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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Hopefully now that the weather is warming up, Lieber's numbers will improve. I guess they can't get too much worse?

We'll see if Elmer's tantrum carries over to the game today.

Don't know if I've ever seen a play quite as pathetic as what Fasano pulled behind the plate to allow that run. Then he hits into a rally-killing double play on the first pitch in the fourth inning. Fasano is completely overmatched to be in the major leagues. Designate him for assignment and bring up Ruiz. Couldn't be more obvious.

I've watched that Sal Fasano play 50 times already. It's the funniest thing I've seen in baseball in a long time.

What was that with Fasano anyway? I've seen it twice and I'm still not sure what I saw.

They really need to get somebody else. Ruiz... anybody.

That Fasano mess was truly hilarious. It was too absurd to even make me mad. I've always liked Lieby for some reason, and I love what Sal's doing for him. Great job bouncing back tonight, though. Has a corner been turned?

P.S. I am going home from college (Temple) for the summer on Friday, and I live about 10 minutes from the Barons' stadium. I'm definitely going to Hamels' next home start.

I echo your sentiments 100% Jason. I'm finally home and watched the whole game, and "overmatched" was the first word that came to mind, despite facing rookies and garbage relievers (though Messenger looked pretty good with that curve).

That, and Rowand was a great pick up. Nothing like a good bases loaded triple to wipe away a sub-mediocre start from Lieber, who is beginning to frustrate me. Early in the game he was looking great, but then it seems like there's always that one inning where he just loses it entirely, and I have no clue why it almost always happens that way.

Sal blows.

And lo and behold, here we are with yet another three-team homestand and a chance to start winning back some fans. But knowing the Phillies, they'll go 3-5.

Earth to Charlie Manuel: Sal Fasano 40% of the time is 100% too much. Some of his players ought to walk up and down the dugout and start yelling at *him* to wake the hell up.

I agree. Sal is overmatched and overplayed. Ruiz should be summoned and given a chance to catch once a week (preferrably day games after night games). Also, Lieberthal should be given the chance to catch Lieber and Floyd. It's not like they are setting the world on fire with Fasano back there.

Another come from behind win...that's nice! Let's remember who we just played though, the Marlins are a team of mostly struggling rookies.

Fasano barely makes contact. He strikes out nearly half of his plate appearances...pitchers make better contact than that. Ruiz is hitting great at Scranton, time to call Ruiz up and start him twice every 5 days just like Fasano has been. That way the organization will know if Ruiz can be their catcher next year with enough game play this year.

Lieber is confusing. The man can still obviously pitch, but he gets into a bad inning every outing. And I look at that as a mental lapse. I know, veterans aren't supposed to have mental lapses, but that seems to be what he's doing...losing focus!

Let's take 2 from the Bravos.

Agree with everyone. Time to designate Sal for assignment and call up Ruiz immediately. I would also like Ruiz to play twice a week to see if he can cut it.

Ugly game for Fasano tonight. Truly showed his inept defense. If he isn't hitting HRs, he is useless. If Fasano doesn't show something over the next week or so, the Phils needs to designate him to T-AAA and bring up Ruiz.

Ruiz is off to a good start at SB and deserves a look. Even if Ruiz hits .240-260 and plays adequate defense he will be an upgrade.

Wait a minute. I said bring up Ruiz and send down Fassano two weeks ago. I was met with a brow beating from RickShu, who I agree with 90 percent of the time.

It was clear in Spring Training that Ruiz or Coste should have made the opening day cut over Sal. I'm convinced the office knew he would generate some interest with the hair and 'stash and the pizza buying. That's the only thing he brings to the table. He's nice.

But he's a pal you go to Baby Dolls with. Not a major league catcher.

Forget Sal, I think the interesting thing is whoever is thebackup catcher is they do have to play 40% of the time. I think part of the reason Lieby has been successful this yr is that he is more fresh, which is important at his age/condition.

It's time to start the drumbeat....

Come on folks, it is obvious!

Q: How do you pay a middle of the road catcher 7 million and make it look smart?

A: By having a AA catcher spell him every couples of days so his average play is something to look forward too.

How can you call for Lieby's head if all you have to replace him with is a mustache?

the defense of this team continues to underwhelm. what has lieberthal done to howard? the ryano has become very nonchalant in the field. fasano is a punchline at this point.

gr, what?

mike, what don't you understand?

Man, the fact that someone mentioned "Baby Dolls" shows me how Reading-centric this list is. Is that right? Are most people who post here from the Berks, Chester, etc area?

I'd also like to know why RickShu is indeed calling ihmself "RickShuBlues"? What's the story there? We're all dying to know.

Dude im originally from FNE, Far Northeast Philly, but I live down in South Cakalaky now.

Not all commentors are from the Reading area. I have never been to Reading. The closest I come to Reading was growing up living on Reading Ave. in Pleasantville, NJ. I now live in Kenner, LA and work in downtown New Orleans, LA. As a Cub Scout my first Phillies game attended was in Connie Mack Stadium. The last time I saw the Phillies in person was in the Astrodome and before that was Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta. As for RickShu, in the mid-80s, Rick Schu was groomed as the 3rd Baseman successor of Mike Schmidt. I believe he was born in Philly, but he never made the grade and played for a number of clubs before disappearing from the scene. I think RicShuBlues lives out west somewhere. I doubt that he's the real Rick Schu. Beerleaguer gives us a place to get some perspective on this Phillies team you can't get anywhere else. Jason does a nice job keeping us informed.

I know the deal with the REAL Rick Schu, just wanted to know the deal with OUR RickShu :-)
I am in Chester County and used to live near Pottstown/Douglesville area. Though I would never think of entering Baby Dolls (well, Ok maybe)

Thanks, Fred.

As for the Reading area, this site is linked to on the Reading Eagle Web site, which pulls a large volume of Berks readers.

Oh, and yes, Jason's blog here is the best one out there. i have monitored others, but never contribute. Good members here. st

Trask, I know there was one occasion this year on which I defended Fasano...I take it all was Floyd's first win against the Braves, during which Uncle Sal visibly acted as a mentor, coach, and catcher all at once and it seemed to help Floyd through. I thought that counted for something. But then I noticed that the Phillies were losing the vast majority of his starts and I realized, it can't be worth that much if his offensive and defensive performance is going to be so poor. If it was truly a 'brow-beating', it was a most ill-advised one; I don't often do reversals so quickly, but there's no arguing with the brutally obvious.

Rick Schu was my favorite 'underdog' player from the mid-80's Phils, a time when I was a baseball-obsessed adolescent. No one else on that team other than Glenn Wilson and Juan Samuel really seemed to play very hard, and I loved that Schu was always diving around and getting dirty. He had a baseball card where he was pictured at third base, with the knee of his uniform ripped open. Alas, he wasn't all that just seemed appropos to combine his name with another strong element of being a Phillies fan...lord, they can give you the blues, all right. I often think how different my general perspective and psyche would have been if I'd grown up a Yankees or Cardinals fan...accustomed to gratification, not knowing what it was like to care so deeply about something and come away so bitterly disappointed. When I was a kid, I took all that losing to heart. I would be so emotionally invested in the games, and then Leon Durham or somebody would go hit a game-winning homer and I'd be crushed. Times, aside from one glorious season we all recall fondly, haven't changed all that much as far as the results...I still care, but it won't ruin my day if they lose. Maybe it's that I've grown older...or maybe I'm finally used to it!

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