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Monday, June 19, 2006



so i must admit my ignorance from last week's post regarding the Phadin Phils and the D'Rays.... I said the Phils would get swept by the D'Rays, despite the fact that Cole Hamels (PITCHING PHENOM... on the same level as Clemens, Pedro, Johnson, etc. etc. etc...... Right Pawnking??????? YOU SIMPLETON) was pitching... It turns out that i was wrong... the Phadin' Phils actually took 1 game from 'the last place' d'rays... don't be discouraged though Phadin Phans.... it's a long season and I promise that wild card will be within your site... only to crash in bitter dissapointment...


Yawn. How bout those Orioles. Yawn.

Yea how about those Oreos.... stole the series from us... I think thats the 6th series we've lost all season... life is tough when you're 9.5 games up on the division.... especially when the team chasing you is losing two of three from a basement team....

Keep following the wild card standings...... youre only 3.5 out!!!


The Phillies looked pretty pathetic at times against the lowly DRays. I think the next two series are going to be a test to see what kind of summer we are in for. Myers v. Unit should be fun.

No matter how many Mets trolls pollute this site, there is one fact that ought to make everyone happy.

The Atlanta Braves are in last place.

God bless America.

Politics and baseball make strange bedfellows. Let's Go Yanks!

So Hamels struggled at home. He is a rookie and it was a learning process. Liked his comments after the game where Hamels admitted he was a little too pumped up and through too many fastballs. Unlike Floyd, you showed nearly zero resilency, I think Hamels will progressively learn from each setback.

It would be incredibly foolish to pull Hamels out of the rotation now that he was made several starts. Nothing is worse for a young pitcher to get treated like a yo-yo back and forth between the majors and minors. The only reason the Phils should place Hamels back in the minors this season is unless he really struggles (ERA of 6) or have a prolonged injury.

I would rather have Hamels experience his growing pains this season so that the Phils can count on him next season to be a legimitate MLB starter. Even if Hamels is only .500 this year and has an ERA of 4.50, it will be a useful learning experience. With his limited minor league time, it might take another year in the MLB for Hamels to really start and dominate.

I promise that wild card will be within your site... only to crash in bitter dissapointment...

typical Muts fan - Can't spell or think for himself.

Our pitching has been weak to this point, but we'll see how well your 40 somethings hold up come August!

Agreed upon about the Braves Mike H. We will see how long they stay down there for though.

And I'm not worried about our 40 somethings when August rolls around because we have hands down the best bench in the NL, if not the AL as well. We have had almost 40 different batting orders in 60 some-odd games......

Not too sure who I want to win the Phils or the Yanks... either way I hope someone sweeps.


Do you Met's fans have blogs to go on that support your team; must you make an &^% of yourself on a Phillies blog?


Go O's!

You see the problem is he has nothing intelligent to say, so he'd get laughed out of the Mets blogs.

Tonight's the night boys, if we're gonna win one, it's gonna be tonight. Myers v. the little unit Johnson. I have no faith in Lidle vs. the yankees line-up and Mussina starting. And Hamels vs. Wright, may be a winner if he can come up with a good game.

this would be a good series to get victorino and roberson in late, jorge can't throw anyone out to save his life, but of course Cholly won't move an inch on his starting line-up. The only positive is that if the phils go 1-5 against the yanks/sox, maybe charlie will be gone by the time they come home again

Bone Daddy - I suggest you take a look at the Met roster. I see 1 forty year old, Tom Glavine. I would take him over any of the guys the Phillies have posing as starters.

MRL - actually, we Met fans have several blogs that support our team. It is just that we have so much fun reading your site and seeing how you all are whining and crying.

I guess Wagner was right last year, the Phillies don't have what it takes to get it done.

Dudes it's over. We should just accept it and move on.

Any truth to the rumor that Manuel will be fired soon, Dallas Green will finish this season, and Lou Pinella will take over next year?

Love the site! Been reading for a few months and finally decided to write.

I heard on 610 this morning that through a reputable national baseball writer, there were rumors of Charlie getting the axe if we had been swept this weekend. The rumor had Dallas Green taking over as interim until next year when they could entertain the thought of hiring Piniella. I don't know how it would play out, but how could it possibly hurt? The players supposedly love Charlie, but they sure as hell don't play for him, so what's the use? What would you guys think of this move?

I've never seen a team, even when they really sucked bad (they're just mediocre now), play this stupid or sloppy. Does Jimmy Rollins understand how to play the game? Why is it okay that Abreu won't run into walls? As great as Howard is at the plate, how did he become Ryan the Butcher at 1st? The culture of this team is disgraceful, and that is a reflection on the manager. I agree that Charlie can only do what he can with this lineup and staff, but his managing only seems to lose games for us, it never seems to win us a game.

On another note, I think John Marzano is an excellent commentator who really gets the game and the Philly fans. It's always those marginal players that have the best insight, and make great managers. I'd love to see him get some experience and eventually get a shot at the big time.

ED in Westchester basically hit it straight on the head... we enjoy reading your pathetic cries..... not to mention that you can't forget old' Julio Franco but him and glavine are two guys I would never want to get rid of......

already talking about firing your Manager and going 1-5 vs the sox and yanks... (dont forget losing 2 to the d'rays)... man i thought mets fans were a miserable group from all the torture we put up with.. and i know philly phans have put up with equally as much losing but get serious its only June... your wild card aspirations are a joke

..... and so are the phadin' phils


I'd say whichever writer allegedly started the Green/Piniella rumor has instantly lost the label 'reputable' if he's trying to pass that horsecrap as legitimate.

Dallas Green? I mean, are we using our abilities to reason and logically cogitate here? The year is 2006. I'd say there's a better chance they'll dig up Paul Owens and let him be the interim manager.

Besides, how would they possibly get a uniform to fit over that prodigious old-man gut of his?

I've never hated the Mets. I was always indifferent to them, but these rude Mets fans that intrude on this site give their team a bad name. It'd be nice if the Phils could sweep the Yanks if only to ingratiate these boorish Mets fans.

Back in the early 60s, the Cubs tried a team mangerial concept, with no one man actually being the manager. It was coaching by committee.

The Phils could try a variation of this theme. They should bring back Larry Bowa to be the Co-Manager with Foghorn. They would split the managerial duties. Who manages on game day would depend on the outcome of the previous game. Following a loss, Bulldog Bowa would be the skipper, chewing out players everygame until they win. After a win, Uncle Charlie would be the dugout boss. If the players want to be treated nice, it'd be in their best interest to win, to prevent Mr. Hard from riding them game after game.

Okay Schu, I hear you, but it's not the first time Green's name has come up. He could do it for half a season if he had to. Besides, if Manuel were to get canned, who could they really get to replace him now? They wouldn't put anyone they'd want long term in a position to fail right away. Bottom line is they should have hired Leyland last year, but the organization was too afraid to have a guy like that. They'd rather everybody get along and lose, then have dissention and wins.

I'd love Sweet Lou.

Lake Fred - I assume by ingratiate, you meant irritate. When you ingratiate, you get someone to like you.

Look, I know from experience how hard it is being the fan of a team with a bad manager, a crappy front office and over the hill and overpaid stars. That being said, a little back and forth between fans is all part of the fun. Hey, you want to come over to one of the many mets blogs, feel free. Yankee fans do it, not many since most lack opposable thumbs and the intellect to use a computer and form an original thought, but they try.

Well, to get a rivalry going, both teams need to compete. Alas, our repective teams have never both been good at the same time. This would have been a good year for it to happen, with the Braves falling apart before all our eyes.

I agree with Mike H - Braves in last place has to be something we can all be happy about.

If Mets fans were as articulate and mature as you, Ed, nobody would have a problem with a little 'back and forth' as you say. A lot of people who opt for Beerleaguer appreciate the fact that it has high standards for intelligent discourse. When the Mets yahoos (or certain Phillies rooters as well) come on here and talk trash, it's not fun. It's disgusting. It's all we can do to ignore it. I realize that you can't just create an island in which only informed opinions and respectful interactions are permitted. But you can hardly blame a person for wanting it that way and being irritated when the jarring reality interferes.

Ha ha!

Thanks Ed, the only thing worse then a Yankees fan is a Cowboys fan, love the opposable thumbs line.

RickSchuBlues - I have been known to be a wiseapple at times myself.
We Met fans have to put up with the biggest bunch of blowhards in sports, Yankee fans. (I unfortunately as an Islander fan have to listen to Ranger fans, the second biggest bunch of blowhards.) All fan bases have their good apples and bad ones. Met bad ones do tend to go a little far. Though I have seen some good guys who have posted even keeled stuff, only to get slammed.
In any event, I hope the Phils do well this week against the AL East, especially the Yanks. I want there to be a race, it makes summer that much more fun.

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