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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Unleash Cole Hamels.

i saw at the bottom of the UTK article on baseball prospectus's website that the pirates are dangling oliver perez and ryan doumit to the phils. i thought id see what everyone here thinks of that and i was wondering who they would be asking for in return? surely not cole but maybe floyd or ruiz?

right, because Madson & Floyd have certainly shown us that good performance in limited appearances = consistent regular season success.

Man, what happened to Oliver Perez? He looked like the nastiest lefty to come along since Randy Johnson, and the next thing you know, he's got a Cormier-like ERA and he can't throw strikes. I don't know if I'd be willing to take anything that a team as bad as the Pirates doesn't want.

The Braves come in with the same record as the Phillies, and an identical three-game win streak. I still feel it will be Atlanta and not the Mets on top of the division at the end. Their psychological advantage of being winners every year no matter what kind of start they get off to will surely carry them easily past teams like the Phillies, who have just as strong of a psychological disadvantage - a loser's complex, in short.

For those who feel I emphasize such things too often, I hold that the mental aspect of sports is *enormous* and it's easy to discern how it affects outcomes during games and over the course of seasons.

I would not welcome Oliver Perez or Ryan "Nomitt" Doumitt.

The Phillies got extremely lucky in the Marlins series, but they'll take what they can get. I just hope the team and the fans don't have illusions based on a 2 game sweep of a Triple-AAA team!

Perez is damaged goods at this point. His velocity is down and his control is no better than when he broke into the league as a twenty year old. The Buccos are seriously conisdering him for demotion, because he has pitched worse than Duke, Snell and Maholm. I like Doumitt, but not for what the Phils are after. He is hit-first catch-poorly catcher (Lieberthal?) with excellent power potential that fits well on a team like Pittsburgh where he can catch and play RF/1B. Pirates may be trying to raise the price for Paulino, whom the Phils have inquired about. That being said, if the price was right...which it won't may be worth the risk.

it was very well put that this is the phil's "first non exhibition game". in seperating the men from the boys the phil's haven't been able to seperate themselves from the braves in a loooong time. this could be myer's coming out party. imagine the hype if he outdueled smoltz.

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