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Monday, June 26, 2006


By all means, Brian. We'll be here at our computers arguing about Chris Coste's OPS with RISP if you change your mind.

Probably no one wants to hear this, but how about the Red Sox. They are just relentless...what a team. And David Ortiz is the best clutch hitter I've ever seen, hands-down. I wonder if Bill James still denies the existence of clutch hitting while he watches Ortiz come through and win game after game.

Again, no one's going to want to hear this, but to the Phillies' credit, they battled hard in this one. They *didn't* roll over down 6-0 and they played the Sox tough in the late and extra innings. They used Gordon to get out of a jam, which extended the game, and then were without him when they needed a closer. I still say it was the right move to use him when they did. They lost another game, but I was impressed that they had enough spunk to make a game out of it. It didn't look like they had even that much in them anymore. Jimmy Rollins was denied being a hero two games in a row by Ortiz, but it should remembered what he did.

Jon, it's safe to say we all recognize that Manuel isn't a strong manager, but your appeals for his head will continue to fall on deaf ears while the season is still in progress. I don't think there's any chance he'll be fired before October, not even if they lose 20 in a row. That's just the reality here.

"I wonder if Bill James still denies the existence of clutch hitting while he watches Ortiz come through and win game after game ..."

... Or your buddy in the opposite dugout who does the exact opposite in the clutch. I agree with you, Boston is the best team the Phils have faced.

Yes RSB,

If nothing else can be taken from this game, at least Cholly put in Flash in a tie game when we had a chance to win instead of riding Cormier or Frnaklin till the broke.

The fact that he actually put Flash in a tie game on the road shows how desperate Elmer is getting for a win.

It was the correct move, I think.

Face it people, we're stuck with Elmer for the year, I will be in a state of shock if Pat pulls the trap door on him prior to the season's end.

Hopefully we can win at least one game against the Orioles, they are not even close to being as relentless as Boston.

Maybe we can even trade somebody to them while we're there! :)

Jason, I share your frustration and agree with a lineup shakeup just for the sake of change to snap the bad streak. But no rational human being would think starting Victorino over Abreu or Coste over anybody on a regular basis will make this a better team.

Yeah RSB, I know the Phillies aren't smart enough to axe him now. Heaven forbid you send a little signal to your fan base that you aren't sticking with the status quo. I don't even need Pinella right now. I would settle for Gary Varsho until the end of the season. Just make it clear to him why Manuel was let go and it is in his best interest not to fall into that same rut. Anyway, it's just part of my healing process to call for his head. It just makes me sick with not being able to change things even a little with regard to the line-up and usage of the bullpen.

I like your line-up Weitzel and I would send those guys out there in a second, even though I have little faith in Abraham Nunez (not that Bell is any better or any worse for that matter). Delluci won't be in there since Bedard is a lefty, so Burrell will get the start. We actually need Burrell to turn it around if we have any hope of moving him this season. Also, since Jimmy finally had a very good game, there is zero chance Manuel will have Victorino leading off, although I would have him there, just as you suggested.

Watching the first 6 innings on MLB.TV, the Sox announcer Jerry Remy kept mentioning how deep Abreu was playing in RF, right to the edge of the warning track. He couldn’t understand why. It made no sense to him. Jerry, welcome to “Bobby’s World”.

And of course the Red Sox got a couple of hits to shallow RF in their big inning, hits that might have been caught if Abreu wasn’t so allergic to going back on a ball.

Why is there so many posts about Coste and Fasano? Do you really think that playing one or the other makes any real difference on this team. Each is an average backup catcher who plays hard but doesn't bring a whole lot to the table.

As for Rollins, he has taken alot of abuse on this blog the last month. Not the biggest Rollins' fan at times (he absolutely drive me nuts on how many first pitches in swings at in the leadoff spot) but he is having a pretty good month. Funny thing is if you look at his career numbers, his OPS and SLG this season are better than his career numbers.

Rollins is mastcast on this team. While I don't like JRol in the leadoff spot, I love him hitting 7th. Plenty of speed plus a little pop (on pace to hit 20 HRs this season) would really help the bottom of this abysmal lineup. Instead it is 1-2-3 or Bell, Fasano, and pitcher.

I'd run this line-up out there against Bedard:

1 - LF - Victorino - his speed and average are ideal for the #1 spot.
2 - RF - Abreu - moving him up with his OBP, but not to the #1 spot - walk til your heart is content Bobby.
3 - 2B - Utley - will at least swing the bat like a #3 - should have been here all along.
4 - DH - Burrell - only right handed power option to break up the lefties.
5 - 1B - Howard - remains the #5 hitter.
6 - CF - Rowand - remains the #6 hitter.
7 - SS - Rollins - has more RBI chances here.
8 - C - Coste - anyone is better than Fasano, plus he earned it.
9 - 3B - Bell - only because Nunez is actually worse (sad as that is).

Stick a fork in Lidle. While he was useful last season, this season he has regressed. He was pitching a bit better to start the season but he does doesn't seem to have anything on his pitches.

I have joined Weitzel and Lidle's starts are a good reason to catch up laundry or balancing my checkbook. Ugh.

Is there a reason Wolf didnt pitch tonight for Lakewood?

i promised i wouldn't pay attention again until after the all-star break, but i bet my friend in boston we'd steal 2 of 3. i now have to write a haiku about how wonderful she is. what a suckers bet.

this team is an average team. and to make matters worse, they are underperforming. remember that 13 of 14 run? take out those two weeks of charmed baseball and this team has amassed a 22-39 mark. there is no reason a hitter's manager with a poorly performing offense on that has been so ill-prepared since opening day should still have his job. they can't hit in RiSP and they play tight at home. there are no answers to the pitching problem. so, what exactly is he bringing to this team then? yeah, he keeps things light. he also keeps things underperforming.

gillick may not want to make a managerial move in season, but he also knows the business. i hope he's ready for crowds of 15k in august and september if this nonsense is still going on.

by the way, ortiz is hitting .267. i just find it interesting that a .267 hitter is the best late-inning hitter in baseball. he's only hitting 10-15 points higher than pat burrell and david bell.

That is absolutely the statement that we fans have to make.

Not go to the games. That's what got Wade fired, it would work again with CM.

These owners are fixated on that bottom line, that's Monty's forte, right? Isn't he a Wharton School grad?

Ortiz is a GREAT clutch hitter. I mean as soon as he was coming up there I knew it was over and I'm sure a majority of fans were thinking the same thing.

It's not how many hits you get, it's WHEN you get those hits.

Gotta love the positive effect Rowand is having on Victorino. Nice play in the 12th inning that effectively lost them the game. HIT THE GODDAM CUTOFF MAN!

Check Ortiz's stats on late and close. He's just a man, Rock. Just a man. That's what ESPN and a good marketing department will do for you. RISP average isn't that great either. Playing for a team that is that good has to provide plenty of opportunities for heroics.

Why is Delucci being rewarded for his great play yesterday? What the hell did he do? And what planet do you idiots live on where taking a walk when they aren't pitching to you is a bad thing. A WALK IS NEVER A BAD THING! Unless of course Eskin says it is.

This just in: Howard Eskin and Angelo Cataldi either don't know baseball or don't remember it.

Watching ESPN Baseball Tonight last night after the College World Series final and they flashed up the National League East standings. The point was to show how great a lead the Mets had, but what struck me was how tightly bunched the rest of the teams are. We are much closer to last place than a move up the standings. We are 4 games out of the cellar, but 5½ games out of the wild card.

I think the cellar is a realistic goal that would necessitate a house cleaning. As long as the Phils stay in 2nd place, it sounds good to management. For the good of the team, we should start enjoying these losses and realize that each loss will help bring us closer to last place which would facilitate a change of players and put Foghorn back on the farm. (What a perverted way of thinking to make losses more palatable!)

"We have a bunch of men," Francona said, simply describing what makes his club tick and not making any comparisons. "When we lose, they're mad about the loss, not that they went 0 for 4."

We don't have men. We have Charlie to coddle our players so they don't ever have to take responsibility.

Not to get off topic but did anyone see the Oregon St-UNC game last night? It was great. Best baseball game I've seen all year. Steals of home, kids pitching on 3 days rest, perfectly executed bunts and hit and runs, great defense, it was relentless. Neither team deserved to lose. I'm not saying they have to be all "rah-rah" but I wish the Phils played like that once in a while. They don't look like they're having fun right now.

Yeh, I watched the end of the College World Series game. It was a great game. I really liked the old style Beavers uniforms. I'm living in a college baseball hotbed down here in southern Louisiana, with LSU or Tulane generally holding down one of the eight CWS slots. When LSU and Tulane play each other, they now play in the AAA Zephyrs Field (the home of the Washington Nationals AAA club) to accomodate the fan demand for seats. I went to Tulane and pull for the Green Wave, while my two oldest daughters are at LSU. I have to look at LSU baseball T-shirts and hats all the time. They get sick of hearing me blather on about the Phillies.

Anybody else see all this in the Inquirer?
By the numbers

Pat Burrell's average with runners in scoring position and two outs. He's 2 for 39 in those situations this season.


Chase Utley's average with runners in scoring position and two outs. He's 8 for 21 in those situations.


The percent chance the Phillies make the postseason, according to Baseball Prospectus. They had a 6.76 percent chance last week.


Phillies starting pitchers have the worst ERA in the National League.


The clutch rating for Bobby Abreu, according to Hardball Times. That's the third-best rating in the National League.


Base runners per nine innings for Ryan Madson, which is the highest mark in the National League.

How about this on ESPN's Daily Quickie:

Let's role play:You're a road team's manager at Fenway for a Monday day-game, 12 hours after David Ortiz beat you with a 10th-inning game-winning HR:

Two outs, bottom of the 12th, the Red Sox have just come back to tie the game and runners are on 1st and 2nd. Surprise: Ortiz is at bat.

What do you do?

If it was me, I'd walk him intentionally and take my chances, figuring a game-winning single from Manny might happen, but I sure won't let Ortiz have a shot at it (for the 2nd straight game, mind you).

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel disagreed, even though you could probably hear the screams all the way from Philly:



"To Papi!"

(Pause to watch at-bat)


Tony, I would say the Phillies haven't had any fun for the past five years. And that's the thing about them. Not only do they underachieve, frustrate, and fail - they are entirely unenjoyable in the process. Watching them over the past handful of seasons has taken a lot of enjoyment away from watching baseball.

Imagine what it's like to watch the Yankees or Red Sox every day. They push each other so hard that every game must be a thrill to watch. They score runs, they come back, they play hard, they play right, they enjoy themselves. That's what it's about. Fans of those teams - and I guess we can add in the Mets as well - have my envy.

By the way, the point about crowds in the ten-thousands for the last weeks of the season is precisely the reason why management did not intend to have Gillick concede this season. They don't want that under any circumstances. They can handle losing, sure, or even hostile crowds - but not small crowds.

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