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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


What did they used to call Gillik? "Stand Pat?" Charlie must know that his job is safe until the offseason. Why not? It's not as if he's in any danger or anything.

It sounds like Manuel finally got to the "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" quote on his quote-a-day calendar. If it takes threatening his job to get him to make a change to try to spark some energy into this team, then so be it.

Count me among those who think that 1/2 season is not enough time to decide whether or not Gillick was a good hire (especially considering his track record of rebuilding over a few years), however, it is more than enough time to be able to determine what kind of manager the team has. It would be an understatement to say that Manuel has worn out his welcome. Although I'm very skeptical, it sure would be nice to see a little "fire" out of him for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, I don't think a change is made until after then.

I like the absentee landlords analogy. If Manuel is all flustered about excuses, he might not want to consider that his higher-ups have offered a level of accountability on par with O.J. Simpson's.

The absentee landlord analogy has been used many, many times, especially in regards to Montgomery. It's a good one, because that's exactly what he is. But Gillick has been the big surprise to me this season. Where has he been? On radio, they are wondering whether he's been sucked into the Phillies' abyss.

Didn't Gillick give Elmer a "vote of confidence" about a week ago? Only those id danger of being fired get those votes. I think Charlie sees the season is lost, therefore, he may as well do things like juggling the lineup and chewing on some players. Unless this team turns it around big time, soon, Foghorn Leghorn will be forced to change his species from a southern rooster to a lame duck!

Burrell's struggles of late are difficult to watch but more importantly make it nearly impossible to get much for him in return. Burrell is guaranteed a ton of money through '08 and his foot problems make an AL-club the Phils' mostly likely trading partner. Phils' would be lucky to get 50 cents on the dollar for him right now. I doubt the Phils could even get a decent starter for Burrell unless they picked up a portion of his tab (no way that is happening).

I am absolutely tired of people criticizing Gillick so far. There is little to nothing that a GM can do in mid-season to correct a team. Basically, Gillick is limited to either bringing up players from the farm system or make minor trades. No team ever makes a big trade until near the trading deadline in July.

Where Gillick really needs to act is at the trading deadline in July. He clearly needs to determine the direction of this team and decides who stays/who goes.

Since the Phils' look like sellers, Gillick has to make at least one major move to help this team for next year. He will probably make some minor moves (e.g., trade Cormier). I will wait until August to see how this team shapes up and what moves Gillick makes.

Where people should criticize Gillick is for his recent actions regarding Myers. Myers' shouldn't have pitched in a nearly meaningless game in Boston. Gillick clearly needs to indicate that such behavior will not be tolerated in the organization, even if it is the best starting pitcher.

First of all the season is not yet lost, although it is hanging on by the thinnest of threads. As I posted before, the conditions are right for a streak, although the players are not. Last time Manuel actually showed his anger, the phils went 13 of 14.

Don't misconstrue this to think I think this going to happen, but as I've said before, it's happened this season already, with this same group of guys, so to say it's impossible against the so-so teams they'll face over the next 5 weeks, is ridiculous.

And who would you replace Manuel with exactly? If you think the season is lost, why go through the trouble of hiring a new manager in the middle of a failed season? Spend more money on a manager for a lost season? That's ridiculous.

Standing Pat may be the best move here, face it.

And trust me I will be the first one to complain if another trading deadline comes and goes with the Phillies not making a move to get rid of Burrell, Abreu, Myers (prime trade bait), et al. Until the deadline, I'm not going to complain about Gillick's lack of movement.

Here's a couple of Phillies tidbits from Ken Rosenthal's column in

Were Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz and Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard separated at birth? "Big Papi" sometimes wonders himself. "I always come to him and tell him, 'Did my dad have anything to do with you?'" Ortiz says, smiling. Howard, 6-foot-4 and 252 pounds, is the bigger of the two left-handed sluggers. Ortiz goes 6-4, 230.

They like 'em tough in Philly: Phillies center Aaron Rowand says he received several gifts from fans, including framed newspaper articles, after crashing into the center-field wall and fracturing his nose in May. A Pennsylvania State Trooper wrote Rowand a letter praising the outfielder for sacrificing his body for the team, and included a state-trooper patch .

Here's one for ya from the Phils website:

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has been suspended for one game and fined an undisclosed amount for his aggressive actions during an argument with Umpire Bill Miller during his club's June 17th game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park. Bob Watson, Vice President of On-Field Operations for Major League Baseball, made the announcement.
Manuel's suspension will be served tonight, when the Phillies play at Baltimore.

MG, that's more of what I was getting at with Gillick, his standing on the Myers thing. I'm not opposed to questioning the job he's done so far with on the field stuff, but I agree the deadline is absolutely key this season. Absolutely key.

Manuel will serve a one game suspension tonight. It will be interesting to see if/how the team reacts. A little lineup juggling would be interesting.

It actually makes no sense to sit Burrell, ESPECIALLY when they are playing in the AL parks. Keep firing Charlie, you're only wrong 96% of the time. If nything I would bat Burrell 3rd for a couple of games.

Manuel's going to make out the lineup card, suspended or not. But who cares? The only reason to watch the game is Cole Hamels.

As for the comment "there is little to nothing that a GM can do in mid-season to correct a team": how many ways are there to say, "balderdash"? A team is always a work in progress. Significant transactions can occur during the season as well as the off-season. But now that Gillick has served the Phillies with nothing more than Rick White since April 1, they are in a position to benefit optimally (albeit for the future and not the present) from mid-season trades; that is, to be in the position of a non-contending "seller", which has significantly more leverage in asking for more than what they are offering is worth to any number of playoff hopefuls. The implementation of the wild-card has increased the advantage of the seller's position tenfold. The Phillies and Gillick, no matter what they utter to the press, should not be even dreaming of approaching the trading deadline otherwise. They are in a position to gain NOW, much moreso than if they wait until the offseason. Abreu couldn't bring a good enough return in the winter, and he might not again next winter. Now is the time. Hold off on changing the manager all you want. This is the time to get real value for your trading chips. No one is going to accuse Gillick of giving up. We've all beat him to it. Philly fans know enough not to complain even though there's technically a shot to make the post-season. Everyone knows the Phillies will be better off if they get everything they can for players who have not helped foster a winner. Take whatever prospects you can get, begin to rebuild the farm system. In a more wishful sense, run Myers out of town while you're at it. I would gladly take prospects for him, even knowing that potentials don't equate the value of an established player. Cut your losses and sell, sell, sell.

I agree with most of RSB's post. On the Myers incident, part of me says he can be rehabilitated. I showed a lot of immaturity in my 20's and did things I would never dream of doing now. I am leaning toward getting Myers help. It doesn't help him (or her) to ship them off to another town. He's got a lot of growing up to do. Hopefully he can do it in Philly and become a responsible and productive citizen and husband.

We just had a Father's Day recently. I've heard that the best thing a man can do to be a good father is to love his wife, the mother of his children. That's what Myers needs to do.

RSB I agree that sellers have more leverage at the trading deadline now, especially since so many teams are in the hunt for the wildcard. But teams always gain more when the deadline approaches. You will never see a big deal made in June. If you are a seller, you always try to get the most lemonnade from a lemon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brett Myers Statement

On the day of my arrest, I consulted with my attorney by phone, who advised me to make no comments about this matter. While I followed his advice at the time, I have felt the need to make some comments about this situation and I do so now.

First, while I dispute that the facts are as alleged, I recognize that my behavior was inappropriate and for that I apologize.

Second, I recognize that the incident created an embarrassing situation for many people, including my wife and family, my teammates, the Phillies organization, and fans, and I am very sorry for that.

Third, my wife and children are very important to me and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to address any problems that might harm our marriage. I have asked the Phillies for some time off so that I can concentrate on this matter and make plans for whatever assistance is appropriate.

At this time, I do not intend to make any further public comments about this matter.

Good for him. Thanks Joe for the scoop.

Well since we won't get to see the 3-man rotation in the October, I guess June is good.

MG..... don't know if it was on purpose or not, but calling players on the trading block lemons, that was hilarious

Gosh. That sounds so sincere. I'm sure he came up with every word of that.

Fred, a person can't be rehabilitated until they're willing to look deeply at themselves and their actions. Myers' terse statements to the press in the clubhouse were far more revelatory than that obligatory "statement". What was it that his wife said? "I'm not going to let you do this to me any more." That signals to me that this was not an isolated incident.

I don't know or care to what extent Myers is or will ever be able to evaluate himself with any measure of truth. I hope that he is able to at some point, but in the meantime, I want him off this team in the worst way.

Phillies statement on Brett Myers
06/27/2006 3:50 PM ET

The Phillies have agreed to Brett Myers' request for time off to concentrate on personal matters associated with his arrest in Boston last week. He is expected to be off for two and one-half weeks, through the All Star Break, until July 14. The Phillies have made available appropriate, professional, employee assistance resources to help Brett and Kim Myers in these circumstances.

After last Friday, the Phillies did not comment further on the events surrounding the arrest of Brett Myers out of respect for the Myers' privacy and because there is a criminal prosecution pending. Likewise, the Phillies did not summarily suspend Brett Myers immediately upon his arrest, prior to any judicial determination of guilt or complete evaluation of the entire matter. Such a decision, unfortunately, has been portrayed or interpreted as the Phillies indifference to problems of spousal abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth. We abhor such violence and recognize that it is a very serious problem affecting a substantial number of victims, particularly women, across the country.

If we have been guilty of delay in expressing these sentiments, we are sorry. We have been engaged in a difficult balancing of concerns for the rights of our employee, the presumption of innocence, the rights of his spouse, and the legitimate public concern about allegations of spousal abuse by a Phillies ballplayer. We believe that the present status, including a public apology by Brett Myers, time off from baseball, professional assistance for Brett and Kim Myers, and this statement achieves the appropriate balance for now.

David Montgomery
The Phillies

If he is sitting Burrell for Delucci or Victorino he should keep Burrell on the bench in late innings when the bases are loaded and there are two outs, especially when the guy he is PH for is 2-2 with a walk. He shouldn't have made this mistake the first time.

Wake up everyone. Burrell's foot is injured, it is not right. The amounts given to Abreu and Burrell are Montgomery's and Ed(I want to keep my job) Wade's doing.

This is the best thing that could happen to the Phillies, Gillick has single handedly untied the straight jacket and unlocked the locks like Houdini of a teams payroll that was headed off a cliff.

What should they have done? Trade Floyd for Dontrell?

Step back have a cookie, the Phillies are short a Top of the rotation starter and a Number 3, 2 bullpenners, a 3rd baseman and a catcher, and Burrells foot to heal.

Aside from giving up on the Padilla Floatila, Pats moves have been fine. You win some you lose some.

If he was here we would have had Schilling and Leyland as the manager and Polanco at 3B. With Schilling teaching Brett Myers.
Do you really want Wags for 40 Million?

We need a new 3rd base coach and in my mind a pitching coach who can advise when to give the hook. There is no magic, next year the cancer of Lieberthal will be gone with Wolf and Bell freeing up 20 Million Dollars.

Yes Burrell and Abreu are over paid but in the scheme of things what ball club is not eating 10 Mil of bad decisions.

The Phillies are no longer a massively under 500 club. And we had real draft picks this year. This is the best thing that could have happened.


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