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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


rbi single for carlos ruiz in the top of the first. 1-0 SWB.

1-2-3 in the first as hamels throws just 10 pitches. tell me that wouldn't get a few folks in the seats for gametime at CBP.

hamels strikes out the side in the second on 13 pitches (4,5,6 hitters). 23 pitches total.

and another 1-2-3 inning for hamels. only 2 Ks this time. that's 19Ks in 10 IP at AAA. and the power just went out for a second time here at the office. cole hamels is superman, apparently.

I love what I'm hearing about Cole Hamels, and I can't wait till we have a real rotation in Philly. But I'm going to temper my excitement until he's had a good 5-6 starts in AAA.

Plus, I know his K-rate and probably his mental intangibles are way better than Floyd's, but what happened to Gavin Floyd is near tragic (baseball-wise). I hope they don't hurry Hamels too much.

if we want to make the playoffs this kid has to be in the rotation. my mancrush continues.

this might be sacrilege, but what about Hamels as a fireballing reliever (given his injury history and relatively short seasons in the minors), a la the Red Sox's Papelbon? maybe it's just me, but everytime Arthur Rhodes steps on the mound I'm not exactly filled with confidence.

ae, he certainly fits the bill, but the question is, can he be more valuable in the ro? the answer, all things being equal, is absolutely as a starter. he's never thrown and inning of relief and probably wouldn't do any better than yoel hernandez, who has been lights out the last 2 seasons (but struggled a bit in the spring).

in the long term, I agree. my concern is that Hamels threw 100 total innings back in '03, and since then has thrown 51 TOTAL innings.

thank you cole hamels!

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