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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Phillies not on ESPN tonight. I can watch the Cubs or the Astros. I think I'll cut the grass, then watch Dallas vs. the Heat. During commercials, I'll flip on ESPN to try to get the score. I can't forecast tonight's game. Mussina is a quality pitcher and Lidle is French for L'idle meaning "nothing doing". I would not bet on the Phils tonight.

Ryan Howard is strong.


What errors? I don't see any errors above the auto trader sign.

I was looking for Howard's fielding stats from minor league, couldn't find anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Howard is a monster! Love it!


Major League Catcher.
Silly facial hair optional.

Pat's double off the top of the wall had some extra hang time, but by the time Williams got the ball back in, Pat was already standing up at second. Maybe the new shoes have had an impact, but I'm certain something is giving Pat an extra spring in his step lately.

Correction: Monsters are scared of Howard, maybe a an uber-monster.

So much for Myers the lefty specialist.

I don't know about that Howard. Can't we get some kind of platoon going? His defense is really bad!

That's right, Casey... let's get that platoon going... and please don't send Howard up there against lefties. Wouldn't want to do that....

Off Bells glove, shocking.

I know, let use old man Rhodes three games in a row...


Maybe one day Manuel will see, Rhodes ain't the man he used to be...

Rhodes has been walking a fine line all year. It should really be setup by committee with Rhodes, Geary, Cormier ... the hot hand right now is Geary.

This may be setting up nicely for Howard to get up in the ninth able to walk off with something. This assumes the phils stop bleeding runs.

Rhodes and Bell owe Ryan an apology. What a waste.

This game is all Howard, but if they lose, and it looks like they will, it's very disappointing to get through Mussina without a win ... just like the Glavine game against New York.

Howard due up fifth in the inning, so you are correct, miso. Could be two-out, two-on for Howard.

For some reason this game isnt on the Package tonight and I am pissed. Did Bell have another error? Also, watched ahighlight on BT /ESPN, does Rowand ALWAYS have to play so shallow?

Let's see. Bell's error leads to four go ahead runs for the Yankees. Next inning Bell leads of with a ground out. Ugghh!! Bring on Nunez.

i really don't blame anyone except Lidle for this loss. His inability to go 6 really killed us. We had to use Fultz, Cormier and Geary to get through the 7th. That absolutely killed us and left us with nobody except Rhodes for that 8th. Old moron was left with only 1 other option in Franklin and can you blame him for trying to let Rhodes get out of the inning before putting Franklin in? Think hard but you can't blame Challey tonight. I heard Kalas say in the early part of the Game that Lidle has become a 6 inning pitcher. Well if he wants to be this teams #2 or 3 he needs to go at least 7 with this bullpen.

I see they changed the error on Bell to a hit.

Rollins leads off the ninth...with a ground out! Good lead off man.

Here it is boys! Howard vs. Rivera!

Ryan will K.

3 hr, 1 tr, 10 rbi too much to ask?

I guess so.

Rivera and the Skanks win.

Guess two straight against the Yankees was asking too much. Ugh...

Howard up, trailing 9-7. All he'd done tonight is drive in all 7 Phillies runs. Two ducks on the pond. Howard makes the third out. Too bad, what a valiant game for Ryan.

Funny game for Lidle. They need him to do much better than his final line indicates (5.1 innings, 8 hits, 4 runs), but at the same time, I thought he looked decent most of the game. He gets burned so many times on plays like Posada's homer, a quick first-pitch fastball. The Yankees had a lot of good ABs ... don't know, Lidle just didn't have it tonight, and they made him throw a lot of pitches.

Let it be known that the words Ryan Howard and platoon never crossed over this keyboard. Getting that out of the way ... pitchers simply can't make mistakes against him. He's too good and too strong. Some hitters on this team are poor mistake hitters. Aaron Rowand only seems to hit garbage and swings right through gifts over the plate. But Howard is the best on the team at making pitchers pay for mistakes.

Jimmy Rollins as leadoff hitter ... it's done, it's over. There's no more evidence left to prove why he should be hitting like six or seven. And it's time to revisit that debate on whether David Bell should get in less games. He sucks at home. Sucks. Abreu leadoff, Nunez as a bunt-specialist two-hitter is something I've toyed with.

Interesting report by Howard Eskin this evening said David Bell approached the manager three separate times this season because he was upset for not starting some games.

Arthur Rhodes ... see comment above. For a manager so hung up with left/right, he sure throws that out the window for his setup man. And there's just something about Rhodes that smells of surprise 15-day trip to the DL.

Nothing to say on Fasano that hasn't been said before.

night, y'all.

ha ha. If David Bell was upset about not starting some games, he was the only one. The man ought to seriously consider retirement. I really don't see any role for him on a major league baseball team. The fact that the Phillies keep starting him practically every game just says loads about the Phillies.

Howard, you choker! You'll never make it in the NL with that wooden glove! I think I see the letters 'D' and 'H' in your future!

Ryan Howard's 66 RBI lead the majors. Is that good enough for you?

Agreed that Lidle was a key culprit in the game being lost. He is brutal. I defy anyone to tell me Ryan Franklin would do any worse as a starter. Once again the Phillies cannot bridge the gap to Gordon. With any kind of competent set-up relief, this team is still well above .500 despite all its other flaws.

Franklin as a starter? Sorry, RSB, but here I disagree. At least Lidle is a sinkerball guy, he just wasn't on this game. If you put Franklin in there, you are guaranteeing that the other team is gonna be up by 4-5 runs by the third inning! At least Lidle has been giving us 6 innings mostly, no that that's great but it beats Franklin I think.

Poor Howard. How he must feel after knocking in 7 then not getting another big hit in the 9th and having his team lose.

I think that Rollins should absolutely come out of the leadoff hole and Abreu should go in there, like it or not. It's time has come.

And Bell? Maybe Elmer should stick Coste out there, could he be much worse? Or Nunez, he's starting to get an occasional knock. I can't believe he'd have the balls to cry about not starting a couple games.

Well, better luck with King Cole tomorrow, hopefully.

Weitzel...I thought it was very ballsy of you to use the word "suck" in regards to Bell. Finally...Thank You!!!

Tonight's game may have been the most frustrating one of the season for me. Howard had a career game, and it's all for nothing. Well not exactly nothing, I guess it shut up some of the morons on here posting about a fricken platoon...are you kidding me?! Anyway, someone above made mention that it needs to be setup duty my committee...couldn't agree with you more. Rhodes and his +5 ERA and 1.91 WHIP aren't 8th inning material!

Oh, to RSB, I defy you with your notion of Franklin being a worse starter than Lidle. I know it's mere speculation, but Lidle isn't good, but he's not horrible like people make him out to be...Franklin is horrible! I just hope we never have to find out the true answer to this question, because it would mean much suffering.

i don't think anyone thinks franklin is any good. but the point is, could he be worse? maybe not. as much as i hate franklin, i would almost rather see him get a shot a starting a game for three reasons 1)5 innings one time is better than 1 inning five times because this way he can only ruin 1 game 2)after one start, they will have no choice but to release him or 3)he finds "it" and somehow pitches a good game. either way, i say "why the hell not." lidle has allowed less than 3 runs only twice this year, they've only won 4 of his starts. he's consistent, but not too productive. i would welcome any change, because he's not giving them anthing.

the thought of david bell going to the manager after not starting is hilarious. i bet he tells manuel that nunez "doesn't do the little things..."

Again, the local papers want us to believe its not Manuel's fault. He, however, is the one who refuses to budge on the idea of removing J-Roll from the top of the line-up, and he is the one who turns to old man Rhodes 3 games in a row (see my rant about using Franklin 5 games in a row earlier in the year). He also continues to use 2 and 3 pitchers in one inning, leaving few options down in the pen for later in the game. So there are definitely some things Manuel can control (even if he is not out there on the field).

I don't care what the papers say. I want a fiery manager with some smarts, who isn't going to cost us games with his stubbornness and his refusal to think outside of the box. It's ridiculous to think that Pinella (or someone like him) could not inject some kind of spark and precedent, not only this year, but for years to come.

Back to Manuel. He is the man who it took a third of the season before the light went off to give some of his bench players some playing time. He still cannot manage a pitching staff and plays too much on player loyalties. How many games did he cost us last year? How many has he cost us this year? Is that a reasonable number given the number of injuries and inexperience factored in this year (if we are indeed going for the wild card or the division)? It doesn't take a rocket scientist, but it does take someone who can adjust on the fly if necessary. While he may be a very nice man, I just don't see Manuel being that manager...

I think we would all feel a lot better about lidle if the rest of the rotation wasn't in such a mess. I looked at the score and shrugged my shoulders when I saw that lidle had allowed four. Rhodes on the other hand - ugh. Maybe jon is right - using him three days in a row may be asking too much. Not that I'm convinced anyway - although his FIP is something like 2.47, I'm shocked at his BB/9 innings - according to fangraphs, he's up at about 5.84 now. one of the pen we could definitely do with losing.

As for lidle vs franklin, I urge everyone to remember this stat from hardball times: Lidle HR per game 1.13. Franklin 1.99. No way I want Franklin starting. None whatsoever.

Imagine having a leadoff hitter getting on base 45.2% of the time! Unfortunetly Foghorn thinks he has to have the fastest guy on the team batting leadoff no matter what his OBP is.

Research please! Can someone find out what Rhodes lifetime stats are vs. the Yankees? Over the years with various teams I've seen him repeatedly blow games to the Yankees both in the playoffs and regular season. The guy has the heart of a mouse. A tiny mouse.
And, yes, Charlie was stupid to use him 3 in a row.
I was at the game and thought Lidle had pretty good stuff. There were several cases, however, where he'd be ahead of batters, even 0-2, and then screw up. He is the very picture of inconsistency. Actually that's not fair. He is consistent in one area: He cannot go more than 6 IP. Ever. And often not that far.
Also, who is the official scorer for the Phils and how much money does Bell pay him? This makes 3 errors at least that the scorer has ruled singles.
One final thought: Please don't overlook the fact that Franklin, yet again, came in with a man on base and allowed him to score. He is a borderline major league pitcher and has no business playing for a team that thinks it can contend.

Oh, one more thing. After the Yanks took the lead in the 8th and brought Rivera in, the Phillies had the following players up: Bell, Fasano, Victorino. All I could do was laugh.

The thought of replacing Lidle with Franklin shouldn't exist. They should be leaning closer to releasing Franklin than giving him more innings to hurt them, especially deeper into the season where he hasn't worked as a starter for months and months. The Phillies can live with Lidle and what he does, which is 6 innings, 3-4 runs. He's not the only pitcher to have bad starts against the Mets and Yankees.

Clout: GREAT point about Rhodes and the Yankees.

Following on from clouts request, I couldn't get lifetime vs yankees, but certainly between 03-05, it hasn't been pretty: 11.75 era, 8 IP, 14 hits, 3 Homerus, 7 BBs and 10 Ks. It is definitely the worse he's performed against any team where he's had more than 8 innings work. It's worth taking a look at the stats and see to what degre they bear out clouts character assessment - he's performed well against the A's in that stretch and the twins, but mostly with the big teams he gets hammered and then some.

Franklin's a fly ball pitcher, right? Putting him in the starting rotation would be like putting Ryan Howard's third deck smash into heavy rotation from the opposing batters.

Not counting last night, but Rhodes in his career vs. the Yanks looks like this:

47 G
80 IP
91 H
67 R
61 ER
83 K
44 BB
6.86 ERA

(Resisting temptation to say "I told you so" in regards to batting Howard for Bell on Monday night in the 8th).

Last night's game was a microcosm of the Phillies season - starting pitching was ineffective and gave up too many early runs, Howard proved that defensive missteps or not he's an everyday player, and David Bell crapped the bed yet again proving that he needs to go ASAP. And that doesn't even include the proof that JRoll needs to be demoted in the lineup and that Manuel is an ineffective (I'm being kind) manager.

Willard has a gift of stating it all in a very concise manner. He killed five birds with one stone. He's right. Most every game is the same. The pitching boxscores look almost identical from game to game, only the starting pitcher's names change.

Thought some of you might be interested in hearing the Larry Bowa interview on WFAN yesterday, You can listen on their website ( He of course talks about the Yanks, but there is lots of stuff on the Phils.) We all know Larry is not shy about voicing his opinion, but he had some things to say about Rollins, Burrell, Abreu, Howard and the Phils, in general. You are all in a much better position than I to know if what he says is valid, but I found it interesting.
Thought you might as well. Sorry for the intrusion.

Best fact of the night: The phils now officially have their worst BA hitting lead-off. Glorious.

The Red Sox spent exactly three days watching Coco Crisp squirm at the top of their lineup after he returned from injury. They then promptly demoted him to batting 7th or 8th. The phils have spent 3 months watching Rollins do the same with one game (a win) where they played him batting 6th.

This is ridiculous.

As a former starter, Ryan Franklin's being completely misused. He needs to be used in those games where Myers gets blown out in the first 3 innings. THATS where you put him in to pitch 6 innings and save the bullpen for a game worth pitching. He's not completly useless, except in his current role.

don't waste your time listening to the WFAN interview with bowa. he said the same thing he said to phillie reporters two days ago, about how it is not the fault of the managers/hitting coach/pitching coach/etc. and that the team's success (or lack of) is a reflection of the players.

other comments by bowa:
- burrell should be a DH
- utley is good
- rollins gets caught up in being "j-roll" and he had to talk with him every 3 weeks to remind him to basically get his head back in the game
- he implied that he was a "scapegoat"
- howard is good
- abreu is wasting away in philadelphia and that he talked with abreu who implied "a change of scenery would be good"
- abreu doesn't deserve a gold glove

the remainder of the phillies talk are those idiots mike and the mad dog screaming nonsense into the microphone. they are the only two people on radio that make howard eskin listenable.

the remainder of the

Is Bowa wrong on any of those issues? I would say not.

You know, I can not believe what I am reading here. Franklin as a starter over Lidle? That is right up there with the Howard platoon.

It occurs to me to point out that against one of the absolute best offencive teams in MLB Lidle left the game down just one. How do you pin this on him?

Cholly has absolutley no flexability or creaivity. Lidle leaves with 1 out in the 5th, on comes Fultz, he allows ZERO base runners, and ends the inning.

Up comes Bell, down goes Bell, up comes Sal, down goes Sal. Cholly looks in his "baseball managing for idiots handbook," and sends Nunez in to PH for Fultz with 2 outs no one on down only one. Bye to Fultz.

On comes Cormier (who pitched the day before - Fultz had not) and he gives up a hit, hits a guy, gets one out and is relieved by Geary who gives up an rib single to A-rod, but gets out of the inning. He faced 2 batters.

1 - 5 bat for the Phil's and they tie it, and the don't get anywhere near Geary's spot, but in comes Rhodes for day three in the 8th. I have no desire to recount the results of that, except to say that I am real sure it was Lidle's fault that we lost last night.

It's not like we had Condrey, Franklin and Santana rested in the dugout, or Fultz or Geary couldn't have gotten us to the ninth themselves.

PS: I still hate David Bell.

My mistake, Geary faced three batters, one gets a hit, he K's the other two. I guess he should have been pulled after all.

Nice post yt.

This is the kind of inflexibility that gets managers fired. in some places.

Too bad not here in Philly. Are there anymore inept managers in the game right now than Charlie Manuel? Or put it this way, are there any managers out there you would rather have Charlie Manuel over? When you look at it that way, you realize how overmatched he really is...

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