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Sunday, May 07, 2006


This team can suddenly do no wrong! The Baseball Gods are smiling upon us.

And I didn't even mind that Bonds hit that dinger!

Enjoy the off day tomorrow boys, you deserve it.

What a great game, and a great night! I hope we can roll over on the Mets on Tuesday! Go Phils!

Eight in a row! Bonds hits a meanigless (but awesome) HR! Hamels goes seven w/ 10 K's! (though he allowed a run...this counts as getting "beat up" for him so we'll see if he can "bounce back") I can't wait for the Mets.

Good riddance to Bonds and his traveling circus. Somehow, despite the Phillies being in the midst of their longest winning streak in *15 years*, Bonds was the focus, bar none, all weekend. For what? Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth 32 years ago, didn't he? Who cares this much about being number two? Let that albatross and his repulsive entourage go darken someone else's doorstep. Maybe the Philly media will wake up tomorrow and realize the team they cover has, as quickly or more quickly than the human mind can process, totally turned it around and become the Mets' closest challenger. Just like that - the team has gone from bumbling disappointment to streaking contender. It's nothing less than stunning. And just in time to face the Mets coming in for three. Now *that's* something to get excited about.

Some other thoughts concerning the ESPN telecast:

1. Matt Morris really sucks.

2. The crew was right to call into question Cory Lidle's comments and double-standard for Bonds and Giambi (didn't even mention Franklin). But what possesses Peter Gammons to be such a sycophantic suck-up to Bonds and defend him the way he does? For that matter, why was he even there? Couldn't they find someone sho doesn't spit into the mic every time he opens his mouth?

3. Why do fans feel the need to spread their arms wide in glorious triumph when they reach over the railing and stop a slowly rolling baseball? Is it that big of an accomplishment?

4. If you think Charlie Manuel is unpopular in Philly - can you imagine how Felipe Alou would go over here?

5. Aaron Rowand is more impressive by the day. His 'tude is noticeable now, and I love his compact swing. He's got a lot going on in his game, and he's making his presence felt.

6. Whoever put up those banners in left field about Ruth doing it with hot dogs, Aaron doing it with class, etc.: you did Philly proud. It was a pointed statement but not a crude one.

7. It's clear to me, despite whatever I said about Cory Lidle, that Lidle has surpassed Jon Lieber on the pitching staff in terms of quality. Lieber at least avoided the big inning tonight, but it's a joke how hittable he is.

8. Good balance from the entire lineup; everyone had an RBI or scored a run 1 through 8, and everyone had a hit except Fasano. The job is getting done. They simply attacked the Giants pitching early on, and they didn't stop scoring even after they'd torched Morris. They had control of the game the whole way and answered immediately whenever the Giants scored.

9. Can't ESPN find broacasters who don't normally do Giants games to work the ones that are televised nationally? Moreover, has Jon Miller ever considered trying out for being a Ben Franklin impersonator in the off-season?

10. Manuel's intentional walk to Bonds in the first inning was beyond ridiculous. The guy's 41 years old and came in hitting .240. Give me a friggin' break. I know he hit a bomb later, but there was no one on and Lieber was well into the game by then. I was actually hoping Finley would have made the dumb-ass pay for it, because Manuel deserved to look bad for that kind of dumb-assedness.

There was a man on second when Manuel walked Bonds. I don't know, with Steve Finley "hitting" behind him, I would have walked just about anybody in that situation. The Giants lineup is hillarious, it's like an All-Star Team...from 1996!

The ball Lieber served up to Bonds would've been hit a mile by anyone. Terrible pitch. It feels like Lieber is simply unable to keep his concentration throughout an entire game--when he's "on," he works quickly, throws few pitches, doesn't walk anyone, when he's "off" he just gets HAMMERED. It's really hard to throw as badly as Lieber when you're walking less than a batter per start.

To be entirely honest, if we were in the playoffs right this moment and were to go with a three man rotation, my pick would be Myers, Lidle, Hamels. On one hand, that's being awfully presumptuous; on the other, Hamels is throwing smoke in AAA, and just seems to have the right attitude to come up and immediately face top hitters. Lieber, Floyd, and Madson are pitching well enough to give us wins, but not well enough to face playoff lineups. Luckily, our matchups for the Mets series aren't as bad as they could be(Myers v. Pedro, Lidle v. Glavine , Floyd v. Trachsel)

Some fans were absolutely disgraceful. There was one section behind me chanting "F*** Barry" on and off, and when they weren't doing that, they were chanting "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!" even as the Phillies rolled to their 8th straight win. Seems like there's at least one (huge) pocket of dolts every game.

Otherwise, great win. If we get 2 of 3 from the Mets, I'll be pretty happy (a sweep will make me ecstatic and give us 11 straight wins)

"Some fans were absolutely disgraceful. There was one section behind me chanting "F*** Barry" on and off, and when they weren't doing that, they were chanting "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!" even as the Phillies rolled to their 8th straight win. Seems like there's at least one (huge) pocket of dolts every game."

I swear I think some of you guys hate the Eagles.

Call me crazy, but I see nothing wrong with the above.


People that do the Eagles chant during Phillies games make me want to vomit in their hair.

I wish I had the money to go to a baseball game, buy enough beers to get myself drunk, and not even watch the game which I paid to see.
I like the Eagles as much as anyone, but if I'm watching a baseball game they're about the last thing on my mind.
These Phillies are very exciting. And with Hamels at AAA, Ruiz hopefully proving he deserves a real shot, Wolf potentially coming back, this team might keep getting stronger throughout the season. Plus the more Rowand, Utley, etc. rub off on everyone the better.
Is it wrong to hope we're losing by a run or two to the Mets in the bottom of the 9th?

That Dude, I love the Eagles. I've only been to one game in my life (and a great game it was--a win against Tampa Bay), but I just find it very disrespectful. Yeah, if the Phillies were in last place it would be one thing--it's saying they deserve to be ignored. But a team that's won 8 in a row, in MAY? Disgusting, and rude not only to the team, but to the fans around them. Seth said it perfectly, the Eagles should be the last thing on anyone's minds, besides what they did in the draft.

And seth: it's not wrong as long as you think we have what it takes to come back back against Wagner. Man, he is worse than J.D. Drew or any other bum we've had to deal with. I hope he gets three times the reception Bonds got, at least. What a scumbag--just trying to cover his own butt by blaming the rest of the team. Maybe the Phillies don't have "heart," but they were a team desperate to win last year, and saying he wasn't even trying in that Houston game makes me want to jump into the Mets dugout and throttle him.

Adam, despite our disagreements on Pat Burrell, I could not have expressed my resentment of the stupid Eagles ritual any better. It is disgusting. A fan can justifiably boo his team in frustration, but to openly mock it makes me wonder what the hell kind of fan he is in the first place. If you're at a *baseball* game, show some respect for that game even if you don't have any for the team.

It was refreshing to read what Wagner said when he said it last year, but I can understand why the rest of the team didn't take too kindly to it. He's got an antagonistic personality, and he doesn't know how to let things go. Maybe he's a stand-up guy who's brutally honest, or maybe he's just completely tactless and a little short on brains.

It's a Phillies baseball game, not the fricken Eagles. I love baseball, football is okay. Let the Eagles alone until the season starts, give the Phillies their deserved cheer in-season!!!

That crap pisses me off every time I hear it!

maybe if the phillies would make the playoffs more than once every dozen years, you would here some phillies chants at eagles games. at the last eagles game this year, there were "let's go flyers" chants the whole game because the eagle were out of it. these are fans of both teams, and until the phillies prove they can win, it will be assumed that they will not and for all intents and purposes, they are already out of it to some fans, right or wrong, like it or not.

sure it pisses you off carson, but you should be more pissed at the failure of the organization, which is what those cheers represent. and don't be so sensative, who are you, billy wagner.

I think you guys miss the bigger issue. Phila fans are bred on football. From a game perspective that includes active vocal particpation above and beyond cheering and booing. I think people do the Eagles chant at the Phillies games because they are bored. What other team has groups of fans invent crazy cool fan clubs? Bottom line...The Phillies need some sort of chant. They ned their own tomahawk chop, their own thunderstix, SOMETHING.

This isn't a Philadelphia thing. I was at a Buffalo Bills game in December (I'm originally from Buff and have been transplanted to Berks County) and the crowd started with a Let's Go Sabres chant.

And it's not just for losing teams.

When the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, the crowds on the streets on Boston started yelling "Yankees Suck." I've also heard Yankees suck chants in Boston away games at Baltimore and Toronto.

I think it's a city thing. To drunken fans the Eagles, Phillies and Flyers become the same.

You can't be too upset.

I like the pitching matchups for the Mets series. The opener of Martinez against Myers is as good as it could be. Lidle against Glavine should be a Phillies feast. Glavine has had the luckiest career ever, yet the Phillies teams of the past have been able tag him early. The last game with Floyd is a good getaway game where Floyd should get his competitive juices flowing for the game against the frontrunner. It should be a fun week.

I think the Bonds versus Babe controversy was a good thing. Its good to remember the past in baseball. You can't do that in football as the NFL ruined old records with the longer seasons. Chanting "Eagles" at a baseball game is stupid, but you don't need to take an IQ test to buy tickets.

I want to comment more on Rowand. I wasn't sold on the guy when he came here, but oh-my-goodness he has a competitive spirit that I love! He brings intensity to this team and it is rubbing off. Utley has always had it, but now others are showing the fire inside too...great to see!

Phils looked good this weekend but have to keep in mind they played a mediocre team with alot of injuries. This Giants team might be the worst team in the NL next year after Bonds retires.

I can't figure out what is wrong with Fatty. His concentration and thus his location just seem to melt away at times this year. Even the guys on the Sunday ESPN broadcast were criticial of Lieber. They noted he was hit hard by a weak lineup and left several pitches, including Bonds' HR, in the middle of the plate.

Phils' fans will know where this team really stands in 3 weeks. Especially after two series with the Mets.

Wagner's comments about his old teammates should add some spice to this series. Even Manuel seemed fired up about Wagner's comments. Wagner was right to call out some of his teammates but ripping them in the press won't earn you any friends. Plus, Wagner blew a few key games down the stretch last year including the Biggio game. I don't remember any of his teammates ripping him in the press for being a choker.

The funny thing is Wagner was right to talk about this last year and wrong to bring it up now. Then again, he's known for talking out of both sides of his mouth.

IT's time to come up with an appropriate Phillies chant.

I think it has more to do with the current circumstances than with the fact that they're doing it.

1. The Eagles aren't playing right now, and won't be for months.

2. The Eagles were not a particularly good team last year.

3. The Phillies are currently on an 8 game winning streak.

If they're bored, why come to the game? If they want to chant, why not about the Phillies? If they want to chant about a "good" team, why not chant about the Flyers?

As I tell many people:

I am a fan of the Eagles.

But I am NOT and Eagles Fan.

Can you imagine if groups of people walked around the Linc chanting Phillies?! My wife has a theory that the only reason people do that Eagles chant is because they cannot spell the word "Philles".

Exactly, Steve. I only started watching the Eagles regularly a few years ago. Baseball and the Phillies were my childhood, when it came to sports. I collected their cards, went to 15+ games a year, etc. I know I can't expect everyone to make baseball their first priority, but at least show some respect to those who are Phillies fans first.

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