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Monday, June 19, 2006


Watch out for that Nunez/Fasano power combo!!!!

I'm sure old Randy is quaking in his boots over them WP.

But look at it this way, if they keep it close, Abreu and Howard are some real nice bats to come off the bench in the 8th or 9th. Of course that assumes where not down 7 already, which is a big assumption these days.

I'm a huge fan of Larry Bowa's, always have been. But he's wrong, and he needs to shut up already about being fired.

Bowa had his chance and wore out his welcome here after 4 seasons. It was time for a change of pace. Still, I think Bowa got more juice of this lemon than Uncle Charlie has so far.

Dallas Green's interview on WIP was interesting today. Always interesting to hear someone so bluntly say the "Phils stink." Phils will be lucky to take 1 out of 3 against the Yanks & Sox. Phils' fans should be thank for 3-3.

I also am a huge Bowa fan. Unfortunately, he's lousy at handling pitchers and had a pitching coach that insisted on micro-managing his staff (Kerrigan).

That and the fact that a lot of these guys whined about him being too mean did him in.

I think he's a GREAT 3B coach. I mean, look at the guy we have now. Got Howard thrown out by a mile yesterday (if the catcher holds on). He's terrible.

Bo should let the past lie, but there is some truth in what he says.

I'm hoping that we'll get Piniella over the winter.

WTF is Howard doing not playing? I HATE THIS.

anyone else call the innings (4-7) in which Wheels and Graham do TV the Whining and Excuse Innings like me? I can't take all the excuses wheels gives for everything. He even defended Abreu the other nite by telling us that Abreu is an OFFENSIVE player and just not ever going to be more than adequate in the field. Adequate, Wheels? HUH what is he smoking? The guy is just plain terrible.

Anyone notice its kind of interesting that Abreu and Howard are sitting. Abreu screwed one of Myers starts recently with his lously play out there and I heard a rumor on the radio that possibly the two had some words about it after the game. In addition, Howard dropped a ball again yesterday and almost threw a ball away going to 2nd towards the end of the game when all he had to do was go to first himself and get the 2nd out of the inning. He just doesn't look comfortable out there when the ball is thrown or hit towards him. Maybe our moron manager grew some balls and is sending these guys a message.

I personally don't care if the phillies lose this game because i would rather them be demoralized by having Washington and Florida pass them prior to the break. Florida is only 2 games back in the loss column and Wash is 4 games. I would love to see this team in last ASAP.

Kuddos to Burrell he got his one hit and 2 rbi's for the series. Now get ready for 0-12 in the rest of the series with most likely 8 k's.

for all the facial expressions and umpire blow-ups i was really disappointed in Bowa as a manager. I think the players would have respected him more if he got in their faces personally rather than whine in the papers/radio about guys.

Players these days are no doubt pampered and in this city when he started alot of them were used to losing and content with it. The only way to get them over the hump is to preach winning and chew em out right there in the dugout.

Look at Travis Lee - that guy is so badly waiting for someone to rip him a new a-hole its pathetic. He has to have the worst attitude when it comes to the game and it shows with his body language on the field. Bowa had his chance with him but he rather talked about him to the media and give stupid expressions in the dugout for TV cameras.

Rolen - the whole situation was a no win situaton for Bowa. Rolen in the late 90's was the poster boy of the franchise and coddled by Francona to take days off when he wanted and not to worry about losing because they were a young team. By the time Bowa got here, Rolen was only thinking about one thing - going home and getting away from this city ASAP. He was a good solider and has never talked bad about Bowa

"Message", my elbow. Abreu and Howard didn't start because of Randy Johnson. I suppose that just wasn't quite obvious enough for some.

So its better to have Nunez and his ~.175 against lefties than howards ~.280? Makes no sense.

"Me Charlie. Me see lefty. Me put righty."

Very entertaining game. Good pitching. Nice 2-out hitting. Impressive defensive plays by Nunez and Rollins. Hopefully they can hold on to this one!

Yeah, haha Sutcliffe..... shut up.


I realize they just took a 4-2 lead, but the situational hitting is killing me. That's one of the worst ABs of the season by Bell, swinging at each pitch after Farnsworth walks the bases loaded. Then Fasano does the same! They should be statues! Enough, enough, enough!

Why can't they all go like this???

The Braves are still in last place. God bless America.

Can someone please tell me where this team I see playing the Yankees has been for the last week? Pat made a terrific ranging play in foul territory, showing off a very improved foot. Nunez and Rollins made great diving stabs at the middle infield. Myers pitched a fine outing, Cormier got out of a jam. And we got the bounces when we needed them, thanks to Jorge Posada.

The last game I saw was Friday against the D-rays where there wasn't a single phillies batter who could hit the starter's change up.

These two games are night and day. The Jekyll and Hyde personality of this team is really what maddeningly frustrates/gives me hope.

Great defense and Myers' breaking ball was the difference in tonight's excellent, crisply played win. The Phillies committed no errors for the first time in a while, and a good two-out hit by Rowand proved to be the winner against Big Unit.

A couple observations. Burrell seems to be responding well to the extra days off. I also noticed the run in foul territory.

Two runs again for Victorino on a 2-for-3 night, and a solid play to cut off a ball down the line.

This is their second win in a row with two or more regulars sitting. They have snapped two losing streaks this way, if memory serves.

Tonight's "defense-minded" lineup is something I'd try again against a tough left-hander. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some truth to the Abreu/Myers thing mentioned above. How many times has Abreu burned Myers in right? Lots and lots.

As a pitcher, I'd feel pretty confident about the right side of tonight's defense, and it looked like Myers was trusting his stuff. Season high 11 strikeouts against the Yankees of all teams. Damn impressive.

And, Pat was able to motor into second base on his shot to the left field corner in the fourth. Sure, Cabrera threw it in to Jeter along the third base line, to try and make a play on Utley at home, but the truly hobbled Pat might not have even made the turn around first and tried for second.

That being said, A-Fraud could still double clutch on Pat's smash behind third and have a play on him at first. But I see today as a glass half-full day as far as the saga of Pat's foot injury is concerned.

hey congrats Rod, Rex and Justin you all should've won that cup here if it weren't for our moron GM! Hats off to the former flyers on that team!

I guess the question is, does Snider do the right thing and retire #17?

Ya know, it stands to reason that if the guys who are playing every day are stinking up the National League it might be good to play some other guys instead. Even Nunez. Or maybe especially Nunez. Not that I think he's really good or anything, but I don't think he's as bad as he's looked so far this year and maybe if he gets in more games (and not just as a PH) he can at least round up to his career averages. Besides, you really can't be running Utley, Rollins and Howard out there every single game. And while it would be nice to never have to play David Bell again, I'm really more concerned that the guys who don't totally suck don't get totally worn out.

So let Nunez spell the regular infielders regularly and the same with Victorino and the outfielders. I think we've all seen enough of the "regular lineup" at this point, anyway.

Now if there were just some way we could not see so much Fasano.

Me Bizarro enjoy watching Bizarro Phillies play Yanks. Bizarro Phillies have timely hitting, great starting pitching, and good defense. Me look forward to having Bizarro Phillies play more often!

I'd rather have Mets fans post on here than hockey fans.

Too bad the Phillies couldn't get similarly inspired for the other New York team. Although it appears the Yanks have considerably less presence compared to the Mets this season.

When Myers is able to channel all that adrenaline in a positive way, he's a totally different pitcher. Guy ought to see a sports psychologist - the mental aspect is the most important part of his game. Emotion either eats him alive or drives him to greatness. I'd settle for a steadying force that's somewhere in the middle.

"Bizarro Phils" pretty much sums it up. They do the opposite of what you expect. Now they'll probably go on a tear and run off 4 more wins against the Yankees and Sox, and then get swept by Baltimore.

About Cormier, his obvious stat (ERA) isn't all-telling. He may be hovering around 1.00 with his ERA, but he allows an awful lot of inherited runners to score when he enters the game. He doesn't give up many of his own runner, but he surely has a knack for surrendering hits to knock in the previous pitcher's men left on base. With that said, Cormier has been much better this season and should bring us something come trade deadline.

That was one of the more enjoyable games to watch all year.

I was happy to actually see the Phillies on TV in New Orleans thanks to ESPN's interest in showing the Yankees. 11 K's is sweet. I was surely confused to see Utley fielding at first base. Flash was excited. It was good.

I don't feel too good about Lidle vs. Mussina. Maybe a rested Abreu and Howard can light up Mussina. This is a game where the Phillies will have to outslug the Yanks.

I think we played a great game.

For those of you who think we didn't shut up because you have never been in a uniform

I did show my northern roots last night. I told all my friends to watch the hockey game, a sport foreign to the hot South. I told them what a treat is is to see the winning players skate around holding the Stanley Cup. Due to the unique nature of a 7th game in the final series, I told them that they were guaranteed to see this spectacle.

When the Phillies game was over, I switched over to NBC to watch hockey, wondering why they are ice skating when the first day of summer is near. With two minutes left in the game, I called my wife and daughters in to watch the cup carrying. It brought back memories of the Broad Street Bullies glory years. My daughters thought all the hockey players looked alike, all sporting full beards. They like clean shaved guys.

"I would love to see this team in last ASAP."


When we need an insurance run via a bases loaded 2-out strike out RBI, there is no one I'd rather have up to bat than David Bell. He's got some great strikeout experience and K'd beautifully last night. Good job David.

Why not pinch hit Howard (a lefty against a righty) in that spot with bases loaded, two out? For the ninth, Howard goes back to first, Utley back to 2nd and Nunez can move to 3rd.

Willard's pinch hitting Howard for Bell idea makes perfect sense. Why didn't Foghorn think of that?

I was thinking the same thing WP, but when you think about, if the had brought in a lefty, the Yanks would have pulled their pitcher. Plus, with a lead I don't really like the idea of putting a cold Howard at first base.

That said, I was racking my brain to come up with a way to avoid having David Bell in that spot, talk about dumb luck. I guess the old saying is true; The sun shines on a dog's (rear) once in a while.

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