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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Best of luck to the kid. Obviously, I, along with many others will be pulling for him to be successful. If he's not, there's always that frying pan.

Bold move. This would never have happened under Wade.

Good luck rookie.

sounds good to me, saw him pitch a few times in reading, he's solid. Sucks he's got to go up against Kazmir in his debut

Safe to say that when he heard this news Gavin Floyd had to be thinking about his application to the fire dept.

Bold move, but a good move in my opinion. I think we basically all know what we could have expected from a Floyd or Franklin start. I think Floyd can turn it around, but not this quickly. Mathieson has the stuff, let's see if he has the makeup to get thrown right into the mix and make something of it.

Will the frying pan be available for the 7th inning if needed? I still like him better then Franklin.

I must give credit where credit is due, nice gamble. It may very well backfire, but what does that mean? We miss the playoffs, we weren't gonna get there with Brito/Floyd/Franklin as a starter either way.

Seems like Mathieson's being rushed, but it still comes off better than bringing back Gavin Floyd.

What worries me is that the Phillies are pulling every and any prospects from the minors up *now* and the cupboard will be comnpletely bare down there. They're using practically every available option and it reeks of desperation. And yet I can't say I'm totally against it when the other option is going with people you know for sure are going to suck.

Bold move and worth the try. Other teams have had success bringing in the minor leaguers. I read the recent box scores and have seen great games pitched by Enrigue Gonzalez, James Shields, Carlos Marmol, Carlos Villanueva..and I say, "who are these guys".

Good point, Martin. I'm with you. Why go with Floyd or Franklin when you already know the results. It's a good spot to try something creative like this against Tampa.

Also, let's not forget the Phils should be looking to fill two holes. Lieber hasn't thrown off the mound yet, and Ryan Madson needs to go back in the bullpen.

I think it's a great idea whose time has come.

The people in the LF stands would need to wear batting helmets if Franklin got the nod!

Good luck to the kid.

I agree with RSB. This move reeks of desperation and the Phils seem to be throwing things against a wall to see if any of them stick. I just don't like this philosophy with rookie pitcher who still needs time to develop in the minors. Mathieson was really for a Sept. call-up but I think he will struggle in the majors. Since it will probably be a brief call-up, hopefully he builds on the experience instead of getting fluxomed by it.

A ballsy move for sure. A rushed move most likely, but when looking at the options, this one has the most potential upside (outside of a major trade). I like the fact that they are giving the kid a chance. I can't remember the last pitcher the Phils called up directly from Reading. He can't be any worse than Franklin or Floyd, but he definitely could be better. I like it!

i like the move. remember, in the past, it would have been franklin or a franklin-esque mid-season signing. based on their option, its hard not to like this move, especially since the braves have been doing it for a decade. mathieson's already pitched against big league-caliber talent in the Arizona Fall League and the WBC (wonder what chase says to him during the game?). i sure hope he can locate that fastball, however, because he does not have an effective off-speed pitch yet.

"...reeks of desperation..."

I'm sorry, does anyone here not think that the Phils *ARE* desperate?

Paul Abbott IS available.

They better be desperate at this stage of the season.

Whatever it takes to get to the promised land!

i'm with That Dude...

bring back paul abbott.

I think where a person plays in the minors is partly politics, like the seniority system in unions. Mathieson is supposed to come up through the ranks in an orderly fashion, according to the politically correct crowd. What he physically does in Double A is the same as Triple A or the NL. He warms up, then throws a ball 60 feet 6 inches and tries to keep it in the strike zone away from the batter's sweet spot.

I'm glad they called him up. I'm not worried that the Double A cupboard becomes bare. They just had the draft and signed a bunch of guys already. That will cause last year's draft choices to move up or leave. He's got to be better than Brito/Franklin/Floyd.

and how have the phils not gotten ugie out of jail yet?

This is a good move. Put him out there and see how he does against better hitters. We know he can pitch and log some innings. He is one of the top prospects and is good enough to be a "future star".
The future starts now.

RSB - I think its the opposite of desperation. It buys time, it trys out another option instead of being seen as absolutely desperate to trade for pitching now.

And if its indicative of how gillick intends to do things here at philly, so much the better. He has consistently promoted young pitchers over older ones this season, which I can't fault. Wish him and charlie would do the same with Ruiz again.

I like this, I live in Boston and have always been impressed at how the Sox don't seem to hesitate to rotate players up from the minors when they need them for spot starts - ignoring for a moment the fact that Boston certainly has more options in the minors than the Phils.

Besides, if it becomes an organizational philosophy to cycle people up and down maybe it will lessen the psychological aspect.

God help him if he's not an immediate success. The loser Phillie fans will tolerate one, maybe two bad starts. And when the hell was David Bell touted as a "great" replacement for Scott Rolen? You guys have to put the crack pipes away, seriously.

So Dracula, we are paying him 5 million plus this season because we knew he would suck?

They had a void to fill, and they made Bell out to be a big success, they didn't say he was the next Schmidt, but they didn't tell us he would average an error every 5.5 games, and hit 260 did they? (he has 10 errors in 55 starts, compare that to Rollins 62 starts and 3 errors)

Hey guys its your old pal Ricky Jordan #17 from the Phils of the early 90's. I know you're probably not going to take me seriously since i'm 41 know and haven't played since '97 with AA Pitsburgh but I think I can really help your team out and could do it at a cheap cost. Hell according to my stats on I pitched pretty well in over 32 games @ Scranton in '96 wiht an era about 5.00 which is actually lower than the average for the starters this year which is 5.30. Hells I used to even get my heater up to 84 mph which is harder than alot of pitchers on the team (brito, franklin and lidle). Well i think i used to get it up that fast but you have to remember I was still in the midst of a 3 year hangover from playing on that '93 team. Nails, Kruk and Dutch even my compadre Duncan would really put the drinks down! Plus I can definetly hit better off the bench than that miserable excuse for a ballplayer Nunez. I've actually never left the area and will always consider myself a Phillie. Give me a call sometime....215-928-0227

is jordan correct the starters combined average ERA is over 5? Thats disgusting especially in the NL with one automatic out per time through the order

Just as a footnote, Bell ranks 20th in the majors in fielding pct. among 3rd baseman who have played enough innings to qualify, 25 total.

In case you wanted to know who the guys with worse fielding are:

Alex Rodriguez
Aaron Boone
Chipper Jones
Miguel Cabrera
Edwin Encarnacion

yeah but YT I can put up with the 5 guys with worse defense stats because they all at one time were or are allstars and you have 2 future HOF's and 1 possible in Cabrera if he can get out of Florida. I actually read a rumor on a NY site that Minaya is looking at getting him for left field. Can you imagine him in the lineup!!! HOly cow it wouldn't matter if you had a staff of Carlton, Clemens, Ryan and Cy Young - they'd still score 4 runs!

Its offically over!
2 - 0! Take away that lucky 12 out of 13 streak and the they are 10 games under .500 which Gillick said during preseason would be the watermark when things (manager/players) would be changed. I just want to know how soon the changes start? I guess they already have with him using 3 prospects in the rotation already. That would've never happened under Wade

listening to kalas last night call that play by Wright in the 9th brought back memories of the Phillies / Astros game when Wags gave up the homer to Biggio. He's getting to old and personally involved with the team...too many more games like those and i'm afraid he'll have a heart attack

Hey Ricky Jordan, if you pitched at Scranton, I'm Ralph Kiner. You had the worst damn arm on a major-league player I've ever seen.

my arm sucked because it was always getting screwed up trying to dig ur hero's throws out from the dirt. By the way, check out my career stats on for '96 I DID PICTCH FOR SCRANTON. You bum btw i made alot more money than your bum of a hero

Hey YT, Bell's carrer average coming in here was in the 260s. Are we, as fans, too stupid to know what we were getting. Do we need to listen to the company schpeel to know what a guy can do or can we make our own analysis? I knew what we were getting. I didn't need to read Phillie propaganda to know. Think for yourself.

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