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Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm hoping that Gillick's comments on not trading Abreu are strictly posturing.

It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago, some idiot wrote that the Phillies would win the world series.

Not just one idiot, PK.

Yeah, Gillick better be holding out for a better package from either Detroit or Houston. You can't let an Abreu deal slip out of your hands, especially if a team is willing to take on the remainder of his contract. At the same time, Gillick is right that he needs to get some more pitching and a right handed bat for the line-up. Thames and some young pitching would be a great deal. Maybe we will actually have something to look forward to come the trading deadline. Let the restructuring of the team begin!

Thames would be a great addition to the Phils as he is hitting now..and I should know, his hot streak is helping my fantasy team..BUT, he is who he is, and if Dimitri Young did not have all his problems, Thames might well be at Toledo right now. In other words, Is the Thames we see now for real?

Either way with Thames' puny salary and the young arms also in the potential deal, this would be great. Plus $15 million extra for next year. That's an ace right there.

I want Brandon Wood from the Angels.

Vegas put the odds at this trade happening as 5-2 against.

This is just the first of what will be many, many swirling rumors concerning Abreu in the upcoming weeks. Gillick almost certainly is posturing. If teams want him and they're willing to give up serious prospects, you have to do it. The market for him will be stronger now than it will be in the off-season. Do it, do it, do it.

Good bye Bobby and good luck. I'm willing to say good bye to almost every player on the current roster for the right price. Keep Utley, Howard, Hamels...other than that...F' 'em!

You guys should read Conlins article today.

"I would have been just as shocked had the Phillies actually done the right thing and sent him home to begin anger management and the reconstruction of his marriage.

Had anybody from the president, general manager and manager on down said or done anything remotely sensible, that would have been the real shock."

So true.

Maybe they're doing his wife good by NOT sending him home.

Seriously, though, you knew the Phillies' brass, with its tin (sorry) ear for PR, would f### up this situation.

During his career as a Tiger, Thames has 32 homers and 77 RBI in 437 AB. He entered this season a .232 hitter, though. Obviously, the guy has stud power. If he can hit for any kind of an average, he makes the Tigers lineup very dangerous. Also, he seems to thrive on pressure situations.

Maybe we can get Polanco from Detroit!
I just looked up that Thames fellow and his career numbers aren't very good, and he's 28 already. I mean, if you're dealing an outfielder I guess you have to get someone to take his spot. But really I'd rather get some pitchers for Abreu and an outfield *prospect* or two, even if they're just decent ones. We have Victorino and Delucci for now if Abreu is gone.

We won't get Polanco from them. An outfielder yes, because they would be replacing Abreu with the guy they are moving. Why would Detroit create a different hole in their line-up when they are making a playoff push? It doesn't matter anyway, Jim Leyland came out in the papers and said they aren't going after Abreu now. Probably just a posturing thing, but who knows what will or won't happen come the end of the trade deadline.

I have not been a big Chollie basher this year, but it is time. Krukker made a great comment on ESPN last night about how much different a hitter J-Roll is with runners on base. He bears down and takes what he is given, as a leadoff hitter he swings at everyting. Chollie has not made any adjustments based on performance of players. Abreu should be leading off, Rollins hitting down in the order and Bell should be benched. When a manager continues to trot out the same old lineup everyday regardless of whether the player perform you have to put that on the manager. It is time, Chollie must go, and many deals must be made.

Take a look at our recently signed 5th round draft pick out of San Diego State, Quintin Berry. He's started out 0 fer 27 with 10 Ks. I bet he can't wait to talk shop with Tim Moss. It ain't Cholly, it's the drafting, folks.

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