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Friday, June 23, 2006


I hope he still pitches tomorrow. And I hope the Fenway faithful *destroy* him.

The juxtaposition of the "Phils Hit the Road" and "Myers Hits His Wife" articles on the sports wire is fantastic.


of course, it could have just been joe kerrigan in a let's reserve judgment until that possibility is ruled out...

Not good at all. If this is true, Myers should be suspended for the season, and then released outright from the team. This is intolerable.

Personal feelings aside....

This will probably determine my personal feelings about Gillick at least for a while. I do hate it when the public hangs a man before he goes on trial (my college expelled two players for being accused of rape, no charges were ever filed and police investigation found no evidence that anything happened). However, eye witness accounts plus the arraignment pretty much seal the deal that there's good cause.

Gillick needs to make an example of him and really take control of the team.

good point Will, i am a lasalle grad, and they recently (2 years ago) kicked three players off the b-ball team AND out of school and all three were found to be guilty of nothing but typical college behavior...

however, this seems pretty cut and dry. unless of course, it was kerrigan in a wig...

Just unacceptable...
but as a fan of the team this is a huge blow to our season... HUGE. We are now sellers.

This is really disturbing. I don't know what should be done. That story in the Globe is sickening. I don't think he should be pitching right now for the Phillies in Boston.

Now that neighborhood really well (lived in Boston for nearly 10 yrs) and it would be pretty hard to miss the scene described in the Globe. Bolyston has a ton of bars on it. Wonder where Myers got loaded at before deciding to beat up his wife.

If Myers really wanted fight someone, he could have easily down to the one of the towny bars in Southie or Charlestown. At least he would have fought someone who had a chance of defending themselves.

I hate to say this, but the proper thing to do would be to suspend him immediately.

Just what this team needs right now.

Terrible, I have absolutely no compassion for any man that strikes a woman.

But am I surprised this happened in this day and age when violence and degradation of women is praised (listen to a rap song sometime, if you can stomach that crap).

Absolutely not.

I don't know. Talent-wise, and on paper, it really hurts the team if Myers is gone.

But you also have to wonder if his absence will have a positive effect on the team and clubhouse. I can't believe a lot of the players could enjoy playing behind him, and I can't imagine most players thought it was very professional to be showing up Coste behind the plate a few games ago by catching his return throws bare-handed. The players will publicly stand behind him because that's what players do (and he isn't guilty of anything until he has his day in court, although it looks pretty cut and dried).

I agree that Gillick (and CM) needs to send a clear, strong, and unequivical message on this. If the charges are true, he should be gone, either suspended for the season, traded, or just plain cut. Making the right statement regarding the franchise's stand on domestic violence is more important than winning a few games.

And if you're going to trade him, trade him to KC, not a contender. I don't care what you get back.

As soon as he's convicted, release the piece of sh1t. From the sound of it, this is not the first time either. I hope he felt like a real man beating up a woman.

All things aside, trading Myers away for nothing is absolutely foolish. You just don't give up a 25-year pitcher for free.

As for notes, Philly Inquirer talked about Phils being sellers or buyers. They talked about how the Phils considered Abreu for either Vernon Wells or Miggy Tejada. Don't know about you, but I would take either of those guys in a heartbeat over Wells.

Both guys are great offensively and defensively and play hard every day unlike Abreu. Miss Abreu's bat but not his laid-back defense or personality.

I disagree MG, cutting him (or trading him for nothing) would not be foolish.

Sending the message that beating up your wife while on a business trip is unacceptable to your employees is reward enough.

And conveying the message that this organization has zero tolerance policy for bullies who beat up women is a bonus.

In fact trading him for nothing implies that they would get minimal value in return (literally trading for nothing rhetorically is a contradiction), and I feel that by trading him at all, you implicitly are saying "you can't do this here and stay here, but you can keep your job but just do it in another town."

That is the wrong message. Yes some a-hole GM will sign him, but let that be on his conscience when his next girlfriend ends up in an ER, because he learns nothing from this.

A clear conscience (sp?) is all I need. I'm not ready to see a guy pitch on TV and remember that just the other night he beat the crap out of a petite woman. You can sit him until the right trade deal comes along.

Regardless, from a pure baseball point of view, it would be RETARDED to send Myers out in Boston tomorrow. Unless of course, Gillick and Charlie feel he deserves what he's gonna get (which he does). There's no chance he'll pitch well in front of that crowd.

Maybe a code red in the clubhouse by Howard, Rowand and Fasana would help.

I think I'm just joking, but actually I'm not sure.

I don't feel trading him would be the wrong thing. You KNOW someone's going to pick him up, so why not trade him and get something? He screwed our season (and many seasons to come considering the phils were depending on him to be the ace, or close to it.) Why not at least try to get something for him?

The Phils front office right now can't do anything besides scratching him from tomorrow's game. It's just too soon, details are fuzzy, the earliest we're gonna hear about a suspension/trade or whatever is gonna be tomorrow after the game.

Figures, the Phils get a national broadcast and now this is all they'll talk about.

National broadcast? Pretty sure it's just on in the northeast -- I'd put on the World Series rematch Astros/White Sox game anywhere that wasn't Sox/Phils territory.

I know that Boston area well too. I lived up there 6 years. I used to DJ in the hotel that is on that street corner.

It is a well lit street corner with two very busy streets intersecting it. And a lot of clubs and bars are nearby. If you beat someone up there, a lot of people will see it guaranteed.

This makes me willing to believe that the story is true.

Brett Myers now makes me sick.

One more thing. To the guy who lived in Boston for 10 years... I'm willing to bet it was Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury St. It's a couple of blocks from there and a big MLB hangout for guys who come into town. Just a guess.

You're right, if he had tried this stuff at the Warren Tavern in Charlestown, it might have been different. He might have wound up in the hospital by a bunch of locals.

everyone needs to settle down with the trade talks. i understand this is a terrible thing, but just take a deep breathe...inhale...exhale...there we go.

a player has never been and will never be traded in the time immediately following a criminal activity because it does neither team any good. myers will be here for the foreseeable future, whether he piches or not is another story...but either way, he's not going anywhere soon.

this is the philadelphia phillies, not the vatican st. theresas. morality and ethics are a distant second to money (no catholic jokes please)...and possibly winning. if myers and his "situation" affect the team or the teams image to such a degree that it is not worth having him, then he will be traded. but now, what is he going to do, make them lose? make them not contenders? make people not come to the park? that is already happening! might as well wait and see...

They have to send him out tomorrow. Otherwise, they're saying he's guilty without a trial. That would be a NO NO! The Boston fans will handle it quite nicely, I'm sure.

Phillies' statement concerning Brett Myers
06/23/2006 2:32 PM ET

The Phillies are aware that Brett Myers was arrested in Boston at about 12:30 a.m. today on charges of assault and battery involving an alleged incident with his wife, Kim. He was released immediately after booking on $200.00 bail and ordered to appear this morning for preliminary arraignment, which he did. A further hearing date was set for August ­4, 2006, which does not require his appearance.

Out of respect for the privacy of both Kim and Brett Myers, the Phillies will not comment on this incident until the matter is resolved by the Court.

Myers will pitch, as scheduled, tomorrow afternoon against Boston.

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

And there you have it, from Scott McClellan himself; "we do not comment on on-going investigations."

Myers screwed up, no doubt. But I'm not about to trade or release him. We need his arm.

Let's see, he has the guts to punch his wife for not doing what she was told, but he doesnt have the cojones to get in Abreu's face for doggie a ball that ended up hirting the team. HE IS A FRIGGIN' PUSSY!

That said, this is what I would do:
10 game suspension.
Order him to attend counseling
Let him pitch
Trade him in the offseason

Trading or cutting him now would be foolish, his perceived value would be low, in the offseason his value would be higher (assuming he pitches at the same level as now) and time wouldve passed since he committed these actions and teams are less likely to be able to use it for leverage in trades.

It isn't just the moral thing to do to suspend him/release him, it's the economic thing. The phillies fans will not support Myers if this is all true. Santa didn't even do that, and look what happened to him in Philly. No Phillies fan can possibly support him now. And none will.

I would support a wife-beater if he was pitching game 7 of the WS for us. Never. This isn't some domestic call where the police have a "he said, she said" on the hands to sort out. There are apparently witnesses, all this was done in public. I don't see how he could possibly deny this.

I am appalled that they did not suspend him today.

That tells you all you need to know about this organization.

I'm ashamed to be a Phils fan today.

I TOTALLY agree with Pawnking and George S. If this is true, it is a disgrace and absolutely intolerable. I've been a LIFELONG PHILS fan BUT I can't support anyone who commits domestic violence - no matter who they are. He should be suspended and cut by the PHILS. Let's keep things in perspective here. As George S stated: "Making the right statement regarding the franchise's stand on domestic violence is more important than winning a few games." The team should suspend him at least until the facts come out. It does not put the team in a good light that he is pitching on Saturday. What kind of message does this send? I'm just disgusted with their approach to this.

Does anyone know contact info for Gillick where we can express our feelings?

Speaking of perspective....this is America. He's innocent until proven guilty. As abhorent as this may be, he has not been convicted of anything yet.

If guilty, I am certain Myers will be traded much like Phoenix had to trade Jason Kidd.

Not trying to make a joke here at all, but this'll probably stop all those "Myers has a boxer's mentality" comments from announcers.

The Phillies may base a decision to trade Myers over this (I hope), but there is no way they can suspend him. Only MLB can do that, and since this does not directly pertain to on-field matters (as substance abuse would), I don't think anything can be done outside of the law itself.

Cap, I hardly think an official court verdict is needed to judge what Myers did. Since there is no disputing the fact of his actions, he can't claim innocence to anything.

If the commonwealth of massachussetts is anything like the commonwealth of pennsylvania, the first time you are arrested for beating your wife, you will get diverted to counseling, not convicted of a crime. Like Jason Michaels, Myers will have to pony dough and time and will get off. Despite the supreme court recently allowing 911 calls in as evidence in domestic cases even when the witness refuses to testify, unless Kim is willing to stick it to her sugar daddy this case is going nowhere. Regardless, there is a whole mechanism for making him pay without the Phillies piling it on pre-trial. The idea that the phillies organization needs to be some kind of uber-police enforcing a stricter moral code off-field than the state itself is baffling. Why should the phils act faster than massachussets does?

For non-lawyers, the preliminary arraignment is a meaningless formality where a non-judge sets bail within 48 hours of an arrest. The preliminary hearing is the first time an actual judge passes on the evidence (and may be dispensed of in a case as minor as this, i.e., simple assault).

Anyone jumping to conclusions based on what is in a Boston newspaper article and/or Boston police report is an idiot. Likewise the character experts who know nothing about Brett Myers except what they see on TV or is reported. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt until the matter is resolved in the criminal justice system.

Well, Sean maybe a *second* Boston newspaper article [from the Boston Herald], along with Myers' wife's bruised and swollen face, is enough to convince you that Myers should be gone before the trading deadline. Excerpts from the Boston Herald story: "*Police: Pitcher hit wife in public*
By Michele McPhee and Laura Raposa
Saturday, June 24, 2006
Cops arrested the bald, 6-foot-4, 240-pound pitcher after several outraged passerbys called 911 after midnight, saying that 'a man was beating a woman' outside the Sheraton Boston, according to a Boston Police Department report. Minutes later, police arrived and found Kim Myers, 28, the mother of the slugger’s two toddlers, sitting on a curb crying, her face welted and streaked with tears.
'He punched her twice in the face and dragged her down the street by the hair like a caveman,' a witness told police . . . Phillies officials have refused comment on Myers’ legal troubles but gave no indication that the pitcher will skip his scheduled start in the rotation against Red Sox star Curt Schilling.
'My indication was that he wanted to pitch,' said Phillies GM Pat Gillick.
When asked if Myers’ arrest on assault charges was an embarrassment, Gillick replied: 'I don’t know if it’s an embarrassment, but it’s something we’re very sensitive to.'"

I agree with those here who opine that the phillies should cut BM immediately for his offense. I am a civil libertarian, and believe in the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra, even for those accused of particularly heinous crimes. However, having worked with DV survivors and their abusers, I can't fathom that this story was fabricated. As it goes, if he is cut, someone will be willing to accept the baggage associated; that's the sorry reality of professional sports. There's by far too much machismo involved with the genre, and, regrettably, fans and management in another city will be ready to accept BM without prejudice because "it happened somewhere else".
Finally, I'd like to clarify, for those of you abmonishing DV perpetrators for "hitting women": Do you feel it's any better for a man to strike another man in anger? Do you condone corporal punishment? If you believe that a man (or woman) has only wronged when he/she abuses (physically) someone from the opposite sex, then you are casting a double standard. People should NEVER hit/threaten/abuse people, regardless of sex, age, physical size, ability, color, religion, or ethnicity. It's misplaced double standards such as "a man can beat up another man for insulting him, but he'd better not harm a lady" that perpetuate the pattern of violence in the world. Until people start accepting that no one has the right to harm anyone else (and, in turn, teach this to their children by refusing the urge to hit them), incidents such as this one with BM will continue.

davthon 73, no I haven't changed my opinion. I haven't seen the bruised face of Mrs. Myers, nor have I had an opportunity to interview her. Neither have you. You can believe everything you read in the papers if you want. I'm sure you wanted the entire Duke lacrosse team tossed in jail at the time that "reliable" story broke.

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