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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I was on the Phillies team page on the Fox Sports site and there was an article writing about Burrell's bad foot. After reading that, I can't see Burrell as trade bait for a pitcher. Burrell is damaged goods and will probably go on to the DL before long for a good long time. Gillick will need to get a right handed power hitter for the everyday lineup. With Hamels back and Wolf on the horizon, replacing Burrell may become need no. 1.

With the state of starting pitching being what it is and the Phils dismal success with RISP, it only seems inevitable that their only real power from the right side of the plate is a)slumping and b)due for a trip to the DL.

From day 1, I was as excited as anyone to have someone like Burrell in the organization and I anxously awaited his call-up and followed his career saying "He's coming around. He's due for his big breakout year." Unfortunately, even as optomistic as I still am about this season, I think it may be time to move on. Victorino is an adequate fill-in (if PB goes via trade which is looking more and more unlikely), but Gillick really will be hard pressed to find us some much needed right handed power.

It may be that Pat should go on the DL, but he's too valuable a player to trade away for nothing. Vic isn't going to be as good as he has been this year, although if Pat takes a few weeks to heal he should be an able stand in.

The article about Pat Burrell at Fox Sports has this sentence: "His right foot, which underwent failed surgery this winter in an attempt to alleviate chronic pain, has been causing him progressively more discomfort."

This leads me to believe this ailment to Pat Burrell may never get better.

Time for a stint on the DL, Pat. Regardless of if we're to trade him or keep him, we need him healthy again. That's what victorino is there for. Or, if you think the bench is going to suffer, sit pat down for a loong stretch, pull him in for hits off the bench and pinch run for him.

Whatever, he probably didn't give the operation on the bone spur enough time to heal, and he's been hobbling on since spring training. It's too early to say whether this is going to turn into a chronic injury or not. But playing day-in-day-out on it is clearly asking too much right now.

Also I don't hink pat's perception of the phans perception of him is going to help here. I'd put money on it that he's hobbling out every day just to prove how useful he is to the team and throw it back in the fans face. You know, the ones who boo him. (In his head.)

"appears to have not much clue in his at bats."

kind of awkward, but the truth. It'd be a great surprise if we get much out of Pat in the future.

I was just talking to my buddy about how it's been mysteriously quiet on Beerleaguer concerning Burrell's slump...well low and behold here it is.

To be fair, Burrell's been pretty consistent all year until the past 7-10 days. I don't think the foot can really be held accountable, it's just a batting slump. I watched him bust his butt to cut a ball off in the gap last night to hold a guy to a single, which easily could have been a double. And honestly, regardless of whatever else I think of Burrell, that's impressive. He hasn't once asked out of the lineup or complained about his foot, and in the outfield he plays all-out. So by all means, feel free to criticize Pat the Flat, but cut him a break with his first slump of the season. And don't necessarily hope he'll go on the DL; the team will then only have one dangerous right-handed bat in Rowand, and the rest of the lineup will suffer for it.

For what its worth looks like Gavin Floyd is pitching a great game tonight for the red barons. 7 innings pitched, 5 strike outs and 1 earned run - so far. He even hit a double. I was saying... (heh)

Make that - 8 innings pitched, 6 hits, 1 run, 7 strike outs

Pat the Bat deserves to work his way out of the slump...ding dong 2 run homer.

Hamels first inning: 20 pitches, 17 strikes

King COle looks unhittable as my wife says "we r on vaca at the beach and u care about effing King Cole" the sad thing is I am a bigger Eagle fan than Phillie fan.

AZ announcers don't even wait until the fourth inning's through to start jinxing Cole. yikes.

I know its only his third start, but man I love watching Hamels pitch. He is a quick worker who is consistantly ahead of opposing hitters. Four innings in the book and only a bloop single (along with no walks) for the D-backs. You gotta love it!

I have a partial season plan in left field, and there hasn't been a single game I'm at where there aren't a bunch of drunk fools hollering at Pat. I doubt they'd change their attitudes no matter how well he hit or how much hustle he shows on the field. The perception that he can't hit with RISP appears to be true, but if Bobby's slump came to an end, Pat's will too.

long live the King.

And long live Clutchley.

I think with a 5 run lead and only 90 pitches, it would've been nice to see Charlie allow Hamels to work his way fully out of a jam. Still, nice enough start, assuming the bullpen is up to carrying us through 3.1 innings.

Fasano hits a dinger, followed by a base hit by Nunez, there might be something to this 6/6/06 end of days thing after all. Must be mighty chilly in hell right now.

There's a simple explanation--the Baseball Gods are smiling on the Phils right now. Hopefully they won't do anything to piss them off!

Great game by King Cole, hopefully many more to follow.

Tonight defined Fasano offensively. 3 Ks, a flyout, and a solo home run after we were already winning by 5 runs.

While I'm at it, how about some props for Abreu, who actually swung at a ball and laced a 2-run single on an 0-2 pitch. Even if he'd made an out on the pitch, I like to see that from him.

Hamels didn't throw his change much tonight, but instead sported a dazzling curveball that wasn't as much on display in the previous two starts. The AZ announcers likened him to Barry Zito. The best part about him, as Jon said, is that he is almost always ahead in the count and has incredible command. He throws strikes, he gets outs, and he gets them efficiently.

Seriously, what's gotten into the Phillies bullpen? I realize the pressure was off tonight, but they have been outstanding lately.

RSB- those were some standup comments you made regarding Burrell. I've come to respect you more now. I always thought you had a hidden agenda for Burrell, but I can see you also give credit where credit is due. Funny thing, Burrell had a helluva game last night too!

Rotation- Myers has proven he is the ace of this staff and can be trusted. Hamels if healthy should be good to go. In Lidle, we know what we're getting, and he does give the team a chance to win. The last 2 spots in the rotation are killing this team. We need Madson to step up in a big way, but like many have said, he just doesn't look cut out for the rotation with his limited quality pitches, and Floyd/Brito have been horrid! I can only imagine how the Phillies record would look if they could get some sort of near quality from the back 2 spots in the rotation. I hate to say this, but maybe calling up a Double AA arm is worth a shot.

With Burrell, I think many of us have been a little disappointed by his career. Those 2003-2004 seasons were troubling and I don't think fans have been able to shake them off entirely. Great game by Burrell to break out of his power slump.

Does anyone else have the same theory that the bigger wad of chew Burrell has in his lip, the less likely he is to swing the bat?

Line from Gavin Floyd's first start back with Triple-A Scranton:

9 IP, 9 SO, 1 ER.

I'm willing to admit that I was completely wrong with my prediction about Floyd in Scranton...I'm glad I was wrong, I hope he straightens himself out so the Phillies can trade him something. I doubt he'll ever succeed in Philly, besides maybe pitching against us.

Speaking about minor league performances last night: Scott Mathieson is now 6-2 on the season, sporting a 3.01 era, has k'd 92 in 80.2 ip, and also hit is 2nd homerun last night. Something to hope for...

Anyone notice Burrell had a different pair of cleats on last night? I guess he got a little superstitious with the slump he was in and it being 6-6-06, or maybe they're more comfortbale with his injured foot. It looked like they worked.

A great night for the Phillies. Hamels wins his first big league game. Floyd pitches a gem on the farm. Burrell ends a hitting slump. Foghorn lets a reliever pitch for four outs. Fasano hits a dinger. The 6-6-6 thing must've worked in reverse.

I love That Dude's vacation comment. It's like me, however, I keep my excitement about Cole to myself. My wife doesn't suspect a thing, although I do let her know when the Phillies win and lose...and now that I reflect back, I did tell my wife this morning that Cole won his first game. She didn't show any excitement. Oh well.

The talk about Burrell's struggles amuses me. The guy is on pace for 30-40 homers and 100+ RBIs. Granted, he doesn't look pretty doing it but that's what he's here for. Last year, he had 32 and 117 and some people are talking like he's a bum. I don't get it. As for the rotation, can we give Brito another shot before declaring him horrible. It was 1 start, for God's sake.

It's funny how wives don't care nearly as much as us. It's baseball year round in my house, and I know I talk about it more than the average person cares to I'm just thankful my wife tolerates it.

I noticed a couple games ago Chase came to bat with what appeared to be a significant amount of chew in his bottom lip, and that same game Pat looked tobacco-less. Let's hope the stuff doesn't have green kryptonite power for the whole team.

the phils bullpen, ERA-wise, is second best n the NL right now, behind only the Cardinals. the floyd thing astounds me.

thank you, tony, i thought i was the only one. the first thing i said when burrell came up last night was "huh, new cleats."

Here is our next ace...

This kid is a lunatic.

Tony, I couldn't get in. What's it say? Who's our next Ace: Cole or Drabek?

It's Kyle Drabeks myspace page. I think you have to sign up to view it. It's no big deal, just thought it would be interesting to some.

I think it's clear: Hamels is the Bobby Abreu of pitchers. In a game where the Phils scored 10 runs, there was no need for him to dominate and hold the DBacks to just 1 run. Obviously, he was unnecessarily padding his stats when the Phils didn't need it. I think we all need to call Eskin and the others on WIP so they can start the campaign to run this over-rated slacker out of town.

Yesterday's news, but Phils optioned Brian Sanches to AAA Scranton to make room for Hamels.

Kuff6, that was the post of the day.

I heard Vuckavich was at Matheisons start last night and he will probably be called up to AAA soon.

I was wondering about that after reading a note in the Inquirer that said the Phillies don't have any pitchers at AAA they would call up but two or three at AA they might. I didn't understand why a team would have its possible call-ups at AA and not at AAA. Still don't, actually.

Sounds like regimental bureacratic thinking that a player has to spend X time at single A, Y time at double A, and Z time a triple A, and nothing will change that thinking. That's why there can be pitchers at double A that are better than the ones above them, they need to pay their dues (time). Was Cole Hamels any better or worse at each level? I feel he probably had his God given talent all along.

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