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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Hopefully, this puts to an end to the possibility of including Hamels in a package for Willis. He, Myers, Utley and Howard are the untouchables. There is no way this isn't a playoff team if Hamels is healthy.

I just make it a point not to be too excited by a rookie pitcher until at least his fourth or fifth start, when teams have had a chance to look at his stuff versus major leaguers. Hamels looks magnificent, and I'm almost ready to jump on board, but the fact is that people haven't seen much of him. Yet.

Which also means we haven't seen the best of Cole. Yet. Ooh, that's an exciting prospect.

I agree that Hamels absolutely should not be considered as bait for Willis, or anyone. I tend to disagree that having him healthy makes the Phillies a playoff team. A better team, it would appear. But that's as far as I can go, and Jason explains precisely why above.

The best thing I see about Hamels is that he doesn't seem like he actually plays for the Phillies. The Phillies are all about hyping head cases like Gavin Floyd and Pat Combs when they actually do stumble across a pitching prospect once in a generation. They don't come up with confident, legitimate pitchers like Hamels. As Bill Conlin likes to tell us, the last 20-game winner the Phillies had that came from their own farm system was Chris Short. It does seem too good to be true, and that's why we need a good deal of skeptical caution to balance this abnormality in our midst, whether we really believe it or even want to believe it.

kdon, I love your attytood.

Less then a week ago most people on this site were editing the post-mortems for the season, it is nice to know some people won't throw the towel in just yet.

I for one WANT to believe.

Hang in there yt!

The main reason I have kept faith in the team is because their peripheral numbers (hits allowed, walks, K's, HR, etc.) all indicated that they should be both scoring more runs and allowing less than they actually were. THe two biggest problems are (were!?):
1) Hitting w/ RISP and
2) fielding as measured by DER

The first problem is...sorry, but the result of luck. The Phillies all hit well last year and BA w/ RISP almost always comes to resemble a teams actual average. If the team wasn't hitting, period, then I would be worried.

Fielding I think may also be the result of luck because outside of Burrell and (sometimes) Howard, everyone else on the team has good-to-excellent range. As Jason pointed out a few weeks ago, the team excelled at turning balls in play into outs last year and are nowhere near as bad as they should be.

As for starting pitching, the major culprit is gone, Lieber and Lidle have both pitched better than their ERAs would incdicate, and well, Madson and Brito...OK, I have more confidence in the former, but when Lieber returns, they should have an OK rotation. Combine that with a great offense and bullpen, and I see some October games in the Phuture!

I'm on the bandwagon, IF the kid stays healthy. I've never seen someone so young with so much poise and so much control. - Yeah, he's walked some guys, but you get the idea that he meant to miss the plate with a lot of those pitches. Talent-wise and makeup wise, I think he's the best pitching prospect the Phils have had in a long time. I'm just hoping he stays healthy.

yt - you comment reminds me a favorite tv show from a few years ago -

I wonder if Hamels was in that UFO?

His control was awesome until the inning he ran the bases last night.

When the Dbacks started swinging at his first pitch strikes, he started them off with pitches out of the zone.

Cautiously optimistic longtime cynical PHan here.

Jason, I'm in full agreement. Long term, hamels back could be an issue. But for this season, and hopefully for the next couple, he's a young fit composed pitcher. Just because the Phils are treating him with kid gloves doesn't mean we can't get excited about the guy.

One more starting pitcher, and then I think we've a shot of making the the postseason . . . and doing ourselves proud.

"yt - you comment reminds me a favorite tv show from a few years ago"

Hey, the guy may be an alien hybrid, but he's our alien hybrid.

All those who wish to appreciate the greatness of Cole Hamels, see this list of Cole Hamels Facts. Here's some of them (there's 365 and counting)...

Sal Fasano is afraid of Cole Hamels.
Hamels is a sure thing. Only some sort of freak injury or something could keep him from saving the franchise. And we know that will never happen.
On his off days, Cole Hamels kicks Chuck Norris' ass and then sleeps with Chuck's woman. When she regains her strength (on Coles's scheduled start days), she kicks Chuck's ass.
Cole Hamels once pegged a batter so hard that the batter's twin brother died. He then ate their corpses, pooped them out and struck that out too.
When Cole Hamels throws a ball, he glares up at the scoreboard, changing it to a strike.
Cole was Bugs Bunny's private pitching coach.
On its way to the plate, Cole Hamels' breaking ball actually stops in mid-air, says, "Yo' Momma" to the batter, and then breaks.
Researchers thought they had discovered an alternative fuel source in North Eastern Pennsylvania but it turned out to be a Cole Hamels fastball. They are currently trying to harness it, which they fear is impossible.

really, there's too many good ones to post.

RSB's mention of Chris Short made me look up his stats from the mid-60s. What a different game that was. Chris Short was the Phillies No. 2 starter. From 64 through 66, his worst season totals were 17 wins, 12 losses, and 12 complete games. Jim Bunning was the Ace of the staff and his numbers were even better. Today a complete game is a rare item. To date this season, the Phils only have one complete game, the five inning rain shortened Gavin Floyd win over the Mets.

Even if Hamels stays healthy for the rest of the season (*Like to see the Vegas odds on that happening), the Phils still don't have enough starting pitching to win 90 or 92 games and clinch a wildcard.

Not throwing in the towel, but also not saying this is a playoff team regardless if Hamels is healthy or not. Offense needs to consistently produce, bullpen needs to holdup like they have been, and that rotation needs to solidify. Even then, playoffs seem a stretch. Seems like every time the Phillies win 3 or more games in a row everyone is saying "watch out October"...come on, don't be fooled.

Jason----great post!!!!!!!!!!!...there are really no words for watching this pitcher..her really looks like something we've not had around here since steve carlton...i know we're all thinking 24-6 1.86 ERA!!!!!! why not??? he's almost fricking unhittable so far

bad back??? david wells is a big ole fatso with a bad back and until this year just kept going out there and winning...

hamels might not be a consistent 200 inning guy, but if he does ever get that many innings i'm seeing andy pettite plus...the thing that most impresses me so far is that he has an idea of what he is doing...if his curve ball is as good as it looked in arizona, we are in for quite a treat.

put it this way...tomorrow is the playoff vs the mets..they are going with want myers or hamels?

ok i'd pitch myers...but the fact that you might even consider pitching hamels after seeing him 3 times...cmon lets just let loose sign him up for the hall of fame!!!!!!

put yet another matter what happens between cole hamels, ryan howard and chase utley..we have a reason to watch the phils every night and with some hope(finally)...

who brought all these guys in?? LOL

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