think of a situation where I'd like to have him up to bat for the Phils, much less considering that we'd have to replace one of the current OF'ers with him. I was happy to see him in Dodger blue where he can be mediocre and unknown. Good riddance.

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