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Saturday, May 13, 2006


A lot of hits from Mets fans and Mets trolls--expect a lot more if both teams stay in the race.

Heard on the radio that Santana has been but on the DL and Geary is being recalled. Abreu sitting out with back spasms.

What is up with the game tonight? Can't find it on the tv? Rain delay?

Abreu looks old...really old.

For some reason I can't get the game tonight. I called Comcast and they told me it wasn't on my's always on my UPN, why is it different this time? I hate not being able to watch my team!

I do have the Baltimore/KC game on my UPN and Chris Booker just entered the game. Is he as bad as a Santana? Time will tell.

Booker's line after leaving the game is as bad as it gets:

1IP 5H 6R 6ER 3BB OK 3HR

good lord, Lieber is sure dealing tonight.

Well, at least now we know that Booker wasn't a good fit for Philly. I wanted to see him given the chance here, but looking at that line, I'm glad he never saw above Scranton.
Welcome back Geary, prove the GM wrong for sending you down to begin with.
I can't believe Lieber is pitching a no-hitter and I can't even watch it on tv, and to make things worse, the Phillies haven't scored yet, so Lieber is probably going to have to pitch a no-no to win.

The way is clear now. Not saying anything else.

Alright, where the hell is everyone tonight on here? Lieber is in the midst of a perfect game, and I'm posting to myself practically!

Whew. Roberson.

I don't believe in the whole "jinx" thing, so if Lieber loses this gem he's got going on right now, I guess you can blame it on me for running my big mouth. Screw Comcast, I can't believe I can't watch this game!

Oh well. Go get the win Lieber. Pitch count still good.

Lieber at 98 pitches through 8. Still 1-0 game. No matter what, they should trot him out there to start the last inning.

very nice piece of baseball by Utley, drawing the HBP and getting himself in scoring position.

Lieber should absolutely be finishing this game. he's still looking terrific on the mound.

WHY take Lieber out??! What's the difference between 110 and 115 pitches? And why put Delucci in when Burrell is obviously a better fielder? At least if you're taking Pat out, run for him. I hope that can keep winning in spite of Manuel's robotic and sometimes idiotic managing.

pull Burrell because his foot limits him in the OF. pulling Lieber? I might not have done it, but that's a judgment call. and nobody wants to do a Francona.

obviously, when I said Francona I meant Little...

Lieber was masterful, like the pitcher he was at the end of last season. Out of 110 pitches, an astonishing 83 were for strikes. That's 27 balls--less than 1 per batter faced.

If he has established a comfort level with Fasano, I think Fasano keeps his job when Lieberthal comes back.

I had no problem with bringing Flash in. 110 pitches, balls getting hit hard for the first time that night--the Phils needed to show the Reds a different look. Gordon is just that, after Lieber. And that's his job.

You have to get Lieber out of there when he allowed a baserunner in the ninth, because of his latent propensity to give up homers. It was scary when Dunn came up there with 2 on and 2 outs, but it worked out...what's that now, 13 out of 14? Man.

I was wandering the same thing -- why replace Burrell with Dellucci when Burrell is better defensively and if you were going to replace Burrell why not run for him ?

Yes, Burrell's foot is bad, but he makes that catch. It was a matter of misplaying it, not speed. I still think you give Lieber one more guy. I'm sure he would have wanted it.

Can Cano play 3rd base?
What would you give up to get him playing 3rd here?
I'm acctually in eastern Pennsylvania (as opposed to Texas, where I live) and I still haven't seen a game as my mom doesn't have a television.
I am destined to never see this team.

I certainly wouldn't trade Abreu for Cano, and the Yankess won't trade him for Dellucci.

I imagine there won't be a deal involving an outfielder until Rowand comes back, but the Phillies would be wise to move Dellucci. The problem if they trade Abreu is that Vic loses a lot of his value as a corner outfielder and Dellucci is downright brutal as a fielder. They should hold on to everyone at least through interleague play - I don;t want to see Abraham Nunez as a DH!

Abreu for Cano? get a hitting 3B, you save about $13 mil (Cano's around the minimum), you lose some (well, a lot of) defense at third, you play Victy most of the time in's a gamble, but you know I'd do it. If the Phils are still in it come July that $13 mil could buy a lot of help.

Cano is strictly a 2B.

Cano for Abreu is a train wreck. Cano hit .277/.329/.424 in the minors. he's never going to have an OPS higher than .750 or so (and that's an absolute best case scenario), he has no power, no patience at the plate, and no speed. and as much as Bell's defense might give us headaches from time to time, Cano would be an significant downgrade there too.

I know everybody in Philadelphia loves to dump on Abreu, but even right now, during an "off" season, he's posting an OBP higher than Cano's slugging percentage. seriously, this is insane.

Abreu's health is suddenly a concern; he's been playing like something isn't right, much like he was toward the end of last year. We can dump on Bobby all we want, but this team needs him in that lineup. Yes, the winning has come without him being a factor, but to tell the truth the offense has suffered somewhat of late; it's the pitching that's been better.

What happens after this year is another thing; I'd agree with Jason that he (and the Phillies) would be perhaps better off with a change of scenery. But I wouldn't necessarily advocate messing with something that's working during the season - assuming that he isn't going to stay hurt or unproductive for very long.

Speaking of pitching, it was tremendous to see Lieber finally turn in an ace-like effort today. If he can keep pitching as well as he's capable, it can only help the momentum of this team that much more.

and Myers tomorrow!
it is amazing to have starters you can count on.

"That wasn't good," he said. "That was one of my mistakes, the first one I've made in about 50 years. It'll be a while before I use him again."

That is a quote from Manuel about pinch hitting Lieber on Friday night. The thing that strikes me as odd here is the part about the 1st mistake he's made in 50 years...B.S.!!! Manuel, wake up, you make a minimum of 3 mistakes a game! Now, I know he was just joking around, and having a good time after a win, but come on, this comment just struck a nerve!

Awesome game Lieber, really needed that! And all this Abreu to NY is crap. They have nothing to offer the Phillies besides a salary dump and I personally think Abreu helps this team more than people realize.

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