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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Comments starting line-up has Burrell as the DH. He did such a bang-up job in that role in Boston, guess Cholly couldn't bear to sit him as planned ... Rollins still leading off, my nemesis David Bell still starting ... OK, I'm off the fence. Cholly has got to go.

Speaking of pitchers would it be wrong of me to mention that Easy Ramirez who was traded for Cory Lidle has been a much better pitcher this season?

Who'd've thunk that the Phillies would have a double header set of starters of Cole Hamels and Scott Mathieson in late June, neither of whom were on the opening day roster, nor had either pitched at Triple A at the time?

PB strikes out w/ 2 on. Why isn't Dellucci DH now and then starting in the field in the late game?

Last Play: P. Burrell struck out looking

Huh. Never saw that coming.

Pat looks a called 3rd strike with a man on 2nd, all is right with the world.


Rowand gets on base, Vic advances him, Bell pops out, Sal Ks.

One out of four, so much for my career as a psychic.

2 innings down, 4 stranded. Oh my aching head.

Recipe for a 40 year old triple -

Combine Jeff Conine, who hits the Phillies to the tune of .400+, Bobby Abreu's warning track shuffle, and a right field wall.

Shake vigorously.

Pat Burrell sucks.

Ramon Hernandez 3 run shot of of King Cole, its now 4-0...King Cole is now Court Jester Cole.

We need like another 10 game losing streak, we need a ridculous lever disaster to have Uncle Foghorn Leghonr gone and the corner OF'ers to be sent packing.

What good is it to have this kid keep getting his brains knocked in by major league hitters for this terrible squad?

Man, with this line-up it is hard to believe we would be losing.

How long will it take the moron to realize that this lineup doesn't work?

Phillies third: Utley grounded out, catcher Ra.Hernandez to first baseman Millar. Abreu singled to center. Burrell struck out. R.Howard grounded out, second baseman B.Roberts to first baseman Millar.

Wow. Didn't see that one coming, either.

Did I mention I've adopted the Orioles as my new favorite NL East team? I'm with the fella who said he hopes they go on a gihugic losing streak.

Why in the world is Vic in the lineup and NOT leading off?

I thought Patty was getting the day off? Well, good thing he's in there.

Maybe Cole's stuff will "show" better out of the bullpen too.

Same pitches as Madson, Same lousy control. Same result: whiplash.

On the bright side, with the Phils this hopeless, I won't feel as bad pulling for Pedro against the Sox tonight.

*Due to my respect for the rules of this blog, the post I was about to write will not appear here. Insert your own expletives, liberally*

Checking in:
Not surprising, the flunkie, right-handed lineup hasn't produced a run. Why should they?

Another solid performance by a starter in a game caught by Fasano, oh great handler of pitchers. Not shifting blame or anything. Just saying.

can this team get any worse with runners on? For cryin out loud ...

Bleep bleep Burrell! Bleep bleep Foghorn!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Rock Bottom.

How can they leave Hamels in to absorb this kind of beating? A bases-loaded walk, eh? This is the cool, confident, poised pitcher beyond his years? Reality check! This is not the prodigy he was made out to be. He may end up being a good pitcher, but he has lots of work to do, and I am not certain that he should be penciled in as an automatic starter next year. He looks like he should still be in double-A. When even the Orioles are beating up on you in front of 5,000 fans, you know the ship has hit the deepest abyss. Or, more accurately, you know that it signals that this season has become an abyss. The Phillies look like they could easily just keep up this pace and end up losing 90-plus games. With the pitching staff they now have, combined with the league's lowest average, my bet is on a fifth-place finish.

You want to place your faith in Pat Gillick? Fine - I guess we need to in order to have any hope at all. But what does it tell you about his abilities and judgment that this team is where it is today? The line of the day, from Sam Donnellon's scathing column: "The Phillies are a finger-painted mess again, and this time, there's no little Ed Wade to slap the smock on." That's right - this is a worse result than I believe even Wade could have orchestrated. If you want to continue to reserve judgment on this man, I would say that could only be considered reasonable through July 31.

Even considering my disregard for Gillick's efforts, however, make no mistake that I'm aware of where the blame lies. It begins and ends with David Montgomery and the utterly useless ownership group. Nothing changes until that changes.

We need to be sellers. The value of these players individually has to be worth more than the value of the team as a whole.

Is rock bottom lower than the phrase of a few weeks ago of "the dirt is on the coffin."?

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really excited about tonight's game. What do ya think?

I respectfully submit another rock bottom nominee.

When the Mets return to town Aug. 14-17 for a four game sweep of the hapless Phils, that will be rock bottom.

The four losing pitchers will be Myers, Lidle, Lieber (who will come off the DL with another couple extra pounds) and perhaps Wolf?

First, good luck, Jason, with the floods. I'm from the Coal Region originally and we all remember Hurricane Agnes. In fact, I think Wilkes-Barre is getting evacuated now.

I bet they come back, only to tie, and then lose it in the 13th. lol.

Is Pat Burrell trying to compete with Alex Rodriguez for the major league lead in garbage-time HRs and RBIs?

ESPN ran a column by Jason Whitlock a week or so ago about how David Glass has single handedly ruined Kansas City's baseball franchise all for the sake of making some cash. Year in/year you, he trots out a roster on the cheap, sells his tix, merchandise and sponsorships, then sits back and counts his millions. Normally, I think Whitlock is one of those journalists who is only out to polarize the public for his own benefit, but this article struck a nerve (link -

The only real difference between KC and Philly ownership over the years is that every few years the Philly ownership has to pretend like they give a damn and they spend a bunch of money on a player or two to make it look like they're really trying. They have to do this, as Philly as a whole is sick of losing and we tire very quickly when our teams start to struggle (can't wait to see second half attendance at Citizens Bank). KC has the luxury of being in a small market where the fans will tolerate mediocrity and keep buying tickets.

All of this longwindedness is to make a point. Monty and Gillick are both smart enough to know that fans will not come out to see this team, thereby negatively impacting the ownership's business model. I'm 100% certain that Stand Pat will be pressured into making a move to breathe some semblance of life into it for the second half. Not because they care about winning, but because they need the revenue. It's hard to get excited about that kind of a team.

RSB - Wade did orchestrate this mess.

Congratulation on not being able to see the obvious. Except for not taking a trade for abreu in june, when you can get more for him in July, I don't know what you can criticize about Gillick. Wade's contracts paralyzed the phillies this season. From backlogging Wolf's, Abreu's, Bell's, and Burrell's contracts to simultaneously leap higher in '06 to giving dumb contracts to Lieber and Lieberthal, Wade is to blame. Anybody who wants to disagree, fine but look at the contracts first.

Again, if nothing's done by trade time, I'll be ready to jump on Gillick, but till then, settle down.

And secondly, say what you want about the starting rotation, but the phils haven't been losing all their game 10-6 or anything. They're getting blown out. The line-up is under-performing as well.

You can't compare KC and Philly when Philly shells out 90million which is enough for a championship team. The ownership is dumb in philly, but the GM is the one who spends the money and deserves the blame for misusing 90million.

Their doing it agian, 4 runs in the 8th. It used to be exciting when this happened.

Like Tony said in the last thread, the starting pitching ERA is last in the NL and the team batting average is last in the NL. Based on the team's won-loss record, Foghorn must be a great manager as this team is overperforming their stats! Ha! Ha!

Both the starting pitching and the hitters equally share the blame.

Just because you tie up $90 million on a few "name players" doesn't mean you're dedicated to fielding a contending team. I think an argument can be made that Florida is actually more dedicated to winning - at least they have a plan. You many not agree with it, but a blueprint is there. What exactly is the Philly management's plan with this team?

I think Foghorn left Hamels in this game to get shelled, because he figured the game was a lost cause and he wanted to save the bullpen for the second game.

To Willard, spending money and spending money wisely are two different things.

I can't stand Manuel, aka "Foghorn", but he's not even doing the in game managing for this 1st game because he's suspended. Varsho is running the show.

Charlie Manuel did not even manage this game because he's serving his one game suspension. He's going to manage the night game, though. Who wants to bet me a steak from Pat's that the result is going to be the same as the afternoon game?

Oops! I forgot that Foghorn was in street clothes for this game. I stand corrected. Let's call it the managerial brain trust!

For those seeking an update on the NL East race:

Florida 34-40
Philly 35-41

FLA plays Tampa tonight.

Pat Gillick's an awfully lucky man to be on the kind of long, long leash he is from Phillies fans who are still convinced that everything wrong with the team is still Ed Wade's fault. If this guy were half as creative and sharp as his repuation convinces everyone, he ought to have been able to do something out of what he inherited. Not build a world champion, granted, but also not make it markedly worse. Gillick traded one of Wade's big contracts but stopped right there. I think it's perfectly reasonable to have expected more results out of him even to this point.

But I'll agree on one thing, the real judgment comes in this upcoming month. We'll know for sure what we're dealing with very shortly.

Atl and Was are both 33-45, so there is a very good chance we will be dead last by the all-star break.

What do you think, buyers or sellers?


What's my bid for my right fielder. What's the bid for my left fielder. What's the bid for my third baseman? What's the bid for any of my opening day starters? What's the bid for my closer? (We don't need him because we are never leading in the late innings anymore.) What's the bid for my manager?

I think at this point, any and all players (except probably Utley, Howard, and Hamels) are "on the block."

The way it sounds, Gillick may have to do some work just to keep the Phils on the front page of the sports section of the AI trade rumors come to fruition. At least one Philly franchise is finally realizing that changes are needed.

Any chance they'd fire Manuel between games?

This team has not bottomed out yet, they are still in rapid descent. Wait till they announce their starting pitchers this weekend.

haha i've posted it before but I told you this team sucks and thats the way we like it because in the end run we can cut payroll (because you fans want us to get rid of high priced talent aka burrell, abreu, etc) and still get our normal 30,000 fans per game. Ok here you go let me do the math for simpletons who cannot own a sports franchise like

33,000 fans per game @ avg ticket price of $25 is $825,000 per game in just ticket sales. Then we add to that say $10 per person for parking, concessions, and memorabilia in the park. We're now up to $1,155,000 per game. Multiply by 81 games and folks yes we're up to revenues of $93 million. Ok so we got a payroll of $93 million. Meaning we're pretty damn good at making our budget and we're losing $ after we pay for minor leaguers, coaches and instructors, front office and other personnel right???....Nope because nobody realizes we got revenue sharing, advertising revenues, and tv/radio revenue streams....add it all up and we're making a profit big time and you're now go back to watching the game and by the way good tickets are available for the next home series so go ahead and call us 215-463-6000. Oh by the way haha we might have some more series later in the season in which games are "completely" sold-out yet if you buy a partial season ticket for the remainder of the season you can get tickets for the "sold-out" game!!! HUH??? I'm an owner and I still can't figure out that one yet. Hope you all have a good night because we're counting our $ as your pissed off watching Burrell K 3 more times

ok when Millwood was brought in a few years back it seemed as if all the pitchers copied that one pitch that Millwood lives on where he throws it at the hitter and comes back to the inside corner with the help of the catcher. Even without Millwood the last couple of years it seemed like some of the pitching hold overs like Myers and Lidle were still using it. Now I just don't see it anymore. I don't know if its not having Lieberthal or Pratt this year. Or it could just be that these pitchers are so young they have no idea of where its going. Some of these guys (HAMELS) really need to figure out how to pitch. It seems everytime the catcher sets up the pitcher never hits his correct spot.

RSB - How can gillick turn the whole organization around in one year? What magical things could he have done? The phils have opportunity to shed $40million in payroll after this year. What Gillick does with that is more important to me than what he did with the 10million this past off season (minus the portion they paid of Thome's contract)

Best hitters of the 80s on rain delay, I'm loving the old school uniforms.

Lets go rain! Lets go rain! Lets go rain! Lets go rain! Lets go rain! Lets go rain!

Even better than the 80s uniforms are the 80s mustaches. Robin Yount and Don Mattingly rocking great 'staches.

Yeah this team is an absolute joke. Maybe if the Phils have a double-dip again tomorrow, they can win one. Wonder who the Phils would throw out there in the second game after Madson? Rock bottom, unfortunately not yet...

As I said, no one was expecting him to turn the whole organization around in one year. But at the very least keep things stable in the interim until more can be done. This guy came in here saying he was going to add five wins to last year's total. Anyone remember that? Would you call this stability? I call it a disgrace that could and should have been avoided if cards were better played by Gillick from October onward.

Ya, I want to do the wait and see thing until the trade deadline, but really I don't see this guy as having some great judgement.

When you look at Nunez, and his two year deal, you long for Pieman and Inning Endy. Todd Pratt or Sal Fasano? Think about it.

His only seemingly good move so far is to trade a really good ageing player, for a pretty good younger player at a position we needed more.

Fultz is a fool and Geeary isn't much better. Hit-batsman to load the bases and here comes Roberts who already has a single this inning. I am so glad Charlie pulled Mathieson. Ugh...

good lord, our starting pitching is horrible.

mathieson should be in AA. not that he wouldnt make a great major league pitcher someday, but not today.

poor kid. hope they dont make him lose his nerve with the shellacking.

Delluci and Victorino both need to play more often. Too bad it takes a double header for Manuel to get them in the line-up. They will probably be back to strickly pinch-hitting after this weekend...

Mathieson will be fine. He still is pitching better than half the rotation. He will probably be run out there a couple more times before he can refine his stuff at AAA.

Only the Phillies could load the bases with no outs only to not score a single run!! Way to go David Bell. You are so clutch. Never thought you would hit into a inning ending double play...

I hope they have Bell's contract extension writen up and ready to go, we can't lose this guy.

David Bell is the Anti-Christ.

Can you imagine the venom that will be directed at this team when they get back to Philadelphia?? It is not going to be pretty... Fans will be on the verge of mutiny. If the players and coaches thought things were rough before, they haven't seen anything yet. They can't hit, they can't pitch, the manager is inept, ownership is equally inept, the whole Myers fiasco, plus they could be on the verge of last place come the end of the weekend. Ouch...

Only 5 more solo home runs and the game will be tied! Why does David GIDP Bell swing at ball 4 and get 2 outs, why?? Why do I keep watching?

Insanity: (1) watching David Bell over and over with runners in scoring position and expecting something other than an inning ending double play, (2) watching the Phillies pitching day in and day out and expecting them to yield no runs

Correction: 6 more solo home runs. Maybe Pat can bat 6 times, hit 5 HRs and strike out once.

Bernero has been called up. Try and calm your enthusiasm...

Even better, Franklin is in the game. I think I will go vomit once again...

These guys suck bad. End of story.

Manuel didn't leave Hamels out to dry today. Phils were playing a second game and needed the entire pen ready for Mathieson's start tonight. Felt bad that Hamels had to take one for the team but I think he has the mental toughness and demeanor to learn from these type of experiences. Still, it might be a bit rocky for him this year.

As for Mathieson, he looked awful today. No confidence in anything he threw and couldn't hit any spots. He isn't ready to pitch in the majors. He needs to work on another offspeed pitch in the minors. Looks more and more like Mathieson future in the majors is as a relief guy. Possible closer?

I can't remember a time the Phils' starting rotation was this bad during the middle of the season. Plenty of terrible starting pitching in the 90's but those teams at least had Schilling at the top of the rotation. Maybe back as far as 90 or 91. Ugh.

Well, we managed to keep the O's to just 19 runs today, in 16 innings.

How's that for a silver lining?

Any chance we can start a website for the Phillies inept ownership to sell the team?? I can see it now: or or or

I also like or or

The biggest mistake made was having eight minority owners controlling this team. They probably make too much money to even want to sell their shares to make the number of owners smaller. Ugh...

Bring back Kyle Abbott!!

Isn't he still on the team?

next time david bell comes up to bat, just remember that the phils traded placido polanco (hitting .290) for a guy who's now sitting in prison.

It's worse than just trading Placido Polanco for a guy who's now sitting in prison. They traded Scott Rolen for Placido Polanco who they traded for a guy who's now sitting in prison.

And don't get me started on Curt Schilling...

It's funny someone mentioned Kyle Abbott, becuase I was thinking today that Hamels' delivery - fluid, graceful, straight over the top - reminds me of his. Abbott didn't have half the stuff Hamels does, of course, but I worry that his delivery makes the ball very easy to pick up for hitters.

This season has become a certifiable train wreck. It is painful to watch. I agree that I can't ever remember the pitching staff being as wretched as this year's. The Phillies organization is being revealed for everything it is right now. If it takes this kind of sheer ugliness to effect some kind of real change, then perhaps it's for the best.

This team reminds me of those crappy early 70s teams, right around when they traded Rick Wise for Steve Carlton.

That's the type of deal we need now, a top of the line hurler where to start the rebuild from. Unfortunately, I think our management overvalues our players, thusly no deals.

I'm trying to keep the faith with Gillick, it is a valid point that this crew is Wade's team, not his.

We will see at the trade deadline, fish or cut bait!

I'm still looking for that truck.

Holy crap, it's happening, the Phillies are sucking about as bad as they possibly can. Sure they could go on and continue to lose game after game, but honestly, does it get much worse than this? I know "heart" has been a topic of conversation many times throughout this season, well it's obvious that most players on the Phillies are not playing with heart. Some are, but even they are beginning to hate/loathe the situation they're in right now. It is time to dismantle, it's actually overdue. Start trading away players and getting quality young players in return or prospects. At least young guys fighting their butts off to stay in the Majors would be fun to watch...this current assesmblence of pansies make me sick!

“One of the weirdest things about this league right now is [no wild card contender] has really gone nuts,” assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “Now, we have to climb over a lot of clubs, but the bottom line is we're still in striking distance. We're capable of doing it. Whether we're going to do it or not ... we'll probably make a decision on that before July 31.”

Ruben Amaro is still in denial. I hope he is NEVER GM here!

Even losing seven in a row, the Phils hang on to 2nd place in the division. We need the other teams in this division to pick up the slack and start winning. The ownership believes 2nd place is good. The Phils need to drop into LAST PLACE before the dismantling can begin.

I can't belive how bad this team has become. Even my pessimistic third place prediction in April now seems too optimistic.

That quote by Amaro just goes to show how inept this franchise is. How can he honestly say that to Phillies fans with the starting rotation what it is, not to mention the disfunctional lineup, and the defensive blunders that happen every game. It's a joke. Why don't you just piss in our face and tell us it's raining? It's a slap in the face to Phillies fans everywhere. There you go Reuben, insult our intelligence by telling us that this team is still in it. I would rather him just come out and say, "We suck." or "We made some serious mistakes this year and are doing everything we can to correct it." But no, they say "We're still in it." Screw you Reuben.

I'm almost at the point where I don't feel like watching/going the games anymore. I have 8 or so games left on our plan and I just want to sell the rest of the tickets.

Seriously, I suck," Hamels said. "That's all I can say."

Looks like confidence is at an all time high right now.

I'm happy to know that morale at the Phillies' clubhouse is at least as low as at my office!

That quote by Amaro is hilarious . . . if he were in Custer's unit at Little Big Horn he would probably have said, "Now he have lulled Sitting Bull and the Sioux into a false sense of confidence. They are ours for the taking" before completely getting wiped out. The Phils are in a situation very similiar to Custer's unit.

The guy we have starting against the Jays didn't make the cut with the Royals this season.... The ROYALS!!! Ha.

I'm ready to jump on the season-is-completely-tanked bandwagon now.

"Seriously, I suck," Hamels said. "That's all I can say."

Hey, at least we have an honest appraisal of a players performance by that player. Kudos for Cole to be able to honestly assess his performance.

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