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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


HOW BOUT THEM METS!!! The great part is, is that ATL is 10 games back

You make a lot of good points Jason. I wonder if maybe the Phillies organization saw something in El Duque they didn't like. The Phillies wouldn't be alone in that regard, because a lot of teams need pitching and a lot of teams could probably come up with something better than Jorge Julio.

But the bottom line is still the same: the pitching has regressed.

Jason, you're last two articles have been depressing! Is there any good news in the Phillies organization? I think the Dollar Dog Days have been a success?!?!

Seriously, everything we need to know about this team will be answered in the next couple of weeks. But somehow the Phils will manage to coast at 3-4-5 games back (close enough to be buyers, but not far out of it enough to sell) and keep us all in it until then end, and then probably come up short again. That being said, I'm not giving up yet.

Arizona and other above-.500 teams in the NL are our direct competitors for a playoff spot. Why in the world would we trade Cormier or any player to improve their stretch run chances?

June and July will tell, but the Phillies should be buyers at the trade deadline, dangling their suddenly deep pool of minor league arms to improve our chances now.

Ha! You know, I thought the same thing when I was walking to lunch. What a downer. My next post will get people fired up. Promise.

i believe we tried to spin michaels and a prospect for arroyo, but didn't get it done. the sox countered with clement in asking for abreu and then of course there were all the manny rumors. hard to tell where the truth lies, but i wonder how close we were to getting B.A. I don't think anyone expected this type of start from him, especially in that ball park, and i'd be surprised if he doesn't cool off. but still, it would have been nice.

This season is shaping up as an exact repeat of last year's...doesn't anyone remember this same question from the previous early summer...buyers or sellers? pretenders of contenders? Hovering at a few games over .500, teasing for a half a week with their talent, inevitably falling back to reality with a flat thud in the following series. And then the team will try to turn on the burners when they realize it's getting late and they still have a shot. And it won't be enough. Soak. Rinse. Repeat.

What that means is that Gillick hasn't had nearly the impact many felt he would. There are also many who feel Gillick is merely evaluating through this season, and that his effects will begin to be felt perhaps next year. I say that's a lame, weak excuse. It's not like this year's team went into action with a bunch of bush leaguers. Something could have been really made out of this bunch with the right kind of help. Gillick has done nothing, repeat nothing, to address obvious needs since the season began, and I don't exactly get the feeling anything is *going* to be done. His performance to date has honestly disappointed me more than the team's itself.

Rick, I certainly hope this season is at least similar to last. Remember we came within one game of getting to the playoffs last year. If we're in a similar position going into September this year, I'll consider the season a qualified success. If we manage that one more game, then I'll be quite satisfied, because who the heck knows once you get into the playoffs, right?

I don't think most fans would agree with you, PK, in terms of having the same outcome as last year - assuming that means a repeat of the eventual disappointment at the end. And if nothing else, the Phillies appear flat-out destined to disappoint. I suppose I envy anyone who could still believe in this team after being let down time and time again through the recent past, and considering it shows no indication of possessing character traits to the contrary this time around.

I was on ESPN's site and was reading about the All Star game and they have a sample ballot and it lists Chas Utley as being a Marlin. Maybe Utley's going to Florida for Dontrelle Willis? See the listing here:

Rick, since you're the expert on destiny, can you tell me what oil futures are destined to be a month from now? I have some investment capital and I am looking to make a killing.

Please note I said "I certainly hope this season is at least similar to last." Not, as you said "having the same outcome as last year." I hope we have a winning year, the main difference is that one more win which eluded us last year.

Rick I have a seat on the bandwagon here for you. Don't give up after a couple losses. Lots of games left. Don't quit.

What you said was, if they are in a position to get to the playoffs in September, you'll consider the season a qualified success. And what I say is I don't think that this alone will serve to placate most fans. I don't think people are going to form a welcoming committee at the airport if the team falls short of the wild card again after winning 86-89 games.

I'm not an expert on destiny. But I can tell you that anyone who would put odds on this team to make the playoffs, *considering* their serious lack of pitching depth, *considering* their inability to play with consistency, *considering* that they do not compensate for whatever shortcomings of talent they have by playing intelligently and performing solid fundamentally and situationally, and moreover *considering* the track record of failure with largely the same aggregation of players for the past few years - is purely a blind optimist.

Since 1906, six teams have made the playoffs having a starters ERA over 5.00

The Phils starters ERA is 5.27

This is pathetic! What happened to the Beerleaguer I used to know! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
(I'm kidding, just reciting a line from Animal House)

Hang in there bro, I know you're frustrated, we all are. But it ain't over till it's over. Weirder things have happened.

While the pessimist in me see's a lot of good points by RSB, I have to supress that inclination to agree.

The fact is they play the games every year for a reason. Last year is in the books, next year will certainly come, but right now I'm not ready to fill out the schedule with wins and losses and call it 84-80 season and pout. I was born in 76, I don't really remember the last squad that won it all, basically I only remember one playoff team for the Phillys in my lifetime.

In that time period I have seen every Philly team reach the finals of their respective sports. And I have seen everyone lose.

Your left with a choice, gut it out, be a man. Or become one of those low-life Cowboys / Yankees fans that slither all over the country.

Not me.

Go Phills!

Pat Gillick's slump continues. If he were a ballplayer, he'd be 0 for the last four months. Does he have a no-trade contract, or what?

Very interesting stat by Tony. Gillick still does have another 2-3 weeks to see how this team turns out but they just don't have the starting pitching. Period. They needed Lieber to win 16-18 games (no way) and they needed either Madson or Floyd to have a breakthrough type season (12+ wins).

I agree with RSB that the Phils' fans are tired of almost making the playoffs. Another season of 82-87 wins just doesn't cut it. I would rather have the Phils take a step back this year and have Gillick make some intelligent moves that position this team well for the next 1-2 yrs. The Phils do have a young core of players to build around. Not like Gillick took over the Royals.

People also need to chill on the criticism of Gillick. It really takes a baseball GM at least 2-3 yrs to make a mark on a team. This team is Ed Wade's team, the good and the bad. It will take at least 2-3 yrs before any of this year's draft picks are ready for the major league club. I am reserving judgement on Gillick til at least the end of '07.

Most trades for pitching would not work for the Phils. For a top starter they want Abreu, Burrell, Floyd, or one of the top Minor League pitchers. All of these players are more valueable to the Phils on the team rather than a getting a pitcher. Delluca or one of the relief pitchers maybe be the best player that is tradeable.
Also I am tired of the Phils trading away the future for a temporary fix. This team has the chance to be even better next year, if it means letting this season play out win or lose then so be it.

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