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Monday, May 08, 2006


Two things.

1. Wags was right to bring this s**t up last year, but he is wrong to bring it up now.

2. Am I the only one concerned that with a ansty LH onthe mound at the end of a game we are screwed?

We need to jump oin their pitchers early.

wagner's velocity is down and his control is subpar. he's walked 8 guys in 20 IP, way above his numbers the past few years. he's by no means unhittable, with 3 blown saves so far acting as exhibit A. what i want to know is how many fans come to the park this week dressed as rats with the old red #13 shirt on? alot, i hope. what a jerk.

Billy just wants everything to be about him. these kind of self-fulfilling slams just bug me. if you whine about how everyone hates you, then guess what - everyone's probably going to hate you. it's too bad we don't get to hit Lima this series...I'll take an underperforming Madson/Floyd/Lieber over him anytime.

and Hamels' spectacular performance notwithstanding, I still think it's a bad idea to rush him. remember when Floyd and Madson turned in a few great starts in spring training (against arguably tougher lineups than AAA teams)? how're they doing now?

I'm pretty fired up about it too. The main thing is that the Phils win at least two out of three, if not all three, and make Wagner realize that money isn't everything. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am much happier to have Gordon than Wagner. Gordon has better control than Wagner had even last year and Gordon can pitch more days in a row.

Let's go Phils!

believe it, tom. wagner was dominant last year, but always had a bad attitude since day one. gordon is proof there's more than 3 or 4 closers in all of baseball (aka the $10 million club). let's hope he lasts because, right now, that curve is post-season stuff.

f**k wagner. typical greedy athlete who doesn't produce until he's in a contract year. wagner isn't THAT impressive. all the does is throw 100mph heat right down the middle of the plate. if you can catch up to it like damon easley of the marlins did last year, he's very hitable.

The only thing worse than the Mets (other than Julio Franco who gets ammunity) is their obnoxious fans. There will likely be 10 to 15K Mets fans at each game. I'll settle for 2 out of 3, but really would love the Phils to send those stinkin' Mets fans home with losses each night to accompany their long drive up the NJ turnpike. A blown save or two by Billy Boy would be icing on the cake.

Phillies need to make a strong statement against the Mets and Billy Wagner. Screw the Mets and Screw Billy Wagner!!!

I wish there wasn't an off day today...let's keep this train a-chuggin'!

The Hamels situation will take care of itself. When the time comes, everyone will know it. The big thing for Hamels is finding the rhythm to pitch every 5 days. The Phillies have the luxury of being 17-14, far from despair. Exciting as it might have been to throw Hamels at a problem (I would be the first to buy tickets), that’s not how you do it, especially for this particular pitcher, whose only focus should be establishing a healthy rhythm.

"My finger does not hurt. I can [stink] without having an issue." --Wagner (NY Post)

Of the comments above, there are 2 that I agree with and 1 that I don't.

I agree that the Phillies need to jump on the Mets starters right out of the gate, especially the first game with Pedro. That sends a real message for the rest of the series. Be aggressive and capitalize on any and all mistakes.

I also agree that with BW it's all about BW. He sees everything as being about him. How else could someone think his teammates would rather see him fail than make the postseason?

But I do not agree that he is not that impressive. When he has it clicking he can be virtually unhittable, and the remarks he made recently are not only going to fire up the fans, but are also going to fire him up as well. No matter what you might think of him personally, he is a top-of-the-line closer. If the Mets hold any late-inning leads, the Phillies will have to earn everything they get. Although beating BW would be a little more enjoyable, I'd much prefer three games that he never gets into because the Mets are behind.

Howard and Rollins will be the keys offensively. As Rollins goes, so go the Phillies. Howard has to step up and produce, both because we need his bat but also because Burrell needs protection behind him. The Giants pitched around Burrell last night and it worked. Pedro and Glavine will make Howard have to prove himself all over again.

Let's go Phils!

Beautiful post.

so, in other words, there was zero chance he was coming back here and played the phillies and mets like fools.

Once again, screw Billy Wagner!

Oh, one more time....SCREW Billy Wagner!

george, i didn't say he wasn't good when he was on. i was saying that right now, wagner 06 is not wagner 05 and phils shouldn't be any more scared of him than they are of, say, brian fuentes. although still good, wags is more hittable right now than he's ever been.

so, in other words, there was zero chance he was coming back here and played the phillies and mets like fools.

That's my theory too.

"I read the paper every day. I blow a save, I read the paper. I get a save, I read the paper. It doesn't bother me because as a kid growing up, that's what I wanted. I wanted to see my name in the paper as a big-leaguer."

No kidding.

Wagner should realize that if anything is going to motivate a baseball team, it's derogatory comments from someone on an opposing team. Even if it's just one player, and even if it's a player they've all played with. Combined with the momentum of an eight-game win streak, even I feel safe saying the Phillies are going to go into this series unusually energetic. The question is how is their pitching going to hold up in comparison to the three the Metsies roll out there. They almost never hit Glavine, positively never hit Traschel, and I hear that Martinez guy is no slouch, either.

Glavine 2005 vs PHI: 10.2 IP, 7.59 ERA, 0-2
Glavine 2004 vs PHI: 25.1 IP, 5.33 ERA, 0-3
Glavine 2003 vs PHI: 18.2 IP, 4.82 ERA, 0-1

Trachsel 2005 vs PHI: 4.2 IP, 13.50 ERA, 0-1
Trachsel 2004 vs PHI: 32.1 IP, 2.78 ERA, 2-1
Trachsel 2003 vs PHI: 19.2 IP, 6.41 ERA, 2-2

19 starts, 4-10 record over the last three years...

Eh. I think it's lame that Burrell calls a guy who had lunch with writers a "rat." It just seems really lame of Burrell.

But, then again, I am a journalist. Ha.

Huh, I guess I was thinking of years gone by with those two. Glavine was poison against the Phils for years, and I remember Traschel beating them at will in 2001-02.

Anyway, the Mets sure don't impress you with their rotation. Aside from Martinez, it's hard to see what advantage they really hold over anyone. The Phillies can definitely play with them. Although I suppose we're about to see if that's true.

Easy to make comments like BW did when you are sitting on top of the division. Let's check back in August when the Mets are in 3rd place and BW is on the disabled list.

My favorite part of the Wagner comments is when he claims that "the players who knew how to win" supported him (paraphrase). Um, except Kenny Lofton was one of the players (along w/ Burrell) who called for the players meeting to chew out Wagner. I don't think anyone on the team last year had more winning experience than K-LO.

Wagner is an idiot. Anyone who believes that his teamates want him to fail is seriously delusional. I'm sure we have all played ball at one level or another, and I can't remember EVER rooting for a teamate to fail, even guys I couldn't stand - winning is just about the best feeling in the world, even better than schadenfreude.

"Glavine was poison against the Phils for years, and I remember Traschel beating them at will in 2001-02."

without looking up those numbers, I'm sure that's very true. unfortunately for the Mets, this rotation would've terrific about eight years ago - not so much now (Glavine's hot start notwithstanding). the Phils should not be intimidated by these two guys.

Normally looking at those numbers I'd agree that we've little to fear against glavine. But right now the mets first two are hot, and I think this will be a hard, close-fought fight. The whinging individual from down south is, as george s pointed out, psyching up himself and hoping to get at the phils. If we don't win this series, I wouldn't be surprised, but with myers starting we are putting our best pitcher first. If myers stays cool we have a chance tonight and should do well. One thing that does please - both petey and glavine are allowing at least as many walks as league avg (I think its about 12/13 right now).

The most disgusting piece on this, bar none, is Randy Miller's psychophantic love letter in yesterday's paper. Billy was "low balled" by the Phillies. (Another interpretation is that he used the Phillies to get more years and more money.) "Loser" players didn't give Billy the proper respect. (Of course it is interesting that Randy almost got into a fight with Kenny Lofton in the clubhouse last year -- I saw the footage on Daily News Live -- and he obviously has problems with Burrell. The underlying problem seems to be that when some journalists are denied access to folks they get angry, feel hurt, and consciously or unconsciously insert themselves into the story by getting in public pissing matches with those who deny them quotes and then can't seem to understand why the players in question won't talk to them. Shocking!)

If William makes it into this series I hope the AV staff at CBP plays him some Wiggles or Tickle Me Elmo music to come in and warm up to. He's no longer Billy the Kid to me, now he's Baby Bill.

I added the p onto sychopantic for extra "P"hiladelphia goodness.

Holy crap, I hope the Phillies win tonight. I haven't been this hyped up about a game all season. It feels great to be this way again...don't let me down Phils!

great call on randy miller, MPN. if you saw daily news live yesterday, miller's love affair with Rat was even more obvious. and i think the only reason is because Rat would talk to him and eat dinner with him, instead of treating him like a nobody. or maybe it is because they both like to whine. miller compained on and on about how the phils are unavailable after the game because they eat dinner before they talk to him, which he should respect, because it doesn't look like he misses many meals. he also compained that the players don't respect that he has a deadline and postulated that them not talking to the media is part of the reason the team doesn't have a good relationship with the fans. yeah, because fans care if pat burrell gives randy miller and interview. idiot. i wish rich hoffman would have choked him like it looked like he wanted to.

Who the heck is John Castellano?

His line: 15 runs, 10 doubles, 6 homes, 18 rbi's, .416 batting avg., and a 1.280 OPS...that's scorching! He is 28 years old playing in Reading however, not a prospect by any stretch of the imagination. But promote him to Scranton and see if he can give their sagging offense a boost.

That's sort of the reason Castellano is in Reading, because that offense is worse. Give those pitchers some run support.

I didn't get a chance to read all the responses here, so sorry if this was said.. I linked to a NY Daily News article today that says the Philly people are going to try and change Wags entrance music from "Enter Sandman" to "Mr. Sandman."

That would be phenomenal. Philly just keeps coming up with creative jabs.

I blogged about Billy the Whiner today too! What a tool. No one in this city ever wished they had Jose Mesa back or booed him when he didn't throw 100 mph. He is in dreamland.

Okay, so you might like Tom Gordon now, based on a small sample, but how are you gonna feel about him two years from now when he is over 40 and stinking up the joint? That deal was idiotic and I will stand by that for the long haul.

The Mets have the best bullpen in baseball, folks, Wagner included. Too bad you won't have a chance to see much of it because Pedro is gonna shut you guys down tonight.

Shame this win streak has gotta go down tonight. Oh well, get used to looking up to the Mets all season long.

It should be a great series. I'm just happy the Mets will have the top of the rotation going.

I don't think there's a question the Mets bullpen is the strongest in the NL (talk about a turnaround) and Tom Gordon...I wouldn't stock much into him. Then again, this is only the regular season...he always does well now but come playoff time he crumbles.

Wagner only pitches 1 inning, all this hoopla is hilarious for the guy.

Just like the Philly players have commented about not looking up at the Mets, the Mets are not that concerned about the Phillies. The Braves are the team to beat in this division, and no one should think otherwise until they're 20 games back at the all-star break.

As if that will actually happen...

Don't rest your laurels on this shaky rotation and spotty middle relief. If the ball gets to Gordon, great, but you got eight innings before that. The Phillies will need to score early and often, and don't think it's as easily done as it was these past eight games. You break down Burrell's numbers against the Mets, try and find how many names on that list are still on the team... that's great that he hits Armando Benitez well... the only series that matters in ended Sunday night...

You are going to loose all three, the "winning streak" was against who? You have a better chance putting T.O on the field. Have fun, the Phillies suck, and so do the eagles


You'll all look pretty stupid when the Mets take two of three and like a**es if they sweep.

Way to lose two in a row to the Pirates before starting this winning streak.

Notwithstanding the other Met fans who posted in this topic who have no idea what they're talking about, I'm just going to go ahead and give my take on the series.

Mets key points: Get the lead early every game. They have their front 3 (Martinez, Glavine, Trachsel) going, and it would be wasteful for them to be pitching from behind, even if it's 2-1 or 3-0. We all know Citizens Back is a huge hitters park, and I don't expect ANY of our 3 to dominate you guys. The Mets offense needs to step up also. Jose Reyes needs to get on base A LOT if the Mets want to win. Beltran, Delgado, Wright, and evn Floyd need to all have a hot series, anywhere between .280 and .400 each. The bullpen is going to be used a lot, and with Heilman, Sanchez, and your favorite closer not pitching since Friday helps us a lot.

Obviously, I live in New York, and I don't have a lot of media coverage towards the Phillies, but I will say this. The Phils are extremely hot, and the Mets could be falling into a really bad situation here.

I can tell you that I am extremely nervous about this series no problem, because I am. I feel that if the Mets can win 2, it sets the tone saying that the Phillies are going to have to play well all year. If the Phillies win 2 however, it tells the Mets to watch their backs and that they aren't going anywhere.

I don't think any of the two teams will sweep this series. I'm not positive on who is going for the Phillies, but hypothetically if the Phillies win tonight, Glavine is still extremely hot and I can see him pitching well tomorrow as well.

Let's just say this is gonna be one hell of a series.

Talk about winners??

Get a grip Philly fans....the only thing your town is known for is fat women, cheesesteaks, and loud obnoxious fans.....It's pretty easy to score runs in that bandbox you got over there....our team's scoring runs too....IN SHEA!!

Say all you want about billy-boy, but when all is said and done, you guys will be looking up at us and our golden armed closer....Oh by the way, Tom Gordon isn't such a nice guy..just wait till he's slumping...GOD you guys are delusional!

Met fans obnoxious? Take a LONG look in the mirror

MetsBlog Forever!!

Bring it, Philly!

F*&^ the Phillies! Let's Go Mets!!!!

mets4ever11: thanx for flaming your own co-fans. Don't be so damn arrogant, this is no place to be rational. Haven’t you read the philly fan's posts? There is no rational thinking allowed here. Say your team is going to kick a** and theirs sucks. That’s the way it works. If we lose, don’t come back, if they lose we come back and tell ‘em how much they suck. What were you thinking?

Frillies suck!

You have to hand it to the Mets partisans above; they are an eloquent bunch.

And the frillies fans wax poetic:

"Phillies need to make a strong statement against the Mets and Billy Wagner. Screw the Mets and Screw Billy Wagner!!!"

Dear Phillie fans:

This is Flash, your hero of the month. Some of you know me as Tom, but I prefer Flash: as in flash-in-the-pan. Did I ever tell you guys about some of my really big games up in Da Bronx? Well, you see, before I would get into a really important game, my nerves would get the best of me, and I would vomit all over the bullpen. I didn't mind it, though, because a few times I would get some puke all over Mariano Rivera! haha That bastard was a REAL closer. Not a wanna-be like me. So it was fun to get even with the guy who I couldn't hold a candle to. Gosh, I hate NY...they always had too much talent and made me look bad by comparison....

Anyway, sorry about my rant, those guys get me so infuriated that I almost had to puke again. Sometimes I just can't help myself. You see I get all rattled in big moments, and blow important games down the stretch and in the playoffs....April and May are definitely my best months because there's no pressure on my fragile egg-shell mind.

I hope all you Philly fans out there will stick behind me 100% throughout the remainder of the season as you watch your hopes go down the toilet. If our crappy team can stay close enough to have any important games down the stretch you can have confidence that I'll be there to blow some key ones. I hope we don't have any important games this year....This way, you will all still think I'm great!

Thanks for all your well-deserved praise of my greatness, fans.

-- Love, Flashy

Now that's poetry!

I really can't wait to get this series started. You "frillies?", have no idea what you're getting into. I know you only get to see the mets on sportscenter or some other highlight show, but trust me, they do the mets no justice. They are every bit as good as what you read, and the fans are truly dedicated. Which is why you will see 10-15k fans in your band box. Oh by the way, you guys really do have a decent team, but you guys really need to concientrate on the braves and the reds if you guys want to make it to the playoff, because your only way in is the wild card. Anyway, good luck guys, you're gonna need it. Because the mets will dominate philly just like the mets fans have dominated this blog.


They've all gone home like they'll be doing in the 5th inning tonite!


Gordon will once again puke, when he blows a game.

Mr. Burrell better not dig in too deep.

Watch Jose on the basepaths.



hey dudes, if you want to maintain your blog forever, that's pretty much up to you. as a rallying cry, it's kind of boring though. careful with those ergonomic keyboards.

we're supposed to be concerned with this team?...check out the stats of their starting pitching.

1. J Lieber
PHI 2 4 6.60 7 7 0 0 0 0 43.2 57 33 32 5 4 5 28
2. B Myers
PHI 2 1 3.11 6 6 0 0 0 0 37.2 39 14 13 5 0 15 31
3. C Lidle
PHI 3 3 4.17 6 6 0 0 0 0 36.2 40 21 17 4 2 6 38
4. G Floyd
PHI 3 2 6.16 6 6 0 0 0 0 30.2 41 25 21 7 1 17 19
5. R Madson
PHI 3 1 6.82

Geez, we're gonna average 8 runs a game on these guys.

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